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Today's Date: 26 February 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Manuel Fabio Dionizio
Ryan Facey
Tariq Fadare
Aaron Fagan
Deron Fagan
David Fagence
Aidan Fahey
Justin Fairbrother
Simon Fairbrother
Luca Fairchild
Donald Kevin Faircloth
Anthony Fairclough
Johnny Fairclough
West Fairclough
Ralu Fajobi
Jamie Falconer
Sebastian Fallowfield
Thomas Fallowfield
Scott Fanner
Kayden Faria-Brown
Daniel Farley
Mike Farmery
Louis Farquharson
Craig Farr
Nick Farrell
Kieran Farrelly
Tunde Fashotin
Emmanuel Fashoyin
Ife Fasoyiro
Luca Fassio
Andy Fay
Andrew Fearn
Joshua Fearon-Rolfe
Nathan Featherstone
Joseph Feeney
Tony Fegent
Charlie Feinson
Otto Feldmanis
Spencer Felix-Otoo
Dominic Fellows
William Fellows
Freddie Feltham
Frederick Feltham
Jamie Fendt
Jeffrey Fenge
John Fenge
Liam Fennell
Richard Fenner
Myles Fenner Scally
Nathan Fergus
Eliot Ferguson
Shemar Ferguson
Michael Ferne
Dereck Fernee
Jean-Paul Fernee
Austin Ferns
Esmond Ferns
Max Ferrari
Reece Ferreira
Alex Ferrelly
Alex Ferri
Iwan Fesnoux
Michael Fevrius
Ryan Ffrench-Shand
Michael Fidler
Steven Fidler
Jack Field
Jake Field
Linus Field
Matt Field
Tom Field
Adam Fieldgate
Michael Fieldus
Lindsay File
Daniel Filewood
Douglas Filtness
Mark Finbow
Gabriel Finch
Harry Findlay
Jack Finley
Jaran Finn
Michael Firth
Michael Firth
Christopher Fisher
Daniel Fisher
Geoffrey Fisher
Henry Fisher
Max Fisher
Robert Fisher
Vincent Fisher
David Fitch
Thomas Fitch
Barrie Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzgerald
Jamie Fitzgerald
Mark Fitzgerald
Ben Fitzpatrick
David Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Liam Fitzpatrick
Nathan Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick
Stuart Flack
Maurice Flacke
Adam Flanagan
Antony Flanagan
Isaac Flanagan
Lee Flanagan
Theo Flanagan
Christopher Flaws
Mike Fleet
Alan Fleming
David Fleming
Hugo Fleming
James Fleming
Adam Fletcher
Aidann Fletcher
Isabel Fletcher
Jeremy Fletcher
Malcolm Fletcher
Robert Fletcher
Christopher Flint
Daniel Flint
Troy Flood
Liam Floodgate
Roger Florence
Patrick Florida-James
Nathan Flowers
Daniel Foard
Connor Foley
Matthew Follett
Eddie Font Freide
Michael Fooks
James Fooks-Bale
Oliver Foote
Alex Forbes
Richard Forbes
Bernard Ford
James Ford
Matthew Ford
Matt Ford
James Forde
Ben Foreman
Joshua Foreman
Samuel Foreman
Ethan Forster
Archie Forsyth
Anthony Fort
John Foss
Marlon Fossey
Joseph Foster
Nathan Foster
Tom Foster
Sam Fothergill
Emile Fowler
Freddie Fowler
Gregor Fowler
Hugo Fowler
Charles Fox
George Fox
Oliver Fox
Sebastian Fox
Seb Fox
Scott Fozard
Christopher France
Dwayne Francis
Garfield Francis
James Francis
Kaylen Francis
Kwame Francis
Mark Francis
Matt Francis
Neil Francis
Richard Francis
Thomas Francis
Tony Francis
Micah Francis-Dwyer
Dominic Frank
Ian Frankish
Andrew Franklin
Michael Franklin
Ross Franks
Alex Fraser
Stuart Fraser
Sidney Joseph Letts (John) Freeman
Paul Freeman-Jones
Kenneth Frempong
James French
Joshua French
Luke French
Matthew French
Paul French
Simon French
Jack Fricker
Mike Fromant
Alec Fruin
Neil Fuhrmann
Henry Fulcher
Peter Fullager
Bill Fuller (Snr)
Bill Fuller
Brian Fuller
Michael Fuller
Peter Fuller
Scott Fuller
Steven J Fuller
Joseph Funsho
Simon Furlonger
Kain Furniss
Oliver Furze
Patrick Furze
Andrew Fyfe

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.