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Today's Date: 7 July 2020

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Under 17 Women
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.50 )
 12.23Vanessa La-FonHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun
 12.61h1Olivia ParrottAldershotF&DAldershot11 Jun
 12.78/0.21r15Eleanor WhiteSutton&DistrictCrawley27 Mar
 12.81Becky MooreAldershotF&DAbingdon22 May
 12.86Hazel AshbyHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun
 12.81AMatilda RainsboroughGuildford&GGuildford26 Jun
 12.91ALilian BrowerCamberley&DistPoole24 Jul
 13.02ALeona BrakoCroydon HSutton16 Apr
 13.01Shona RichardsEpsom & EwellPerivale5 Jun
 13.01AMae ThompsonKingston & PolySutton2 Jul
 13.02AJahisha ThomasSutton&DistrictKingston10 Jul
 13.11Zoe DoranGuildford&GGuildford22 May
 13.12Laura ReillyEpsom & EwellGuildford22 May
 13.20/0.11Maisie GrantEpsom & EwellWalton17 Apr
 13.2/w2Kloe StorrieAldershotF&DAbingdon22 May
 13.22h2Imani DaleyHerne Hill HBattersea11 Jun
 13.21ACatherine ThomasWoking ACBournemouth3 Jul
 13.3/0.12h3Hazel AshbyHerne Hill HBattersea11 Jun
 13.31Nicole KendallKingston & PolyWatford19 Jun
 13.44Whitney CampbellCroydon HHastings19 Jun
 13.53Emma NansonAldershotF&DBournemouth5 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 28.00 )
25.53/-3.31Shona RichardsEpsom & EwellKingston15 May 
25.92Vanessa La-FonHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
26.21AMatilda RainsboroughGuildford&GGuildford26 Jun 
26.38/-0.94AOlivia ParrottAldershotF&DKingston14 Aug 
26.43/-2.01Eleanor WhiteSutton&DistrictKingston11 Jun 
26.6HEmma NansonAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
26.91BBecky MooreAldershotF&DKingston30 Apr 
26.95/-3.33Laura ReillyEpsom & EwellKingston15 May 
27.01Zoe DoranGuildford&GGuildford22 May 
27.14ALilian BrowerCamberley&DistKingston10 Jul 
27.12AAndrine WilliamsCamberley&DistPoole24 Jul 
27.22ALeona BrakoCroydon HSutton16 Apr 
27.21ACatherine ThomasWoking ACBournemouth3 Jul 
27.22/-2.03Mae ThompsonKingston & PolyKingston11 Jun 
27.43Imani DaleyHerne Hill HBattersea11 Jun 
27.63w/2.2HRebecca PritchardGuildford&GSutton10 Aug 
27.75BSarah RawlingsSutton&DistrictHillingdon1 May 
27.71BRebecca PritchardGuildford&GGuildford26 Jun 
27.83BLucy PaskellWalton ACHarrow7 May 
27.85AKloe StorrieAldershotF&DGuildford26 Jun 
27.84/-3.35Maisie GrantEpsom & EwellKingston15 May 
 300 Metres (Standard: 45.50 )
 40.056Matilda RainsboroughGuildford&GGateshead2 Jul
 40.601Shona RichardsEpsom & EwellKingston14 May
 40.81AMaya Bruney (U15)Blkhth&BromBromley30 May
 41.51BMaddy AustinGuildford&GReading18 Sep
 42.92AOlivia ParrottAldershotF&DGuildford24 Jul
 42.91AKaitlin Howard (U15)Woking ACGuildford24 Jul
 42.931Rebecca PritchardGuildford&GHendon19 Jun
 43.41AKloe StorrieAldershotF&DGuildford28 May
 43.41ALilian BrowerCamberley&DistPoole24 Jul
 43.81BEllen HowesSutton&DistrictSutton2 Jul
 43.941Catherine ThomasWoking ACWalton17 Apr
 44.03Sophie StoreyGuildford&GKingston11 Jun
 44.01AAndrine WilliamsCamberley&DistWoking3 Jul
 44.44Elinor MorganGuildford&GKingston11 Jun
 44.425h1Tolu Oluwole-OjoEpsom & EwellAshford6 Aug
 44.7nsMaisie GrantEpsom & EwellSutton2 Jul
 44.82AGiulia DijkGuildford&GGuildford26 Jun
