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Today's Date: 16 January 2019

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Senior Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
 9.91/+1.11s2James DasaoluCroydon HBirmingham13 Jul
 10.08/+1.92Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton&DistrictBirmingham13 Jul
 10.24/+0.12h2Greg CackettBelgrave HLa Chaux-de-Fonds, SUI7 Jul
 10.32/+1.13Aidan SyersNewham&ExBBilbao, ESP21 Jun
 10.38w/+2.32Sam Osewa (U23)Croydon HBedford15 Jun
 10.50/+0.15Sam Osewa (U23)Croydon HLoughborough19 May
 10.58w/+4.21r9Robert GrahamHerne Hill HLee Valley8 May
 10.6w/+2.51h13Tremayne GillingBlkhth&BromBedford4 May
 10.62/+1.51r18Dele OnifadeHerne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.64w/+3.26r2Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.65w/+2.61r13Dwayne DowdingHerne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.66/+1.41h7Leroy SlueHarrow ACDonnas, ITA7 Jul
 10.71/-4.81r1Tremayne GillingBlkhth&BromCrawley14 Apr
 10.72/+1.04h4Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HBirmingham12 Jul
 10.72w/+3.76r2AJ Boyce (U23)Herne Hill HLee Valley31 Jul
 10.73w/+2.52h2Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HDonnas, ITA7 Jul
 10.75/+1.02h2Jordan Smith-BentKingston & PolyWatford22 Jun
 10.76/+1.02r14Tom ButcherKingston & PolyLee Valley5 Jun
 10.76/0.05r2.Dwayne DowdingHerne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.76/0.03r6rLee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.76w/+2.81r18Max Mondelli (U20)HerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 10.8/+0.22h1Josh Street (U20)South LondonBedford15 Jun
 10.81BTheo Etienne (U17)HerculesWimbEton10 Aug
 10.83/+0.53r25Fawwaz Okunole (U17)Herne Hill HLee Valley17 Jul
 10.85/+1.41h3Zanson Plummer (U17)Herne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul
 10.85w/+3.52r17Jamal Rhoden-Stevens (U20)Herne Hill HLee Valley14 Aug
 10.88w/+5.82r15Reece BowersSutton&DistrictLee Valley31 Jul
 10.89/-0.21BJamal Rhoden-Stevens (U20)Herne Hill HTooting27 Jul
 10.90/+1.11Max Mondelli (U20)HerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 10.91nsDwayne CowanHerculesWimbTooting24 Jul
 10.91/+1.41r4Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HGainsville, FL. USA20 Apr
 10.91/+1.75r2AJ Boyce (U23)Herne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 10.91/+0.64Kertis Beswick (U20)Blkhth&BromWatford23 Jun
 10.92/+1.12Damien Powell (U20)Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 10.94w/+5.93r23Richard Agyapong (U23)HerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 10.96w/+5.84r23Samuel AdeyemiHerne Hill HLee Valley31 Jul
 10.96w/+3.84r17Gift McLaren (U20)South LondonLee Valley14 Aug
 10.97w/+4.32r16Andre NembhardKingston & PolyLee Valley31 Jul
 10.98w/+5.85r15Rechmial Miller (U17)HerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 10.99/-0.22BIsmail Abdul Karim (U17)Herne Hill HTooting27 Jul
 10.99w/+2.52r13Philip Mauge (U20)HerculesWimbLee Valley31 Jul
 11.01Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HTooting12 Jun
 11.02ALawrence Croll-MensahHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Jun
 11.01Kevin Owusu-Mantey (U17)HerculesWimbTooting24 Jul
 11.014Justin GreenKingston & PolyWoodford30 Jul
 11.022Andre NembhardKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul
