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Today's Date: 23 October 2019
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2010 - 2011

UNDER-13 GIRLS - Lloyd Park, Croydon, 8 January 2011

1Katie Shiel-RankinAldershotF&D14:19
2Niamh BrownReigate Priory15:31
3Megan WinsladeDorkingMV15:32
4Kathryn DittonWindsorSE&H15:33
5Breagha CampbellHerne Hill H15:34
6Georgia HoldenSouth London15:39
7Hannah MorrisDorkingMV15:56
8Nancy ScottWindsorSE&H16:03
9Eugenie CockleWindsorSE&H16:05
10Molly PocockAldershotF&D16:08
11Leanne LafreniereGuildford&G16:20
12Lucy BrettDorkingMV16:26
13Anna MarlowGuildford&G16:27
14Tara De KlerkWindsorSE&H16:27
15Evie HigtonWindsorSE&H16:28
16Sophie RumbleEpsom & Ewell16:31
17Keauna Phillips-DarkoSouth London16:41
18Hannah Mae-FlynnSouth London16:44
19Nadia AllenKingston & Poly16:50
20Anna WhitworthDorkingMV16:52
21Skye O'ShaunesseyHerne Hill H16:53
22Natalie WoollayHerne Hill H16:54
23Hollie EarlhamGuildford&G17:03
24Charlotte RobinsonReigate Priory17:09
25Gaby CooperGuildford&G17:16
26Sian TindallSouth London17:24
27Pippa TilneyAldershotF&D17:32
28Ellie ParnhamDorkingMV17:34
29Rachel SlaterEpsom & Ewell17:35
30Alice BlairDorkingMV17:38
31Peony MyallCamberley&Dist17:42
32Elle ButcherKingston & Poly17:48
33Sophie HoskingEpsom & Ewell17:51
34Sophie WickensCamberley&Dist17:55
35Amy TalbotWindsorSE&H17:56
36Tabitha LambeSutton&District17:57
37Laura DarceyKingston & Poly17:58
38Georgina RobinsonReigate Priory17:59
39Phoebe CampbellHerne Hill H18:00
40Megan RoweWindsorSE&H18:01
41Clara GrinyerReigate Priory18:02
42Holly MemetReigate Priory18:06
43Sasha MunnReigate Priory18:08
44Georgie BellSutton&District18:12
45Jenny HuntReigate Priory18:14
46Mollie O'SullivanKingston & Poly18:18
47Emily HornungDorkingMV18:25
48Alex Lindsay-BlackSouth London18:25
49Rebecca LoomesDorkingMV18:27
50Rosa CollierHerne Hill H18:30
51Morgan MorrisonEpsom & Ewell18:35
52Alicia MartinCamberley&Dist18:45
53Natalie BrehertonCamberley&Dist18:49
54Bea HuntReigate Priory18:54
55Mia AlamoCamberley&Dist18:59
56Katrina ParrisSouth London19:10
57Kaeli ZonfrilloSouth London19:16
58Olivia LamontHerne Hill H19:26
59Amaya JonesEpsom & Ewell19:40
60Lily ChapmanSutton&District19:43
61Josie KavanaghCroydon H19:55
62Tula HartWindsorSE&H19:55
63Olivia RobertsReigate Priory19:56
64Holly ClarkSouth London19:58
65Lilli CollinsSouth London20:02
66Chloe FosterSouth London20:03
67Abbie BurrettCroydon H20:13
68Ellie McCormackCroydon H20:24
69Monika DochanWindsorSE&H20:42
70Megan RabyCamberley&Dist20:42
71Fraya JhugrooDorkingMV21:36
72Samantha StrathernReigate Priory21:59
73Cora SextonCroydon H22:18
74Francesca PringleCroydon H25:58
1Windsor, Slough E&H35(4, 8, 9, 14)
2Dorking & Mole V42(3, 7, 12, 20)
3South London H67(6, 17, 18, 26)
4Guildford&Godalming72(11, 13, 23, 25)
5Herne Hill Harriers87(5, 21, 22, 39)
6Reigate Priory AC105(2, 24, 38, 41)
7Epsom & Ewell H159(16, 33, 51, 59)
8Camberley & District170(31, 34, 52, 53)
9Croydon Harriers269(61, 67, 68, 73)

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