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Today's Date: 28 January 2021
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1989 - 1990

GIRLS - Frimley, 9 December 1989

1R O'CarrolHerculesWimb12:43
2J RawlinsDorkingStP12:47
3S PenstoneWaverley H12:51
4K GowerWaverley H13:01
5J LettisWoking AC13:05
6C BirdChess&Book13:12
7E WilliamsWalton AC13:15
8E LipscombeCroydon H13:16
9E BongersHolland Sports13:24
10K HatherwayCamberley&Dist13:27
11M WilliamsWalton AC13:29
12C RodeDorkingStP13:29
13L O'BrianCroydon H13:44
14S MarshCroydon H13:47
15E OsbourneHolland Sports13:51
16A LettisWoking AC13:52
17K WoolacottCroydon H13:55
18K BrindleyWaverley H13:55
19A CrouchMitcham&Sutt13:58
20F PeakeWoking AC14:02
21I DraperHolland Sports14:03
22H GunnerHolland Sports14:04
23M TavinerKingston & Poly14:05
24P WhitehouseChess&Book14:06
25F EagleChess&Book14:07
26L PattisonMitcham&Sutt14:09
27M HobsonCroydon H14:10
28M DaviesReigate Priory14:10
29B LevyHerne Hill H14:12
30R TrinderWaverley H14:16
31S OwenGuildford&G14:17
32P ClarkeEpsom & Ewell14:19
33L LightmanWoking AC14:21
34D JaylorReigate Priory14:22
35A DeardenKingston & Poly14:31
36M GreenWoking AC14:42
37E PowersCamberley&Dist14:44
38A McMahonChess&Book14:53
39Z DavidsonDorkingStP14:55
40G JakemanCroydon H14:59
41E WhitemanKingston & Poly15:02
42M BrownCroydon H15:13
43C EydenCamberley&Dist15:17
44D AdultHolland Sports15:17
45K HornerDorkingStP15:19
46J MellickChess&Book15:24
47E BluntEpsom & Ewell15:26
48N HaynesCamberley&Dist15:34
49No 072Redhill&Reig15:37
50R ThyerWoking AC15:40
51L RodgersWoking AC16:11
52E LawsonEpsom & Ewell16:22
53C GottsCroydon H17:09
54A RussellDorkingStP17:12
55K ReddingtonChess&Book17:22

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