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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 11.31h1Donovan ReidHerculesWimbMotspur Pk12 May
 11.61h2G RodbardSutton&CheamMotspur Pk12 May
 11.62D PercivalEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk12 May
 11.93h2Patrick LyttleBelgrave HMotspur Pk12 May
 11.92h2Leroy HaughtonHerne Hill HMotspur Pk12 May
 12.34h2A RomainSir W St JMotspur Pk12 May
 12.35h2J MalcolmHerculesWimbMotspur Pk12 May
 12.36h2A TrevettRedhill&ReigMotspur Pk12 May
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
22.2w1h2Donovan ReidHerculesWimbNottingham 
22.91BM HenryHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep 
23.32D PercivalEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk12 May 
23.63M BrockingtonBelgrave HMotspur Pk12 May 
23.74G RodbardSutton&CheamMotspur Pk12 May 
23.95J ChappleSt Josephs CMotspur Pk12 May 
23.96R BehardienHerne Hill HMotspur Pk12 May 
24.74h1Patrick LyttleBelgrave HMotspur Pk12 May 
24.95h1A TrevettRedhill&ReigMotspur Pk12 May 
24.94h2S J WardHerculesWimbMotspur Pk12 May 
25.15h2C SamuelsSouth LondonMotspur Pk12 May 
25.4pLeroy HaughtonHerne Hill HMotspur Pk28 Apr 
25.7pP DavidHerculesWimbMotspur Pk28 Apr 
25.8pM StephensonSt Josephs CMotspur Pk28 Apr 
25.86h1S DoubellSutton&CheamMotspur Pk12 May 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 50.22AOwen ParkerHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep
 51.11John GladwinBelgrave HMotspur Pk29 Apr
 52.92J W MillwardCamberley&DistMotspur Pk29 Apr
 53.23D PercivalEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk29 Apr
 53.44Paul HarmsworthWallingtonGSMotspur Pk29 Apr
 54.05N BarkerDorkingStPMotspur Pk29 Apr
 55.41h4I N HoweEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk28 Apr
 55.82h3P SilvesterSurrey BglsMotspur Pk28 Apr
 56.43h4B CleatorSutton&CheamMotspur Pk28 Apr
 56.73h3M BondHerne Hill HMotspur Pk28 Apr
 56.72h1D ShawHerne Hill HMotspur Pk28 Apr
 57.03h2Barnaby BrennanSutton&CheamMotspur Pk28 Apr
 57.53h1S J WardHerculesWimbMotspur Pk28 Apr
 57.74h1Stephen ChildMitcham ACMotspur Pk28 Apr
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:54.34John GladwinBelgrave HCrystal Palace16 Sep 
1:58.31Stuart PatonCollingwood Crystal Palace12 Sep 
1:59.01AK McIntoshHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep 
2:03.32M WaldonWhitgift SchMotspur Pk12 May 
2:04.33M WallerSir W St JMotspur Pk12 May 
2:05.64Barnaby BrennanSutton&CheamMotspur Pk12 May 
2:06.82h3Kevin SturmanSutton&CheamMotspur Pk11 May 
2:06.85G WoodgerSutton&CheamMotspur Pk12 May 
2:07.03h2R A HeadBlackheath HMotspur Pk11 May 
2:07.76S BrownBeverley SchMotspur Pk12 May 
2:08.03h3D E FlackAldershotF&DMotspur Pk11 May 
2:09.14h3S ShanksSurrey ACMotspur Pk11 May 
2:09.34h2H AppleyardSurrey BglsMotspur Pk11 May 
2:09.34h1Stephen ChildMitcham ACMotspur Pk11 May 
2:09.45h1J W MillwardCamberley&DistMotspur Pk11 May 
2:10.45h2A SaulSutton&CheamMotspur Pk11 May 
2:11.75h3E MulcairHerne Hill HMotspur Pk11 May 
2:11.96h1J R QuinnWoking ACMotspur Pk11 May 
2:12.16h2C StricklandEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk11 May 
2:12.37h2G BoatrightEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk11 May 
2:14.96h3N TaylorAldershotF&DMotspur Pk11 May 
2:16.67h3M BondHerne Hill HMotspur Pk11 May 
2:17.18h3S HubnerEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk11 May 
2:17.19h3R BurtonGlebelands SMotspur Pk11 May 
2:17.77h1Neil JohannessenCroydon HMotspur Pk11 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 4:03.4A4N HoughtonCrystal Palace17 Jun
 4:04.9B1Kevin SturmanSutton&CheamCrystal Palace17 Jun
 4:12.71Andrew WickensSutton&CheamMotspur Park12 May
 4:13.71h3M WaldonWhitgift SchMotspur Park8 May
 4:14.02M WallerSir W St JohnMotspur Park12 May
 4:15.03N MunroEpsom CollegeMotspur Park12 May
 4:17.54R PembertonHerne Hill HMotspur Park12 May
 4:18.85M A JonesKCSWimbledonMotspur Park12 May
 4:19.71h1C DeeringWoking ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:20.86J R ThompsonBracknell ACMotspur Park12 May
 4:22.53h3A GreeneBeverley SchMotspur Park8 May
 4:23.71h4Stuart PatonCollingwoodMotspur Park8 May
 4:25.38Andrew LeylandSurrey BeaglesMotspur Park12 May
 4:26.62h4G WoodgerSutton&CheamMotspur Park8 May
