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COACHING Updated 29 September 2008

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SURREY SQUAD 2008-2009
County & Regional Squad Standards
Coach Apprenticeship Programme  

The structure of the County Squad this year has changed slightly due to a closer link with the South East Regional Squad and the South East Event Coordinators.  Surrey will no longer have a Lead Coach, as the Surrey Event Coaches and South East Event Coordinators will be taking a much more active role with helping to organise the Squad.

Athletes Standards

The County Squad this year will be focusing on U15, U17 and U20 athletes.  The County and the Regional standards have been set by the Regional Event Coordinators, based on the UK 10 target and UK 100 target lines on the Power of 10.  This has allowed for a clear progression for athletes from County to Regional level.  Athletes and their coaches will be notified by the end of September if they have qualified for the Surrey squad.

For a list of regional and county standards and how they have been set, please see attachment. This information is also available as an Excel spreadsheet (58k).

Surrey Squad Dates

The dates for the Surrey Squad 2008/2009 are:

Sunday 19th October – Sutton Arena
Sunday 23rd November – Sutton Arena
Sunday 18th January (not endurance) – Sutton Arena (Event CANCELLED due to clash with SEAA Indoor Champs)
Sunday 22nd February – Sutton Arena
Sunday 5th April – Sutton Arena

Coach Development

As well as athlete development, we will also be focusing on coach development, with the event coaches taking on a mentoring role, as well as a coaching role.  England Athletics (South East Region) has created a coach apprentice programme to run alongside the regional and country squads.  All coaches, regardless of having an athlete who is attending the squad will have the opportunity to become a County or Regional Apprentice Coach. 

This year we have numerous coaches coaching all the disciplines to enable more time to be spent on each individual athlete.  The head coaches for each event are:
Sprints – Donovan Reid
Hurdles – Judy Vernon & Lorna Booth
Endurance – Mick Firth, Frances Ratchford & Mike Fleet
High Jump – Dee Fielden
Long Jump/Triple Jump – Tony Ganio
Pole Vault – Allan Williams
Shot/Discus – Bronwin Carter
Javelin – Ron Silvester

This year we will not be holding lectures for the athletes but we will be including workshops within the squad days, which will be organised for athletes and coaches.  The focus for the first squad day will be performance profiling (more information to follow).  This will tie into the regional squad plan, as we will be using the same specialists to deliver the workshops, so that there is a pathway between the regional and county squads. 

We will also be looking to bring in a couple of international athletes to talk about their experiences to the athletes and coaches.

Surrey County Coach Apprenticeship Programme

England Athletics - South East in conjunction with Surrey would like to introduce the new County Apprenticeship Programme.
The County Apprenticeship Programme is aimed at coaches who wish to further develop their coaching knowledge and skills, and work with some of the leading coaches in Surrey, the South East and London. The Apprenticeship programme has been developed to provide practical ongoing support to coaches in Surrey in areas such as technical development, programme planning, competition preparation to name just a few.  Please click on the Link for more information and to download the application form.

Planning / Annual Training Plan Workshop

It’s that time of the year again when a lot of athletes are in the transitional phase of training and coaches are writing their annual training programmes.  Having spoken to several coaches about planning / annual training plans it has been brought to my attention that there is a demand for a workshop to review how they go about designing their upcoming training programmes.  For more information please click on the Link.

For further information on the Surrey Squad and the Coach Apprenticeship Programme please contact Zoe Mckinnon on 01483 518963 or email