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Today's Date: 15 November 2019
Surrey County Outdoor Championships - 1966
Senior Men 100 Yards FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Mel Cheskin (PolytechnicH) 10.0
2 Tony Tymms (Surrey AC) 10.0
3 David Fitch (TwickenhamAC) 10.1
Senior Men 220 Yards FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Mel Cheskin (PolytechnicH) 21.3 CBP
2 Christopher Martin (Belgrave H) 22.2
3 Barry Wickham (Deptford Pk ) 22.2
4 Francis Holland (Surrey AC) 22.6
5 David Spragg (Surrey AC) 22.7
6 Mick Hill (Mitcham AC) 22.8
Senior Men 440 Yards FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Martin Winbolt-Lewis (London AC) 48.1 CBP
2 Mick Hill (Mitcham AC) 49.6
3 Christopher Marchese (Surrey AC) 49.9
4 Nick Lovatt (Mitcham AC) 50.2
5 Raymond Eve (Mitcham AC) 50.3
Senior Men 880 Yards FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Mike Varah (Hercules AC) 1:49.3 =CBP
2 Jim Johnson (London AC) 1:49.4
3 Kelvin Bromley (Walton AC) 1:52.0
4 Fred Green (Mitcham AC) 1:52.2
5 Mike Geraghty (Deptford Pk ) 1:52.2
6 Alastair Sell (Guildford&G) 1:53.5
Senior Men 1 Mile FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Tony Harris (Mitcham AC) 4:04.8
2 Ian Wheeler (Herne Hill H) 4:05.7
3 David Prior (Met PoliceAC) 4:06.2
4 Geoff Biscoe (Mitcham AC) 4:06.8
5 John Thresher (Belgrave H) 4:11.1
6 Jerry Fletcher (Farnham AC) 4:13.9
Senior Men 3 Miles FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Roger Robinson (Achilles) 13:41.6 CBP
2 Gerry North (Belgrave H) 13:43.8
3 Ian Wheeler (Herne Hill H) 13:50.4
4 Bob Holt (Hercules AC) 13:58.6
5 John Roberts (South London) 14:02.0
6 Bob Gevers (South London) 14:08.2
Senior Men 6 Miles FINAL
(Wimbledon, 8 May)
1 Gerry North (Belgrave H) 28:34.2 CBP
2 John Roberts (South London) 29:01.8
3 Roger Robinson (Achilles) 29:24.4
4 Barry Collins (Surrey AC) 29:39.0
5 Mick Fuller (Wimbledon AC) 30:18.0
6 Alan Black (Belgrave H) 31:10
Senior Men 120 Yds Hurdles (3ft 6ins) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Laurie Taitt (Herne Hill H) 14.4
2 George Tymms (Surrey AC) 14.9
3 Geoff Manning (DorkingStP) 15.4
4 John Howell (Herne Hill H) 15.7
Senior Men 440 Yards Hurdles (3ft 0in) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Robin Woodland (Hercules AC) 53.2
2 Maurice Joyce (Surrey AC) 56.3
3 John King (Croydon H) 59.0
Senior Men 3000 Metres Steeplechase FINAL
(Wimbledon, 7 May)
1 John Bicourt (Belgrave H) 9:17.2
2 John Halliday (Hercules AC) 9:20.8
Senior Men 2 Miles Walk FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Paul Nihill (Surrey WC) 13:24.6
2 G Crosse (Lon Vidarians) 15:19.2
3 Ken Read (Surrey WC) 15:23.4
Senior Men 4x110Yards Relay FINAL
(Wimbledon, 7 May)
1 Surrey AC  43.0 CBP
2 Hercules AC  43.9
3 Herne Hill Harriers  44.4
Senior Men 4x440Yards Relay FINAL
(Wimbledon, 7 May)
1 Mitcham AC  3:22.9
2 Surrey AC  3:23.5
3 Croydon Harriers  3:26.2
Senior Men High Jump FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Gordon Miller (South London) 6ft 3in (1.90m)
2 Richard Morris (Walton AC) 6ft 1in (1.85m)
3 Graham Palmer (Surrey Beagles) 5ft 11in (1.80m)
4 Peter Gates (Epsom & Ewell) 5ft 11in (1.80m)
5 David Brock (Herne Hill H) 5ft 11in (1.80m)
Senior Men Pole Vault FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Jeff Fenge (South London) 13ft 6in (4.11m) CBP
2 Peter Lyons (Army) 13ft 0in (3.96m)
Senior Men Long Jump FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Peter Reed (London Univ) 24ft 0¼in (7.32m)
2 John Howell (Herne Hill H) 23ft 0¾in (7.02m)
3 Tony Tymms (Surrey AC) 22ft 8in (6.90m)
4 Ken Wilmshurst (Walton AC) 22ft 7¼in (6.88m)
5 Kevin Kelly (Herne Hill H) 22ft 3½in (6.79m)
6 David Brock (Herne Hill H) 22ft 2¼in (6.76m)
Senior Men Triple Jump FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Kevin Kelly (Herne Hill H) 46ft 10¼in (14.28m)
2 Norman Rice (Epsom & Ewell) 45ft 11½in (14.00m)
3 Ken Wilmshurst (Walton AC) 45ft 8in (13.91m)
Senior Men Shot Putt (7.26kg) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Chris Cogswell (Surrey AC) 49ft 4¼in (15.04m)
2 Gerald Davis (London AC) 48ft 6in (14.78m)
3 Adam Chromniak (Guildford&G) 47ft 2½in (14.38m)
4 Barry Tristram (London Univ) 45ft 1in (13.74m)
Senior Men Discus (2kg) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Nigel Kitchen (Wimbledon AC) 146ft 7in (44.67m)
2 Adam Chromniak (Guildford&G) 146ft 5in (44.62m)
3 Gerald Davis (London AC) 141ft 9in (43.20m)
4 Otto Feldmanis (Mitcham AC) 141ft 6in (43.12m)
Senior Men Hammer (7.26kg) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Chris Melluish (Oxford Univ) 172ft 7in (52.60m) CBP
2 Robert Nicholl (Army) 159ft 11in (48.74m)
3 David Brands (Wimbledon AC) 149ft 9in (45.64m)
Senior Men Javelin (800g - pre-1986 spec) FINAL
(Motspur Pk, 21 May)
1 Dave Travis (Surrey AC) 211ft 3in (64.38m) CBP
2 David Mole (Surrey AC) 186ft 4in (56.79m)
3 Brian Kettle (Herne Hill H) 185ft 11in (56.66m)
4 Bill Fuller (Epsom & Ewell) 185ft 7in (56.56m)
Senior Men Decathlon FINAL
(Wimbledon, 8 May)
1 Dave Travis (Surrey AC) 6192pts
2 Alexander Lattimer (Herne Hill H) 5452pts
3 Martin Eastwood (Surrey AC) 5239pts
4 David Brock (Herne Hill H) 5187pts
5 Richard Andrews (Surrey AC) 4938pts
6 Kevin Kelly (Herne Hill H) 4922pts

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