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Today's Date: 12 July 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1977 - 1978

JUNIOR MEN - Wimbledon Common, 7 January 1978

1David ClarkeHerculesWimb24:39
2Tim EglenAldershotF&D25:45
3Gary RibbonsEpsom & Ewell25:57
4J AlcockEpsom & Ewell26:02
5R FiggGuildford&G26:34
6D AskewMitcham AC26:37
7Andy EvansSouth London26:49
8A BrodieEpsom & Ewell26:57
9P MagnerEpsom & Ewell27:01
10Paul WestonEpsom & Ewell27:08
11K EllisSouth London27:09
12Stuart RoughEpsom & Ewell27:19
13P GardnerBelgrave H27:24
14A DippieWalton AC27:34
15D HarringtonGuildford&G27:36
16M WaldenEpsom & Ewell27:41
17P BarnettAldershotF&D27:42
18D PageWoking AC27:47
19R LandsSouth London27:58
20Tony HarranHerne Hill H28:06
21R PartingtonEpsom & Ewell28:25
22D GoldhawkWalton AC28:34
23S MulcairHerne Hill H28:38
24Peter BarrattRanelagh H28:41
25D MorrisWalton AC28:44
26S WilliamsonBelgrave H28:46
27D NormanEpsom & Ewell28:54
28C SnellingWalton AC29:05
29M DaughtersHerculesWimb29:06
30S IvesSouth London29:22
31S HedgerRanelagh H29:44
32F PereiraSouth London30:02
33D MaidmnaSouth London30:16
34P JosephBelgrave H30:20
35D BradfordBelgrave H30:28
36P FlaxmanSouth London30:59
37M DuplockWoking AC31:14
38A GriffinRanelagh H31:21
39S O'NeillWalton AC31:26
40T HaywardSouth London31:31
41C SealeyRanelagh H31:32
42A GiggSouth London32:17
43J ShepleyGuildford&G33:10
44B MarmionBelgrave H33:43
45T EspirHillingdon34:00
1Epsom & Ewell H16(2-3-5-6)
2South London H44(4-7-11-22)
3Walton AC73(9-14-20-30)
4Belgrave H79(2-18-26-27)
5Ranelagh H99(16-23-29-31)

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