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Today's Date: 28 February 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Yasir Maafri
Masimba Mabika
Jonathan Macaree
Luke Macaree
Dylan MacDermott
Kevin MacDermot
Duncan MacDonald
Liam MacDonald
Samuel Mace
Harvey Macey
William MacGee
Jonathan Mackenzie
Rory MacKenzie
Adam Mackenzie-Parks
Alexander Mackie
Peter Mackie
Alex Mackintosh
Hugo Madden
Jack Madden
Sam Madden
Emeka Maddy
Orin Mafuta
Olusegun Magbagbeola
Neil Magee
Matthew Maginn
Adam Magni
Josh Maguire
Anthony Mah
Paul Mahoney
Paul Maidment
Paul Mainwaring
Seni Majekodunmi
Blake Major
Jack Major
John Roland Major
Stuart Major
Krishiv Malik
Omar Malik
Joe Mallet
Augustin Mallon
Francis Malone-Lee
Conor Maloney
Daniel Maloney
David Maloney
Peter Maloney
Loic Malroux
Matthew Mammana
Isaac Mammen
Reece Mander
Jasdip Mangat
Christopher Mangham
Robert Mangham
Lewis Mann
Luke Mann
Michael Mann
Toby Mann
Freddie Mannering
Dennis Manning
Elliott Manning
Geoffrey Manning
Harry Manning
Simon Manning
George Manolis
Michael Mantell
Luke Manzano
Nathan Mapperley
Michael Mapstone
Michael Maranzano
Leith Marar
Cathan Marcell
George Marchant
Harvey Marchant
Harry Marchbank
Jack Marchbank
Christopher Marchese
Rob Marcus
Forbes Margrave
Fario Marismari
Freysen Maritz
Thomas Markham
Montell Markland
Alexander Marks
Ben Marks
Peter Marks
Aaron Marlow
Tom Marlow
Adrian Marriott
Edan Marriott
Ray Marriott
Alex Marsch
David Marsden
Jon Marsden
Trevor Marsden
Courtney Marshall
James Marshall
Kiall Marshall
Martin Marshall
Myles Marshall
Nathanael Marshall
Nick Marshall
Dejean Marshall-Brown
Neil Marsland
Lewis Marti-Cornish
Andrew Martin
Ashton Martin
Christopher Martin
Conor Martin
Harry Martin
Lucas Martin
Nathan Martin
Ronald Martin
Samuel Martin
Thomas Martin
P A (Tony) Martin
William Martin
Harold Albert Martineau
Tom Martyn
Philip Mascoll
Adam Maskell (Sutt)
Adam Maskell (AFD)
Alex Mason
David Mason
Gavin Mason
Kai Mason
Michael Mason
Michael Mason
Mike Mason
Abdulhafiz Massaquoi
James Massiah
Luke Massiah
Joseph Massimo
Alistair Masson
Sam Masters
Samuele Matata
Michael Mather
Michael Mathew
Luke Mathews-Patience
Thomas Matthewman
Ian Christopher Matthews
Ornette Matthews
Philip Matthews
Tiarnan Matthews
Victor Charles Matthews
Shelton Mattison
Andrew Maud
Damani Mauge
Philip Mauge
Victor Maughn
Thomas Maume
Jordan Maurice
Jack Mawer
Ian Mawhinney
Ross Maxwell
Curtis May
Daniel May
Fraser May
John May (1930)
John May (1941)
Michael May
Oliver May
Alastair Mayes
John Mayes
Peter Mayfield
David Mayhew
Mike Maynard
Simon Maynard
Rory Mayo
Ike Mba
Chris McAlister
Fraser McAllister
Sean McAllister
Harvey McAndrew
Ronan McArdle
Robert McCaffrey
Jonathan McCallum
Henry McCann
Rory McCann
Ace McCarthy
Adam McCarthy
Andrew McCauley
Colin McCauley
Brogan McCawley
Rian McCawley
Mason McClounan
Harry McComb
Jamie McCullagh
Harry McCulloch
Ben McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel
Dylan McDermott
William McDevitt
Ed McDonagh
Callum McDonald
Henry McDonald
Joe McDonald
Keir McDonald
Michael McDonald
Richard McDonnell
James McDowall
Richard McDowell
Archie McEachran
Jovan McEachron
Martin McEvilly
Jevonni McFarlane
Joel McFarlane
John McFarlane
Romane McFarlane
Thomas McGachie
Peter McGhie
William McGinniss
Ian McGoay
Joseph McHugh
Gary McIlroy
Fraser McIntosh
Omego McIntosh
Robbie McIntyre
Ashton McKay
Callum McKay
Theo McKay
Michael McKenna
Alistair McKenzie
David McKenzie
Leon McKenzie
Gary McKernan
Gift McLaren