 11.03/+1.75r11Gift McLaren (U20)South LondonWoodford30 Jul
 11.04/+1.84r13Samuel AdeyemiHerne Hill HLee Valley19 Jun
 11.07/-0.51Chris PopeHerne Hill HBromley12 Aug
 11.08/+0.72nsRichard Agyapong (U23)HerculesWimbKingston13 Jul
 11.08/+1,51CAfamefuna Obi-Adewole (U23)Croydon HHendon24 Aug
 11.09/-0.23BPeter PhillipsHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul
 11.12AIwan Fesnoux (U17)Epsom & EwellPortsmouth15 Jun
 11.13AKyle Andrews (U20)Croydon HBrighton15 Jun
 11.11ALuke Dorrell (U17)AldershotF&DBournemouth30 Jun
 11.16/-0.62Rechmial Miller (U17)HerculesWimbKingston8 Jun
 11.17w/+2.52r13Josh Wood (M35)Harrow ACLee Valley31 Jul
 11.22BJake Field (U17)Sutton&DistrictTwickenham2 Jun
 11.2/+0.27h1Frederick Afrifa (U17)Herne Hill HBedford15 Jun
 11.21ns2Daryl ThomasHerne Hill HCarshalton15 Jun
 11.21BRhys Edwards-Whittle (U20)Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
 11.21Aaron Adekoya (U17)Croydon HBournemouth30 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00 )
20.56w/+2.11r3Greg CackettBelgrave HLa Chaux-de-Fonds, SUI7 Jul 
21.08/+0.72Martyn RooneyCroydon HLoughborough19 May 
21.08/-1.36Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbBedford25 Aug 
21.24/+0.91ADwayne DowdingHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
21.28w/+2.92Josh Street (U20)South LondonHendon29 Jun 
21.29/-0.91AGreg CackettBelgrave HManchester8 Jun 
21.34/+1.86r2Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton&DistrictGainsville, FL. USA5 Apr 
21.45/+1.72h2Marvin Popoola (U20)Herne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul 
21.57/+0.33s1Sam Osewa (U23)Croydon HBedford16 Jun 
21.60/+0.11r5Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HSint Niklaas, BEL8 May 
21.66/+0.25Josh Street (U20)South LondonBedford16 Jun 
21.742Jordan Smith-Bent (U23)Kingston & PolyLee Valley17 Jun 
21.91AZanson Plummer (U17)Herne Hill HWelwyn2 Jun 
21.91Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbCroydon29 Sep 
21.92/+1.23r2Leroy SlueHarrow ACDonnas, ITA7 Jul 
21.94w/+3.34r14Afam Obi-Adewole (U23)Croydon HLee Valley14 Aug 
22.01h2Tremayne GillingBlkhth&BromLee Valley24 Apr 
22.01/+0.92ALawrence Croll MensahHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
22.03/+1.01r11Fawwaz Okunole (U17)Herne Hill HLee Valley5 Jun 
22.06/+0.93APeter PhillipsHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
22.12ATheo Etienne (U17)HerculesWimbEton10 Aug 
22.13/+1.13h2Frederick Afrifa (U17)Herne Hill HWatford22 Jun 
22.14w/+2.24h1Jamal Rhoden-Stevens (U20)Herne Hill HWatford22 Jun 
22.23/+1.61r5AJ Boyce (U23)Herne Hill HDonnas, ITA7 Jul 
22.24/-1.25AJoe Yarde (U20)WindsorSE&HOordegem, BEL1 Jun 
22.25/-0.23Jamal Rhoden-Stevens (U20)Herne Hill HKingston25 May 
22.27/-0.43r1Robert GrahamHerne Hill HCrystal Palace1 May 
22.282Andre NembhardKingston & PolyLee Valley17 Jul 
22.32ns1Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HTooting24 Jul 
22.34/-0.12BJustin GreenKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul 
22.41nsDamien Powell (U20)Croydon HCroydon18 May 
22.443h4Reece McLawrence (U17)South LondonBirmingham5 Jul 
22.44/+0.61AMax Mondelli (U20)HerculesWimbKingston13 Jul 
22.51AAfam Obi-Adewole (U23)Croydon HCrookham Common18 May 
22.54i1r2Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley26 Jan 
22.57/-0.12BRichard Agyapong (U23)HerculesWimbKingston13 Jul 
