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Today's Date: 26 October 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Relay Championships 2006 - 2007

Surrey County YA Cross-Country Relays, 1 October 2006, Stoke Park, Guildford
Under-13 Boys

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
1Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'A' 19:22Stephen Knuckey (3)06:29Gari Brown (1)06:17James Tidd (1)06:36
2Dorking & Mole Valley AC 19:55Adam Hulin (2)06:24Henry Young (2)06:55George James (2)06:36
3Croydon Harriers 20:15Will Mercer (6)06:39Zac Dennington (3)06:58Jordan Maurice (3)06:38
4Camberley & District AC 20:55Matthew Rees (12)07:07Ben Bradley (7)06:57Kegan Lymn (4)06:51
5John Fisher School 'A' 21:04Conor Murphy (13)07:08Harry Hines (8)07:02Rian Henry (5)06:54
6Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'B' 21:12Adam Cauldwell (8)06:45Gregory Baynham (5)07:14Jamie Barefield (6)07:13
7Sutton & District AC 21:13Jack Burgess (4)06:35Alfie Rowland (4)07:07Alex Penfold (7)07:31
8Herne Hill Harriers 'B' 21:29Alex Thompson (11)07:00Tom Ball (9)07:12Joe Kidson (8)07:17
9Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 21:46Michael Livot (10)06:59Daniel Wilmott (10)07:18Huw Finch (9)07:29
10Woking AC 21:58Andreas Georgiou (5)06:37Joshua Foulkes (11)07:49Zak Curran (10)07:32
-Tiffin Boys School 'C' *22:26Nikolaj Schubert (21)07:47Thind (12)06:57Ashenafi (11)07:42
11John Fisher School 'B' 22:44Rory Bloom (16)07:24Dominic Kerrigan (15)07:38Oliver Shirley (12)07:42
12South London Harriers 'A' 22:47Jack Swift (25)08:11Richard Morris (17)07:00James McDonald (13)07:36
13Herne Hill Harriers 'C' 22:50Dominic Wyes-Zein (18)07:31Alex Cerdic (13)07:18Leon Onabajul (14)08:11
14South London Harriers 'B' 22:50Tyrie Obuks (17)07:30Elliott Watts (19)07:50Ben Foreman (15)07:30
15Oxted School 'A' 22:51C Bailey (9)06:54S Knight (16)08:15Dominic Hull (16)07:42
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'C' *23:20Daniel Ditton (15)07:18Harry Suggitt (14)07:44Mark Barac (17)08:18
16Tiffin Boys School 'A' 23:50Salisbury (19)07:43Latimer (20)07:54Huw King (18)07:13
17Tiffin Boys School 'D' 23:57Gibbs (14)07:11Drewett (21)08:29Ollie Garner (19)08:17
18South London Harriers 'C' 23:58Thomas Harrington (24)07:57Aaron Wells (22)07:44Coby Norman (20)08:17
19Guildford & Godalming AC 24:23Toby Borthwick (23)07:55Matthew Butler (23)08:15John Liall (21)08:13
20Tiffin Boys School 'B' 25:00Carumang (20)07:45Wilson (18)07:30Willicombe (21)09:45
-Oxted School 'B' *25:24M Borman (26)08:16S Jackson (24)08:15M Borman *(22)08:53
-Hercules Wimbledon AC DNFEd Saywell (7)06:39Matthew Burgess (6)07:23
-Epsom & Ewell Harriers DNFMatthew Wyatt (1)06:17
-Aldershot, Farnham & District 'D' DNFAndrew Baynham (22)07:51

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Matthew Wyatt Epsom & Ewell06:17
Gari Brown AldershotF&D06:17
Adam Hulin DorkingMV06:24
Stephen Knuckey AldershotF&D06:29
Jack Burgess Sutton&District06:35
James Tidd AldershotF&D06:36
George James DorkingMV06:36
Andreas Georgiou Woking AC06:37
Jordan Maurice Croydon H06:38
Ed Saywell HerculesWimb06:39
Will Mercer Croydon H06:39
Adam Cauldwell AldershotF&D06:45
Kegan Lymn Camberley&Dist06:51
C Bailey Oxted School06:54
Rian Henry JohnFisher S06:54
Henry Young DorkingMV06:55
Ben Bradley Camberley&Dist06:57
Thind Tiffin School06:57
Zac Dennington Croydon H06:58
Michael Livot Herne Hill H06:59
Alex Thompson Herne Hill H07:00
Richard Morris South London07:00
Harry Hines JohnFisher S07:02
Matthew Rees Camberley&Dist07:07
Alfie Rowland Sutton&District07:07
Conor Murphy JohnFisher S07:08
Gibbs Tiffin School07:11
Tom Ball Herne Hill H07:12
Jamie Barefield AldershotF&D07:13
Huw King Tiffin School07:13
Gregory Baynham AldershotF&D07:14
Joe Kidson Herne Hill H07:17
Daniel Ditton AldershotF&D07:18
Alex Cerdic Herne Hill H07:18
Daniel Wilmott Herne Hill H07:18
Matthew Burgess HerculesWimb07:23
Rory Bloom JohnFisher S07:24
Huw Finch Herne Hill H07:29
Tyrie Obuks South London07:30
Wilson Tiffin School07:30
Ben Foreman South London07:30
Dominic Wyes-Zein Herne Hill H07:31
Alex Penfold Sutton&District07:31
Zak Curran Woking AC07:32
James McDonald South London07:36
Dominic Kerrigan JohnFisher S07:38
Dominic Hull Oxted School07:42
Oliver Shirley JohnFisher S07:42
Ashenafi Tiffin School07:42
Salisbury Tiffin School07:43
Aaron Wells South London07:44
Harry Suggitt AldershotF&D07:44
Carumang Tiffin School07:45
Nikolaj Schubert Tiffin School07:47
Joshua Foulkes Woking AC07:49
Elliott Watts South London07:50
Andrew Baynham AldershotF&D07:51
Latimer Tiffin School07:54
Toby Borthwick Guildford&G07:55
Thomas Harrington South London07:57
Jack Swift South London08:11
Leon Onabajul Herne Hill H08:11
John Liall Guildford&G08:13
S Jackson Oxted School08:15
Matthew Butler Guildford&G08:15
S Knight Oxted School08:15
M Borman Oxted School08:16
Coby Norman South London08:17
Ollie Garner Tiffin School08:17
Mark Barac AldershotF&D08:18
Drewett Tiffin School08:29
M Borman *Oxted School08:53
Willicombe Tiffin School09:45

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