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Today's Date: 26 February 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Tosin Babajide
Lucy Baber
Alix Baccardax
Jennifer Bacon
Nicola Baddeley
Sisi Baig
Annabel Jane Bailey
Annabella Bailey
Laura Bailey
Shireen Bailey
Tyana-Renee Bailey
Samantha Baines
Ellie Baird
Danielle Baker
Davina Baker
Eleanor Baker
Freya Baker
Jackie Baker
Michelle Baker
Renae Baker-Manuwa
Joan Balkwill
Eleanor Ball
Valerie Ball
Jolene Ballard
Sherree Ballard
Maisie Ballsdon
Katie Balme
Ola Balme
Anastasia Banbury
Dhanisha Banee
Alice Banfield
Josie Banks
Alexandra Banner
Clare Banner
Megan Bannister
Chantal Banton
Diana Barac
Ella Barbato
Billie Barbour
Cleo-Patrice Barbour
Heather Barclay
Cassie Bardell
Kylie Bardell
Stephanie Bardell
Hannah Barefield
Diane Barham
Elena Barkatullah
Anna Barker
Ella Barker
Florence Barker
Flo Barker
Rio Barker
Ellen-Ada Barlow
Emma Barlow
Annisha Barnaby
Joanna Barnaby
Emily Barnard
Lucy Barnard
Clare Barnes
Judith Barnes
Loisa Barnes
Cora Barnett
Denise Barnett
Sophia Barnett
Maya Barnwell
Sacha Barrass
Hannah Barratt
Angela Barrett
Barbara-Anne Barrett
Emily Barrett
Sue Barrett
Katie Barrow
Amy Barry
Victoria Barthelmess
Alexandra Bartle
Alex Bartle
Eleanor Bartle
Kathryn Bartle
Tara Bartlett
Natalie Bartley
Maureen Barton
Ruth Barton
Madeline Bashiruddin
Saisha Bassi
Isobel Basson
Stephanie Batai
Laura Batchelor
Kirsty Bate
Sophie Bates
Ann Bath
Natasha Baugh
Florence Baulk
Faith Bavington-Hall
Carolyne Baxter
Hilary Baxter
Louisa Bayles
Deborah Bayley
Lorna Bayley
Elsa Baynes
Lucy Bayo
Katy Beadle
Josephine Beagley
Rebecca Beale
Lucy Bean
Cassandra Beasley
Amy Beattie
Alexandra Beauchamp
Patricia Beauchamp
Violet Beaumont
Kathryn Beckett
Brenda Bedford
Jade Bee
Darby Begley-Jones
Holly Beighton
Margaret Beksinska
Kristine Belka
Amelia Bell
Georgina Bell
Katie Bell
Leonora Bell
Nicola Bell
Inga Bellahn
Precious Bello
Ellen Bendix-Lewis
Lara Benkert
Laura Benkert
Christina Bennett
Diana Bennett
Helise Bennett
Jacqueline Bennett
Joanna Bennett
Julia Bennett
June Bennett
Xaerhea Bennett
Savion Bepot
Anya Beri
Jorden Berkeley
Gabriella Berkeley-Agyepong
Mary Berkeley-Agyepong
Georgina Bernard
Julie Bernard
Anna Berry
Catherine Berry
Emma Berry
Claire Bessant
Charlotte Best
Lee-Anne Best
Maureen Betteridge
Leanne Bettis
Lauren Betts-Bucke
Anair Beverly
Sharon Bidgood
Celia Biggs
Shirley Biggs
Kirsty Billin
Amy Billups
Tessa Billups
Olivia Bingham
Katie Bingle
Amy Binnion
Jane Bird
Saskia Birt
Margaret J Birtwistle (nee Lucas)
Fiona Bishop
Amy Bissix
Holly Blackburn
Harriet Blackman
Frida Blackwood
Alice Blair
Dominique Blaize
Gwen Blake
Zena Bland
Catherine Blandford
Rebecca Blastock
Laura Blazey
Clare Bleasdale
Jean Blickett
Tilly Bliss
Amber Bloomfield
Anna Bloomfield
Tracey Bloomfield
Jennifer Blower
Daisy Bloxham
Emma Blunt
