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Championships included in the database
Results are available for meetings shown with an X in the tables below:

Year Indoor Outdoor Combined Events
2015 X    
2014 X X X
2013 X X X
2012 X X X
2011 X X X
2010 X X X
2009 X X X
2008 X X X
2007 X X X
2006 X X X
2005 X X X
2004 X X X.
2003 X X X
2002 X X X
2001 X X X
2000 X X X
1999 X X X
1998 X X not held
1997 X X X
1996 part X X
1995 X X X
1994 part X X
1993 . X X
1992 . X X
1991 . X X

Prior to 1991 the County Championships were organised by the respective Men's and Women's associations - Surrey County Amateur Athletic Association (SCAAA) and Surrey County Womens Amateur Athletic Association (SCWAAA).

Results from the SCAAA & SCWAAA Championships are available as shown below:-

  SCAA Outdoors SCAA Combined Events SCWAAA Outdoors SCWAAA Combined Events
1990 X X X X
1989 X X X X
1988 X X X X
1987 X X X X
1986 X X X X
1985 X X X X
1984 X X X X
1983 X X X X
1982 X X X X
1981 X X X X
1980 X X X X
1979 X X X X
1978 X X X X
1977 X X X X

If anyone has copies of the full results for any of the years prior to 1977 then please would they contact webmaster.

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