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Today's Date: 21 May 2019
Surrey County Combined Events Championships - 2008
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon FINAL
(Horsham, 13 September)
1 Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 1549pts
2 Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 1527pts
3 Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 1404pts
4 Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 1378pts
5 Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 1316pts
6 Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 1231pts
7 Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 1218pts
8 Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 1045pts
9 Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 1020pts
10 Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 975pts
11 Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 923pts
12 Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 770pts
13 Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 706pts
14 Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 675pts
15 Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 642pts
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon Event No 1 Long Jump
(Horsham, 13 September)
Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 4.58 (+0.37) 304pts
Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 4.40 (-0.45) 273pts
Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 4.28 (+1.54) 252pts
Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 4.24 (+0.11) 245pts
Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 4.17 (+0.31) 236pts
Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 4.06 +1.6 215pts
Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 3.98 (+0.68) 203pts
Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 3.97 (+0.71) 201pts
Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 3.86 (+0.44) 184pts
Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 3.63 (+1.47) 149pts
Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 3.62 (+0.16) 147pts
Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 3.48 (+0.33) 127pts
Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 3.39 (-0.91) 115pts
Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 3.27 (-0.15) 99pts
Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 3.09 (-1.18) 76pts
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon Event No 2 75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm)
(Horsham, 13 September)
Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 12.63 -1.4 540pts
Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 12.77 527pts
Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 13.60 -1.2 451pts
Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 13.94 -1.2 422pts
Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 14.42 -1.4 382pts
Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 14.59 368pts
Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 15.27 315pts
Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 15.61 -1.2 290pts
Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 16.26 -1.4 245pts
Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 16.31 -1.2 242pts
Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 16.43 -1.2 234pts
Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 16.66 219pts
Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 16.79 -1.4 211pts
Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 17.26 182pts
Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 17.29 -1.2 180pts
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon Event No 3 Shot Putt (3.25kg)
(Horsham, 13 September)
Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 7.60 348pts
Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 7.38 330pts
Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 6.35 269pts
Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 6.16 258pts
Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 6.13 256pts
Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 6.13 256pts
Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 5.89 242pts
Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 5.56 223pts
Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 5.38 213pts
Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 5.34 211pts
Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 5.15 200pts
Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 4.77 178pts
Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 4.71 174pts
Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 4.67 172pts
Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 4.57 166pts
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon Event No 4 High Jump
(Horsham, 13 September)
Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 1.48 374pts
Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 1.39 310pts
Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 1.33 270pts
Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 1.30 250pts
Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 1.30 250pts
Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 1.27 231pts
Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 1.27 231pts
Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 1.27 231pts
Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 1.27 231pts
Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 1.24 212pts
Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 1.24 212pts
Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 1.15 159pts
Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 1.12 142pts
Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 1.12 142pts
Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 1.06 111pts
Under-13 Boys Pentathlon Event No 5 800 Metres
(Horsham, 13 September)
Joshua Haasz (Croydon H) 2:25.96 372pts
Oliver Weeks (Camberley&Dist) 2:33.42 282pts
Jonah Dykes (Camberley&Dist) 2:38.09 232pts
Mark Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 2:38.93 224pts
Chris Threadgold (Epsom & Ewell) 2:39.35 219pts
Daniel Rusling (E Grinstead) 2:47.60 144pts
Paul Roche (Camberley&Dist) 2:52.00 110pts
Scott Thomas (Camberley&Dist) 2:52.06 109pts
Daniel Thackeray (Camberley&Dist) 2:59.63 61pts
Andrew Statter (Croydon H) 3:02.61 45pts
Alex Mackintosh (Kingston & Poly) 3:03.78 40pts
Thomas Buckland (Woking AC) 3:07.87 23pts
Joseph Barnett (Camberley&Dist) 3:10.40 15pts
Nicholas Pritchard (Guildford&G) 3:12.22 10pts
Oliver Hastings (Camberley&Dist) 3:13.34 7pts

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