Benedict McLaren Porter
Lee McLaughlin
Reece McLawrence
Sean McLean
Stephen McLennan
Michael McManus
John McMillan
James McMullan
Dave McMullen
Peter McNamara
Kirk McNeely
Hamish McNicol
Vaughan McPherson
Jim McQuillan
Lawrence McSheen
John McSorley
Paul McTigue
Carl Meade
Alex Meaklim
Darren Meaklim
George Mears
James Measures
George Medd-Tacon
Benjamin Medder
Sam Medler
John Meech
Liam Meehan
Tom Meehan
Jake Meffian
Ryan Meghie
James Meiklejohn
Michael Mein
Adam Melia
Adam Meller
Toby Meller
Jack Mellor
Ollie Mellor
Chris Melluish
Barron Mendellsohn
Ben Menham
Calum Menham
Gregory Menkiti
Max Mercadal
Will Mercer
Dennis Merrett
Tom Michelmore
Jonathan Middleditch
Ray Middleton
Edwin Miles
Oscar Millard
Chad Miller
Gordon Albert Miller
Haroon Miller
Kwame Miller
Martin Miller
Michael Miller
Paul Miller
Rami Miller
Rechmial Miller
Zarron Miller
Jeremy Miller-Annor
Aaron Miller-Broderick
Kehron Milliner
Joadie Millott
Charlie Mills
Peter Mills
Robin Mills
Stevyn Mills
Alex Milne
Rod Milne
Andrew Milner
Anthony Milner
Peter Milner
Robert Milner
Mark Milsted
Giuseppe Minetti
Joshua Minihan
Chris Minn
Paul Mison
Hitesh Mistry
Anthony Mitchell
Brandon Mitchell
Cliff Mitchell
David Mitchell
Jonty Mitchell
Lee Thomas Mitchell
Roy Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell
Steve Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Tony Mitchell
Kyran Mitchell-Nanton
Morgan Mkambula
Draco Mkpa
Ben Moberg
Lee Moffatt
Alex Mogford
Abdu Mohamed
Abdu Mohammed
Adam Mohammed
Mohammed Mohammed
Rashid Mohammed
Mohamed Mohamud
Patrick Moilliet
Alex Moisley
Miles Molan
David Mole
James Mole
David Moles
Sahr Momah
Joseph Monday
Max Mondelli
Clive Mongan
Paul Mongan
Zakeel Monium
Jonathan Monk
Alex Montagnani
Edwin Herbert Montague
Luke Monteith
Maleek Montgomery
Harold Ernest Arundel Moody
Gregory Moon
Devon Mooney
Oliver Mooney
Adam Moore
Andrew Moore
Blake Moore
David Moore
Dennis Moore
Edward Moore
Ethan Moore
James Moore
Joe Moore
Justyn Moore
Keith Moore
Royan Moore
Simon Moore
Stephen Moore
Jaime Moore-Arthur
Eduardo Morais
Michael Morant
John Moreland
Sam Morey
Daniel Morgan
Fred Morgan
Harry Morgan
Ian Morgan
Lee Morgan
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan
Nicholas Morgan
Owen Morgan
Reece Morgan
Sammy Morgan
Philip Moriarty
Stephen Moriarty
Tom Morioka
Eric Morison
Christopher Morlese
Callum Morley
James Morley
Luke Morley
Scott Morley
Oliver Morley-Fletcher
Timothy Moro
James Moroney
Brandan Morrell
Oscar Morrell
Rudi Morrell
Charles James Morris
Charles Morris
D Morris
Richard Morris (1942)
Richard Morris
Robert Morris
David Morrish
Edward Morrison
Iain Morrison
Jack Morrison
Lewis Morrison
Norman Scott Morrison
Paul Mortimer
Joe Morwood
Ryan Moseley
Adrian Moses
Alister Moses
Oliver Moses
David Mote
Nicholas Mote
Peter Mould
David Moulton
Paul Moulton
Rayan Moumneh
Edgar Donald Mountain
Malachy Mouton-Manheim
Malachy Mouton-Manhem
Samuel Mowa
David Moyse
Simpe Mpofu
Tawanda Mukusha
John Muller
Luke Mulley
Tom Mulligan
Harry Muncaster
Leslie Mungeam
Lawrence Munro
George Munt
Ian Munt
Peter Munt
Rayan Muohumah
Robert Murkin
Conor Murphy
Jordan Murphy
Matthew Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray
Brandon Murray
Daniel Murray
Ethan Murray
Euan Murray
Keith Murray
Michael Murray
Stuart Murray
Anthony Muschette
Ben Musgrove
Jordan Musompa
Ediz Mustafa
Nesbert Musuwo
Ben Myburgh
Bruno Myszka-Reder
Clayton Mytil
Jonathan Mytton

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