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Today's Date: 24 October 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1946 - 1947

SENIOR MEN - Earlswood, 4 January 1947

1Stan BeltonSurrey AC41:10
2Len HerbertBelgrave H41:46
3F J AbbertonBelgrave H42:07
4Bill LucasBelgrave H42:27
5K RobertsMitcham AC42:32
6C L StokellBelgrave H42:40
7Tom RichardsSouth London42:43
8Tommy RoweHerne Hill H42:47
9G L NormanHerne Hill H42:57
10G S D BaileySurrey AC42:59
11Eric KerridgeHerne Hill H43:11
12C T CarterBelgrave H43:12
13K UnwinHerne Hill H43:13
14L H McNeilHerne Hill H43:36
15C G ScottSurrey AC43:58
16T ArnellEpsom & Ewell44:02
17D E JonesMitcham AC44:18
18Jimmy WoodPolytechnicH44:19
19A F MitchellBelgrave H44:20
20R W V NealeHerne Hill H44:32
21Eric HerbertBelgrave H44:37
22A F NewsonHerne Hill H44:45
23J W HuntSurrey AC44:46
24T F MorrellBelgrave H44:51
25W C YoungSouth London44:56
26S R J EalesBelgrave H44:58
27K S RichardsonSurrey AC44:59
28R GoodbodySurrey AC45:16
29D BrickwoodMitcham AC45:17
30R J S ProttsHerne Hill H45:38
31R HerbertEpsom & Ewell45:57
32S R HillSouth London45:59
33S A JarlettBelgrave H46:00
34T SlaminMitcham AC46:01
35T A BirchRedhill&Reig46:25
36F C PrevettRedhill&Reig46:31
37D MorganMitcham AC46:37
38Alec PirieSouth London46:41
39P R LearWalton AC46:43
40C AbbertonBelgrave H47:26
41Doug GoodmanHerne Hill H47:34
42A V PageWalton AC47:45
43G S DoubledayBelgrave H47:54
44G W S TolleyEpsom & Ewell47:56
45A OsborneMitcham AC48:02
46D O'DonovanEpsom & Ewell48:03
47R BottMitcham AC48:23
48F A HoweEpsom & Ewell49:03
49J C JewellSouth London49:09
50R J CornfordHerne Hill H49:26
51P W VenningCroydon H49:29
52Bill ThomasSouth London49:38
53J R PrevettRedhill&Reig49:45
54D BrookesEpsom & Ewell49:50
55F J HarmerHerne Hill H49:53
56E C ShepherdWalton AC50:01
57D B GrayerSouth London50:06
58J D ButcherWalton AC50:40
59H F SmartHerne Hill H50:48
60R N SheridanRanelagh H50:49
61R H MaslemSouth London50:50
62D R BodleySouth London50:51
63C W ThomasRanelagh H50:55
64J A RosewellWalton AC52:10
65R D CallisRanelagh H53:46
66D HillsHercules AC54:16
67I C LoveRedhill&Reig54:18
68E G StevensonRedhill&Reig54:18
69V F HancockRanelagh H55:01
70J EvansMitcham AC55:27
71Jim BrabenHercules AC56:19
72B H BurkeCroydon H57:09
73C F G AldridgeSouth London60:15
1Belgrave Harriers45(2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 18)
2Herne Hill Harriers74(8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 19)
3Surrey AC101(1, 10, 15, 22, 26, 27)
4Mitcham AC163(5, 17, 28, 33, 36, 44)
5South London Harriers197(7, 24, 31, 37, 48, 50)
6Epsom & Ewell Harriers233(16, 30, 43, 45, 47, 52)

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