 4:27.73h1Stephen ChildMitcham ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:28.74h1J R QuinnWoking ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:28.85h1S CoxHerculesWimbMotspur Park8 May
 4:31.65h2G A SextonBelgrave HMotspur Park8 May
 4:32.06h2M SillitoeMitcham ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:33.39C DeeringWoking ACMotspur Park12 May
 4:33.66h1C StricklandEpsom & EwellMotspur Park8 May
 4:35.74h3A KerridgeSutton&CheamMotspur Park8 May
 4:36.27h1E ScholfieldWalton ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:36.44h4P BaileySutton&CheamMotspur Park8 May
 4:40.05h3P TimblickSouth LondonMotspur Park8 May
 4:40.77h2J AppsEpsom & EwellMotspur Park8 May
 4:41.38h1J StaffordSt Josephs CollMotspur Park8 May
 4:44.45h4A HarrisGarth SchoolMotspur Park8 May
 4:46.46h4J GatesSouth LondonMotspur Park8 May
 4:46.86h3M LeeWhitgift SchMotspur Park8 May
 4:46.89h2D HaydonMitcham ACMotspur Park8 May
 4:46.88h2F GerrandKCS WimbledonMotspur Park8 May
 4:49.27h4M WarrenEpsom CollegeMotspur Park8 May
 4:50.09h1P MillwardSutton&CheamMotspur Park8 May
 4:51.47h3M SummersbyHerculesWimbMotspur Park8 May
 4:51.98h3G MorganHerculesWimbMotspur Park8 May
 4:52.48h4A HortonBelgrave HMotspur Park8 May
 4:53.89h4N PotterEpsom & EwellMotspur Park8 May
3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
8:33.86BKevin SturmanSutton&CheamCrystal Palace11 Jul 
8:54.65Stuart PatonCollingwoodCrystal Palace18 Aug 
9:04.0A4David NorthSir W St JohnCrystal Palace17 Jun 
9:12.41Andrew WickensSutton&CheamMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:25.64M A JonesKCS WimbledonMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:26.45Andrew LeylandSurrey BeaglesMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:28.66Ken PenneyCroydon HMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:39.48N MunroEpsom CollegeMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:43.09M SillitoeMitcham ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:44.010A ScholfieldWallington GSMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:46.011Barnaby BrennanSutton&CheamMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:55.012E MulcairHerne Hill HMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:56.013J R ThompsonBracknell ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:58.014G A SextonBelgrave HMotspur Park29 Apr 
9:59.015C BronEpsom & EwellMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:01.016P PurchaseHerculesWimbMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:01.017C StricklandEpsom & EwellMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:05.018S CoxHerculesWimbMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:10.019A P GayHerculesWimbMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:12.020P MoyseySurrey ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:16.021Stephen ChildMitcham ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:18.022R PembertonHerne Hill HMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:23.023G LyndonMitcham ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:26.024P MillwardSutton&CheamMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:31.025D HaydonMitcham ACMotspur Park29 Apr 
10:40.026P ButcherEpsom & EwellMotspur Park29 Apr 
 1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
 4:27.42AR PembertonHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep
 4:45.92Stuart PatonCollingwoodMotspur Pk28 Apr
 4:47.63D MarshallTwickenhamACMotspur Pk28 Apr
 4:47.64P LambertEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk28 Apr
 4:59.85A P GayHerculesWimbMotspur Pk28 Apr
 5:04.56J AppsEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk28 Apr
 5:05.37S BrownBeverley SchMotspur Pk28 Apr
 5:06.98P PurchaseHerculesWimbMotspur Pk28 Apr
 5:07.99P MoyseySurrey ACMotspur Pk28 Apr
 5:08.210P BaileySutton&CheamMotspur Pk28 Apr
100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
14.14AH RickettsHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep 
14.91M RichardsonHerculesWimbMotspur Park12 May 
15.22D BamberEpsom CollegeMotspur Park12 May 
15.33Billy DaveySurrey ACMotspur Park12 May 
15.74Warren CaswellEpsom & EwellMotspur Park12 May 
16.12h2D WembornEpsomCollegeMotspur Park12 May 
