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Today's Date: 17 October 2019
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1990 - 1991

MEN OVER 40 - Richmond Park, 13 October 1990

1Steve KnightSouth London33:50
2R HartfordRanelagh H33:51
3U PreviatiWoking AC33:55
4Steve WarzeeGuildford&G34:07
5Graham TaylorMole Valley 34:15
6M PeaceRanelagh H34:16
7Paul WilliamsSouth London34:32
8C HughesThames H&H34:38
10P FinchWaverley H35:08
11F BellWoking AC35:19
12Mick FullerHerculesWimb35:24
13R StokesBoxhill35:32
14C WoodhamsWoking AC35:37
15Robin DicksonCroydon H35:40
16Stan CollieCroydon H35:45
17Charles DickensonBelgrave H35:47
18D KentSouth London35:52
19L LyonsBelgrave H35:58
20D WilliamsHerculesWimb36:08
21J QuaintanceSouth London36:20
22P OatesHerne Hill H36:33
23H HughesSouth London36:42
24Vince HancockHerculesWimb36:45
25M CigliaHerculesWimb36:56
27A StoneBelgrave H37:04
28M BottWoking AC37:08
29I UreWaverley H37:11
30Maurice SharpHerculesWimb37:13
31M MillerHerculesWimb37:18
32P ParkerMitcham&Sutt37:20
34D MitchellEpsom & Ewell37:31
35J BrownWoking AC37:34
36D WilliamsRanelagh H37:36
37P EdwardsEpsom & Ewell37:39
38B OwenSouth London37:47
39A PainterBelgrave H38:08
40J StevensonBelgrave H38:11
42G BradburyHerculesWimb38:19
43A BostelmanThames H&H38:22
44D BakerSouth London38:29
45J ForrestRanelagh H38:32
46G DanielsRanelagh H38:37
47R BaleBelgrave H38:42
48J WasbroughBelgrave H38:52
50H BainHerne Hill H39:09
51J FrancisRanelagh H39:12
53T McLeanSouth London39:15
54D GrantSouth London39:16
58T CoulbourneRanelagh H39:29
61F WoodcockHerne Hill H39:39
64F BarrettBelgrave H39:50
67Robin JackmanMitcham&Sutt40:03
68S WhiteBelgrave H40:10
70D WilsonHerne Hill H40:18
72M WinterHerne Hill H40:39
73J TiernanDulwich R44:44
74M WorthingtonThames H&H44:59
75P CowellThames H&H41:05
76D WalshThames H&H41:10
79E HudsonRanelagh H41:32
81T MaloneySouth London41:36
83D BrunwellThames H&H41:48
84K HawleyRanelagh H41:50
85R VigarVets AC41:54
88S RichRanelagh H42:35
89G StimpsonThames H&H42:44
92M HuttonBelgrave H43:26
93J HarveyMitcham&Sutt43:35
94S DraperWoking AC43:44
95A DavidsonHaslemereB43:56

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