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Today's Date: 11 December 2018

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Senior Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Yards (Standard: 10.30 )
 9.73Mel CheskinHercules ACLincoln NE, USA2 May
 9.91Tony TymmsSurrey ACBrighton2 May
 10.0Ollie BaggottSurrey ACEltham20 May
 10.01Kamor Agbo-OlaHerne Hill HMotspur Pk30 May
 10.01Arthur GibbonsCambridge HGlasgow12 Aug
100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
10.73Mel CheskinHercules ACWhite City4 Jul 
10.9DTony TymmsSurrey ACBrussels, BEL21 Jun 
 220 Yards (Standard: 23.10 )
 21.31Mel CheskinHercules ACBoulder CO, USA25 Apr
 22.01Francis HollandSurrey ACWelwyn Garden City4 Jul
 22.0w1Martin Winbolt Lewis (U20)Marlborough ColHurlingham12 Aug
 22.31Martin Winbolt Lewis (U20)Marlborough ColMarlborough11 Jul
 22.3Tony TymmsSurrey ACSouthall22 Aug
 22.3w/+2.91Michael HillunattachedMotspur Park6 May
 22.43Roger BruckShaftesburyHRuislip23 May
 22.82Ollie BaggottSurrey ACMotspur Pk30 May
 23.03Barry WickhamDeptford Pk Motspur Pk30 May
400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
49.65Terry KeenHercules ACWoodford23 May 
 440 Yards (Standard: 51.40 )
 47.91Mel CheskinHercules ACBoulder CO, USA25 Apr
 48.21Bob SettiHerne Hill HMotspur Pk30 May
 48.71Mike FleetCroydon HCroydon23 Aug
 48.81Robin WoodlandHercules ACMotspur Park6 May
 49.22Ollie BaggottSurrey ACMotspur Pk30 May
 49.23Arthur GibbonsCambridge HIlford27 Jun
 49.21Martin Winbolt Lewis (U20)Marlborough ColMarlborough4 Jul
 49.42Raymond EveMitcham ACHurlingham18 Jul
 49.61Roger DollimoreSouth LondonCambridge27 Feb
 50.03David CocksBelgrave HSouthampton4 Jul
 50.23J A AvisDeptford Pk Motspur Pk30 May
 50.44A JohnsonDeptford Pk Motspur Pk30 May
 50.65D J SpraggSurrey ACMotspur Pk30 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:48.01Tony HarrisMitcham ACHurlingham5 Sep 
1:52.89Ian WheelerHerne Hill HWhite City3 Aug 
 880 Yards (Standard: 2:00.70 )
 1:48.51Tony Harris Mitcham ACWimbledon Pk5 Aug
 1:49.61David CocksBelgrave HMotspur Park30 May
 1:49.72Mike Fleet Croydon HMotspur Pk30 May
 1:50.61Roger Dollimore South LondonCambridge30 Apr
 1:51.43Terry Keen Hercules ACMotspur Pk30 May
 1:52.64Daniel Wiseman Belgrave HMotspur Pk30 May
 1:52.75Alastair Sell Guildford&GMotspur Pk30 May
 1:53.04Bob SettiHerne Hill HCardiff25 Jul
 1:53.23Martin WalesDeptford Pk Motspur Park22 Jul
 1:53.53Tony Milner Walton ACWimbledon Park18 Jul
 1:53.66Roy Davis Deptford Pk Motspur Pk30 May
 1:53.72David Prior Met. PoliceSouthampton4 Jul
 1:53.73John Thresher Belgrave HSouthampton4 Jul
 1:53.97Paul EllisPolytechnicHMotspur Park30 May
 1:54.48John RathboneSurrey BeaglesMotspur Park30 May
 1:54.41Mick Gowan Herne Hill HWimbledon Park1 Jul
 1:54.41Michael Beevor (U20)Hercules ACHurlingham4 Jul
