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Senior Men 100/120 Yards / 75/80/100 Metres
120 Yards 1897venue not known F Sayer (Epsom H)
120 Yards 1898venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1899venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1900venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1901venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1902venue not known C P Constantine (South London Harriers)
120 Yards 1903venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1904venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1905venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1906venue not known C H Jupp (London AC)
120 Yards 1907venue not known H Watson (London AC)
120 Yards 1908venue not known A Longhurst (South London Harriers)
120 Yards 1909venue not known E W Haley (Herne Hill Harriers)
120 Yards20 August 1920Woodbridge Road, Guildford A M Lamburd (Surrey AC)
100 Yards16 May 1921Woodbridge Road, Guildford J R Major (London AC)
100 Yards22 July 1922Redhill Sports Ground 10.4 J R Major (London AC)
100 Yards 1923various venues D Crowley (Polytechnic Harriers)
100 Yards17 May 1924Battersea Park D Crowley (Polytechnic Harriers)
100 Yards6 June 1925Battersea Park 10.4 H Allen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards5 June 1926Woodbridge Road, Guildford 10.2 H Allen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards11 June 1927Alexandra Rec Ground, Surbiton 10.4 H Allen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards9 June 1928Sports Ground, Byfleet 10.6 H Allen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards8 June 1929Sports Ground, Byfleet 10.3 H Allen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards14 June 1930Battersea Park 10.2 Ernest Page (Blackheath Harriers)
100 Yards4 June 1932Motspur Park 10.2 Ernest Page (Blackheath Harriers)
100 Yards27 May 1933Hook 10.6 L E Hobbs (South London Harriers)
100 Yards16 June 1934Redhill Sports Ground 10.2 A J V Carman (Polytechnic Harriers)
100 Yards1 June 1935Alexandra Rec Ground, Surbiton 10.1 Ernest Page (Blackheath Harriers)
100 Yards6 June 1936Motspur Park 10.2 J Clark (Mitcham AC)
100 Yards5 June 1937Woodbridge Road, Guildford 9.9 Ernest Page (Blackheath Harriers)
100 Yards11 June 1938Dundonald Rec Ground, Wimbledon 10.0 Ernest Page (Blackheath Harriers)
100 Yards10 June 1939Stompond Lane, Walton NTT Bert Liffen (South London Harriers)
100 Yards22 June 1946Sports Ground, Byfleet 10.1 Tommy Jover (Herne Hill Harriers)
100 Yards7 June 1947Motspur Park 10.4 J E Peckham (South London Harriers)
100 Yards29 May 1948Stompond Lane, Walton 10.1 Alan Grieve (South London Harriers)
100 Yards4 June 1949Motspur Park 10.2 Alan Grieve (South London Harriers)
100 Yards3 June 1950Motspur Park 10.0 Alan Grieve (South London Harriers)
100 Yards2 June 1951Motspur Park 10.4 Dennis Merrett (Belgrave Harriers)
100 Yards17 May 1952Motspur Park 10.0 Alan Grieve (South London Harriers)
100 Yards30 May 1953Motspur Park 10.4 Clayton Gibbs (Herne Hill Harriers)
100 Yards22 May 1954Motspur Park 10.2 Basil Walden (Belgrave Harriers)
100 Yards02 June 1956Motspur Park 10.2 Adrian Breacker (Mitcham AC)
100 Yards31 May 1958Motspur Park 10.0 Adrian Breacker (Mitcham AC)
100 Yards30 May 1959Motspur Park 10.1 Adrian Breacker (Mitcham AC)
100 Yards28 May 1960Motspur Park 10.2 Adrian Breacker (Mitcham AC)
100 Yards3 June 1961Motspur Park 10.2 /0.0 P Cornell (Hercules AC)
100 Yards2 June 1962Motspur Park 10.4 Kamor Agbo-Ola (Herne Hill Harriers)
100 Yards25 May 1963Motspur Park 10.0 /+0.9 Kamor Agbo-Ola (Herne Hill Harriers)
100 Yards30 May 1964Motspur Park 10.0 Kamor Agbo-Ola (Herne Hill Harriers)
100 Yards29 May 1965Motspur Park 10.3 Mel Cheskin (Hercules AC)
100 Yards21 May 1966Motspur Park 10.0 Mel Cheskin (Polytechnic Harriers)
100 Yards20 May 1967Motspur Park 10.0 Tony Tymms (Surrey AC)
100 Yards8 June 1968Motspur Park 10.1 /-1.2 Tony Tymms (Surrey AC)
100M7 June 1969Motspur Park 10.9 /-2.3 CBP Geoffrey Silman (Surrey AC)
100M30 May 1970Motspur Park 11.0 Chris Cheetham (Portsmouth)
100M05 June 1971Motspur Park 11.1 /-2.1 Ian Matthews (Thames Valley Harriers)
100M10 June 1972Motspur Park 11.0 John Gostelow (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
100M19 May 1973Motspur Park 11.1 Ian Matthews (Sutton & Cheam Harriers)
100M18 May 1974Motspur Park 11.0 Ian Matthews (Sutton & Cheam Harriers)
100M7 June 1975Motspur Park 11.0 /+1.7 Ian Matthews (Sutton & Cheam Harriers)
100M15 May 1976Motspur Park 10.8 /+5.8 CBP Jim Evans (Belgrave Harriers)
100M14 May 1977Motspur Park 10.9 Ernest Obeng (Belgrave Harriers)