 44.8nsMegan Brooke (U15)Woking ACGuildford24 Jul
 44.92Sarah RawlingsSutton&DistrictBromley8 May
 44.964Ruth BourneTonbridge ACTonbridge5 Jun
 45.042h1Ellie Lane (U15)Woking ACWoking4 Sep
 45.15i3h1Eleanor Smith-Hahn (U15)Croydon HLee Valley9 Jan
 45.192h2Laura Reilly (U15)Epsom & EwellWoking4 Sep
 45.21ADarcy GrantReigate PrioryHorsham22 May
 45.253Elle Butcher (U15)Kingston & PolyCrawley29 Aug
 45.32AHaylie FrancisSutton&DistrictSutton16 Apr
 45.31Rhianna BestCroydon HCroydon22 May
 45.35Ilana MarismariEpsom & EwellKingston11 Jun
 45.42ANatalie Bretherton (U15)Camberley&DistWoking3 Jul
 45.414Joanne FallonWindsorSE&HBracknell26 Mar
400 Metres (Standard: 67.00 )
57.41AMaddy AustinGuildford&GBasildon3 Sep 
57.904Matilda RainsboroughGuildford&GCrawley29 Aug 
61.12ARebecca PritchardGuildford&GPortsmouth9 Jul 
62.002Sophie StoreyGuildford&GKingston14 May 
64.53BRuth MyburghSouth LondonWormwood Scrubs3 Sep 
64.93AKloe StorrieAldershotF&DSutton20 Aug 
65.41BPoppy Disley-MayAldershotF&DSutton20 Aug 
65.52AIlana MarismariEpsom & EwellKingston3 Sep 
66.366BJoanne FallonWindsorSE&HBasildon10 Jul 
66.44Alexandra WeagerCamberley&DistKingston10 Jul 
66.62BMaria KavanaghSouth LondonBraunton21 May 
 800 Metres (Standard: 2:35.00 )
 2:07.323AMaddy AustinGuildford&GWatford10 Aug
 2:17.748r4Poppy Disley-MayAldershotF&DWatford18 May
 2:19.01ARebecca PritchardGuildford&GGuildford26 Jun
 2:19.601Lisa FergusonReigate PrioryKingston11 Jun
 2:20.273Layla ThompsonKingston & PolyKingston11 Jun
 2:21.21ASusan Shiel-RankinAldershotF&DTwickenham9 Jul
 2:23.32AGrace OsborneGuildford&GGuildford21 May
 2:23.53Ruth BourneTonbridge ACBromley8 May
 2:25.2HFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun
 2:25.693Francesca SummersGuildford&GKingston14 May
 2:26.523Tabitha AdamsTonbridge ACAshford11 Jun
 2:27.98Beth HamletWalton ACWalton18 May
 2:28.168r1Laura GentReigate PrioryCrawley22 Jun
 2:28.33ASophie StoreyGuildford&GGuildford28 May
 2:28.765ACharlotte CavanaghCroydon HHendon17 Jul
 2:28.82ADarcy GrantReigate PriorySutton2 Jul
 2:29.214Georgina CrossmanGuildford&GKingston14 May
 2:30.341Sophie ForemanTonbridge ACTonbridge7 Jun
 2:31.35Ellie BollonsAldershotF&DAldershot11 Jun
 2:31.4HEmily HaberfieldWindsorSE&HWinchester25 Jun
 2:32.64Alice WillsWindsorSE&HReading8 May
 2:32.905EMaria KavanaghSouth LondonCrawley22 Jun
 2:33.793r2Joanne FallonWindsorSE&HSutton Valence27 Jul
 2:34.23Maisie HilaireHerne Hill HBattersea11 Jun
 2:34.95Alice ClemensKingston & PolyKingston10 Jul
1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
4:36.306r11Ruth BourneTonbridge ACWatford1 Jun 
4:39.209r11Poppy Disley-MayGuildford&GWatford1 Jun 
4:39.527r11Maddy AustinGuildford&GWatford27 Jul 
4:39.6112Susan Shiel-RankinAldershotF&DBedford25 Jun 
4:47.494r9Bethany GibsonAldershotF&DWatford27 Jul 
4:51.873Harriet PreedyAldershotF&DKingston14 May 
4:52.407Suzannah MonkGuildford&GAshford6 Aug 
4:55.77BSophie ForemanSouth LondonEltham20 Jul 
5:03.51ALaura GentReigate PriorySutton2 Jul 
5:09.41Alice WillsWindsorSE&HTwickenham5 Jun 
5:12.91BRebecca PritchardGuildford&GEton20 Aug 
5:13.11BGeorgina CrossmanGuildford&GReading18 Sep 
5:13.9nsHayley MisselbrookGuildford&GReading 18 Sep 
5:14.01ALisa FergusonReigate PrioryHorsham22 May 