 1:54.62Fred Green (U20)London ACHurlingham4 Jul
 1:54.72Geoff Biscoe Mitcham ACMotspur Park6 May
 1:54.9Kelvin Bromley Walton AC18 Jul
 1:55.0Fred Stebbings Croydon H13 Jul
 1:55.2A Clark Epsom & Ewell23 May
 1:55.5David WhiteHerne Hill H13 Jun
 1:55.9Maurice Joyce Surrey AC18 Jul
 1:56.0M Dickerson Herne Hill H3 Aug
 1:56.0Bob Harvey Croydon H12 Aug
 1:56.1P Wales Croydon H6 Jun
 1:56.4P Hilliar Belgrave H26 May
 1:56.5Keith Hazeltine Surrey AC12 Sep
 1:56.6M McCarthy Walton AC31 May
 1:56.6Bob Roath Walton AC3 Jun
 1:56.6Alan Codd South London29 Jul
 1:56.7J Matthews Guildford&G
 1:56.8R Graham (U20)Sutton&Cheam30 May
 1:57.0Colin Church (U17)Walton AC
 1:57.0Peter Milner Walton AC8 Aug
 1:57.2J Moore Herne Hill H27 May
 1:57.3R O'Mahoney South London13 Jun
 1:57.4M Hindle Epsom & Ewell13 May
 1:57.7Roy Sandford (U20)Wandsworth S
 1:57.8John Greatrex (U17)South London25 Jul
 1:58.0B Williams Guildford&G
 1:58.1C Blackmore Herne Hill H27 Jun
 1:58.5C Ingram Guildford&G
 1:58.6Mike Kortenray Wimbledon AC15 Aug
 1:58.7Kenneth Davenport (U20)Croydon H30 May
 1:58.7D Barham Surrey AC22 Jul
 1:59.0A Pegley South London25 Apr
 1:59.0Stan Allen Herne Hill H4 May
 1:59.2K Kirby Epsom & Ewell4 Jul
 1:59.2R Crofts (U17)Guildford&G5 Sep
 1:59.3Eric Bradbrook (U17)Guildford&G
 1:59.6Christopher Whitty (U20)Farnham AC30 May
 2:00.0S Skelton South London1 Jul
1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
3:46.11Tony HarrisMitcham ACTurku. FIN29 Jul 
3:47.37John ThresherBelgrave HCrystal Palace1 Aug 
3:53.65Martin WalesDeptford Pk Leyton6 May 
 1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
 4:01.02Tony HarrisMitcham ACMotspur Park22 Jul
 4:02.15John Thresher Belgrave HMotspur Park22 Jul
 4:02.7u7Ian WheelerHerne Hill HMotspur Park22 Jul
 4:02.8u8Mick GowanHerne Hill HMotspur Park22 Jul
 4:05.79Tony MilnerWalton ACMotspur Park22 Jul
 4:07.83Keith HazeltineSurrey ACMotspur Pk30 May
 4:07.84Martin WalesDeptford Pk White City20 Jun
 4:09.01Andy AvilaSouth LondonIlford27 Jun
 4:09.24Fred Stebbings Croydon HMotspur Park30 May
 4:10.15Mick GowanHerne Hill HWhite City, London18 May
 4:10.93hGeoff Biscoe Mitcham ACMotspur Pk28 May
 4:11.21David CocksBelgrave HBattersea Park24 Jun
 4:12.24hBob HoltHercules ACMotspur Park28 May
 4:12.23Robert O'MahoneySouth LondonHurlingham5 Sep
 4:12.32hDavid PriorMet PoliceACWhite City19 Jun
 4:12.73hPeter MilnerWalton ACWhite City19 Jun
 4:15.81Dave HoltHercules ACMotspur Park6 May
3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
8:25.61Tony HarrisMitcham ACTooting Bec23 Sep 
8:26.62Bob HoltHercules ACTooting Bec23 Sep 
8:28.83Dave HoltHercules ACTooting Bec23 Sep 
 2 Miles (Standard: 9:35.00 )
 8:48.61Mick GowanHerne Hill HTooting Bec13 Jul
 8:54.21Andy AvilaSouth LondonBattersea Park24 Jun
