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Today's Date: 3 June 2020
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2007 - 2008

UNDER-17 WOMEN - Lloyd Park, Croydon, 5 January 2008

1Lily PartridgeAldershotF&D19:23
2Loulou RowlandsSouth London20:01
3Isabel BrinsdenEpsom & Ewell20:46
4Catherine TaylorAldershotF&D21:39
5Sophie CowperRedhill&SyB22:10
6Monica IsaacSutton&District22:39
7Emily EastlandHorsham Blue23:00
8Rosie ClarkeEpsom & Ewell23:30
9Julia WedmoreHerne Hill H23:38
10Danielle BrewerAldershotF&D23:48
11Hannah BarefieldAldershotF&D24:08
12Rebecca FairheadGuildford&G24:08
13Jennifer FernandoHerculesWimb24:18
14Rosemary FernandoHerculesWimb24:23
15Christine LowsonGuildford&G24:24
16Philippa SweetnamAldershotF&D24:34
17Diana BaracAldershotF&D24:41
18Susanna DittonAldershotF&D25:11
19Victoria ElbourneRanelagh H25:16
20Jemma NeateGuildford&G25:30
21Jessica WilkinsonAldershotF&D26:33
22Lucy SmithHerne Hill H26:52
23Hannah LongHerculesWimb27:47

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