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Today's Date: 20 September 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Relay Championships 2015 - 2016

Bruce Judd YA Cross-Country Relays, 24 October 2015, Stoke Park, Guildford
Under-13 Girls

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
1Herne Hill Harriers 'A' 24:33Rosie Hammond (5)08:21Jessica Tabraham (3)08:17Maisie Collis (1)07:55
2Guildford & Godalming AC 'A' 24:42Susannah Lecoutre (1)08:01Phoebe Smith (1)08:32Philippa Spawforth (2)08:09
3Reigate Priory AC 'A' 25:14Pippa Roessler (4)08:15Lucy Broderick (2)08:20Lily Grant (3)08:39
4Camberley & District AC 'A' 25:30Jules Rabey (7)08:34Amy Dove (4)08:05Anna Thomas (4)08:51
5Herne Hill Harriers 'B' 25:59Eva Holland (8)08:37Layla Wilkinson (6)08:44Jess Butland (5)08:38
6Guildford & Godalming AC 'C' 26:13Millie Cant (6)08:30Eliza Sutton (5)08:42Phoebe Matravers (6)09:01
7South London Harriers 'A' 26:41Peggy Winterborn (16)09:08Amy Beattie (11)09:10Olivia Thompson (7)08:23
8Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 26:45Madeleine Casey (13)09:03Lucrezia Polloni (10)09:03Rebekah Riches (8)08:39
9Herne Hill Harriers 'C' 26:49Emily Kate Marchand (10)08:51Poppy McFeely (7)08:52Katya Millard (9)09:06
10Guildford & Godalming AC 'B' 27:18Jemma Hinds (11)08:55Ellie Slevin (9)09:06Erin Hanson (10)09:17
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'A' *27:31Hannah Woolley (14)09:04Ella Litjens (15)09:29Madeline Bashiruddin *(11)08:58
11South London Harriers 'B' 27:32Elena Hartley (25)09:48Amelie Hartley (13)08:41Megan Lawrence (12)09:03
-Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers *27:55Gemma Watts (17)09:13Bronwyn Ackroyd (14)09:16Freya John *(13)09:26
12Woking AC 'A' 28:13Martha Collings (2)08:07Poppy Walters (8)09:38Bori Szegedi (14)10:28
13Croydon Harriers 'A' 28:17Kyra Sethna-Mcintosh (9)08:44Cassandra Howard (12)09:44Kelis Walker (15)09:49
14Guildford & Godalming AC 'D' 28:41Isabel Bull (19)09:16Megan Davies (17)09:48Tilly Jarvis-Smith (16)09:37
15Dorking & Mole Valley AC 28:55Amelia Brien (22)09:31Ella Morris (18)09:36Ellie Jordan (17)09:48
16Herne Hill Harriers 'D' 28:56Isobel Penniceard (15)09:07Lily Griffin (16)09:30Shanice Daley (18)10:19
17Reigate Priory AC 'B' 29:10Poppy Oliver (26)10:02Dani Lynch (24)10:20Emiko Salvi (19)08:48
18Herne Hill Harriers 'E' 29:21Ellie Baird (27)10:03Saba Girma (22)09:54Gabriella Girma (20)09:24
19South London Harriers 'D' 29:22Hannah Carter (20)09:29Aimee Hobbs (19)09:47Olivia Dempsey-Streeter (21)10:06
20South London Harriers 'C' 29:54Katie Mooney (18)09:14Tilly Foard (21)10:35Eloise Jenkyns (22)10:05
21Epsom & Ewell Harriers 30:55Charlotte Tame (23)09:34Amelia Lansley (25)11:09Freya Taylor (23)10:12
22South London Harriers 'E' 32:56Tishy Rao (30)10:30Zara Rustan (27)10:23Kate Bridges (24)12:03
23Croydon Harriers 'B' 32:33Leanne Moore (29)10:14Sasha Howard (23)10:00Chanel Buckley (25)12:19
-Camberley & District AC 'B' DNFSophie Breen (24)09:37Joanna Hay (20)09:55
-Holland Sports AC 'A' DNFAmber Brown (31)10:44Leila Treacher (26)10:07
-Woking AC 'B' DNFEmma Harris (28)10:12Gemma Trinder (28)10:52
-The Stragglers DNFPoppy Jensen (3)08:10
-Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' DNFValerie Parocki (12)08:56
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'B' DNFFlorence Hancock (21)09:31
-Reigate Priory AC 'C' DNFSian Lynch (32)10:50