 8:57.48John ThresherBelgrave HWhite City29 Aug
 8:59.02Pat BarberSouth LondonBattersea Park24 Jun
 9:02.0Bob RoathWalton ACMotspur Park25 May
 9:02.21Laurie ReedSouth LondonWhite City20 Jun
 9:04.010Keith HazeltineSurrey ACWhite City29 Aug
 9:06.21Tony HarrisMitcham ACTooting Bec24 Jun
 9:07.82Bob HoltHercules ACTwickenham3 Jun
 9:08.85Roger RobinsonGuildford&GFarnham22 Jun
 9:09.81Steve Badgery (U20)Mitcham ACWimbledon Park10 Jun
3 Miles (Standard: 14:45.00 )
13:48.0u11Pat Barber South LondonWhite City20 Jun 
13:48.21David Harvey Mitcham ACMotspur Pk30 May 
13:48.61Mick Gowan HerculesWimbWimbledon Park18 Jul 
13:59.0Tony Milner Walton AC28 Jul 
14:03.01Laurie Reed South LondonRedhill6 Jun 
14:05.011John Thresher Belgrave HWhite City16 May 
14:07.01Andy AvilaSouth LondonTooting Bec16 Sep 
14:07.62Bob O'MahoneySouth LondonTooting Bec16 Sep 
14:09.0Chris Strange Walton AC28 Jul 
14:13.6John Roberts Soton&East6 Jun 
14:14.4Bob Roath Walton AC 
14:17.2Barry Collins Surrey AC30 May 
14:19.0Peter Milner Walton AC28 Jul 
14:21.4Edward WattSurrey AC30 May 
14:21.45A J BurnsWalton ACMotspur Pk30 May 
14:25.0Roger Robinson Guildford&G26 May 
14:25.4Tony FaircloughBelgrave H20 Jul 
14:27.8Ted Caiger Hercules AC30 May 
14:28.4R Lovegrove Wimbledon AC5 Jul 
14:30.0M Hindle Epsom & Ewell13 Jun 
14:31.0Fred Stebbings Croydon H6 Jun 
14:31.4Charlie DabbsBelgrave H30 May 
14:32.2Mike Kortenray (U20)Wimbledon AC29 Apr 
14:34.0A Baker Walton AC28 Jul 
14:35.0Bob Gevers South London13 Jun 
14:38.2C Harvey South London26 May 
 6 Miles (Standard: 32:00.00 )
 28:50.84Pat Barber South LondonMotspur Park24 Apr
 29:14.41Andy AvilaSouth LondonTooting Bec28 Sep
 29:18.27Bob Roath Walton ACMotspur Park25 Apr
 29:31.010John Roberts South LondonMotspur Park25 Apr
 29:34.0A Baker Walton AC12 Aug
 29:39.0Tony Milner Walton AC12 Aug
 29:44.82Roger Robinson Guildford&GGuildford29 Jul
 29:45.41Barry Collins Surrey ACWimbledon Park9 May
 29:56.42Bob HoltHercules ACWimbledon9 May
 29:56.81Charlie DabbsBelgrave HMotspur Park16 Jun
 29:59.43Dave HoltHercules ACWimbledon9 May
 30:11.01Tony FaircloughBelgrave HBattersea Park4 May
 30:18.04Ted CaigerHercules ACWimbledon9 May
 30:47.0Fred Stebbings Croydon H16 Sep
 31:00.25R LovegroveWimbledon ACWimbledon10 May
 31:02.66Tony TunksRedhill&ReigWimbledon10 May
 31:12.07S C WarzeeGuildford&GWimbledon10 May
 31:14.0John Page Croydon H16 Sep
 31:17.08D R RobinsonGuildford&GWimbledon10 May
 31:29.0M Laker South London28 Sep
 31:35.0Jim Derham Herne Hill H17 Jul
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
9:05.62Fred Stebbings Croydon HMotspur Park20 May 
9:16.01Barry CollinsSurrey ACReading3 Aug 
9:21.46Pete DugganHercules ACWhite City20 Jun 
9:24.62Alan BlackBelgrave HWoodford23 May 
9:33.013Ferdie Gilson South LondonWhite City20 Jun 
