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Today's Date: 4 June 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1974 - 1975

JUNIOR WOMEN (U15) - Reigate, 7 December 1974

1Jacqueline LedgerAldershotF&D9.25
2J BROWNGuildford&G9.29
3Elaine HardingEpsom & Ewell9.33
4S TEDDERMitcham AC9.47
5S ATTERGuildford&G10.02
6June BennettWindsorS&E10.03
7Jo WhiteMitcham AC10.04
8Karen BrookerMitcham AC10.05
9Beverley FrankMitcham AC10.06
10Jill BirchettCroydon H10.15
11L WARDEpsom & Ewell10:19
12J ATTERGuildford&G10.21
13Kathleen SimsGuildford&G10.26
14K WHITEEpsom & Ewell10.27
15J BROWNSelsonia LAC10.28
16Julia LeeCroydon H10.36
17K FENNELLBracknell AC10.42
18S ELSOMitcham AC10.43
19J STEVENSEpsom & Ewell10.51
20T JAMESSelsonia LAC10.54
21S BENNETTSurrey Beagles10.56
22Deansie PhillipsCroydon H10.57
23S TUNLEYCroydon H10.57
24D CHAPMANMitcham AC10.58
25G HAIGHMitcham AC11.00
26H ELDERFIELDMitcham AC11.01
27Carol HardingEpsom & Ewell11.04
28C RINGSELLMitcham AC11.11
29J ParrickSutton&Cheam11.36
30S LUCKINS Woking AC11.38
31J ANDREWSEpsom & Ewell11.42
32K KnappRedhill&Reig11.45
33M DAVYSurrey AC11.51
34Janice MinnottSelsonia LAC12.01
35J ROWLEYWoking AC12.08
36Christine ThompsonSelsonia LAC12.21
37Ruth WorsfoldRedhill&Reig12.25
38K BOURKESelsonia LAC12.32
39S WITHERSRedhill&Reig12.57
40A LADBROOKSutton&Cheam12.58
41L MILESSutton&Cheam12.59
42M DANSHAWRedhill&Reig13.40
43B MANISTERSurrey Beagles14.16
44A MATHEWSSelsonia LAC14.23
45K PILLIPS Epsom & Ewell15.17
46H PITTGuildford&G16.29

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