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Today's Date: 11 July 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1974 - 1975

GIRLS (U13) - Reigate, 7 December 1974

1A WATLEYWoking AC10.06
2J CULLENEpsom & Ewell10.19
3A SHAMARISSelsonia L A10.29
4S POULTEREpsom & Ewell10.41
5P STARKEpsom & Ewell10.42
6E AndrewsEpsom & Ewell10.46
7R HARDENMitcham AC10.47
8L STARKEpsom & Ewell10.55
9A REIDEpsom & Ewell10.56
10V JARMAINEEpsom & Ewell11.00
11P SIMSSelsonia L A11.01
12A SIMSSelsonia L A11.03
13S LAMBOURNEMitcham AC11.04
14M FARRELLBracknell AC11.05
15L TRACYMitcham AC11.06
16K BROWN Croydon H11.16
17M ReadWoking AC11.25
18S AGACECroydon H11.29
19Z WICHERLEYRedhill & Re11.32
20C HARDING Epsom & Ewell11.33
21H MOOREEpsom & Ewell11.35
22D TAPPERWoking AC11.43
23S CHURCHMANSurrey Beagl11.47
24J HAMILTONSurrey AC11.56
25Julie ComptonWoking AC12.01
26E ChapmanSelsonia L A12.02
27K PUFFITCroydon H12.06
28T SIMMONSEpsom & Ewell12.07
29C TYESelsonia L A12.10
30E LEPPARDSelsonia L A12.11
31T BOATWRIGHTEpsom & Ewell12.17
32V HILLSurrey Beagl12.18
33C WILSONWoking AC12.19
34D HOAREEpsom & Ewell12.19
35S WilliamsMitcham AC12.20
36S CURTISSSurrey AC12.28
37W LAWSEpsom & Ewell12.29
38S LONGHURSTSelsonia L A12.36
39J SHAULRedhill & Re12.38
40M WAYEpsom & Ewell12.41
41Jacqueline NichollsSurrey Beagl12.46
42S HYLANDSEpsom & Ewell12.49
43J TEDDERMitcham AC12.55
44C HUMPHRIESEpsom & Ewell13.13
45K O'SULLIVANSelsonia L A13.17
46J JAMESSurrey Beagl13.20
47J BAKERSelsonia L A13.34
48D PECK Surrey AC13.46

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