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Under 20 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.24 )
 10.45wJonathan BarbourCroydon HBedford4 Jul
 10.5Jonathan BarbourCroydon HAshford15 Aug
 10.52wChris LambertBelgrave HBedford4 Jul
 10.61Chris LambertBelgrave HCopthall30 Aug
 10.7Dominique RichardsHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul
 10.82wD ChinSurrey SchExeter11 Jul
 10.88Nana WilsonBelgrave HBedford4 Jul
 10.9James HilstonBelgrave HTooting Bec19 Sep
 11.1Michael RiddellGuildford&GBasildon3 May
 11.1Kirk KingBelgrave HMillfield13 May
 11.1D ChinSurrey SchKingsmeadow13 Jun
 11.2Darren ThompsonBelgrave HMillfield4 May
 11.3Neil HealyThamesValleyKingsmeadow9 May
 11.3Ben NutleyRichmond&TBarn Elms4 Jul
 11.4Roy HartBelgrave HKingsmeadow13 Jun
 11.6Richard BriggsWoking ACWoking27 May
 11.6Tom ButcherKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Jun
 11.61Bernard MensahBelgrave HHaringey24 May
 11.7Morris TolaramHerculesWimbTooting Bec8 Aug
 11.72Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull19 Sep
 11.8Aaron SimmondsKingston & PolyBraintree25 Jul
 11.9James PointerHaslemereBHaslemere9 Jun
 11.9James ParkerEpsom & EwellPerivale25 Jul
 12.0Ray HaughtonHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
 12.0Shaun KeddoRichmond&TTooting Bec8 Aug
 12.0R PescodHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep
 12.09John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull19 Sep
 12.1Jon IsettsKingston & PolyBournemouth16 May
 12.1Chris WoosnamGuildford&GSouthampton21 Jun
 12.1Simon HuntSutton&DistrictSutton20 Sep
 12.2Richard HaughtonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow17 Jun
 12.3Leo HattonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Jun
 12.3Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow17 Jun
 12.4Chris PattenHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
 12.4Henry FulcherWoking ACWoking6 Sep
 12.5Steven PastonHerne Hill HKingsmeadow9 May
 13.0Nikola SachariewTiffin SchKingsmeadow9 May
 14.0Stuart SmithKingston & PolyCrystal Palace12 Jul
 14.0F JemebereHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
200 Metres (Standard: 25.04 )
21.33wChris LambertBelgrave HExeter11 Jul 
21.4Dominique RichardsHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Jul 
21.56Chris LambertBelgrave HCopthall30 Aug 
21.6Jonathan BarbourCroydon HTooting Bec25 Jul 
21.94wBen NutleyRichmond&TExeter11 Jul 
22.0James HilstonBelgrave HTooting Bec19 Aug 
22.1Ben NutleyRichmond&TBarn Elms4 Jul 
22.3Michael RiddellGuildford&GBasildon3 May 
22.5Darren ThompsonBelgrave HMillfield4 May 
22.6Roy HartBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun 
23.26Bernard MensahBelgrave HHaringey23 May 
23.3Richard BriggsWoking ACWoking27 May 
23.4Nana WilsonBelgrave HHarrow26 Jul 
23.4Richard HaughtonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow15 Aug 
23.5Neil HealyThamesValleyStevenage4 Jul 
23.6Morris TolaramHerculesWimbTooting Bec8 Aug 
24.1Henry FulcherWoking ACWoking24 Jun 
24.1Ray HaughtonHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
24.4Ryan PescodHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug 
24.5Aaron SimmondsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Jun 
24.6Chris WoosnamGuildford&GSouthampton21 Jun 
24.6Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow1 Jul 
24.6Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
24.8Jon IsettsKingston & PolyBournemouth16 May 
24.8Simon HuntSutton&DistrictSutton20 Sep 
25.1Michael CollettAldershotF&DKingsmeadow10 May 
25.1Chris PattenHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
25.5Leo HattonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow10 May 