22.62AChris Hall Kingston & PolyTwickenham18 May 
22.62AIwan Fesnoux (U17)Epsom & EwellPortsmouth15 Jun 
22.64/+0.24r2Gift McLaren (U20)South LondonHendon29 Jun 
22.81nsEdwin Miles (U17)Croydon HCarshalton14 Apr 
22.81Daniel Luke (U17)Croydon HBracknell28 Apr 
22.82BChris Clarke (U20)Croydon HBrighton15 Jun 
22.807BAndrew ClementsWindsorSE&HEton7 Jul 
22.81ns2Ismail Abdul Karim (U17)Herne Hill HTooting24 Jul 
 400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
 45.051Martyn RooneyCroydon HBrussels, BEL6 Sep
 47.281r3Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbBromley17 Aug
 47.855ANicholas AtwellHerne Hill HHendon3 Aug
 47.941ATim KuriaWoking ACAbingdon8 Jun
 48.313BLolu Oluwole-Ojo (U20)WindsorSE&HOordegem, BEL1 Jun
 48.535APeter PhillipsHerne Hill HLee Valley11 May
 48.593r1Andrew ClementsWindsorSE&HHendon27 Jul
 48.691h2Samuel AdeyemiHerne Hill HWatford22 Jun
 48.902DZak Curran (U23)WindsorSE&HWatford15 May
 49.17i2s1Jacob Paul (U20)WindsorSE&HBirmingham3 Feb
 49.41nsBlade Ashby (U23)Herne Hill HKingston27 Apr
 49.641AJonathan Osbourne (U20)HerculesWimbKingston13 Jul
 49.683DOli Aitchison (U23)AldershotF&DWatford
 49.71AAfam Obi-Adewole (U23)Croydon HCroydon18 May
 49.776Shaun Cooke (U17)Sutton&DistrictBirmingham6 Jul
 49.893r1Lee McLaughlinCroydon HCrystal Palace1 May
 50.505r10AJ Boyce (U23)Herne Hill HCrystal Palace1 May
 50.51BSean Hall (U23)HerculesWimbEton10 Aug
 50.63AChris McAlister (U20)Sutton&DistrictAbingdon18 May
 50.631nsSunny Adebanji (U23)Herne Hill HKingston14 Aug
 50.752Ricardo King (U17)Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 50.81Caspar EliotHerne Hill HTooting24 Jul
 50.852BJustin GreenKingston & PolyCardiff11 May
 50.874h2Hamed AgbokeHerculesWimbKingston25 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:48.142AOli Aitchison (U23)AldershotF&DManchester1 Jun 
1:49.482Zak Curran (U23)WindsorSE&HKingston26 May 
1:50.657ALewis Lloyd (U20)Herne Hill HWatford7 Aug 
1:51.7510AJonny Hay (U23)AldershotF&DWatford7 Aug 
1:52.91ASean Hall (U23)HerculesWimbEton10 Aug 
1:53.924rAHugo Fleming (U20)Walton ACStreet6 May 
1:54.163r25Patrick Lucas (U20)Croydon HWatford7 Aug 
1:54.473Jonathan DarbyKingston & PolyKingston26 May 
1:54.543CDaniel Wallis (U20)Guildford&GEltham14 Aug 
1:54.724CGilbert GrundyWoking ACEltham14 Aug 
1:55.046CRyan EvansSouth LondonEltham14 Aug 
1:55.82Paskar OworBelgrave Htoo24 Jul 
1:56.03AEdward Olsen (U17)Herne Hill HEton10 Aug 
1:56.294h3Calum Roots (U20)Guildford&GWatford22 Jun 
1:57.472r13David WhiteCroydon HWatford4 Sep 
1:57.493CJosh ArnoldAldershotF&DWatford15 May 
1:57.81i4h4Will HartleyWoking ACWoking20 Apr 
1:58.295BNathan Inkester (U17)Sutton&DistrictEltham17 Jul 
1:58.431Adam Hulin (U20)AldershotF&DKingston25 May 
1:58.62ALiam HatcherSouth LondonMile End4 May 
1:58.883BJacob Rainier (U20)AldershotF&DMilton Keynes18 May 
1:59.122Harry Spawforth (U17)Guildford&GKingston25 May 
1:59.411r3Paul Cave (U23)Epsom & EwellDubuque, IA. USA20 Apr 
1:59.722David Peters (M40)Herne Hill HNew York, NY, USA30 May 
1:59.84Nicholas TorrySerpentine RBattersea3 Jul 
1:59.81i2r4Jamie McCullaghKingston & PolyLee Valley27 Jan 
1:59.921ETom Butcher (U20)Guildford&GEltham14 Aug 
1:59.961AFeysel Nadew (U15)Herne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
2:00.05Peter Chambers (U20)Croydon HBattersea3 Jul 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