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Maisie Collis Herne Hill H07:55
Susannah Lecoutre Guildford&G08:01
Amy Dove Camberley&Dist08:05
Martha Collings Woking AC08:07
Philippa Spawforth Guildford&G08:09
Poppy Jensen Stragglers08:10
Pippa Roessler Reigate Priory 08:15
Jessica Tabraham Herne Hill H08:17
Lucy Broderick Reigate Priory 08:20
Rosie Hammond Herne Hill H08:21
Olivia Thompson South London08:23
Millie Cant Guildford&G08:30
Phoebe Smith Guildford&G08:32
Jules Rabey Camberley&Dist08:34
Eva Holland Herne Hill H08:37
Jess Butland Herne Hill H08:38
Rebekah Riches HerculesWimb08:39
Lily Grant Reigate Priory 08:39
Amelie Hartley South London08:41
Eliza Sutton Guildford&G08:42
Kyra Sethna-Mcintosh Croydon H08:44
Layla Wilkinson Herne Hill H08:44
Emiko Salvi Reigate Priory 08:48
Emily Kate Marchand Herne Hill H08:51
Anna Thomas Camberley&Dist08:51
Poppy McFeely Herne Hill H08:52
Jemma Hinds Guildford&G08:55
Valerie Parocki HerculesWimb08:56
Madeline Bashiruddin *AldershotF&D08:58
Phoebe Matravers Guildford&G09:01
Madeleine Casey HerculesWimb09:03
Lucrezia Polloni HerculesWimb09:03
Megan Lawrence South London09:03
Hannah Woolley AldershotF&D09:04
Ellie Slevin Guildford&G09:06
Katya Millard Herne Hill H09:06
Isobel Penniceard Herne Hill H09:07
Peggy Winterborn South London09:08
Amy Beattie South London09:10
Gemma Watts Kingston & Poly09:13
Katie Mooney South London09:14
Isabel Bull Guildford&G09:16
Bronwyn Ackroyd Kingston & Poly09:16
Erin Hanson Guildford&G09:17
Gabriella Girma Herne Hill H09:24
Freya John *Kingston & Poly09:26
Hannah Carter South London09:29
Ella Litjens AldershotF&D09:29
Lily Griffin Herne Hill H09:30
Amelia Brien DorkingMV09:31
Florence Hancock AldershotF&D09:31
Charlotte Tame Epsom & Ewell09:34
Ella Morris DorkingMV09:36
Sophie Breen Camberley&Dist09:37
Tilly Jarvis-Smith Guildford&G09:37
Poppy Walters Woking AC09:38
Cassandra Howard Croydon H09:44
Aimee Hobbs South London09:47
Elena Hartley South London09:48
Megan Davies Guildford&G09:48
Ellie Jordan DorkingMV09:48
Kelis Walker Croydon H09:49
Saba Girma Herne Hill H09:54
Joanna Hay Camberley&Dist09:55
Sasha Howard Croydon H10:00
Poppy Oliver Reigate Priory 10:02
Ellie Baird Herne Hill H10:03
Eloise Jenkyns South London10:05
Olivia Dempsey-Streeter South London10:06
Leila Treacher Holland Sports 10:07
Emma Harris Woking AC10:12
Freya Taylor Epsom & Ewell10:12
Leanne Moore Croydon H10:14
Shanice Daley Herne Hill H10:19
Dani Lynch Reigate Priory 10:20
Zara Rustan South London10:23
Bori Szegedi Woking AC10:28
Tishy Rao South London10:30
Tilly Foard South London10:35
Amber Brown Holland Sports 10:44
Sian Lynch Reigate Priory 10:50
Gemma Trinder Woking AC10:52
Amelia Lansley Epsom & Ewell11:09
Kate Bridges South London12:03
Chanel Buckley Croydon H12:19

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