5:15.01BKatarina Chichester-KanerGuildford&GBracknell14 Aug 
5:15.146Darcy GrantReigate PrioryKingston11 Jun 
5:15.22Sophie StoreyGuildford&GBournemouth5 Jun 
5:19.62Eleanor HarrisonGuildford&GGuildford22 May 
5:21.396Billie BarbourHerne Hill HCrystal Palace3 Apr 
5:22.38r2Abbie SchmidWindsorSE&HWoking3 Aug 
 1 Mile (Standard: 6:30.00 )
 5:09.312Ruth BourneTonbridge ACTonbridge25 Apr
3000 Metres (Standard: 13:00.00 )
9:59.1820r1Katherine Shiel-Rankin (U15)AldershotF&DWatford27 Jul 
10:05.62Harriet PreedyAldershotF&DGuildford8 May 
10:07.251Susan Shiel-RankinAldershotF&DKingston15 May 
10:10.161Ruth BourneTonbridge ACTonbridge5 Jun 
10:13.8112r1Josie Savill (U15)WindsorSE&HWatford1 Jun 
10:41.0112r1Molly Pocock (U15)AldershotF&DWatford7 Sep 
10:48.652Sophie ForemanSouth LondonTonbridge5 Jun 
10:53.2711Laura GentReigate PrioryTonbridge25 Apr 
11:01.11BEleanor HarrisonGuildford&GEton20 Aug 
11:03.702AAlice WillsWindsorSE&HBirmingham4 Sep 
11:07.2917Tamara Myall (U15)AldershotF&DWatford21 Sep 
11:13.222Emma Headley (U15)HerculesWimbTooting20 Jul 
11:16.22Bethany GibsonAldershotF&DBournemouth5 Jun 
11:27.2814Darcy GrantReigate PrioryTonbridge25 Apr 
11:53.911Billie BarbourHerne Hill HTonbridge5 Jun 
11:57.703BAbbie SchmidWindsorSE&HBromley24 Jul 
12:17.72Isabella BroughtonHerne Hill HTonbridge5 Jun 
 80 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
 11.29/-1.41Shirin Irving (U15)Croydon HBedford21 Aug
 11.74/-0.71AJahisha ThomasSutton&DistrictKingston14 Aug
 11.91AEmma NansonAldershotF&DErith18 Jun
 12.41ALilian BrowerCamberley&DistPoole24 Jul
 12.51Eleanor SimpsonAldershotF&DBournemouth12 Jun
 12.62Laura ReillyEpsom & EwellPerivale5 Jun
 13.02ALily NewmanGuildford&GGuildford8 May
 13.01AVicky MaguireGuildford&GPortsmouth9 Jul
 13.07/1.7HFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DExeter17 Sep
 13.24w/4.1HRebecca PritchardGuildford&GSutton10 Sep
 13.31BEmily RuntonGuildford&GReading18 Sep
 13.512Francisca HamiltonHerne Hill HAbingdon9 Jul
 13.61AAnnabel SharpeGuildford&GSutton16 Apr
 13.73Freya CooperHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun
 13.81BSarah RuslingE GrinsteadEastbourne19 Jun
 13.92Rosie MurphyWoking ACWoking19 Jun
300 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 60.00 )
43.862Shona RichardsEpsom & EwellCardiff16 Jul 
46.522Emma NansonAldershotF&DKingston15 May 
46.843Lilian BrowerCamberley&DistKingston15 May 
48.31AMae ThompsonKingston & PolySutton2 Jul 
49.32Eleanor SimpsonAldershotF&DBournemouth5 Jun 
49.62Vicky MaguireGuildford&GBournemouth5 Jun 
49.62Nicole KendallKingston & PolyTooting23 Jul 
49.83ARebecca PritchardGuildford&GSutton2 Jul 
51.63Laura Cook (U15)Kingston & PolyTooting23 Jul 
51.637Paige RoystonEpsom & EwellAshford6 Aug 
52.41Sarah RuslingE GrinsteadCrawley9 Jul 
53.31BJoanne FallonWindsorSE&HGuildford26 Jun 
53.53Brianna KingHerne Hill HKingston16 Jul 
55.95Whitney CampbellCroydon HHastings19 Jun 
56.03Freya CooperHerne Hill HBattersea11 Jun 
57.02Samantha SolomonHerne Hill HLee Valley8 May 
 400 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 85.00 )
 69.21AFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DSutton20 Aug
High Jump (Standard: 1.40m )
1.771Camellia HayesAldershotF&DBedford20 Aug 
