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Today's Date: 11 July 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1974 - 1975

YOUTHS - Guildford, 4 January 1975

1Michael TomkinsHerne Hill H23;54
2D ClarkeHerculesWimb24;29
3Thomas TraceyHerne Hill H24;46
4G ShineHerculesWimb24:55
5M WaldronEpsom & Ewell25:01
6Steve GilbeyHerculesWimb25:03
7A PeppittWalton AC25:08
8S PadleySurrey Beagles25:10
9P KissiHerne Hill H25:19
10P BarnetAldershotF&D25;30
11T EglenAldershotF&D25;46
12P SharlandGuildford&G25:55
13J SnellCroydon H25:58
14P CresseyHerne Hill H26:10
15R FiggGuildford&G26:12
16D BrownGuildford&G26:31
17A CookBelgrave H26:38
18J AlcockJohnFisher S26:41
19A ArrowGuildford&G26;43
20M BarlettaEpsom & Ewell26:47
21M RezinAldershotF&D27:10
22A PommetHerculesWimb27:16
23P DeGiovanniCroydon H27:20
24M BourneHerne Hill H27:21
25A KemberHerculesWimb27:29
26M MullaneyJohnFisher S27:33
27J HattoCamberley&Dist27:35
28P TugwellRydens S27:42
29P AtkinsAldershotF&D27:51
30G BromleyESH28:04
31P DouglasHerne Hill H28:07
32T LivingstoneHerne Hill H28:11
33P R ThomasSouth London28:13
34D HiggsHerculesWimb28:21
35P GardnerBelgrave H28:27
36J FoxGuildford&G28:32
37J BarlettaEpsom & Ewell28:38
38V WalkerSurrey AC28:58
39P EdwardsWalton AC28:59
40D WilsonGuildford&G29:17
41G BishopHerculesWimb29:22
42C WestermanCroydon H29:41
43A MunroSurrey Beagles29:48
44M BathamSurrey Beagles29:54
45F JordanHerne Hill H30:05
46M LewisHerculesWimb30:21
47S BirdRydens S30:35
48D WalkerEpsom & Ewell31:26
49G RibbonsMitcham AC31:30
50I AtkinsonSurrey Beagles31:40
51C WardGuildford&G32:37
52J DruceSurrey AC33:39
53M O'TooleHerne Hill H33:43
54J PaddyRydens S33:44
55M RiceSurrey Beagles42:59
1Herne Hill H18(1-3-6-8)
2Hercules Wimbledon A47(2-4-19-22)
3Guildford & Godalmin56(11-14-15-16)
4Aldershot F & D AC61
5Epsom & Ewell H88
6Surrey Beagles AC112

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