9:38.41Tony MilnerWalton ACPortsmouth9 May 
9:41.4Stan Allen Herne Hill HWimbledon Pk18 Jul 
9:41.81Ronald SymonsHercules ACMotspur Park6 May 
9:51.03John PageCroydon HMotspur Park6 May 
 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00 )
 15.5DTony TymmsSurrey ACBrussels, BEL21 Jun
120yds Hurdles (3ft 6in) (Standard: 16.00 )
14.2/+1.92Laurie TaittHerne Hill HWhite City, London11 Jul 
14.71George TymmsSurrey ACNorbiton28 Jul 
15.33Geoff ManningDorkingStPMotspur Park22 Jul 
15.4hRobin WoodlandHercules ACWimbledon Park18 Jul 
15.6Jeff Fenge (U20)South London 
 220 Yards Hurdles (2ft 6in) (Standard: 27.00 )
 24.51George TymmsSurrey ACChiswick25 Jul
 25.44Ian MorganWoking ACCambridge13 May
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
56.41hJohn HowellHerne Hill HWoodford23 May 
 440yds Hurdles (3ft 0in) (Standard: 58.30 )
 52.93Robin WoodlandHercules ACWhite City16 May
 54.42Ollie BaggottSurrey ACWhite City10 Jul
 54.91George TymmsSurrey ACMotspur Park22 Jul
 55.22Ian MorganWoking ACMotspur Pk30 May
 55.84Maurice JoyceSurrey ACMotspur Pk30 May
 55.93Charlie GillettBelgrave HWhite City9 May
 56.55Peter PepeBelgrave HChiswick25 Jul
High Jump (Standard: 1.90m )
6ft 10in (2.08m)1Gordon Miller South LondonWhite City18 May 
6ft 5in (1.95m)1Richard MorrisWalton ACSandhurst25 Jul 
6ft 2in (1.87m)1Peter GatesEpsom & EwellEwell14 Jul 
6ft 1in (1.85m)1Tony TymmsSurrey ACDrayton Green15 Aug 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 3.70m )
 13ft 6¼in (4.12m)2Peter LyonsArmyGhent, BEL6 Jun
 13ft 0in (3.96m)1Jeff Fenge (U20)South LondonCrystal Palace8 Aug
 12ft 0in (3.65m)1Tony TymmsSurrey ACNorbiton18 Apr
 11ft 9in (3.58m)2John WebsterHercules ACMotspur Park22 Jul
 11ft 6in (3.50m)1George TymmsSurrey ACBrighton2 May
 11ft 4¼in (3.46m)DBrian KettleHerne Hill HWimbledon Park10 May
 11ft 4¼in (3.46m)DBob WarrenHerne Hill HWimbledon Park10 May
Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m )
24ft 11¼in (7.60m)1Peter ReedHercules ACMotspur Pk30 May 
24ft 5½in (7.45m)4Lawrence CroxsonHerne Hill HWhite City11 Jul 
24ft 5in (7.44m)2Peter ReedHercules ACCambridge13 May 
24ft 3½in (7.40m)*Lawrence CroxsonHerne Hill HWhite City, London11 Jul 
23ft 6in (7.16m)7John HowellHerne Hill HWhite City11 Jul 
22ft 9in (6.93m)1Arthur GibbonsCambridge HBattersea Park21 Mar 
6.90DTony TymmsSurrey ACBrussels, BEL20 Jun 
22ft 2½in (6.76m)5Ken WilmshurstWalton ACMotspur Pk30 May 
21ft 8½in (6.61m)6Frederick GillmoreHercules ACMotspur Pk30 May 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 13.00m )
 46ft 11in (14.30m)2Kevin KellyHerne Hill HLoughborough18 Apr
 46ft 3¾in (14.11m)3Ken WilmshurstWalton ACLoughborough18 Apr
 45ft 6¾in (13.88m)1Ken WilmshurstWalton ACSouthampton4 Jul
 45ft 6in (13.86m)3Kevin KellyHerne Hill HChiswick25 Jul
