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Today's Date: 7 July 2020

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Under 17 Women
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.50 )
 12.41AFunto Fabunmi-AladeHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun
 12.41AAmy AllcockAldershotF&DGuildford4 Jul
 12.42AEleanor BallGuildford&GGuildford25 Jul
 12.50/+0.27Cleo-Patrice BarbourCroydon HSheffield11 Jul
 12.52h1Shanice HarrisonSouth LondonBattersea19 Jul
 12.51BKayon ChristieCroydon HCambridge25 Jul
 12.53w/+2.51r1Rianna AlleyneSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace19 Apr
 12.61BRachel MayhewHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul
 12.61/-0.42Rianna AlleyneSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 Jun
 12.81AJessie KnightEpsom & EwellEpsom17 May
 12.852r1Emma WakrimSutton&DistrictTooting18 Jul
 12.91BIesha HindsCroydon HBasingstoke31 May
 12.92nsChristianne RismanGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 12.91nsAdelle TraceyGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 13.01h2Temi AkinmadeSutton&DistrictBracknell28 Mar
 13.01h2Emily AshongSutton&DistrictCrawley3 May
 13.01BAmy QuaileEpsom & EwellBrighton31 May
 13.01BEmily de BeauxGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul
 13.11BJessica McCabeGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 13.12BMegan SmithAldershotF&DAshford30 May
 13.13Poppy MooreHolland SportsWoking6 Sep
 13.15/-1.01h4Laura BurkeWindsorSE&HLee Valley4 Apr
 13.21BHolly FindleyGuildford&GEwell12 Sep
 13.32BCassandra CaesarHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 13.45Lisa O'BrienWalton ACWatford5 Sep
 13.54h1Georgia TaylorWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow9 May
 13.52BLaura SuggittWindsorSE&HNorwich31 May
 13.53BDavine DubidadCroydon HGuildford4 Jul
 13.71BLaura ChacksfieldCrawley ACCrawley3 May
 13.73AClaire McCourtEpsom & EwellEwell12 Sep
 13.83AGrace KingSutton&DistrictWorthing21 Jun
 13.8nsJessica GallagherGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 28.00 )
24.65/+0.72h1Funto Fabunmi-AladeHerne Hill HSheffield10 Jul 
25.11AAmy AllcockAldershotF&DGuildford27 Jun 
25.29/+1.63h3Shanice HarrisonSouth LondonSheffield10 Jul 
25.601h2Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 Jun 
25.63/+1.41h1Rianna AlleyneSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow10 May 
25.71BKatie SnowdenHerne Hill HBrighton31 May 
25.72AAdelle TraceyGuildford&GGuildford27 Jun 
25.88/+0.5nsLaura BurkeWindsorSE&HEton14 Jun 
26.12Emma WakrimSutton&DistrictSutton19 Jul 
26.12/(-3.3)1AKayon ChristieCroydon HKingsmeadow13 Jun 
26.32AIesha HindsCroydon HBasingstoke31 May 
26.35/+1.51r2Yimika AdewakunSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace19 Apr 
26.41AEleanor BallGuildford&GGuildford17 May 
26.61BEmily de BeauxGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep 
26.81BGeorgia TaylorWindsorSE&HGuildford12 Jul 
27.01BMegan SmithAldershotF&DHendon21 Jun 
27.10/-2.0hepAmelia RichardsSutton&DistrictStreet25 Apr 
27.11ACleo-Patrice BarbourCroydon HEltham3 May 
27.12BAmy QuaileEpsom & EwellBrighton31 May 
27.13/+1.0hepJessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow27 Jun 
27.19/+1.21r3Naomi CarvalhoSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace19 Apr 
27.25/+0.7hepSinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow27 Jun 
27.41BHolly FindleyGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun 
27.52AEmily AshongSutton&DistrictCrawley3 May 
27.53AEmma BarlowCroydon HGuildford27 Jun 
27.51APoppy MooreHolland SportsEwell12 Sep 