1.631BFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DGuildford8 May 
1.602Emily HaberfieldWindsorSE&HBracknell26 Mar 
1.581AAmy de BeauxGuildford&GSutton2 Jul 
1.551BVicky MaguireGuildford&GGuildford28 May 
1.551ALeah DysonDorkingMVBrighton9 Jul 
1.502Sophy MiltonSutton&DistrictCroydon22 May 
1.502ANicole LoucaidesReigate PrioryGuildford28 May 
1.482Brianna KingHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
1.451Charlotte CavanaghCroydon HLee Valley8 May 
1.452Ella CattleHerne Hill HCroydon22 May 
1.45HEmma NansonAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
1.452ANicole KendallKingston & PolyKingston3 Sep 
1.412Faith Bavington-HallWoking ACHigh Wycombe8 May 
1.418Francisca HamiltonHerne Hill HAbingdon9 Jul 
1.402Jowita MieszkowskaHerculesWimbCrystal Palace3 Apr 
1.404Emily RuntonGuildford&GGuildford22 May 
1.403Leila AbandahHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
 2.702AAmy de BeauxGuildford&GReading18 Sep
 2.62i3ANicole KendallKingston & PolySutton13 Mar
 2.53i6BAnnabel SharpeGuildford&GSutton25 Sep
 2.501AAnnabel SharpeGuildford&GSutton16 Apr
 2.452ANicole KendallKingston & PolyHillingdon1 May
 2.30nsFrancesca MeadeHerne Hill HSutton30 Apr
 2.302AMaisie HilaireHerne Hill HKingston3 Sep
 2.103Freya CooperHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun
Long Jump (Standard: 4.40m )
5.85/1.21Jahisha ThomasSutton&DistrictBedford20 Aug 
5.221ASarah RuslingE GrinsteadEastbourne17 Jul 
5.101Zoe DoranGuildford&GKingston11 Jun 
5.08HFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
4.834Rachel WoodmanReigate PrioryKingston11 Jun 
4.79w/2.9HEmily HaberfieldWindsorSE&HWinchester25 Jun 
4.783ASarah RawlingsSutton&DistrictHillingdon1 May 
4.731BHazel AshbyHerne Hill HKingston20 Aug 
4.712AZoe KingHolland SportsEastbourne19 Jun 
4.702Rosie MurphyWoking ACWoking4 Sep 
4.70w/2.2HVicky MaguireGuildford&GWinchester25 Jun 
4.69w/2.1HEmma NansonAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
4.676Rosie MurphyWoking ACKingston11 Jun 
4.652BCamellia HayesAldershotF&DAbingdon17 Sep 
4.573Brianna KingHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
4.501BAnnabel SharpeGuildford&GSutton16 Apr 
4.493Lily NewmanGuildford&GGuildford22 May 
4.471BNicole LoucaidesReigate PrioryKingston30 Apr 
4.454AAmy de BeauxGuildford&GPortsmouth29 May 
4.423ACharlotte CavanaghCroydon HCanterbury24 Jul 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 8.00m )
 11.58/0.82AJahisha ThomasSutton&DistrictKingston14 Aug
 11.44i1Kerri Davidson (U15)Sutton&DistrictLee Valley15 Jan
 10.422AAmy de BeauxGuildford&GEton20 Aug
 10.392ANicole KendallKingston & PolyKingston10 Jul
 10.281ASarah RuslingE GrinsteadEastbourne17 Jul
 10.251AVicky MaguireGuildford&GGuildford28 May
 10.103ANicole LoucaidesReigate PrioryHemel Hempstead24 Jul
 10.042Annabel FordGuildford&GGuildford22 May
 10.03i2Emily Stewart (U15)Epsom & EwellSutton27 Feb
 9.732ASarah RawlingsSutton&DistrictKingston16 Jul
 9.423ARosie MurphyWoking ACBournemouth30 Apr
 9.412BEleanor SimpsonAldershotF&DAbingdon17 Sep
 9.352AZoe KingHolland SportsEastbourne17 Jul
 9.30w/3.83Kloe StorrieAldershotF&DKingston15 May
 9.232BAnnabel SharpeGuildford&GEton20 Aug
 9.211Yazmin AnsteyCroydon HCroydon22 May
 9.161Leah DysonDorkingMVBrighton17 Aug