100M13 May 1978Motspur Park 11.2 Colin Gaynor (Surrey AC)
100M12 May 1979Motspur Park 11.1 Selwyn Clarke (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M17 May 1980Motspur Park 11.0 Selwyn Clarke (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M16 May 1981Motspur Park 10.9 /+5.6 Paul Lavender (Epsom & Ewell Harriers)
100M15 May 1982Motspur Park 11.1 /+0.7 Paul Lavender (Epsom & Ewell Harriers)
100M21 May 1983Motspur Park 10.8 /+0.4 =CBP Michael Powell (Shaftesbury Harriers)
100M19 May 1984Motspur Park 10.9 /-1.6 Michael St Louis (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M18 May 1985Motspur Park 10.9 /-0.1 Paul Miller (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
100M17 May 1986Motspur Park 10.7 /+3.6 CBP Mike Powell (Shaftesbury Harriers)
100M17 May 1987Tooting Bec 11.0 /+1.9 Paul Miller (U23) (Hercules Wimbledon AC)
100M14 May 1988Tooting Bec 10.9 /+0.6 J Thomas (U23) (Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers)
100M20 May 1989Tooting Bec 10.9 Phil Goedluck (U23) (Belgrave Harriers)
100M19 May 1990Croydon Arena 11.3 /-0.2 E Robinson (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M19 May 1991Croydon Arena 10.8 /+0.9 Terry Williams (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M17 May 1992Croydon Arena 11.0 /-0.1 Terry Williams (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M16 May 1993Croydon Arena 11.0 /-1.4 Terry Williams (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M14 May 1994Croydon Arena 10.9 /-0.5 Terry Williams (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M13 May 1995Croydon Arena 10.8 /+3.2 Ray Burke (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M12 May 1996Croydon Arena 10.6 /+2.7 =CBP Cypren Edmunds (Thames Valley Harriers)
100M11 May 1997Wimbledon Pk 10.8 /-0.6 Uvie Ugono (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M9 May 1998Kingsmeadow Stadium 11.0 /-4.5 Uvie Ugono (Woodford Green AC)
100M8 May 1999Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.8 /-0.7 Marlon Dickson (Belgrave Harriers)
100M13 May 2000Croydon Arena 10.9 /-0.6 Marlon Dickson (Belgrave Harriers)
100M12 May 2001Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.7 /+1.0 Dominique Richards (Harrow AC)
100M12 May 2002Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.68 /+1.0 Uvie Ugono (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies)
100M11 May 2003Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.6 Tim Abeyie (Belgrave Harriers)
100M16 May 2004Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.8 /+2.1 Joshua Wood (Harrow AC)
100M14 May 2005Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.93 Leroy Slue (Harrow AC)
100M14 May 2006Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.93 /+0.9 Idris Ojuriye (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M12 May 2007Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.63 /+0.2 James Dasaolu (Croydon Harriers)
100M11 May 2008Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.42 /+2.8 CBP Ryan Moseley (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers)
100M10 May 2009Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.74 /+1.9 Jeffrey Ocrah (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M9 May 2010Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.74 /+0.1 Idris Ojuriye (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M15 May 2011Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.80 /-1.3 Robert Graham (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M13 May 2012Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.69 /0.0 Robert Graham (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M26 May 2013Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.90 /-3.5 Dele Onifade (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M25 May 2014Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.61 /+0.9 Tremayne Gilling (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)
100M24 May 2015Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.69 /-0.7 Lee Mclaughlin (Croydon Harriers)
100M15 May 2016Kingsmeadow Stadium 11.01 /-2.5 Idris Ojuriye (Herne Hill Harriers)
100M14 May 2017Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.9 Dean Hylton (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)
100M13 May 2018Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.72 /-0.3 Dean Hylton (Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC)
100M12 May 2019Kingsmeadow Stadium 10.78 /+0.2 Ryan Facey (U23) (Hercules Wimbledon AC)

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