27.62/+1.6hepChristianne RismanGuildford&GKingsmeadow27 Jun 
27.652r3Grace KingSutton&DistrictCrystal Palace19 Apr 
27.8nsChloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul 
27.81/+0.13ACharlotte GibbsGuildford&GKingsmeadow10 May 
27.93AMolly RenferKingston & PolyMilton Keynes24 May 
27.92AHannah EdwardsHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul 
28.04Lisa O'BrienWalton ACCrawley31 Aug 
28.11BTemi AkinmadeSutton&DistrictBedford5 Sep 
28.42BLaura ChacksfieldCrawley ACCrawley3 May 
28.42BJessica GallacherGuildford&GGuildford9 Aug 
 300 Metres (Standard: 45.50 )
 38.681Amy AllcockAldershotF&DSheffield11 Jul
 39.572Jessie KnightEpsom & EwellAshford24 May
 40.21AAdelle TraceyGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 40.443Yimika AdewakunSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 Jun
 40.47i2Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HBirmingham14 Feb
 40.61AKatie SnowdenHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 40.71ALaura BurkeWindsorSE&HEton21 Jun
 42.11BKayon ChristieCroydon HBasingstoke31 May
 42.43h1Emma BarlowCroydon HKingsmeadow13 Jun
 42.51AEmily de BeauxGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 42.61BChloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 42.645Georgia TaylorWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow13 Jun
 42.91AMolly RenferKingston & PolyKingsmeadow31 May
 42.91i2h1Shanice HarrisonSouth LondonLee Valley11 Jan
 43.01nsEleanor BallGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 43.21ANaomi CarvalhoSutton&DistrictHorsham31 May
 43.42Kalise Powell (U15)South LondonCrystal Palace5 Jul
 43.53i1h2Jessica McCabeGuildford&GLee Valley11 Jan
 43.71AHannah EdwardsHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul
 43.736h2Jessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow9 May
 43.734h1Aisha Naibe-WeyHerne Hill HKingsmeadow9 May
 43.774h1Laura SuggittWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow9 May
 43.82AGeorgia PeelAldershotF&DSouthampton3 May
 43.92r1Emma WakrimSutton&DistrictCrawley29 Mar
 44.36Harriet FieldSouth LondonAshford13 Jun
 44.396h1Charlotte GibbsGuildford&GKingsmeadow9 May
 44.43Matilda Rainsborough (U15)Guildford&GHorsham16 Aug
 44.52AFiona Clarke (U15)Camberley&DistAndover19 Apr
 44.51ADanielle DuboisGuildford&GGuildford23 May
 44.52Valerie AdejiHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun
 44.71BGrace KingSutton&DistrictCrawley3 May
 45.12AEmer KerrSutton&DistrictGuildford23 May
 45.13Jessica Quartey-PigotHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun
 45.41ACatherine Thomas (U15)Woking ACOxford7 Jun
 45.73AAmy JamesGuildford&GReading5 Apr
 45.83ATara FrostEpsom & EwellBrighton31 May
 46.03BNaomi WyllieCroydon HReading17 May
 46.34r1Joanne Fallon (U15)WindsorSE&HAbingdon11 Apr
 46.34Amy Lawrence (U15)Guildford&GHorsham16 Aug
 46.62Lilian Brower (U15)Camberley&DistOxford5 Jul
 46.72AAbi NeateGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun
400 Metres (Standard: 67.00 )
56.152CKatie SnowdenHerne Hill HTooting20 Jun 
56.195Amy AllcockAldershotF&DWatford21 Jun 
56.571Adelle TraceyGuildford&GWatford30 Aug 
59.82AEmma BarlowCroydon HCroydon24 May 
61.61BChloe CrossmanGuildford&GReading25 Apr 
61.605r3Hannah EdwardsHerne Hill HTooting29 Aug 
62.03ADanielle DuboisGuildford&GAbingdon27 Jun 
62.23ABethan HubbardAldershotF&DAshford30 May 
63.12AHarriet FieldSouth LondonAbingdon25 Jul 
64.42BGrace O'LearySutton&DistrictWoking25 Jul 
64.71BNaomi CarvalhoSutton&DistrictWoking30 May 
64.783r1Joanne Fallon (U15)WindsorSE&HWatford29 Jul 
65.87r1Eleanor BallGuildford&GSouthampton26 Aug 
66.74BLaura ParkerGuildford&GAbingdon27 Jun 
