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Under 15 Girls
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.80 )
 12.68wEmily MartinHerculesWimbWatford24 May
 12.7Emily MartinHerculesWimbCrystal Palace6 Apr
 12.7Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HBattersea4 May
 12.7Magali FrankaHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun
 13.07Lisa HolmesWoking ACWoking7 Sep
 13.1Stephanie KnightHerne Hill HBattersea24 May
 13.1Claire StonestreetKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 Jul
 13.2Amy GreenbergGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun
 13.3Sarah AtkinsKingston & PolyHaringey7 Jun
 13.4Stacey CharlesHerne Hill HBedford26 Apr
 13.4Vanessa WardGuildford&GPerivale4 May
 13.5Christina FullerHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun
 13.60Harriet AbbissAldershotF&DKingsmeadow11 May
 13.6Natasha RismanGuildford&GBournemouth7 Jun
 13.6Chloe ClevereyHerne Hill HTooting26 Jul
 13.6Monique DaviesHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 13.65Rebecca MbaHerculesWimbWoking7 Sep
 13.70Alexandra ChungSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow11 May
 13.7Coleen HowellHerne Hill HBattersea12 Jul
 13.75Jorden BerkeleyCroydon HKingsmeadow11 May
 13.8Bethany WilkinsKingston & PolyWalton21 Jun
 13.85Lushaii MartinSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow11 May
 13.90Rayanne ArcherCroydon HKingsmeadow11 May
 13.90Angel DayArchKingsmeadow11 May
 13.9Lucy EnglandHerculesWimbSutton18 May
 13.9Louise WelshGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul
 13.9Almaz Monerville DavisHerne Hill HTooting26 Jul
 14.0Jade DoddHerne Hill HBedford26 Apr
 14.0Yetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HBedford26 Apr
 14.0Holly GatesBelgrave HKingsmeadow11 May
 14.0Claire AbrahamGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun
 14.0Samantha RussellHerne Hill HBattersea14 Jun
 14.1Sarah KellyHerculesWimbWimbledon13 May
 14.1Jade BeeHerne Hill HEton17 May
 14.1Amankwa Sapei-AnnorbahHerne Hill HTooting26 Jul
 14.1Colette HorganHerne Hill HTooting26 Jul
 14.10Natasha RismanGuildford&GWoking7 Sep
 14.2Jennifer HoneyballHerne Hill HBattersea14 Feb
 14.2Philipa JonesKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun
 14.2Melissa ConroyCamberley&DistKingsmeadow29 Jun
 14.3Emily WoffendenGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun
 14.3Alisha JohnsonGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul
 14.4Sally ClareGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul
 14.4Charlie GaleKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep
 14.5Emma RogersCamberley&DistBasingstoke5 Apr
 14.5Alex LardnerGuildford&GEton13 Apr
 14.5Florence KingHerculesWimbKingsmeadow15 May
 14.5Charlotte AsdellGuildford&GWalton21 Jun
 14.50Montana WoodruffWalton ACWoking7 Sep
 14.6Lilian OkolieHerne Hill HTooting18 Jun
 14.7Nadine McDermottHerne Hill HCrawley20 Apr
 14.77Jessica LakinWalton ACWoking7 Sep
 14.8Harriet OwensKingston & PolyKingsmeadow4 May
 14.8Sophie MussonCamberley&DistBattersea21 Jun
 14.8Laura HeaneyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun
 14.94Shangami AlagaratnamEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow11 May
 15.0Emma TilleyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Sep
200 Metres (Standard: 29.00 )
26.38Emily MartinHerculesWimbAbingdon24 Aug 
26.50Lisa HolmesWoking ACWoodside20 Jul 
26.60Magali FrankaHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May 
26.89iAmelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HBirmingham26 Jan 
26.9Stephanie KnightHerne Hill HBattersea7 Jun 
27.1Chloe CleverleyHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun 
27.23Sarah AtkinsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 Jun 
27.4Vanessa WardGuildford&GBournemouth7 Jun 
27.66Alexandra ChungSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May 
27.7Claire StonestreetKingston & PolyKingsmeadow4 May 
27.7Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HTooting24 Jun 
28.0Harriet AbbissAldershotF&DGuildford5 Jul 