16.14h1F WibberleyBeverley SchMotspur Park12 May 
16.1B5F DolanCrystal Palace17 Jun 
16.25A McLeodBeverley SchMotspur Park12 May 
16.94h2H TangEpsom CollegeMotspur Park12 May 
16.95h2J PooleSt Josephs CollMotspur Park12 May 
 400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
 59.16ALeroy HaughtonHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep
High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
2.15Ousman ChamHerne Hill HCrystal Palace14 Jul 
1.903ALeroy HaughtonHerne Hill HCrystal Palace9 Sep 
1.85pParaskevas DavidHerculesWimbMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.851D HallHerculesWimbMotspur Park11 May 
1.752M RichardsonHerculesWimbMotspur Park11 May 
1.70pM StephensonSt Josephs CollMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.70PA RawsonBeverley SchMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.654F EvansSutton&CheamMotspur Park11 May 
1.656P FenwickEpsom & EwellMotspur Park11 May 
1.654A DarkHerculesWimbMotspur Park11 May 
1.608S P BestWoking ACMotspur Park11 May 
1.607S BrownBeverley SchMotspur Park11 May 
1.55PC StricklandEpsom & EwellMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.55PW ShiellEpsom & EwellMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.559D TaylorSir W St JohnMotspur Park11 May 
1.50pC HodgeWalton ACMotspur Park28 Apr 
1.50pR HalletHerculesWimbMotspur Park28 Apr 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 4.40Phil Lovell Surrey Beagles
 4.30A2Richard HooperWoking ACCrystal Palace17 Jun
 4.25Billy Davey Surrey AC
 4.22John AndrewsEpsom & EwellCleckheaton27 Jul
 3.851Richard GammageWoking ACCrystal Palace15 Aug
 3.507Olivier BallWhitgift SchCrystal Palace11 Jul
 2.805P LuxtonCollingwoodMotspur Park28 Apr
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
6.41A3A RawsonBeverley SchCrystal Palace17 Jun 
5.99pM StephensonSt Josephs CollMotspur Park28 Apr 
5.812M SpenceSurrey BeaglesMotspur Park8 May 
5.793W ShiellEpsom & EwellMotspur Park8 May 
5.78pP DavidHerculesWimbMotspur Park28 Apr 
5.754P SeymourHerculesWimbMotspur Park8 May 
5.745Leroy HaughtonHerne Hill HMotspur Park8 May 
5.536D BergerKCS WimbledonMotspur Park8 May 
5.507G RodbardSutton&CheamMotspur Park8 May 
5.498Patrick LyttleBelgrave HMotspur Park8 May 
5.449M CrawshawSurrey ACMotspur Park8 May 
5.34pD CampbellMitcham ACMotspur Park28 Apr 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
 12.731I BlanchardHerculesWimbMotspur Pk29 Apr
 12.482P SeymourHerculesWimbMotspur Pk29 Apr
 12.403R BuskellBeverley SchMotspur Pk29 Apr
 12.194P FenwickEpsom & EwellMotspur Pk29 Apr
 12.125R BurtonGlebelands SMotspur Pk29 Apr
 12.096C SamuelsSouth LondonMotspur Pk29 Apr
 11.447M SpenceSurrey BglsMotspur Pk29 Apr
Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
12.32A4R BurkmarCrystal Palace17 Jun 
11.391G SimmonsBeverley SchMotspur Park11 May 
11.272R AllanEpsom CollegeMotspur Park11 May 
10.843D CampbellMitcham ACMotspur Park11 May 
10.614A ColleyWoking ACMotspur Park11 May 
10.60B6G SimmondsBeverley SchCrystal Palace17 Jun 
9.825C MaysKCS WimbledonMotspur Park11 May 
9.69pP DavidHerculesWimbMotspur Park28 Apr 
9.63PA RawsonBeverley SchMotspur Park28 Apr 
 Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
 37.581S ChapmanSutton&CheamMotspur Pk11 May
 34.962G SimmonsBeverley SchMotspur Pk11 May
 31.683M BlowsSurrey BglsMotspur Pk11 May
 31.184C MaysKCSWimbledonMotspur Pk11 May
 30.905M BarhamHerne Hill HMotspur Pk11 May
 30.006A ByrneBeverley SchMotspur Pk11 May
 29.507M WilliamsBeverley SchMotspur Pk11 May
Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
33.961M BlowsSurrey BglsMotspur Pk12 May 
31.702R BirdSurrey BglsMotspur Pk12 May 
22.343A ColeyWoking ACMotspur Pk12 May 
21.784R HallettHerculesWimbMotspur Pk12 May 
19.445D CampbellMitcham ACMotspur Pk12 May 
 Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
 47.221Oliver BallRedhill&ReigMotspur Pk10 May
 44.982A VaudinSutton&CheamMotspur Pk10 May
 40.623Richard GammageBracknell ACMotspur Pk10 May
 38.644M SaundersBeverley SchMotspur Pk10 May
 36.565S P BestWoking ACMotspur Pk10 May
 34.706A HendrickseMitcham ACMotspur Pk10 May
 31.787C ShermerBeverley SchMotspur Pk10 May

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