 800 Metres (Standard: 2:35.00 )
 2:06.202AGeorgia PeelAldershotF&DWatford29 Jul
 2:07.13r2Katie SnowdenHerne Hill HEltham24 Jun
 2:07.571Adelle TraceyGuildford&GAshford24 May
 2:14.686Hannah EdwardsHerne Hill HSheffield11 Jul
 2:17.22AChloe CrossmanGuildford&GGuildford25 Jul
 2:17.433Emelia GoreckaAldershotF&DKingsmeadow9 May
 2:17.731Molly RenferKingston & PolyHendon8 Aug
 2:20.443r1Grace O'LearySutton&DistrictCrystal Palace19 Apr
 2:21.81BBethan HubbardAldershotF&DAshford30 May
 2:23.42AEmma BarlowCroydon HEltham3 May
 2:23.53BAmy JamesGuildford&GGuildford25 Jul
 2:23.61BRuth HaynesAldershotF&DHendon21 May
 2:25.14BLydia CarnellReigate PriorySouthampton20 Jun
 2:25.271ALaura SuggittWindsorSE&HWoodford Green19 Jul
 2:25.306Emer KerrSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow9 May
 2:25.53AGaby MilesKingston & PolyKingsmeadow25 Apr
 2:26.944Cora HarrisonDorkingMVKingsmeadow13 Jun
 2:27.63AMaddie GarnerStMRichmondWinchester3 May
 2:28.01AAisha Naiby-WeyHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun
 2:29.1nsImogen WalshGuildford&GGuildford4 Jul
 2:30.096r1Harriet FieldSouth LondonCrystal Palace19 Apr
 2:30.3nsRuth Tweedie-SmithGuildford&GGuildford23 May
 2:30.52BHayley WallisGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 2:30.61BAmy MitchellSouth LondonReading27 Jun
 2:30.93ALeanne KavanaghHolland SportsCrawley3 May
 2:31.51BElizabeth DingemansGuildford&GEwell12 Sep
 2:32.22BArmelle FoulkesHerne Hill HEwell12 Sep
 2:32.51BKatie BingleGuildford&GGuildford23 May
 2:33.24AJessica Quartey-PigotHerne Hill HEwell12 Sep
 2:33.41BLaura ParkerGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 2:34.01AHarriet HallWalton ACWalton31 May
 2:34.52BBeth SemikinSutton&DistrictSutton6 Jun
 2:36.72hepJessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow28 Jun
 2:40.2nsRobyn SavageGuildford&GEwell12 Sep
 2:40.3nsAbby FewellunattachedGuildford12 Jul
 2:40.53AJesica TomlinsonKingston & PolySutton6 Jun
 2:40.9210r2Sarah SpearsWindsorSE&HWatford3 Jun
 2:42.479Emily WilkinsonWindsorSE&HKingsmeadow9 May
 2:42.53ASophie DenmeadWalton ACGuildford23 May
 2:42.73AOlivia ArchdeaconHerculesWimbGuildford23 May
1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
4:16.241Georgia PeelAldershotF&DSheffield11 Jul 
4:26.142AEmelia GoreckaAldershotF&DWatford29 Jul 
4:33.210CRuth HaynesAldershotF&DEltham19 Aug 
4:41.597Calypso FinchReigate PrioryAshford24 May 
4:43.41AAdelle TraceyGuildford&GGrays30 May 
4:43.51AKatie SnowdenHerne Hill HEwell12 Sep 
4:44.206h1Grace O'LearySutton&DistrictAshford23 May 
4:46.93Mae PartridgeAldershotF&DKingsmeadow9 May 
4:50.11ABethan HubbardAldershotF&DBattersea25 Apr 
4:50.71BHannah EdwardsHerne Hill HEwell12 Sep 
4:52.956BMaddie GarnerStMRichmondWatford15 Jul 
5:03.03AHelen WilsonSouth LondonGrays30 May 
5:03.36Imogen WalshGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 Jun 
5:06.92AGaby MilesKingston & PolyReading26 Apr 
5:10.84Katie BingleGuildford&GCrawley24 Jun 
5:12.547Beth SemikinSutton&DistrictKingsmeadow13 Jun 
5:13.31AEmer KerrSutton&DistrictGuildford23 May 
5:15.01BLydia CarnellReigate PrioryGuildford4 Jul 
5:18.72AElizabeth DingemansGuildford&GGuildford23 May 
5:23.71AAbbey FewellGuildford&GGuildford19 Jul 
5:24.61AHarriet FieldSouth LondonEastbourne21 Jun 
5:24.93AEloise MayDorkingMVHorsham31 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 13:00.00 )
 9:23.41mx1r1Georgia PeelAldershotF&DWatford12 Aug
 9:24.797Emelia GoreckaAldershotF&DTwickenham3 Jun
 9:45.482Ruth HaynesAldershotF&DSheffield11 Jul
 10:18.092Susan Shiel-Rankin (U15)AldershotF&DWatford21 Jun
 10:28.7112r1Bethan HubbardAldershotF&DWatford29 Jul