28.0Jade DoddHerne Hill HBattersea23 Aug 
28.24Monique DaviesHerne Hill HBattersea23 Aug 
28.3Colleen HowellHerne Hill HBattersea12 Jul 
28.4Christina FullerHerne Hill HBattersea14 Jun 
28.4Bethany WilkinsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow5 Jul 
28.5Amy GreenbergGuildford&GPerivale4 May 
28.58Lushaii MartinSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May 
28.7Claire AbrahamGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
28.76Holly GatesBelgrave HKingsmeadow10 May 
28.89Rebecca MbaHerculesWimbWoking7 Sep 
28.9Louise WelshGuildford&GSutton20 Jul 
28.9Natasha RismanGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug 
29.0Alys MorganGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
29.00Emma TeasdaleKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 Jun 
29.37Amankwa Sapei-AnnorbahHerne Hill HBattersea23 Aug 
29.40Zoe ShannonDorkingMVKingsmeadow10 May 
29.47Rayanne ArcherCroydon HKingsmeadow10 May 
29.73Montana WoodruffWalton ACKingsmeadow10 May 
29.89Lucy EnglandHerculesWimbKingsmeadow10 May 
29.9Jennifer HoneyballHerne Hill HC Palace6 Apr 
29.9Lisa CoateGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug 
30.0Florence KingHerculesWimbKingsmeadow15 May 
30.0Jess FermanKingston & PolyKingsmeadow21 Sep 
30.18Nadine McDermottHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May 
30.3Charlie GaleKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Sep 
30.4Charlotte AsdellGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun 
30.48Jessica LakinWalton ACWoking7 Sep 
30.5Rachael KellyGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun 
30.5Colette HorganHerne Hill HBattersea6 Sep 
30.6Emma RogersCamberley&DistBasingstoke5 Apr 
30.6Laura HeaneyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow21 Sep 
30.9Sophie MussonCamberley&DistKingsmeadow29 Jun 
30.9Danielle AyresKingston & PolyKingsmeadow21 Sep 
31.1Alisha JohnsonGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul 
31.2Lily WhatleyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep 
31.59Cassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking7 Sep 
32.0Emma TilleyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow26 Apr 
 800 Metres (Standard: 2:40.00 )
 2.18.001Montana JonesWoking ACWoking7 Sep
 2.27.40Zoe ShannonDorkingMVWoking7 Sep
 2.27.9Katherine MertensWoking ACKingsmeadow10 May
 2.28.0Joanna RowlandCrawley ACKingsmeadow10 May
 2.30.3Alys MorganGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 2.31.2Claire AbrahamGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 2.32.0Jenny BaconHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun
 2.32.7Lisa CoateGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug
 2.33.1Leeanne BestCrawley ACKingsmeadow10 May
 2.35.10Nicola JelleyEpsom & EwellWoking7 Sep
 2.36.1Serena BrothertonHerculesWimbKingsmeadow14 Jun
 2.37.2Rachel StacyGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun
 2.37.4Jamela BrooksHerne Hill HC Palace13 Jul
 2.37.8Monique DaviesHerne Hill HCroydon20 Jul
 2.38.5Colette HorganHerne Hill HKingsmeadow5 Jul
 2.39.6Isobel PenneyKingston & PolyWatford18 May
 2.40.82Millie PrusPutney HSKingsmeadow10 May
 2.41.0Imogen StoddartHerculesWimbGuildford2 Aug
 2.42.5Harriet OwensKingston & PolySouthampton1 Jun
 2.43.45Jennifer GutteridgeSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May
 2.44.0Christine FullerHerne Hill HTooting19 Jun
 2.45.0Zoey HenryHerne Hill HBournemouth1 Jun
 2.45.6Carly HaysKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 May
 2.47.0Danielle AyresKingston & PolyCrawley18 Jun
 2.47.1Amie ReynoldsHerne Hill HBattersea7 Jun
 2.47.92Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 2.48.68Kalina NowakAldershotF&DKingsmeadow10 May
 2.49.09Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 2.49.2Tania MitchellHerne Hill HC Palace6 Apr
 2.49.9Alice MarmionHerculesWimbKingsmeadow4 May
 2.54.03Collette MorganHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 2.54.31Chloe CarpenterSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May
