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Today's Date: 28 January 2021
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1989 - 1990

SENIOR MEN - Frimley, 9 December 1989

1Ken PenneyBoxhill39:39
2Tim ButlerWoking AC39:41
3Adrian IszattSouth London39:52
4M RileyRanelagh H40:19
5Richard McDonnellBoxhill40:20
6Chris PayneAldershotF&D40:25
7K EllisSouth London40:28
8Oliver FooteBelgrave H40:37
9Tim BrennanMitcham&Sutt40:53
10B BrownHerne Hill H41:06
11Jeremy WatsonThames H&H41:12
12Marcello BizioBelgrave H41:17
13P TimblickSouth London41:18
14Robin FirthSouth London41:20
15David GlassborowHerne Hill H41:24
16D MorrisBoxhill41:25
17Mike BoyleHerne Hill H41:26
18Gary RibbonsBoxhill41:27
19Bob TreadwellRedhill&SyB41:28
20Richard KnightRedhill&SyB41:34
21Tom ConlonHerne Hill H41:41
22A MillbankHerne Hill H41:43
23R TweddleBoxhill41:47
24Peter SandersBelgrave H41:49
25Tim EglenAldershotF&D41:51
26S WilsonBoxhill42:08
27David HillThames H&H42:11
28W SnelgroveThames H&H42:15
29Stan HortonWimbledon W42:19
30J ThompsonHerne Hill H42:23
31D HosieHerne Hill H42:27
32Barnaby BrennanMitcham&Sutt42:31
33D HartfordRanelagh H42:34
34Andy EvansSouth London42:37
35Ian LoganAldershotF&D42:39
36Francis WardBelgrave H42:44
37Peter GilbeyBelgrave H42:46
38Bob RoathWoking AC42:49
39J O'BrienBoxhill42:51
40John MatherBelgrave H42:54
41Keith MassonRedhill&SyB42:55
42Brice McDermidEpsom & Ewell42:59
43Steve WarzeeGuildford&G43:06
44David CowanBoxhill43:16
45A GibbonsThames H&H43:22
46A SnowdenHerne Hill H43:27
47Graham TaylorChess&Book43:29
48Martin LakeBelgrave H43:32
49Matthew KinaneBelgrave H43:35
50R BakerAldershotF&D43:36
51Roland YeomansAldershotF&D43:40
52Robbie PhillipsEpsom & Ewell43:51
53M AireyBoxhill43:52
54E BlackmoreMitcham&Sutt43:54
55A PeppittWoking AC43:54
56M RiddleMitcham&Sutt43:54
57Gary McGurrenBelgrave H44:06
58M OrganSouth London44:08
59Francis UpcottSouth London44:10
60G RushtonWoking AC44:12
61C HughesThames H&H44:17
62Martin BradshawSouth London44:25
63Rob JacobsBelgrave H44:32
64Donal AndersonBelgrave H44:33
65Steve CrawteAldershotF&D44:34
66Steven BishopBoxhill44:36
67Julian DillowCroydon H44:40
68C CheesemanThames H&H44:42
69J TomlinsonCamberley&Dist44:44
70V MaughnHerne Hill H44:45
71S BishopHolland Sports44:46
72M O'HalloranHerculesWimb44:50
73P WhitlockThames H&H44:54
74J SperrynRanelagh H45:02
75D HuttonHerne Hill H45:06
76M HorwoodAldershotF&D45:09
77A FlettCollingwood 45:10
78Roger StoneEpsom & Ewell45:12
79David BakerReigate Priory45:13
80D HorganHerne Hill H45:14
81A NormanHerne Hill H45:14
82D WrightRanelagh H45:18
83V PreviatiWoking AC45:22
84M HarrisHerne Hill H45:23
85Paul SapsardRedhill&SyB45:24
86J QuaintanceSouth London45:29
87M WoodSouth London45:29
88S SinnottHerculesWimb45:34
89S BirdRanelagh H45:40
90M TreadwellMitcham&Sutt45:42
91P GilbertThames H&H45:46
92Mike FarmeryThames H&H45:48
93Paul MonganSouth London45:56
94J BamberWoking AC46:02
95Tim ToomeyWimbledon W46:06
96Dave WarrenCroydon H46:14
97C EdgingtonSouth London46:15
98Matthew ChambersRedhill&SyB46:17
99Julian WadeRedhill&SyB46:19
100David OgdenSouth London46:20
101F ZelayaHerne Hill H46:23
102M ElliotKingston & Poly46:33