 3:42.141ALuke Caldwell (U23)DorkingMVWatford30 Jun
 3:46.725CLewis Lloyd (U20)Herne Hill HManchester1 Jun
 3:48.091AJonny Hay (U23)AldershotF&DCoventry25 Aug
 3:51.8110AGus Cockle (U17)AldershotF&DWatford7 Aug
 3:54.512AJoshua Grace (U23)AldershotF&DWatford4 Sep
 3:54.979r16Gilbert GrundyWoking ACWatford21 Aug
 3:55.741r5Russell BentleyKent ACWatford18 Sep
 3:57.28Andrew Penney (U23)HerculesWimbBedford5 May
 3:57.574r1Josh Gorecki (U23)AldershotF&DMonmouth, OR, USA12 Apr
 3:59.123ADaniel Wallis (U20)Guildford&GBrighton8 May
 3:59.614r15David WhiteCroydon HWatford21 Aug
 3:59.705BPeter Chambers (U20)Croydon HWatford10 Jul
 4:00.71BPaskar OworBelgrave HEastbourne13 Jul
 4:01.425BDavid Peters (M40)Herne Hill HHendon3 Aug
 4:01.821r17Adam Hulin (U20)AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 4:01.92Ryan EvansSouth LondonBattersea3 Jul
 4:02.764r17Jack Rowe (U20)AldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 4:03.051r13Fred SlemeckHerculesWimbWatford21 Aug
 4:03.407r20Ben Bradley (U20)AldershotF&DWatford24 Jul
 4:03.681Tom Holden (U17)South LondonKingston8 Jun
 4:06.384r18Sam Eglen (U20)AldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 4:06.603r13Dom Nolan (U20)Croydon HWatford1 May
 4:06.6512BKojo Kyreme (M35)Shaft.BarnetWatford10 Jul
 4:07.4113r1Lascelles Hussey (U17)Herne Hill HWatford1 May
 4:08.003Edward Olsen (U17)Herne Hill HKingston25 May
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
4:08.89iLuke Caldwell (U23)DorkingMVAlbuquerque26 Jan 
4:09.094BJonny Hay (U23)AldershotF&DOxford20 Jul 
4:15.799CTom Holden (U17)South LondonOxford20 Jul 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
 8:14.66i1Luke Caldwell (U23)DorkingMVBoise, ID, USA23 Feb
 8:20.444r2Ian Bailey (U23)AldershotF&DWatford21 Aug
 8:21.391r3Gus Cockle (U17)AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 8:24.15i3h1Jonathan Gault (U23)unattachedHanover, NH, USA13 Jan
 8:32.20i3BRussell BentleyBlkhth&BromSheffield6 Feb
 8:35.017r2Joshua Grace (U23)AldershotF&DWatford26 Jun
 8:35.41Nicholas TorrySerpentine RPaddington9 Jul
 8:38.2211CBen Bradley (U20)AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 8:40.01Paskar OworBelgrave HKingston14 Aug
 8:41.26i3Peter Chambers (U20)Croydon HLee Valley4 Dec
 8:42.368AJames McMullanHerne Hill HHendon3 Aug
 8:42.4515Sam Eglen (U20)AldershotF&DWatford29 May
 8:43.341ATom Holden (U17)South LondonEltham17 Jul
 8:46.088r2Ben Paviour (M40)Herne Hill HWatford24 Jul
 8:48.22Jonathan SteadHerne Hill HKingston14 Aug
 8:48.23David WhiteCroydon HKingston14 Aug
 8:50.12Peter Chambers (U20)Croydon HTooting24 Jul
 8:50.4011r3Jack Wyllie (U20)AldershotF&DWatford4 Sep
 8:54.576AGordon PearceKingston & PolyStoke Gifford3 Aug
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00 )
13:29.9415Luke Caldwell (U23)DorkingMVStanford, CA, USA 28 Apr 
14:10.3614AJosh Gorecki (U23)AldershotF&DWalnut, CA, USA19 Apr 
14:13.681AJonny Hay (U23)AldershotF&DStretford17 Aug 
14:18.381ANicholas TorrySerpentine ROxford20 Jul 
14:25.81i14Jonathan Gault (U23)unattachedBoston, MA, USA26 Jan 
14:36.0220AIan Bailey (U23)AldershotF&DManchester1 Jun 
14:42.825AJames KellyBelgrave HOxford20 Jul 
14:49.313CBen Bradley (U20)AldershotF&DSolihull18 May 
14:52.22APaskar OworBelgrave HBracknell10 Aug 
15:13.984Kojo Kyreme (M35)Shaft.BarnetWatford23 Jun 
15:39.02AKieran White (M35)HerculesWimbHorsham18 May 
