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Today's Date: 19 May 2019
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1984 - 1985

GIRLS - Frimley, 8 December 1984

1A CoxDownland H9.44
2E MurrayMitcham AC9.55
3K LyfordMitcham AC9.55
4C HeadonEpsom & Ewell10.00
5J WilkinsonMitcham AC10.03
6N AmissWoking AC10.06
7J HubbardWoking AC10.07
8N SymesCamberley&Dist10.09
9K BeswetherickCamberley&Dist10.18
10S RutherfordWaverley H10.25
11Susie CookCroydon H10.28
12C HarrisMitcham AC10.30
13L IonascuEpsom & Ewell10.32
14J GoulterWoking AC10.33
15E TylerEpsom & Ewell10.34
16T CorriganEpsom & Ewell10.35
17M GrayWoking AC10.38
18C TomsSutton&Cheam10.39
19S PoulsonKingston10.41
20S WardMitcham AC10.42
21M O'HaraCroydon H10.44
22R LeaperMitcham AC10.44
23L AshleySutton&Cheam10.45
24S BullockCamberley&Dist10.46
25L JohnsonWalton AC10.48
26J BidmeadCamberley&Dist10.51
27J StoneBelgrave H10.52
28B ParkerSutton&Cheam10.55
29M PaynterCamberley&Dist10.58
30C BergmanCroydon H11.00
31L SchrammEpsom & Ewell11.01
32C GuilletHaslemereB11.05
33L WilkinsEpsom & Ewell11.05
34M BeachWoking AC11.06
35G HensmanMitcham AC11.15
36T StaillMitcham AC11.17
37C TomeyWalton AC11.20
38L WardCamberley&Dist11.21
39C DormanKingston LAC11.24
40P ReedWaverley H11.25
41N ThomasMitcham AC11.26
42A ManningCroydon H11.28
43C NunnWaverley H11.32
44S MorrisSurrey Beagles11.34
45D SainsburyEpsom & Ewell11.40
46N VangWalton AC11.41
47M HardmanMitcham AC11.43
48C MiddletonWoking AC11.48
49J SmiterBelgrave H11.51
50C GuageBelgrave H11.57
51D HammondHaslemereB12.04
52R BadhamKingston LAC12.11
53S GoodfellowHaslemereB12.18
54P DormerWalton AC12.19
55K GilchristHaslemereB12.33
56R NewmanMitcham AC13.12
57R LamborneWalton AC13.15
58J ConnellyKingston LAC13.18
59Z WestMitcham AC13.58
60K BlackKingston14.46

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