 2.54.70Cassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug
1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
5.03.5Katherine MertensWoking ACKingsmeadow11 May 
5.09.6Leeanne BestCrawley ACKingsmeadow11 May 
5.17.7Zoe ShannonDorkingMVKingsmeadow11 May 
5.17.8Kirsty FraserGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
5.19.9Jamela BrooksHerne Hill HCroydon20 Jul 
5.21.4Frances LeggKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun 
5.21.41Rachel StacyGuildford&GKingsmeadow14 Jun 
5.23.9Imogen StoddartHerculesWimbKingsmeadow11 May 
5.24.0Jenny BaconHerne Hill HTooting24 Jun 
5.26.8Harriet OwensKingston & PolyKingsmeadow5 Jul 
5.35.37Isobel PenneyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 Jun 
5.38.2Lisa CoateGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 Sep 
5.38.6Kalina NowakAldershotF&DKingsmeadow11 May 
5.40.3Amie ReynoldsHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun 
5.43.1Tessa Casen-SeawrightKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 Jul 
5.48.1Joanna RowlandCrawley ACKingsmeadow11 May 
5.49.3Monique DaviesHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun 
5.51.1Sarah MorrisGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
5.51.2Danielle AyresKingston & PolyKingsmeadow17 May 
5.52.9Louise MoutonHerculesWimbCrystal Palace6 Apr 
 75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
 11.65/+0.61h2Harriet AbbissAldershotF&DWatford25 May
 11.99Jade BeeHerne Hill HKingston12 Jul
 12.2Vanessa WardGuildford&GBracknell30 Mar
 12.7Natasha RismanGuildford&GPortsmouth14 Jun
 12.86Lucy EnglandHerculesWimbKingsmeadow14 Jun
 13.20Cassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug
 13.30Nicola JelleyEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug
 13.5Emily BullockGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun
 13.6Stacey CharlesHerne Hill HEton18 May
 13.70Karen TosteePutney HSKingsmeadow10 May
 13.74Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 13.8Kirsty FraserGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul
 13.90Katie MillerEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow10 May
 13.9Natalie EverndenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun
 13.8Serena BrothertonHerculesWimbKingsmeadow13 Sep
 13.86Yetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 13.93Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 14.0Almaz Monerville DavisHerne Hill HTooting13 Jul
 14.1Collette MorganHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 14.13Michelle TaylorWoking ACWoking7 Sep
 14.2Rachael KellyGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug
 14.4Samantha MaiseyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 May
 14.48Natassja KeenesWalton ACWoking7 Sep
 14.5Bethany WilkinsKingston & PolySutton12 Jul
 14.50Katherine MertensWoking ACWoking3 Aug
High Jump (Standard: 1.35m )
1.611Yasmin OkoloHerne Hill HEltham21 Jun 
1.55Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HKingsmeadow11 May 
1.50Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.47Emily MartinHerculesWimbGuildford29 Jun 
1.47Jade DoddHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.45Anna SmithBlkhth&BromKingsmeadow11 May 
1.45Montana JonesWoking ACAbingdon24 Aug 
1.42Charlie GaleKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead29 Jun 
1.41Jenny BaconHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.41Joanna RowlandCrawley ACCrawley14 Sep 
1.40Harriet AbbissAldershotF&DWalton21 Apr 
1.40Darcy NicholsonPutney HSKingsmeadow11 May 
1.40Katie MillerEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow11 May 
1.40Nadine McDermottHerne Hill HKingsmeadow11 May 
1.40Shadia AkodkiaHerne Hill HBattersea7 Jun 
1.40Sophie MussonCamberley&DistKingsmeadow29 Jun 
1.40Jessica JonesGuildford&GSutton20 Jul 
1.40Rachael KellyGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug 
1.40Sally ClareGuildford&GWare9 Aug 
1.40Michelle TaylorWoking ACWoking7 Sep 
1.38Yetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.37Nicola JelleyEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug 
1.35Claire StonestreetKingston & PolyKingsmeadow4 May 