26.2Matthew KellyHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
 400 Metres (Standard: 55.00 )
 48.4Michael RiddellGuildford&GBracknell6 Jun
 48.90James HilstonBelgrave HWatford21 Jun
 50.0Richard HaughtonKingston & PolyTooting Bec19 Aug
 50.3Dominique RichardsHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
 50.8Gary GolbourneN Croydon ScKingsmeadow13 Jun
 50.89Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull19 Sep
 51.03John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull19 Sep
 51.4Sam PantlingBelgrave HMillfield13 May
 51.6Austin FernsBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr
 52.2Henry FulcherWoking ACWoking15 Jul
 52.6Luke TeveriniRichmond&TTooting Bec8 Aug
 53.6Tom SolomonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 May
 53.9Andrew SimpsonWoking ACGuildford23 Aug
 54.4Christopher BeaumontCharterhouseKingsmeadow9 May
 55.1Hugh VenablesEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 Jun
 55.6Jon IsettsKingston & PolyBournemouth16 May
 55.7Andrew HilstonBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun
 55.9Aaron SimmondsKingston & PolyBraintree25 Jul
 58.3Nikola SachariewTiffin SchKingsmeadow9 May
 60.5Chris PattenHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
 62.3Will ClarkEpsom & EwellSouthend15 Aug
 65.6Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
800 Metres (Standard: 2:12.00 )
1:55.6Gareth PriceSutton&DistrictWimbledon Pk3 May 
1:57.6Sam PantlingBelgrave HMillfield13 May 
1:58.04Jamie McCullaghKingston & PolyJablonec, CZE4 Jul 
1:59.2Tom SolomonKingston & PolyTooting Bec8 Aug 
2:00.1Kevin QuinnBelgrave HKingsmeadow 
2:02.3Hugh VenablesEpsom & EwellSouthend15 Aug 
2:04.1Kevin GaddGuildford&GGuildford23 Aug 
2:05.4Dominique RichardsHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep 
2:05.6Andrew KitchenGuildford&GHillingdon26 Jul 
2:07.4Ben HuntEpsom & EwellLadywell Pk2 May 
2:09.5Will ClarkEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow4 Jul 
2:10.1Adam FlanaganReigate PrioryKingsmeadow10 May 
2:11.3Will GreenHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May 
2:11.5Chris HoggKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Jun 
2:13.4Chris LeungCroydon HAshford21 Jun 
2:15.1Colin LuzioEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow20 May 
2:26.3Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep 
2:26.4Jon IsettsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow22 Mar 
2:28.1Bobby MahmoodCroydon HAshford21 Jun 
2:29.3Alexander DeniseBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun 
2:38.2Michael CollettAldershotF&DKingsmeadow10 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:40.00 )
 3:52.37Gareth PriceSutton&DistrictCopthall9 Aug
 4:00.7Andrew FranklinSutton&DistrictTooting Bec20 May
 4:07.8Kevin QuinnBelgrave HTooting Bec3 Jun
 4:18.3Andrew KitchenGuildford&GSouthampton21 Jun
 4:20.5Jamie McCullaghKingston & PolyTooting Bec29 Aug
 4:21.28John HeanleyWindsorS&EEnfield2 Aug
 4:22.0Tom SolomonKingston & PolyCrawley2 May
 4:31.3Clayton Payne?Woking12 Aug
 4:34.69Edward CoatsGuildford&GEnfield2 Aug
 4:35.1Richard OramBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun
 4:35.2Chris HoggKingston & PolyTooting Bec5 Aug
 4:36.6Ben HuntEpsom & EwellLadywell Pk2 May
 4:38.4Philip ShishmanianCharterhouseKingsmeadow9 May
 4:39.2Will ClarkEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow20 May
 4:51.6Dale JeffcoateTiffin SchKingsmeadow9 May
3000 Metres (Standard: 10:00.00 )
8:41.5Gareth PriceSutton&DistrictTooting Bec3 Jun 
8:50.9Andrew FranklinSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May 
8:57.0Kevin QuinnBelgrave HKingsmeadow13 Jun 