 44ft 4¼in (13.51m)2Norman RiceLoughboro CLoughborough10 Jun
 44ft 0in (13.41m)3John HowellHerne Hill HHurlingham5 Sep
Shot Putt (7.26kg) (Standard: 13.00m )
49ft 2¼in (14.99m)1Gerald DavisLondon ACWimbledon Park24 Jun 
47ft 7½in (14.51m)1Nick MorganCroydon HWest Ewell13 May 
47ft 6¾in (14.49m)3Nigel KitchenWimbledon ACHurlingham11 Apr 
44ft 11½in (13.70m)Adam ChromniakGuildford&G 
44ft 0in (13.41m)Chris Cogswell (U20)Surrey ACHurlingham12 Aug 
43ft 9¼in (13.34m)DDavid Travis (U20)Surrey ACWimbledon9 May 
43ft 7in (13.28m)5Otto Feldmanis (M35)Mitcham ACHurlingham5 Sep 
43ft 5¾in (13.25m)4Harry CoxDorkingStPMotspur Pk30 May 
42ft 9½in (13.04m)6Roger HarveyWimbledon ACMotspur Pk30 May 
 Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m )
 153ft 3½in (46.72m)1Otto Feldmanis (M35)Mitcham ACImber Court8 Aug
 147ft 10½in (45.07m)1Gerald DavisLondon ACImber Court9 May
 147ft 8½in (45.02m)3Nigel KitchenWimbledon ACRuislip20 Sep
 142ft 9½in (43.52m)Adam ChromniakGuildford&G
 139ft 5½in (42.50m)3Jack Brewer (M40)O RutlishianMotspur Pk30 May
 131ft 3in (40.00m)4Brian KettleHerne Hill H
Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 40.00m )
167ft 7in (51.07m)1Alan HughesArmyLeyton12 Jul 
157ft 4in (47.95m)5David Brands (M40)Wimbledon ACHurlingham11 Apr 
156ft 8½in (47.76m)3Chris MelluishMitcham ACOxford23 May 
148ft 7in (45.28m)1Doug BirchCroydon HCroydon19 Aug 
147ft 1in (44.83m)2Roger FlorenceSurrey BeaglesCroydon19 Aug 
143ft 10in (43.84m)Bill TreharneSurrey ACWoodford13 Sep 
132ft 1in (40.25m)3John WebsterHercules ACHurlingham18 Jul 
 Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)
 231ft 11in (70.68m)1David Travis (U20)Surrey ACWimbledon Park5 Sep
 208ft 11in (63.67m)2Brian O'NeillEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk30 May
 192ft 3in (58.59m)5Brian KettleHerne Hill HChiswick25 Jul
 189ft 5in (57.73m)2Brian Fuller (U20)Epsom & EwellWimbledon Park5 Sep
 186ft 10½in (56.95m)3Roger HarveyWimbledon ACMotspur Pk30 May
 184ft 11½in (56.37m)1John WebsterHercules ACHurlingham18 Jul
 173ft 2½in (52.79m)5Neil ReidPolytechnicHMotspur Pk30 May
 169ft 4½in (51.62m)6M G DingleLeatherheadAMotspur Pk30 May
 43.66dBob WarrenHerne Hill HWimbledon10 May
 41.52dTony TymmsSurrey ACWimbledon10 May
 41.37dR A WalkerSouth LondonWimbledon10 May
 39.52dDon WebbCroydon HWimbledon10 May
 36.64dAlexander LattimerHerne Hill HWimbledon10 May
 35.61dD R MoffattWoking ACWimbledon10 May
 34.71dJohn DraperRedhill&ReigWimbledon10 May
Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts )
6575pts4Tony TymmsSurrey ACBrussels, BEL21 Jun 
6309pts6Dave Travis (U20)Surrey ACLoughborough8 Aug 
6227pts2Brian KettleHerne Hill HWimbledon Park10 May 
5425pts6Bob WarrenHerne Hill HWimbledon Park10 May 

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