 10:28.894Calypso FinchReigate PrioryKingsmeadow10 May
 10:32.4214r1Mae PartridgeAldershotF&DWatford29 Jul
 10:36.285Harriet Preedy (U15)AldershotF&DWatford21 Jun
 10:48.407Alexandra West (U15)Herne Hill HTooting20 Jun
 10:52.435Maddie GarnerStMRichmondKingsmeadow10 May
 11:28.413Sophie Foreman (U15)South LondonCrawley15 Jul
 11:56.32AArmelle FolkesHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul
 11:56.91BSarah SpearsWindsorSE&HReading17 May
 12:05.81BKatie BingleGuildford&GStevenage5 Sep
 12:05.91AImogen WalshGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 12:07.01BBeth SemikinSutton&DistrictWoking30 May
 12:11.123BAmy MitchellSouth LondonHendon24 May
 12:40.11ATamsin CorneliusHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 12:54.31BJessica Quartey-PigotHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
80 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
12.00/-0.51Jessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 Jun 
12.05/-0.52Lisa O'BrienEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 Jun 
12.16w/+2.1hepAmelia RichardsSutton&DistrictStreet25 Apr 
12.21/-2.4hepAmelia RichardsSutton&DistrictYeovil13 Jun 
12.42Christianne RismanGuildford&GBracknell28 Mar 
12.51AJessie KnightEpsom & EwellEwell12 Sep 
12.81nsLaura BurkeWindsorSE&HHillingdon20 Sep 
12.853Katelyn AitchisonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow13 Jun 
13.33Aisha Naibe-WeyHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun 
13.42ASinead WorrellHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun 
13.41ARebecca ZelicHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul 
13.773AKeri DavisonCroydon HCroydon21 Jun 
14.02BKatie McDermottGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul 
 300 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 60.00 )
 42.941Laura BurkeWindsorSE&HSheffield11 Jul
 45.11BSinead WorrellHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 46.61AJessica McCabeGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 46.81AGeorgia TaylorWindsorSE&HGuildford12 Jul
 47.92Aisha Naibe-WeyHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun
 49.62AChristianne RismanGuildford&GStevenage5 Sep
 49.91AKate LeeWalton ACWoking21 Jun
 50.91AJessica Quartey-PigotHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 51.62Jennifer StuartGuildford&GReading5 Apr
 51.62ALisa O'BrienWalton ACGuildford4 Jul
 52.33ACassie AgypongCroydon HEltham3 May
 53.32AAmelia TomkinsCamberley&DistWalton31 May
 53.52AHayley WallisGuildford&GGuildford19 Jul
 53.71BKatie McDermottGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 54.04ANatalie KeanHolland SportsHorsham31 May
 54.61ALydia CarnellReigate PriorySutton6 Jun
 54.73AGaby MilesKingston & PolyBournemouth3 May
 54.72BCharlotte KoudadioHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul
 57.63ALeanne BettisDorkingMVSutton6 Jun
 58.24BJoanne BurnCroydon HEltham3 May
400 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 85.00 )
60.753s1Laura BurkeWindsorSE&HTampere, FIN22 Jul 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.40m )
 1.70i4Sarah AbramsSutton&DistrictLee Valley17 Jan
 1.682Sarah AbramsSutton&DistrictAshford24 May
 1.61hepSinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow27 Jun
 1.571AJessie KnightEpsom & EwellEwell12 Sep
 1.531ADanielle DuboisGuildford&GGuildford23 May
 1.52hepChristianne RismanGuildford&GKingsmeadow27 Jun
 1.502AEmily McIlwainKingston & PolyKingsmeadow21 Jun
 1.49hepAmelia RichardsSutton&DistrictStreet25 Apr
 1.453AKate LeeWalton ACTwickenham25 Apr
 1.451AEmily de BeauxGuildford&GGuildford17 May