15:44.661BGordon PearceKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul 
15:47.2210h2Joe Toomey (U23)HerculesWimbBedford4 May 
15:50.31ADavid WhiteCroydon HKingston10 Aug 
15:51.41BBen Paviour (M40)Herne Hill HHorsham18 May 
15:51.7912r1Ollie Garrod (U23)Epsom & EwellBedford4 May 
15:52.2418Andrew Robinson (M40)Kingston & PolyWatford23 Jun 
15:53.23AMatthew SharpHerculesWimbEton10 Aug 
15:54.81AMark Plackett (U20)Croydon HKingston20 Apr 
15:56.72nsRichard StannardBelgrave HBracknell10 Aug 
16:01.962Nathan DittonWindsorSE&HKingston25 May 
16:05.973Robert TuerHerculesWimbKingston25 May 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00 )
 29:43.357Jonathan Gault (U23)unattachedWalnut, CA, USA10 Apr
 30:17.81Nicholas TorrySerpentine RSandy11 Jul
 30:27.711Luke Caldwell (U23)DorkingMVLas Vegas, NV, USA10 May
 31:03.9010AKojo Kyereme (M35) (M35)Shaft.BarnetParliament Hill6 Jun
 31:14.7913ARussell BentleyKent ACParliament Hill6 Jun
 32:24.627BBen Paviour (M40)Herne Hill HParliament Hill6 Jun
 33:53.504CMark Plackett (U20)Croydon HParliament Hill6 Jun
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
9:33.561Gilbert GrundyWoking ACCarshalton7 Sep 
9:55.32APeter Chambers (U20)Croydon HWoking20 Jul 
 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00 )
 14.24/-1.31BBlade Ashby (U23)Herne Hill HLoughborough23 Jul
 14.87/+1.94h2Joe Yarde (U20)WindsorSE&HBedford24 Aug
 14.91Thomas Ashby Herne Hill HCarshalton15 Jun
 15.21Rushane Thomas (U20)Herne Hill HTooting24 Jul
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
50.713Jacob Paul (U20)WindsorSE&HRieti, ITA21 Jul 
52.593AAndy ClementsWindsorSE&HLiverpool3 Aug 
54.191ALolu Oluwole-Ojo (U20)WindsorSE&HBromley2 Jun 
55.222BJoe Yarde (U20)WindsorSE&HKingston27 Apr 
55.307Paul Cave (U23)Epsom & EwellLa Crosse, WI. USA10 May 
56.41Will HartleyWoking ACExeter20 Mar 
57.013Caspar ElliotBristol&WestKingston26 May 
57.51ATom Parry (U23)Kingston & PolyKingston10 Aug 
57.953BLoic MalrouxKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.90m )
 2.229ASamson OniBelgrave HHustopece, CZE
 2.001AThomas Ashby Herne Hill HKingston13 Jul
 2.007ATayo Andrews (U20)Herne Hill HHendon3 Aug
 1.911Alex MacKintosh (U20)Kingston & PolyKingston2 Jun
 1.901Ocean Schwartz (U17)AldershotF&DKingston8 Jun
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.70m )
5.05i1Jack Phipps (U20)Woking ACBirmingham24 Feb 
4.901AJack Phipps (U20)Woking ACWoking20 Apr 
4.502ANed Quiney (U23)Croydon HBedford17 Aug 
4.41i1Greg Conlon (M35)Walton ACCarshalton29 Sep 
4.402AGreg Conlon (M35)Walton ACAbingdon20 Jul 
4.101Daniel Ditton (U20)WindsorSE&HWatford22 Jun 
3.902AGordon Lester (U23)Kingston & PolyKingston15 Jun 
3.90DLoic MalrouxKingston & PolyCarshalton8 Sep 
3.801John Andrews (M40)Epsom & EwellAshford2 Jun 
3.708AThomas Ashby Herne Hill HManchester8 Jun 
3.701BKaspars KazemaksWoking ACWoking20 Jul 
 Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m )
 7.86/-0.31Elliot Safo (U20)Croydon HRieti, ITA19 Jul
 7.44/+0.61Oliver Newport (U20)Blkhth&BromBirmingham5 Jun
 7.42/+0.14Ezekiel EwuloWoodGrn+ExLDessau, GER31 May
 7.24i1BJermain Olasan (U23)Blkhth&BromCardiff27 Jan
 7.24i3AJoe Lawrence (U23)Blkhth&BromLee Valley27 Jan
 7.15/+1.22AJermain Olasan (U23)Blkhth&BromKingston27 Apr
 7.15i4AJonathan Grant (U23)Herne Hill HLee Valley27 Jan
