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Today's Date: 26 June 2022



Under 13 Girls Under 13 Boys
1st Emelia Gorecka AFD 7th Matthew Wyatt E&E
2nd Ruth Haynes AFD 12th Stephen Knuckey AFD
9th Kate Snowden HHH 42nd Gari Brown AFD
22nd Mae Partridge AFD 60th James Tidd AFD
30th Georgia Peel Woking 67th Johnny Dry AFD
42nd Helen Wilson SLH 77th Ed Saywell HW
106th Ciara Denny DMV
190th Cora Harrison DMV 285 finishers
Team 3rd
286 finishers
Team 1st
Under 15 Girls Under 15 Boys
16th Catherine Hall G&G 11th Jonny Hay AFD
17th Catherine Taylor AFD 29th Oli Aitchison AFD
22nd Isabel Brinsden E&E 77th Elliot Woolmer AFD
27th Loulou Rowlands SLH 85th Dominic Stieirt Oxted Sch
37th Grace Shepherd E&E 105th Richard Calder Woking
43rd Emily Eastland Horsham BS 108th Nathan Ditton AFD
80th Bethan Hubbard AFD
83rd Adelle Tracey G&G 288 finishers
Team 10th
283 finishers
Team 1st
Under 17 Women Under 17 Men
88th Fiodhna Raleigh Woking 58th Mickey Reed AFD
110th Sophie Cowper R Sy B 64th Joe Morwood AFD
125th Becky Gardner DMV 72nd Josh Gorecki AFD
165th Jennifer Fernando HW 75th Luke Caldwell DMV
173rd Hannah Thompson AFD 86th James Wheldon HHH
187th Rosemary Fernando HW 113th Ben Snowball AFD
221st Helena Corbin Woking 156th Daniel Sellman SLH
227th Alex Ward DMV
258 finishers
Team 26th 263 finishers
Team 13th
Under 20 Women Under 20 Men
11th Georgie Bruinvels DMV 10th Sam Perkins Ranelagh
14th Hannah Brooks Crawley 41st Johnny van Deventer AFD
45th Monique Davis HHH 55th John Redshaw Walton
64th Jessica Cawley AFD 107th Harry Martin Sutton R
78th Sinead Long Sutton & D 130th Michael McManus J Fisher
102nd Rosie Musgrave HHH 144th Andy Statham Oxted Sch
130 finishers 172 finishers
Team 4th Team 10th
Senior Women Senior Men
16th Emily Adams AFD 8th Phil Wicks Belgrave
23rd Naomi Warner THH 96th Ben Paviour HHH
28th Jo Ronaldson Ranelagh 101st Malachi Byansi Belgrave
42nd Emily Nelson E&E 115th Will Clark E&E
63rd Sarah Murphy Belgrave 123rd Tom Jenkins SLH
103rd Anna McLaughlin Ranelagh 131st Nick Hodges DMV
108th Ceri Diss HHH 133rd Andy Weir THH
144th Rachel Disley THH 144th Jon Thorpe B&B
170th Richard Xerri HW
269 finishers 282 finishers
Team 4th Team 12th

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