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Today's Date: 24 September 2020

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Ros Tabor
Jessica Tabraham
Amy Talbot
Charlotte Tame
Sarah Taplin
Jenna Tarrant
Georgina Tatton
Brooke Taylor
Catherine Taylor
Ellie Taylor
Freya Taylor
Georgia Taylor
Hetty Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Laura Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Lucy Taylor
Lynn Taylor
Maddison Taylor
Rose Taylor
Sorcha Taylor
Zoe Taylor
Morgan Taylor Wells
Erin Taylor-Benson
Gabriella Tcheukam
Wendy Teahan
Kerry Teamey
Leah Teibowei
Annabel Telfer
Debra Telford
Alexandra Telling
Yasmin Tennyson
Kathleen Terrett
Amy Terriere
Emma Terriere
Sandra Tetteh
Sasina Thaiwatana
Iona Theobald
Valerie Theobalds
Ramona Thevenet
Celia Thixton
Gabriella Thoburn
Alice Thomas
Angela Thomas
Anna Thomas (Dul)
Anna Thomas (Camb)
Bernice Thomas
Catherine Thomas
Claire Thomas
Eleanor Thomas
Hannah-Rose Thomas
Harley Thomas
Jahisha Thomas
Lauren Thomas
Lisa Thomas
Louise Thomas
Mariane Thomas
Natalie Thomas
Shirley Thomas
Stella Thomas
Christine Thompson
Clara Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson
Emily Thompson
Hannah Thompson (1991)
Hannah Thompson (1993)
Hollie Thompson
Janet Thompson
Katharine Thompson
Laura Thompson
Layla Thompson
Lisa Thompson
Mae Thompson
Niamh Thompson
Olivia Thompson
Pauline Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Vilma Thompson
Zoe Thompson
Charlotte Thomson
Heidi Thomson
Stephanie Thomson (nee Oram)
Yasmine Thomson
Zara Thorn
Gail Thornhill
Annabelle Thornton
Charlotte Thornton-Smith
Amelia Thorpe (Walton)
Millie Thorpe (HW)
Sophie Thorpe
Louise Threadgold
Tennessee Thresher
Camilla Thrush
Shelley Thurburn
Kathleen Margaret Tiffen
Chloe Tighe
Kathleen Stella Tilley
Ellen Tilney
Pippa Tilney
Christine Timms
Kate Timothy
Amanda Tingay
India Toasland
Johanna Tofte
Christine Tokley
Helen Tolcher
Julia Tomczak
Maddie Tomkins
Jane Tomley
Isabel Tomlin
Jessica Tomlinson
Val Tomlinson
Amelia Tompkins
Grace Tompkins
Hannah Tompkins
Zoe Tompkins
Eileen Toomer
Laura Toth
Karen Towersey
Janette Towl
Naomi Townend
Imogen Townly
Adelle Tracey
Leila Treacher
Grace Tribe
Susan Trickett
Elanor Trigg
Amy Trimble
Gemma Trinder
Shirley Trolley
Valentina Trombino
Joanna Trotman
Joanne Truan
Maria Tsaoussis
Talia Tsela
Saffron Tuck
Mary Tulloch
Lucy Tunnacliffe
Alessia Turner
Amie Turner
Casey Turner
Chloe Turner
Francesca Turner
Helen Turner
Kelly Turner
Elena Tuson
Lorna Twyford
Dorothy Tyler (nee Odam)
Lorraine Tyler
Antigone Tymens

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.