Georgie Blunt
Rachel Board
Tina Boasu
Davina Boateng
Davina Boateng Ansah
Eleanor Boatman
Kim Boatright
Joanna Boddy
Hannah Bodoano
Manuella Boe
Laura Boehm
Emilie Bokor-Ingram
Maria Boland
Ellie Bollons
Jodie Bongartz
Ciara Bonner
Nicola Bonner
Samantha Bonny
Lia Bonsu
Lorraine Bonsu
Tina Bonsu
Dayzee Booth
Jocelyn Booth
Lorna Marie Boothe
Sarah Boreham
Charlotte Borgars
Emily Borgars
Nicole Borgers
Elle Borissow
Florence Born
Florrie Born
Fatmagul Bosnak
Mary Bothamley
Allison Bott
Sofia Bottrill
Tabita Botuli
Anastasiya Botvinyeva
Darcy Bourne
Ruth Bourne
Bryony Bovell
Susan Bovill
Tabitha Bowden
Jemima Bowen
Phoebe Bowen
Joy Bowerman
Patricia Bowes
Kayla Bowley
Sabine Bowling
Joanna Boxall
Gillian S Brackpool
Neve Bradley
Mollie Bradshaw
Emma Brady
Amy Braid
Kamilla Braithwaite
Leona Brako
Eileen Brandley
Natalie Brant
Stephanie Brathwaite
Lianne Breden
Alicia Breen
Megan Breen
Sarah Breen
Sophie Breen
Ruth Brereton
Seren Bresner
Isabella Bretherton
Natalie Bretherton
Lucy Brett
Danielle Brewer
Alex Brewis
Pauline Bridge
Alexandra Bridges
Kate Bridges
Beth Bridgman
Georgie Bridgman
Helen Bridgman
Sarah Bridgman
Amelia Brien
Clarissa Brierley
Cydney Briggs
Joan Briggs
Isabel Brinsden
Joanne Bristow
Louise Broad
Emma Broadbent
Phoebe Broadhead
Josephine Brocklehurst
Anna Brockman
Rachel Brockman
Gill Broderick
Lucy Broderick
Megan Brooke
Karen Brooker
Hannah Brooks
Harriette Brooks
Jamela Brooks
Sian Brooks
Annabel Brophy
Serena Brotherton
Helen Brough
Amber Brough-Nuesink
Anna Broughton
Lilian Brower
Aaliyah Brown
Alexandra Brown
Alison Brown
Amanda Brown
Amber Brown
Amy Louise Brown
Angel Brown
Barbara Brown
Donna Brown
Emma Brown
Emma Brown
Felicity Brown
Felicity Brown
Iris Brown
Ivy Brown
Jasmine Brown
Jennifer Brown
Jill Brown
Justine Brown
Karen Brown
Kate Brown
Katriona Brown
Leona Brown
Lily-Rose Brown
Lily Brown
Nayana Brown
Niamh Brown
Patricia Brown
Tabitha Brown
Tami Brown
Emily Browne
Sandra Browne
Debbie Bruce
Joanne Bruce
Georgie Bruinvels
Sophie Bruneel
Maya Bruney
Louise Brunning
Natasha Brunning
Rachel Brunswick
Toni Bryan
Marianne Bryers
Catherine Bryson
Georgia Buchanan-Robinson
Chanel Buckley
Deborah Buckley
Hannah Buckmaster
Joy Buckmaster
Gwendoline Buddle
Manon-Suzanne Bukasa-Muteba
Abigail Bull
Eloise Bull
Isabel Bull
Eloise Bullen
Emily Bullock
Louise Bunce
Alyson Bundock
Katie Bunyard
Rachel Burbridge
Emily Burch
Jill Burchett
Clare Burgess
Laura Burke
Olive Burke
Sarah Burke
Sharron Burke
Donna Burkmar
Kathryn Burley
Lottie Burnett
Beverly Burns
Catharine Burrows
Darcy Burton
Imogen Burton
Lucia Burton
Rachael Burton
Imogen Busa
Isabella Busa
Susie Bush
Abigail Bushell
Eve Bushell
Elizabeth Buss
Elle Butcher
Jo Butcher
Jessica Butland
Gracie Butler
Suzy Butler
Odette Butson
Lois Byer
Nina Byrd
Sheila Byrne

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