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Today's Date: 20 May 2019
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2015 - 2016

UNDER-15 GIRLS - Denbies Vineyard, Dorking, 10 January 2016

1Alex BrownHerne Hill H16:21
2Claudia Lance JonesGuildford&G16:48
3Olivia McDonaldGuildford&G16:57
4Elsa PalmerDorkingMV17:01
5Dominique CorradiSutton&District17:03
6Charlotte VaughanWalton AC17:08
7Katie HopkinsWoking AC17:15
8Poppy WardleyReigate Priory17:19
9Ellie SakariaGuildford&G17:24
10Olivia StillmanSutton&District17:26
11Katie BalmeHerne Hill H17:32
12Abi WhiteAldershotF&D17:32
13Charlotte GriffithsGuildford&G17:50
14Darby Begley-JonesWalton AC18:00
15Kayah WilksHerne Hill H18:04
16Emelye Kenyon-BrownReigate Priory18:06
17Jessica MooreCroydon H18:08
18Lola WrightGuildford&G18:14
19Eimear GriffinHerne Hill H18:20
20Madeleine PullenReigate Priory18:24
21Rachel PharaohWalton AC18:25
22Gina MarchandHerne Hill H18:28
23Ellie MondayAldershotF&D19:10
24Louise LacourHerculesWimb19:22
25Isobel StockleyEpsom & Ewell19:30
26Sofia Di CarloHerne Hill H19:38
27Kathryn BartleKingston & Poly19:44
28Kathryn BeckettCamberley&Dist19:46
29Amelia CaseyHerculesWimb19:47
30Emily JaggerSutton&District19:48
31Aoife Russell-MooreGuildford&G19:53
32Pippa WondersReigate Priory19:58
33Henrietta OwenWoking AC20:22
34Rosa WebbCamberley&Dist20:24
35Saarah NawazCroydon H20:26
36Niamh CareyWoking AC20:27
37Thea WardleyReigate Priory20:31
38Ailsa GrahamDorkingMV20:35
39Clara SawickiWalton AC20:36
40Mary-Kate FlynnSouth London20:38
41Amelia ClarkSouth London20:43
42Alana HelmsCamberley&Dist20:47
43Abbie OwenReigate Priory20:58
44Annabel HobdayKingston & Poly20:59
45Megan DriverCroydon H21:08
46Laura HowleyEpsom & Ewell21:17
47Jessica Goveia-SlatterSouth London21:33
48Imogen BusaKingston & Poly21:43
49Holly MorrisDorkingMV21:45
50Eleanor BartleKingston & Poly22:12
51Holly SchlaeppiDorkingMV22:27
52Florence BaulkWoking AC22:56
53Tess JohnsonDorkingMV23:05
54Leah SchlaeppiDorkingMV24:14
1Guildford&Godalming27(2, 3, 9, 13)
2Herne Hill Harriers46(1, 11, 15, 19)
3Reigate Priory AC76(8, 16, 20, 32)
4Walton AC80(6, 14, 21, 39)
5Woking AC128(7, 33, 36, 52)
6Dorking & Mole V142(4, 38, 49, 51)
7Kingston AC & Poly H169(27, 44, 48, 50)

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