9:12.5Matthew LuchtBlackheath HBromley3 Jun 
9:22.6Kevin GaddGuildford&GKingsmeadow10 May 
9:26.1P GalleyHaslemereBReading19 Apr 
 5000 Metres (Standard: 20:00.00 )
 18:16.5Chris HoggKingston & PolyWalton16 May
 18:22.0Oliver AssersohnCharterhouseKingsmeadow10 May
2000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 7:30.00 )
6:03.25Andrew FranklinSutton&DistrictCopthall30 Aug 
6:40.6Kevin QuinnBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun 
6:46.77Chris HoggKingston & PolyPortsmouth26 Jun 
7:35.6Clayton Payne?Reading19 Apr 
8:28.9Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep 
 3000 Metres Steeplechase
 11:29.0Chris HoggKingston & PolyBraintree25 Jul
110 Metres Hurdles (99.0cm) (Standard: 22.04 )
14.83wSimon HuntSutton&DistrictExeter11 Jul 
14.97Simon HuntSutton&DistrictHaringey24 May 
15.1Austin FernsBelgrave HCannock13 Sep 
15.30John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull20 Sep 
15.66Daniel BrewerBlackheath HCopthall9 Aug 
16.14Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull20 Sep 
16.4w/+2.42James ParkerEpsom & EwellKingston10 May 
16.5Samson OniBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun 
19.0Paul MahoneyKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead4 Jul 
19.7Clayton Payne?Reading19 Apr 
 400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 65.00 )
 53.80Austin FernsBelgrave HBedford4 Jul
 57.3Sam PantlingBelgrave HYeovil2 May
 59.1Simon HuntSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow9 May
 61.1Tom SolomonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep
 63.1Jonathan HayesWoking ACReading19 Apr
 63.2Henry FulcherWoking ACReading19 Apr
 65.9Chris HoggKingston & PolyCrawley2 May
High Jump (Standard: 1.55m )
2.10Samson OniBelgrave HCopthall9 Aug 
1.96iRobert PaulEpsom & EwellCrystal Palace17 Jan 
1.95Robert PaulEpsom & EwellHaringey23 May 
1.85James ParkerEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow9 May 
1.85Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull19 Sep 
1.80James MorleyCroydon HMilton Keynes6 Jun 
1.75James HilstonBelgrave HMilton Keynes6 Jun 
1.74John HeanleyWindsorS&EEnfield1 Aug 
1.70Chris HoggKingston & PolyCrawley2 May 
1.70Paul MahoneyKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead4 Jul 
1.60Simon HuntSutton&DistrictTooting Bec3 Jun 
1.60Ian BullimoreCroydon HWeiskirchen,GER25 Jul 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
 3.80Anthony RycraftCroydon HKingsmeadow10 May
 3.70Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull20 Sep
 3.60S JamesSutton&DistrictSutton20 Sep
 3.50John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull20 Sep
 2.80Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep
 2.70James HilstonBelgrave HHarrow26 Jul
 2.70Kirk KingBelgrave HHarrow26 Jul
Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
7.56Darren ThompsonBelgrave HBedford30 May 
7.22wDominique RichardsHerne Hill HBedford5 Jul 
7.05Dominique RichardsHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
7.00wCharles IgbonBelgrave HBedford5 Jul 
6.93Nana WilsonBelgrave HHaringey24 May 
6.81Charles IgbonBelgrave HHaringey24 May 
6.72Michael NesbethCroydon HAshford15 Aug 
6.55Michael RiddellGuildford&GBasildon3 May 
6.48Edward CoatsGuildford&GGuildford23 Aug 
6.30James HilstonBelgrave HBattersea Pk25 Jul 
6.26John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull19 Sep 
6.23James PointerHaslemereBHaslemere9 Jun 
5.83Aaron SimmondsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow4 Jul 
5.67Adam BarrettTiffin SchKingsmeadow11 May 
5.53Hugh VenablesEpsom & EwellSutton16 May 
5.42Ian BullimoreCroydon HWeiskirchen,GER25 Jul 
