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Today's Date: 26 February 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Sylvia Rabbetts
Jules Rabey
Megan Raby
Heilene Rademeyer
Siobhan Raggett
Maya Raghavan
Shani Rainford
Matilda Rainsborough
Gemma Rainsford
Fiodhna Raleigh
Anthea Ramos
Tejal Ramphul
Josie Rampley
Alix Ramsier
Arin Rance
Charlotte Randall
Tishy Rao
India Rapela
Jane Rapley
Bianca Rashid
Amy Ratcliffe
Sally Ratcliffe
Kate Raven
Sarah Rawlings
Sharla Rawlings
Janet Ray
Sabrine Razik
Emily Read
Gaby Read-Cayton
Sally Read-Cayton
Pauline Reavey
Tracey Reay
Polly Reckitt
Merle Redhead Ling
Natasha Reed
Erin Rees
Sophie Reeve
Emily Reeves
Gemma Regan
Joanne Regan
Alisha Reid
Bevis Reid
Elaine Reid
Tamara Reid
Francesca Reid Lloyd
Laura Reilly
Elona Reinalda
Molly Renfer
Rianna Rennie
Amie Reynolds
Destinie Reynolds
Emily Reynolds
Grace Reynolds
Katherine Reynolds
Nina Reynolds
Rhianna Reynolds
Sophie Reynolds
Rhoda Rheichelt
Ann Rhodes
Josephine Rhodes
Candee Rhule
Lesley Rice
Zoe Rice
Amelia Richards
Angharad Richards
Hannah Richards
Jessica Richards
Shona Richards
Vanessa Richards
Amy Richardson
Ellie Richardson
Jennifer Richardson
Liz Richardson
Lucy Richardson
Rebekah Riches
Livvy Ricketts
Nevaeh Ricketts
Olivia Ricketts
Judith Ricks
Clare Ridd
Tara Riddle
Abigail Riehl
Christianne Risman
Natasha Risman
Helen Ritson
Jessica Robert
Alexandra Roberts
Annette Roberts
Catriona Roberts
Elin Roberts
Hannah Roberts
Julie Roberts
Kathleen Roberts
Lily Roberts
Miriam Roberts
Wendy Roberts
Elizabeth-Mary Robertson
Helena Robey
Eloise Robini
Avril Robinson
Charlotte Robinson
Claire Robinson
Gabrielle Robinson
Jessica Robinson
Jordyn Robinson
Natalya Robinson
Rachel Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Victoria Robinson
Stephanie Robson
Kristen Roche
Jenny Rodaway
Chloe Roddy
Faye Rodgers
Elena Rodham-Cooke
Syntyche Rodrigues
Joanna Rodriguez
Sophia Rodzianko
Alexandra Roe (K&P)
Alexandra Roe (G&G)
Emily Roe
Pippa Roessler
Melissa Rogers
Amy Rollason
Frances Rooney
Lisa Rooney
Susan Rosbotham
Connie Rose
Jeanette Rose
Gabriella Roseje
Anissa Rosen
Amelia Rosenberg
Rebecca Rosenberg
Rosie Murphy
Bernadette Ross
Bryony Ross
Samantha Ross
Kimberly Rothman
Anna Roughton
Joanna Rout
Eleanor Rowe
Jennifer Rowe
Katie Rowe
Katy Rowe
Joanna Rowland
Katie Rowland
Kay Rowland
Loulou Rowlands
Rochelle Roye
Chloe Royle
Amber Ruddle
Sophie Rumble
Emily Runton
Lana Rush
Leah Rushforth
Sarah Rusling
Alexandra Rusman
Cara Russell
Chyna Russell
Emily Russell
Evelina Russell
Georgia Russell
Poppy Russell
Aoife Russell Moore
Aoife Russell-Moore
Zara Rustan
Katie Ruston
Ishbel Rutherford
Haylene Ryan

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.