 9.102Rhianna BestCroydon HCroydon22 May
 9.071BKloe StorrieAldershotF&DEton10 Apr
 8.961BEleanor McCannReigate PrioryKingston16 Jul
 8.944ARebecca PritchardGuildford&GPortsmouth29 May
 8.667Paige RoystonEpsom & EwellKingston11 Jun
 8.351Laura DohertyCamberley&DistTwickenham5 Jun
Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
9.712AIyani Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonWormwood Scrubs3 Sep 
8.495ATamara ReidCroydon HHendon17 Jul 
8.463AFiona ClarkeAldershotF&DKingston3 Sep 
8.364Deborah IbitoyeHerne Hill HCrystal Palace3 Apr 
8.011BEmily McDermottGuildford&GHemel Hempstead30 Apr 
7.99HVicky MaguireGuildford&GSutton10 Sep 
7.832AHelen BridgmanDorkingMVSutton16 Apr 
7.364ARebekah WilliamsHerne Hill HSutton30 Apr 
7.354Jeniva JosephHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
7.304AAndrine WilliamsCamberley&DistEton10 Apr 
7.171Emily RuntonGuildford&GGuildford22 May 
7.13nsAmy StantonEpsom & EwellKingston20 Aug 
7.033APaige CareyWoking ACGuildford24 Jul 
7.021ACharlotte OwensGuildford&GSutton2 Jul 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 18.00m )
 35.612Iyani Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonAshford7 Aug
 30.801Charlotte OwensGuildford&GKingston15 May
 29.612Tamara ReidCroydon HKingston11 Jun
 26.953Leah AndersonCroydon HKingston15 May
 26.064Helen BridgmanDorkingMVKingston11 Jun
 25.195Lakesha Abrams-QuaminaHerne Hill HKingston11 Jun
 25.111BEmily McDermottGuildford&GGuildford8 May
 24.171Paige CareyWoking ACPerivale5 Jun
 20.492Amy StantonEpsom & EwellHastings8 May
 19.151ALaura DohertyCamberley&DistWoking3 Jul
 19.123BEmma NansonAldershotF&DEton10 Apr
 19.033Zoe KingHolland SportsCrawley29 Aug
 18.912Eleanor WhiteSutton&DistrictSt Albans19 Jun
 18.792Rebecca PritchardGuildford&GGuildford22 May
 18.753Emily RuntonGuildford&GGuildford22 May
 18.077Sarah RawlingsSutton&DistrictKingston15 May
Hammer (4kg)
29.271Alex BartleKingston & PolyKingston22 May 
24.043AImogen StringerGuildford&GReading18 Sep 
24.033Iyani Obi-AdewoleSouth LondonCrawley19 Jun 
23.153Emily SpoonerGuildford&GKingston11 Jun 
22.944ATamara ReidCroydon HErith10 Jul 
21.162ARebecca PritchardGuildford&GGuildford28 May 
20.453BTerrie CollierCroydon HHendon17 Jul 
20.001Amy StantonEpsom & EwellHastings8 May 
16.133Jeniva JosephHerne Hill HWalthamstow19 Jun 
15.832Leah AndersonCroydon HBasildon5 Jun 
15.673AZara ThornSutton&DistrictKingston3 Sep 
 Javelin (600g)
 30.351Kamila MorganCroydon HKingston11 Jun
 29.771Emily McDermottGuildford&GHendon15 Jun
 28.522JoJo JamesonGuildford&GHendon15 Jun
 27.66nsRebekah WilliamsHerne Hill HSutton30 Apr
 26.701Laura BaileyAldershotF&DWoking19 Jun
 24.325ATerrie CollierCroydon HHendon17 Jul
 23.311BFiona ClarkeCamberley&DistKingston3 Sep
 23.196Maura MaughanKingston & PolyKingston11 Jun
 20.85nsCharlotte OwensGuildford&GEton10 Apr
 20.363Emma HardcastleWoking ACHigh Wycombe8 May
Heptathlon (U17 events) (Standard: 2750pts )
39702Fiona ClarkeAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
37629Emma NansonAldershotF&DWinchester25 Jun 
35491Vicky MaguireGuildford&GSutton11 Sep 
335114Emily HaberfieldWindsorSE&HWinchester25 Jun 
32062Rebecca PritchardGuildford&GSutton11 Sep 

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