 1.451AAmelia TomkinsCamberley&DistWalton31 May
 1.455Alexandra BorthwickHerculesWimbBattersea13 Jun
 1.453BSeraphina BeggCroydon HCroydon21 Jun
 1.453ACassie AgypongCroydon HCroydon21 Jun
 1.453AAbi NeateGuildford&GGuildford25 Jul
 1.405AEmily McIlwainKingston & PolyReading26 Apr
 1.401BMaddie GarnerStMRichmondRichmond31 May
 1.404AHannah FieldSouth LondonReading27 Jun
 1.40hepJessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow27 Jun
 1.401BC SalakoHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul
 1.352AAmy MitchellSouth LondonSouthend17 May
 1.352BMolly RenferKingston & PolyMilton Keynes24 May
 1.351BValerie ArkoHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul
Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
3.20i2Rosa WilliamsHerne Hill HCarshalton25 Jan 
2.705Rosa WilliamsHerne Hill HAshford23 May 
2.601Angharad SeatonHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun 
2.601AChristianne RismanGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep 
2.351BLily WhitlamHerne Hill HBrighton31 May 
1.901AClaire MaugerGuildford&GGuildford9 Aug 
1.801BKatie McDermottGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.40m )
 5.74/+1.61Amelia RichardsSutton&DistrictExeter20 Jun
 5.54/+0.51Sarah AbramsSutton&DistrictAshford24 May
 4.99i1Christianne RismanGuildford&GCarshalton28 Feb
 4.981Christianne RismanGuildford&GWoking6 Sep
 4.962Lisa O'BrienWalton ACCrawley1 Oct
 4.87penSinead WorrellHerne Hill HLee Valley20 May
 4.872ARebecca ZelicHerne Hill HHarrow5 Sep
 4.85nsCarole Date-ChongGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul
 4.741Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistAndover19 Apr
 4.722Tamsin BarberEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow13 Jun
 4.682ARachel MayhewHerne Hill HSt Albans3 May
 4.673Keri DavisonCroydon HKingsmeadow13 Jun
 4.64/+0.94Holly FindleyGuildford&GKingsmeadow10 May
 4.633ADanielle DuboisGuildford&GAbingdon27 Jun
 4.482BEleanor BallGuildford&GAbingdon27 Jun
 4.462AKatelyn AitchisonKingston & PolyKingsmeadow31 May
 4.374AO RileyCroydon HCambridge25 Jul
 4.334AKeri DavisonCroydon HCroydon21 Jun
 4.334AAbby FewellGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul
 4.30hepJessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow28 Jun
Triple Jump (Standard: 8.00m )
11.69/+1.73Sarah AbramsSutton&DistrictCardiff5 Sep 
10.871AChristianne RismanGuildford&GWinchester3 May 
10.121AFunto Fabunmi-AladeHerne Hill HBattersea21 Jun 
10.07i8Amelia RichardsSutton&DistrictLee Valley17 Jan 
9.991BCarole Date-ChongGuildford&GGuildford12 Jul 
9.832AKayon ChristieCroydon HGuildford4 Jul 
9.713Sarah McKevittDorkingMVKingsmeadow13 Jun 
9.671ALeanne BettisDorkingMVGuildford23 May 
9.541ARebecca ZelicHerne Hill HGuildford4 Jul 
9.291ACassie AgypongCroydon HReading17 May 
9.153AEmily McIlwainKingston & PolyWoking25 Jul 
9.031AHannah FieldSouth LondonEastbourne21 Jun 
8.896Sophie SmallSouth LondonKingsmeadow13 Jun 
8.831AColette GoodingReigate PrioryGuildford23 May 
8.642BKatie ChristianCroydon HCroydon19 Jul 
8.593AHolly FindleyGuildford&GPortsmouth21 Jun 
8.593AAshley DavolineHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul 
8.481AFrancesca CurrieKingston & PolySutton6 Jun 
8.254BRebecca FairheadGuildford&GReading25 Apr 
8.223AHayley WallisGuildford&GEwell12 Sep 
 Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
 11.402AGabriella RosejeHerne Hill HBattersea25 Apr
 10.081Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May
 10.021Carla LethebyWalton ACTwickenham17 Jun
 9.901BJavonique EkraHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 9.832AHolly StroudGuildford&GEwell12 Sep