1.35Charlotte AsdellGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
1.35Tessa Casen-SeawrightKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 Jul 
1.35Almaz Monerville-DavisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.32Jamela BrooksHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1.30Olivia LoatesPutney HSKingsmeadow11 May 
1.30Tania MitchellHerne Hill HBattersea24 May 
1.30Philipa JonesKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun 
1.30Sarah AtkinsKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead29 Jun 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
 1.90Danielle AyresKingston & PolyKingsmeadow11 May
 1.25Jennifer HoneyballHerne Hill HBattersea21 Sep
Long Jump (Standard: 4.25m )
5.57/+2.0Emily MartinHerculesWimbSheffield11 Jul 
4.91Yetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HBattersea12 Jul 
4.86Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HBattersea6 Sep 
4.85Harriet AbbissAldershotF&DSouthampton1 Jun 
4.74Natasha RismanGuildford&GBattersea6 Sep 
4.63Katherine MertensWoking ACKingsmeadow10 May 
4.63Claire StonestreetKingston & PolyKingsmeadow20 Jul 
4.55Lucy EnglandHerculesWimbWalton21 Jun 
4.52Sally ClareGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul 
4.48Almaz Monerville-DavisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
4.46Katherine ReynoldsSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May 
4.45Sophie MussonCamberley&DistBattersea21 Jun 
4.42Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
4.41Jennifer HoneyballHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
4.40Bethany WilkinsKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep 
4.33Jade DoddHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
4.32Nadine McDermottHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May 
4.30Christina FullerHerne Hill HBournemouth1 Jun 
4.25Serena BrothertonHerculesWimbKingsmeadow10 May 
4.25Joanna RowlandCrawley ACCrawley14 Sep 
4.24Cassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug 
4.23Alecia AllugbajaSouth LondonKingsmeadow10 May 
4.21Colette HorganHerne Hill HTooting26 Jul 
4.20Stacey CharlesHerne Hill HBedford26 Apr 
4.14Emily WoffendenGuildford&GPerivale4 May 
4.13Emma RogersCamberley&DistOxford6 Sep 
4.09Nicola JelleyEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug 
4.08Jessica LakinWalton ACKingsmeadow10 May 
4.07Alex LardnerGuildford&GExeter26 Apr 
4.06Emma TeasdaleKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 May 
4.04Phoebe HughKingston & PolyWatford18 May 
4.03Laura SammarcoKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 Jun 
4.03Natalie EverndenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun 
4.01Leanne ReidHerne Hill HTooting5 Apr 
 Shot Put (3.25kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
 10.701Bryony PhillipsHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 10.47Jade DoddHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 9.56Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HAshford29 Jun
 9.40Jenny DaviesKingston & PolyGuildford2 Aug
 9.23Debbie BruceWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow10 May
 9.17Makeda QuaminaHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 8.53Danielle AyresKingston & PolyGuildford2 Aug
 8.40Emily BullockGuildford&GSutton20 Jul
 8.22Yetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HHarrow29 Jun
 7.86Joanna RowlandCrawley ACCrawley14 Sep
 7.77Abby PetersWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow10 May
 7.76Rachel AbbottEpsom & EwellWoking7 Sep
 7.70Jade QuinnHerne Hill HTooting24 Jun
 7.29Charlotte ThorburnKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Sep
 7.15Rebecca MbaHerculesWimbKingsmeadow13 Sep
 7.13Emily MartinHerculesWimbKingsmeadow10 May
 6.94Isobel PenneyKingston & PolyPortsmouth17 May
 6.93Lily WhatleyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Jun
 6.90Cassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug
 6.87K LansdowneGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug
