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Today's Date: 12 July 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Joanne MacDonald
Sophie Mace
Camilla MacFarlane
Julia Machin
Roseanne Mackay
Katie Mackison
Alison MacLeod
Daniela MacPherson
Zoe Macrae
Joice Maduaka
Maya Magnay
Caitlin Maguire
Lindsay Maguire
Vicky Maguire
Ciara Maher
Maureen Maher
Eva Maignan
Louise Maignan
Shona Main
Sharon Mair
Alison Major
Pippa Major
Samantha Male
Sally Mammen
Orla Manchester
Jodie Mandeville
Ellie Manhire
Allison Manley
Carla Manning
Caroline Manning
Louise Manning
Francesca Manrow
Emily Kate Marchand
Gina Marchand
Luisa Marchant
Diane Marchment
Maya Marek
Anne-Celine Marie
Rosie Marino
Ilana Marismari
Anne Markham
Lucy Marland
Anna Marlow
Jane Marmont
Suzanne Marr
Ann Marsh
Eva Marsh
Karen Marsh
Karen Marsh
Anna Marshall
Diane Marshall
Hannah Marshall
Indiana Marshall
Lauren Marshall
Montana Marshall
Vivi Marshall
Denisha Marshall-Brown
Debbie Marti
Abbey Martin
Ella Martin
Emily Martin
Farrah Martin
Janet Martin
Lushaii Martin
Poppy Martin
Scarlett Martin
Christina Maskell
Hollie Maskell
Charlotte Mason
Ellen Mason
Philippa Mason
Sylvia Mason
Issy Massey
Jessie Massey
Rosemary Massey
Eloise Massimo
Louise Massingham
Ruby Masson
Devon Mather
Lillian Matomola
Phoebe Matravers
Charlotte Matthews
Debra Matthews
Jasmine Matthews
Jill Matthews
Mei Matthews
Natasha Matthews
Olivia Matthews
Sian Matthews
Olivia Matthias
Aimee Mattingley
Lilian Matumola
Amelia Maugauber
Maura Maughan
Daisy Maugouber
Jennifer Maultby
Eleanor Maume
Clare Maurer
Emma Maurer
Lucy Maurer
Karina Maurice
Megan Mawer
Ellie Maxted
Charlotte Maxwell
Carolyn May
Jeanette May
Sally Mayes
Kirsty Mayhead
Rachel Mayhew
Beatrice Maynard
Mahalia Mayne
Saskia McAllister
Jessica McCabe
Steph McCall
Emily McCarthy
Lucy McCarthy
Amelia McCleave
Amelia McClune
Molly McConnon
Alice McCormack
Ellie McCormack
Freya McCormack
Megan McCormack
Nicola McCracken
Emily McDermott
Katy McDermott
Donna McDevitt
Grace McDonagh
Gemma McDonald
Katy-Ann McDonald
Kirstin McDonald
Olivia McDonald
Rasheeda McDonald
Susan McDonald
Eleanor McDonnell
Camilla McDowall
Keira McEwan
Jade McFarlane
Nicky McGarry
Valerie Ann McGee
Amy McGrath
Shania McGrath
Holly McGuigan
Emily McIlwain
Megan McInnes
Aisha McIntosh
Kara McIntosh
Fiona McKay
Zara McKee
Sophie McKenna
Milla McKenzie
Tallulah McKinlay
Siobhan McKinnon
Julie McKnight
Dorrett McKoy
Lois McLean
Lottie McLennan
Carole McLoughlin
Niamh McLoughlin
Susan McLoughlin
Izzy McManus
Jenny McManus
Lucy McManus
Rebecca McMullin
Diane McNamara
Mabel McNeill
Becky McNicholas
Lydia McNulty
Amy McQuitty
Catriona McSorley
Francesca Meade
Alex Mearns
Trevina Medley
Tamia Meggie-Graham
Tia Meghie
Julie Melham
Anita Mellowdew
Holly Memet
Melissa Mendez
Niobe Menendez
Makarius Mensah
Michaela Mensah
Olivia Mensah
Brenda Meredith
Charlotte Merrifield
Joanne Merry
Katherine Mertens
Joy Mgbezeh
Charlotte Middleditch
Amelia Middleton
Sonia Middleton
Anieshka Mido
Coralie Mido
Ann-Kathrin Mielke
Jowita Mieszkowska
Lena Mijic
Dalia Mikneviciute
Mary Milbank
Eloise Milbourn
Gaby Miles
Jenny Miles
Katya Millard
Saskia Millard
Amy Miller
Georgina Miller
Kara Miller
Katie Miller
Lauren Miller
Natalie Miller
Scarlett Miller
Shereese Miller
Finleigh Millington
Karen Millington
Ruth Millington
Emily Mills
Louise Mills
Anna Milner
Sophy Milton
Maisy Minikin
Linda Minnett
Georgia Minnsarow
Janice Minott
Amy Mitchell
Angela Mitchell
Carole Mitchell
Elaine Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell
Fleur Mitchell
Jasmine Mitchell
Jeina Mitchell
Poppy Mitchell
Serena Mitchell
Sian Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell
Stephanie Mitchell
Virginia Mitchell
Vivienne Mitchell
Sakura Miyamoto
Kathleen Moeller
Charis Mogan
Pippa Mole
Genevieve Moller-Butcher
Caroline Mollison
Imogen Molloy
Ellie Monday
Philippa Monk
Suzannah Monk
Eleanor Monks
Amelia Montagnani
Stephanie Montaque
Anya Montgomerie
Nazarene Montgomery
Kathleen Mooney
Lauren Mooney
Becky Moore
Ellie Moore
Jessica Moore
Julie Moore
Leanne Moore
Lesley Moore
Matilda Moore
Michelle Moore
Nicola Moore
Poppy Moore
Rachel Moore
Rebecca Moore
Sally Moore
Tey-Nay Moore
Ursula Moore
Teresa Moorman
Aaliyah Morgan
Alys Morgan
Annette Morgan
Bonnie Morgan
Elinor Morgan
Josephine Morgan
Kamila Morgan
Nicky Morgan
Mia Morgan-Jones
Emma Morley
Hebe Morley-Fletcher
Amy Morphy
Laila Morrell
Maia Morrell
Annette Morris
Ella Morris
Hannah Morris
Holly Morris
Katie Morris
Lowri Morris
Lucy Morris
Sophie Morris
Morgan Morrison
Noreen Morrison
Samantha Morrison
Susan Morse
Tyla Morson
Susan Morss
Annabel Morton
Louise Mould
Francesca Mowat
Rehema Mpoza
Rosie Muddle
Barbara Mueller
Amani Mukadam
Raissa Mukadam
Evelyn Mulindwa
Amy Mulley
Juney Mullings
Pauline Mullins
Sarah Mullis
Ciara Mulvihill
Evelyn Mulwinda
Olivia Munden
Carly Munn
Ella Munn
Hannah Munns
Jadie Munro
Samantha Munro
Catrin Murphy
Sarah-Jane Murphy
Heidi Murray
Jessica Murray
Karen Murray
Susanna Murray-Burton
Jasmine Murray-Laguda
Taiye Musa
Jasmin Musgrove
Phoebe Musgrove
Leah Musisi
Finity Myall
Peony Myall
Tamara Myall
Ruth Myburgh
Aisha Myton
Elisha Myton

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.