 9.511AChioma Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonHastings3 May
 9.371ASarah BridgmanDorkingMVEwell12 Sep
 8.921BCharlotte Kanini-ParsonsHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul
 8.822APippa WingateKingston & PolyEwell12 Sep
 8.573Hannah FayDorkingMVCrawley24 Jun
 8.311BGeorgina WestSouth LondonHastings3 May
 8.16hepAmelia RichardsSutton&DistrictStreet25 Apr
 8.141ASinead O'BrienWalton ACWoking21 Jun
 7.651BHafizah HowellHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun
 7.631BLeanne BettisDorkingMVUxbridge25 Jul
 7.51hepChristianne RismanGuildford&GKingsmeadow27 Jun
 7.373AIesha HindsCroydon HEltham3 May
 7.304Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistBasingstoke4 Apr
 7.273AEllen RowleyCroydon HCroydon19 Jul
 7.202BDavine DubidadCroydon HCroydon19 Jul
 7.163AHannah ShephardEpsom & EwellEastbourne21 Jun
Discus (1kg) (Standard: 18.00m )
36.391ACarla LethebyWalton ACWoking21 Jun 
34.451ALeanne BettisDorkingMVWorthing21 Jun 
33.031AGabriella RosejeHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul 
32.211AHolly StroudGuildford&GAbingdon27 Jun 
29.522AChioma Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonAbingdon25 Jul 
28.341BPippa WingateKingston & PolyHarrow5 Sep 
27.694Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow10 May 
26.024Sinead O'BrienWalton ACKingsmeadow13 Jun 
25.012BGeorgina WestSouth LondonReading27 Jun 
24.921BHafizah HowellHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun 
22.255Maddy TaylorGuildford&GKingsmeadow13 Jun 
21.922BJavonique EkraHerne Hill HBattersea19 Jul 
21.852AOlivia ArchdeaconHerculesWimbHorsham27 Jun 
21.731ADavine DubidadCroydon HCroydon19 Jul 
20.682AGiselle CooperGuildford&GAbingdon31 May 
20.652AEmma BarlowCroydon HEltham3 May 
20.032AHarriet WedmoreHerne Hill HSt Albans3 May 
19.995Hannah RobertsCamberley&DistBasingstoke4 Apr 
19.707Hannah ShephardEpsom & EwellKingsmeadow10 May 
19.022AColette GoodingReigate PrioryGuildford23 May 
 Hammer (4kg)
 35.064ACarla LethebyWalton ACCrawley2 Aug
 30.901APippa WingateKingston & PolyEwell12 Sep
 24.682AChioma Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonGrays30 May
 22.632AGeorgina WestSouth LondonHastings3 May
 21.732ADavine DubidadCroydon HReading17 May
 20.861ASinead O'BrienWalton ACGuildford4 Jul
 18.094AGiselle CooperGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep
 17.942ASerena PhillipsCroydon HCroydon19 Jul
 17.231BKatie ChristianCroydon HCroydon19 Jul
 16.794ALeanne BettisDorkingMVStevenage14 Jun
 16.713AMaddie TaylorGuildford&GGuildford9 Aug
Javelin (600g)
36.142ACharlotte Kanini-ParsonsHerne Hill HBarking30 May 
36.001ACarla LethebyWalton ACWoking21 Jun 
34.311AHolly StroudGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep 
31.831ARahanna Gillette-VernonKingston & PolyEwell12 Sep 
31.171BCarole Date-ChongGuildford&GHillingdon20 Sep 
29.354Harriet FieldSouth LondonKingsmeadow9 May 
26.553Javonique EkraHerne Hill HBattersea13 Jun 
26.532ALeanne BettisDorkingMVSutton19 Jul 
25.872BGiselle CooperGuildford&GGuildford9 Aug 
23.286Eleanor van KlaverenKingston & PolyKingsmeadow9 May 
22.591BGabriella RosejeHerne Hill HSutton6 Jun 
21.123Shannon DavenportCamberley&DistBasingstoke4 Apr 
20.431BAbbie WrothWalton ACWalton31 May 
20.174AAmal BekkaleEpsom & EwellBarking3 May 
 Heptathlon (U17 events) (Standard: 2750pts )
 3905pts2Amelia RichardsSutton&DistrictStreet26 Apr
 3616pts9Christianne RismanGuildford&GKingsmeadow28 Jun
 3516pts11Jessica McCabeGuildford&GKingsmeadow28 Jun
 3248pts16Sinead WorrellHerne Hill HKingsmeadow28 Jun

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.