103Stephen ChildMitcham&Sutt46:34
104J TwomeySouth London46:35
105P BinkhurstHerne Hill H46:40
106Ian McKieDorkingStP46:42
107M Peace Ranelagh H46:51
108Dave CharmanRedhill&SyB47:07
109P GrovesSouth London47:15
110J BrownTadworth AC47:16
111Maurice SharpHerculesWimb47:27
112C LoizouHerne Hill H47:27
113Tony ZanzotteraRedhill&SyB47:32
114P LakeThames H&H47:33
115T StrehlowKingston & Poly47:40
116I BoxallHaslemereB47:42
117P BurtonHerne Hill H47:45
118D KewRanelagh H47:50
119John HutchinsonWimbledon W47:54
120John WattsAldershotF&D47:58
121P EmerySouth London48:00
122I IsherwoodHerculesWimb48:03
123G CrispieMitcham&Sutt48:08
124G HoltMitcham&Sutt48:10
125Robin BellisWaverley H48:11
126N ManningMitcham&Sutt48:12
127Frank JamesReigate Priory48:14
128N HemmingCroydon H48:15
129D ParkinsonSouth London48:22
130Alan Blum26.2 RRC48:26
131B GardnerSouth London48:34
132Graham DacombWimbledon W48:49
133Chris RosamEpsom & Ewell48:51
134P ReevesMitcham&Sutt48:52
135J CoffeyWoking AC48:52
136E LaurentHerne Hill H48:53
137Kevin BookerRedhill&SyB49:02
138S HarmanMitcham&Sutt49:03
139Andy PointetRedhill&SyB49:11
140Graham TuckerRedhill&SyB49:12
141Cieren MooneyRedhill&SyB49:28
142D ClaxtonHerne Hill H49:35
143Dave LoveridgeDorkingStP49:35
144R McDonoughKingston & Poly49:43
145R WebbHolland Sports49:47
146John Taylor JnrReigate Priory50:10
147Phil NaldrettWimbledon W50:13
148J HarrisChess&Book50:18
149R VickersSouth London50:23
150K NajdowskiHerne Hill H50:38
151Bill ArburyEpsom & Ewell50:39
152John Taylor SrReigate Priory50:46
153J AllenCollingwood 50:50
154Antony StoneBelgrave H50:50
155Nick AdamsWimbledon W50:51
156M WinterHerne Hill H50:59
157A FitzgeraldCroydon H51:00
158Trevor CivilChess&Book51:02
159Dave BettsMet PoliceAC51:09
160A CroninTadworth AC51:18
161J MattinsonSouth London51:36
162Kavin DaveyDorkingStP52:07
163F WoodcockHerne Hill H52:13
164P CrosbyChess&Book52:18
165Peter Buckmoster26.2 RRC52:22
166Kenneth HaynesCamberley&Dist52:34
167M WestbrookChess&Book52:47
168J WatretChess&Book52:49
169R PerrySouth London52:50
170Steve JonesDorkingStP52:51
171Roger JackamanMet PoliceAC52:55
172John VoiceWoking AC53:00
173J CannHaslemereB53:17
174W BreezeTadworth AC53:43
175T SmallfieldMitcham&Sutt53:46
176John OffleyChess&Book53:52
177J HarveyChess&Book54:16
178M CarrollHerne Hill H54:19
179Richard OckendenRedhill&SyB54:24
180V PauzersHerne Hill H54:32
181Andy CookDorkingStP54:46
182Charles IsettsWimbledon W54:58
183W HanscombeRanelagh H55:08
184David Cattermole26.2 RRC55:23
185J HillsRanelagh H55:33
186Ken CrookeCroydon H55:42
187Mick PenfoldRedhill&SyB56:01
188T PenfoldMitcham&Sutt56:11
189Roger GregoryReigate Priory56:19
190B BlackmanChess&Book57:11
191Edward BakerReigate Priory57:26
192Phil SearsDorkingStP57:27
193Neal AndrewDorkingStP57:41
194Dave MollettDorkingStP57:58
195Jeff Ellis-SmithDorkingStP58:15
196David JohnsonDorkingStP58:35
197ChappellHolland Sports59:12
198Peter BochinskiDorkingStP59:47
199David MiddletonWoking AC59:51
200R ChampionTadworth AC59:58
201R PhillipsonChess&Book41:05
202B WrightChess&Book42:45
203D ChurchRanelagh H43:27
204Kevin BurnettPhilips CS45:25

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