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Today's Date: 26 June 2022
Inter-Counties 2013 / 2014 Cross Country Events



U20 Men (8,000m)
TEAM: 5th
12th Jack Rowe (AFD) 26:20
22nd Charlie Critchley (AFD) 26:45
56th Ben Bradley (AFD) 27:52
111th Jacob Rainier (AFD) 29:22
112th Tom Hayward (Sutt) 29:22
130th John Tayleur (HHH) 29:51
144th Harvey White (Croy) 30:30

U13 Boys (3,000m)
TEAM: 1st
7th Turkay Korkmaz (HHH) 11:01
13th Oscar Millard (HHH) 11:05
14th Marcus Chantry (AFD) 11:05
34th Aaron Enser (Bracknell) 11:23
41st Matthew Kossatz (Stragglers) 11:27
71st Josh Foreman (AFD) 11:39
85th Sam Shaw (K&P) 11:45
111th Mohammed Ali (HHH) 11:53
Sen Women (8,000m)
TEAM: 3rd
1st Lily Partridge (AFD) 27:26
5th Emily Wicks (AFD) 28:18
7th Georgie Bruinvels (AFD) 28:23

78th Ruth Haynes (AFD) 31:37
81st Claire Grima (Herc Wimb) 31:43
82nd Karen Ellison (HHH) 31:44
117th Sophie Cowper (SLH) 32:35
164th Yasmin Goater (G&G) 33:08
U15 Boys (4,500m)
TEAM: 14th
64th Paul Burgess (HHH) 17:28
72nd James Lyne (SLH) 17:33
83rd Ollie Percival (AFD)17:41
89th Laurie Pope (SLH)17:44
113th Abel Tadesse (HHH)18:01
150th Samuel Cheesman (G&G) 18:21
171st Joshua Hall (K&P) 18:36
174th Matthew Gibbons (Herc Wimb) 18:37
U17 Women (5,000m)
TEAM: 2nd
4th Phoebe Law (K&P) 19:29
17th Katie Shiel-Rankin (AFD) 20:39
23rd Eloise Milburn (AFD) 20:52
38th Josie Savill (WSEH) 21:14
49th Rebecca Robinson (G&G) 21:24
72nd Bethany Heddle (Camberley) 21:54
88th Stevie Lawrence (Croydon) 22:09
90th Amy Billups (SLH) 22:11
U20 Women (6,000m)
TEAM: 4th
11th Laura Gent (AFD) 22:03
14th Suzannah Monk (G&G) 22:13
32nd Eleanor Harrison (G&G) 23:06
34th Poppy Disley-May (AFD) 23:18
47th Ruth Bourne (Tonbridge) 23:48
55th Beth Gibson (AFD) 24:02
U13 Girls (3,000m)
TEAM: 1st
1st Alex Brown (HHH) 11:24
6th Eloise O'Shaunnessy (HHH) 11:49
11th Claudia Lance-Jones (G&G) 11:55
25th Emily Roe (G&G) 12:16
28th Darcy Bourne (K&P) 12:17
34th Dominique Corradi (Sutt) 12:24
35th Daisy Corbett (AFD) 12:25
141st Poppy Wardley (Reig P) 13:09
U17 Men (6,000m)
TEAM: 2nd
4th Jack Crabtree (AFD) 18:37

21st George Gathercole (AFD) 19:12
26th Tom Holden (SLH) 19:21
28th Ed Olsen (HHH) 19:23
34th Nathan Gibson (AFD) 19:34
67th Joe Lyne (SLH) 20:05
78th Alistair Masson (DMV) 20:11
103rd Rian McCawley (Camberley) 20:29
U15 Girls (4,000m)
TEAM: 4th
3rd Niamh Brown (AFD) 17:26
17th Katie Brown (HHH) 18:02
31st Victoria Robinson (G&G) 18:21
34th Mollie O'Sullivan (K&P) 18:23
37th Philippa Monk (G&G) 18:36
47th Saskia Millard (HHH) 18:49
67th Eugenie Cockle (AFD) 19:02
93rd Bea Allan (DMV) 19:24
Sen Men (12,000m)
TEAM: 3rd
5th Jonny Hay (AFD) 34:43
6th Nick Torry (Serp) 34:46

12th Ian Bailey (AFD)35:15
24th Steve Connor (AFD) 35:59
66th Kojo Kyereme (HHH) 37:12
92nd James Hoad (Camb Uni H&H) 37:35
141st Alister Moses (Reig P) 38:34
208th David White (Croydon) 40:21


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