5.20Steven PastonHerne Hill HTooting Bec29 Aug 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 11.00m )
 14.45Michael NesbethCroydon HCroydon16 May
 14.01Charles IgbonBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun
 13.55James HilstonBelgrave HRN Portsmouth15 Aug
 12.15R PrescottHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep
 12.11Adam BarrettTiffin SchKingsmeadow11 May
 11.96Richard HaughtonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow15 Aug
 11.90Ian BullimoreCroydon HWeiskirchen,GER25 Jul
 11.84James ParkerEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow14 Jun
 11.78Oliver PotterCharterhouseKingsmeadow9 May
 11.78Aaron SimmondsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow15 Aug
 11.76Paul MahoneyKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead4 Jul
 11.71D FergusonSouth LondonCrystal Palace8 Jul
 11.28Hugh VenablesEpsom & EwellSutton16 May
Shot Put (6.25kg)
17.69Emeka UdechukuBlackheath HBasildon21 Jun 
15.80Nicholas OwenKingston & PolySutton20 Sep 
13.76Adrian CluskeyBlackheath HExeter11 Jul 
11.86Sumit RaiBelgrave HBasildon21 Jun 
11.57Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull19 Sep 
11.04Philip NourseKingston & PolyKingsmeadow11 May 
10.37Marvin EganBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr 
10.19Dwain FitzmauriceBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr 
9.92Matthew KellyHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug 
9.91Yusuf ErolCroydon HAshford21 Jun 
 Discus (1.75kg) (Standard: 25.00m )
 64.35Emeka UdechukuBlackheath HBasildon21 Jun
 42.07Adrian CluskeyBlackheath HBasildon21 Jun
 40.08Edward CoatsGuildford&GEnfield2 Aug
 37.02Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 May
 35.17Liam FitzpatrickCroydon HKingsmeadow13 Jun
 35.05John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull20 Sep
 34.06Michael BellCharterhouseKingsmeadow9 May
 33.85Guy WnukCroydon HAshford21 Jun
 31.07Leo HattonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow11 May
 29.48Matthew KellyHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 Sep
 28.46Austin FernsBelgrave HHarrow26 Jul
Discus (2kg)
60.97Emeka UdechukuBlackheath HBedford5 Jul 
36.32Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Jun 
27.37Leo HattonKingston & PolyBraintree25 Jul 
22.11Paul MahoneyKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead4 Jul 
 Hammer (6.25kg)
 49.14Emeka UdechukuBlackheath HBasildon21 Jun
 46.71Stephen ThompsonSt Marys UniKingsmeadow10 May
 43.85Philip NourseKingston & PolyKingsmeadow11 May
 38.88Yusuf ErolCroydon HAshford21 Jun
 30.75Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow10 May
 22.47Dwain FitzmauriceBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr
 19.86Marvin EganBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr
Hammer (7.26kg)
61.28Timmon WhiteheadGuildford&GHaslemere9 Jun 
30.96Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow17 Jun 
 Javelin (800g) (Standard: 35.00m )
 61.16Emeka UdechukuBlackheath HBedford5 Jul
 46.54Matthew KellyHerne Hill HTooting Bec8 Aug
 45.88Matthew StoneSutton&DistrictSutton20 Sep
 45.45A SladeSurrey SchKingsmeadow13 Jun
 45.24Nicholas OwenKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead4 Jul
 44.87Edward CoatsGuildford&GHull20 Sep
 41.76Neil FitzpatrickWoking ACWoking24 Jun
 40.97Leo HattonKingston & PolyBraintree25 Jul
 40.73John HeanleyWindsorS&EHull20 Sep
 38.26Matthew ObieBelgrave HWaltham Forest19 Apr
 38.14Tristram PepperdineWalton ACWalton19 Apr
Decathlon (U20 events) (Standard: 3500pts )
6514ptsEdward CoatsGuildford&GHull20 Sep 
6157ptsJohn HeanleyWindsorS&EHull20 Sep 

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