 7.04/+1.41APaul OluyemiHerne Hill HKingston13 Jul
 6.971AThomas Ashby Herne Hill HCarshalton15 Jun
 6.70i1Chris Hall Kingston & PolyUxbridge23 Mar
 6.61iHJack Phipps (U20)Woking ACSheffield5 Jan
 6.56w/+4.3DLoic MalrouxKingston & PolyCarshalton7 Sep
 6.551Chris Hall Kingston & PolyKingston16 Jul
Triple Jump (Standard: 13.00m )
15.53i1Jonathan Ilori (U23)Blkhth&BromColumbia, MO, USA15 Feb 
15.521Jonathan Ilori (U23)Blkhth&BromOxford, MS, USA27 Apr 
15.52/0.08Babatunde Amosu (U23)Croydon HDes Moines, IA, USA27 Apr 
15.50i2Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi (U23)Croydon HPrinceton, NJ. USA27 Apr 
15.371Dami OmohwaHerne Hill HTooting27 Jul 
15.37i1BJulien Allwood (U23)Herne Hill HLee Valley26 Jan 
14.751APaul OgunCroydon HAbingdon14 Sep 
14.441Stefan Amokwandoh (U17)Blkhth&BromDublin. IRE20 Jul 
14.32w/+2.46ATaiwo Adereni (U23)Herne Hill HManchester8 Jun 
14.281ADavid WellsteadBelgrave HAbingdon21 Jul 
13.761AHumphrey WaddingtonKingston & PolyStoke Gifford3 Aug 
13.68/-0.96ATaiwo Adereni (U23)Herne Hill HManchester8 Jun 
13.401AAfamefuna Obi-Adewol (U23)Croydon HWoking20 Jul 
13.37w1ALoic MalrouxKingston & PolyCardiff11 May 
13.051AMatthew Broderick (U20)Kingston & PolyKingston14 Jul 
13.02i10AWill HartleyWoking ACSheffield23 Feb 
 Shot Put (7.26kg) (Standard: 13.00m )
 15.135AMichael Wheeler (U23)Herne Hill HSheffield6 Jul
 14.931AThomas Ashby Herne Hill HCarshalton15 Jun
 14.651ANick OwenKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul
 14.35i1Joey Watson (U20)WindsorSE&HCarshalton17 Feb
 14.32PChris DackKingston & PolyEwell7 Dec
 13.831Joey Watson (U20)WindsorSE&HCrookham Common10 Mar
 13.61i2rbTom NormanWoodGrn+ExLCarshalton17 Mar
 13.161AIan FrankishEpsom & EwellKingston14 Jul
 13.021Sam BishopWalton ACWalton17 Jul
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m )
59.585Chris ScottShaft.BarnetDonnas, ITA7 Jul 
55.923ATom NormanWoodGrn+ExLLee Valley11 May 
46.535AThomas Ashby Herne Hill HSheffield6 Jul 
45.042AAndy WhebleKingston & PolyAbingdon8 Jun 
43.281AOmar Reid (U20)Croydon HAbingdon14 Sep 
42.682BChris DackKingston & PolyAbingdon8 Jun 
39.602AThomas Bullen (U23)South LondonMile End4 May 
38.982Joey Watson (U20)WindsorSE&HHendon24 Aug 
38.301BGavin Johnson-AssoonHerne Hill HKingston13 Jul 
37.891Peter Mayfield (M35)Belgrave HPlymouth7 Apr 
37.471AGareth Cook (M40)Kingston & PolyWoking20 Apr 
36.223BNick OwenKingston & PolyCardiff11 May 
35.341BChris Privett (M40)Belgrave HEastbourne13 Jul 
 Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 40.00m )
 52.491AGareth Cook (M40)Kingston & PolyWoking20 Apr
 44.244AAndy WhebleKingston & PolyKingston6 Jul
 42.542Rob SmithWalton ACKingston6 Apr
 41.443Paul Kelly (M40)Woking ACKingston25 May
 41.051AChris Privett (M40)Belgrave HLewes18 May
Javelin (800g) (Standard: 50.00m )
63.031Gavin Johnson-AssoonHerne Hill HKingston26 May 
59.752AChris DackKingston & PolyAbingdon8 Jun 
54.423AWilliam Trimble (U23)Kingston & PolyKingston6 Jul 
51.071ARichmond BaahCroydon HKingston20 Apr 
51.021ARoy ChambersWoking ACWoking20 Jul 
 Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts )
 6219ptsLoic MalrouxKingston & PolyCarshalton7 Sep
 57693Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACWoodford12 May
3000 Metres Walk (Standard: 15:00.00 )
11:24.99i2Alex WrightBelgrave HAthlone, IRL27 Jan 

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