 6.74Lucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 6.73Amy GreenbergGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun
 6.72Katherine MertensWoking ACWoking3 Aug
 6.60Christine SmithWoking ACWoking7 Sep
 6.50Almaz Monerville-DavisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep
 6.49Charlie GaleKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead29 Jun
 6.46Rebecca ChaseCamberley&DistSutton20 Jul
 6.34Alys MorganGuildford&GWare9 Aug
 6.34Collette MorganHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep
 6.20Amy DoddKingston & PolyWalton21 Jun
 6.19Nikita LennoxGuildford&GGuildford2 Aug
 6.11Jade DempsterCamberley&DistBattersea24 May
 6.09Louise WelshGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 6.02Jessica JonesGuildford&GGuildford17 May
Discus (1kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
25.85Debbie BruceWindsorSE&HAbingdon24 Aug 
25.70Emily BullockGuildford&GKingsmeadow29 Jun 
25.06Kirsty BateSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow11 May 
25.00Jade DoddHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Sep 
24.80Madeka QuaminaHerne Hill HBattersea6 Sep 
24.13Bryony PhillipsHerne Hill HBattersea7 Jun 
21.39Jenny DaviesKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep 
20.29Samantha MaiseyKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 May 
20.06Rachel AbbottEpsom & EwellWoking7 Sep 
18.83Montana JonesWoking ACWoking7 Sep 
18.30Montana WoodruffWalton ACWoking7 Sep 
17.71K LansdowneGuildford&GGuildford5 Jul 
16.54Rebecca ChaseCamberley&DistBattersea21 Jun 
16.31Natasha RismanGuildford&GGuildford1 Jun 
16.28Charlotte AsdellGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
15.98Emma RogersCamberley&DistBattersea21 Jun 
15.33Danielle AyresKingston & PolyKingsmeadow6 Sep 
15.31Abby PetersWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow11 May 
15.20Becky HalseKingston & PolyKingsmeadow14 Jun 
14.97Amy DoddKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Sep 
14.72Nikita LennoxGuildford&GGuildford17 Aug 
14.40Charlie GaleKingston & PolyKingsmeadow4 May 
14.33Mary Meritt SmithHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun 
14.27Sarah KellyHerculesWimbWimbledon13 May 
14.03Serena BrothertonHerculesWimbBracknell20 Jul 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 17.00m )
 34.441Jade DoddHerne Hill HBattersea6 Sep
 24.92Bryony PhillipsHerne Hill HReading21 Sep
 24.47Jade QuinnHerne Hill HCroydon20 Jul
 24.05Debbie BruceWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow10 May
 23.61Joanna RowlandCrawley ACKingsmeadow10 May
 22.95Katherine MertensWoking ACWoking7 Sep
 22.90Charlie GaleKingston & PolyHemel Hempstead29 Jun
 22.58Chantelle EvansSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May
 22.43Abby PetersWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow10 May
 21.40Rachel AbbottEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow10 May
 19.80Amelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HBedford26 Apr
 16.22Emily BullockGuildford&GExeter26 Apr
 15.10Nadia AbdullaHerculesWimbBracknell20 Jul
Pentathlon (Standard: 1500pts )
2443ptsAmelia MontagnaniHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
2340ptsJoanna RowlandCrawley ACCrawley14 Sep 
2312ptsLucy KaranoisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
2264ptsHarriet AbbissAldershotF&DAshford29 Jun 
2093ptsYetunde AdewaleHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1952ptsAlmaz Monerville-DavisHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1922ptsJade DoddHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1893ptsJenny BaconHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1880ptsNicola JelleyEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug 
1845ptsKatherine MertensWoking ACWoking3 Aug 
1835ptsColette HorganHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1773ptsJamela BrooksHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 
1722ptsCassie BardellEpsom & EwellWoking3 Aug 
1704ptsJennifer HoneyballHerne Hill HCrawley14 Sep 

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