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Today's Date: 20 October 2018

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Under 15 Girls
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.80 )
 12.20w/3.63Lucy HoadReigate PrioryBedford31 Aug
 12.41ASophia HenlonSutton&DistrictSutton4 May
 12.41BCharmont Webster-TapeHerculesWimbSutton4 May
 12.41ALucy HoadReigate PriorySutton11 May
 12.76/-0.52Ella EzeKingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
 12.80/1.71Denisha Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HLoughborough19 May
 12.81ACoralie MidoCroydon HWinchester1 Jun
 12.91BSophie EllissReigate PriorySutton11 May
 12.91BChloe GoodallAldershotF&DGuildford19 May
 12.91BChanice GordonCroydon HSutton13 Jul
 13.02AAlice SmithWoking ACPortsmouth22 Jun
 13.02AStephanie FisherHolland SportsSutton22 Jun
 13.06/-1.83Nicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictKingston26 May
 13.13AEllie GroveGuildford&GSutton11 May
 13.13AHetty TaylorWalton ACSutton22 Jun
 13.11AFreya JhugrooDorkingMVWalton29 Jun
 13.13/0.43r22Natasha AlfredHerne Hill HLee Valley17 Jul
 13.23AMegan HildrewGuildford&GGuildford18 May
 13.24AEmily HornungDorkingMVSutton22 Jun
 13.20/-1.81Millie JonesSutton&DistrictWoking1 Sep
 13.33BLohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonSutton4 May
 13.32BMarie AgyareCroydon HWinchester1 Jun
 13.313.3Kristal AwuahHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun
 13.31BNaomi Hoosang-RobinsonCroydon HEwell31 Aug
 13.36w/2.86r2.Trixie Owusu-FrempongHerne Hill HLee Valley31 Aug
 13.42BJemma WoodGuildford&GSutton11 May
 13.4nsAdana IweanyaWindsorSE&HGuildford15 Jun
 13.48/0.41r1Trixie Owusu-FrempongHerne Hill HBromley17 Aug
 13.49/0.34h1Sophie CooperDorkingMVKingston26 May
 13.54AHelena GarlandWalton ACSutton4 May
 13.55AParis JosephGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun
 13.51r2Clara GrinyerReigate PrioryHorsham4 Aug
 13.53r1Francesca ForbesSutton&DistrictHorsham4 Aug
 13.5nsTosin SalamiCroydon HEwell31 Aug
 13.52r2Julia DoukrouBelgrave HTooting Bec8 Sep
 13.581Godgift NnadozieCambridge HEltham1 Jul
 13.61BFrancesca TurnerWalton ACSutton22 Jun
 13.63ADaisy SetyabuleHerne Hill HGuildford6 Jul
 13.62BKatie BarrettWoking ACWorthing13 Jul
 13.66/-0.24EBreagha CampbellHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Jul
 13.73AAmy Louise BrownWoking ACPortsmouth4 May
 13.7nsLauryn John-GreenwoodCroydon HWalton29 Jun
 13.74AEleanor ChurchEpsom&EwellGuildford6 Jul
 13.72/-3.52h4Chloe RoddyWoking ACKingston26 May
 13.781r2Rachel WoodsWoking ACWoking7 Aug
 13.84AMica PowellKingston & PolyWoking22 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 29.00 )
25.34i1Lucy HoadReigate PrioryBirmingham24 Feb 
25.60/-0.31h1Lucy HoadReigate PrioryBirmingham5 Jul 
26.21BMillie JonesSutton&DistrictSutton4 May 
26.21AJemma WoodGuildford&GGuildford13 Jul 
26.41BCharmont Webster-TapeHerculesWimbWalton13 Jul 
26.51BNicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictSutton4 May 
26.51BChanice GordonCroydon HWinchester1 Jun 
26.58/-2.02s1Chloe RoddyWoking ACKingston25 May 
26.62AEllie GroveGuildford&GSutton11 May 
26.61ACoralie MidoCroydon HWinchester1 Jun 
26.6/-2.02AFreya JhugrooDorkingMVWalton13 Jul 
26.62AElla EzeKingston & PolyGuildford13 Jul 
26.91BChloe GoodallAldershotF&DGuildford19 May 
26.93AStephanie FisherHolland SportsWalton13 Jul 
26.991CGodgift NnadozieCambridge HAshford21 Jul 
27.02BSophie CooperDorkingMVWalton13 Jul 
27.22Clara GrinyerReigate PrioryHorsham4 Aug 
27.41BEmily HornungDorkingMVSutton22 Jun 
27.45/1.62r2Denisha Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HBedford2 Jun 
27.51BAgatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GGuildford6 Jul 
27.53h3Mica PowellKingston & PolyCrystal Palace7 Jul 
27.61BRachel WoodsWoking ACWorthing13 Jul 
27.662AEllen TilneyAldershotF&DAldershot21 Jul 
27.75ANatasha AlfredHerne Hill HWinchester1 Jun 
27.701BAlice SmithWoking ACOxford21 Jul 
27.70/-3.34r2Trixie Owusu-FrempongHerne Hill HBromley17 Aug 
27.77/-0.94h1Sophie O'NeillGuildford&GKingston25 May 
27.89/-2.52Francesca ForbesSutton&DistrictWoking1 Sep 
27.9nsSophia HenlonSutton&DistrictSutton11 May 
27.94AHetty TaylorWalton ACSutton22 Jun 
28.02BFrancesca TurnerWalton ACSutton1 Jun 
28.01BAmy BrownWoking ACPortsmouth22 Jun 
28.03AKatie BarrettWoking ACPortsmouth22 Jun 
28.11/-0.63Ammarah SubjallyHerne Hill HHendon11 Jun 
28.22BLohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonSutton4 May 
28.21AKristal AwuahHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun 
28.21r2Carla DoukrouBelgrave HTooting Bec8 Sep 
28.3nsNaomi Hoosang-RobinsonCroydon HEwell31 Aug 
28.39/0.48r4Rhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyWatford24 Jul 
28.42AIzzie Lamport-WentHerne Hill HSutton11 May 
28.53AMaisie BywaterEpsom&EwellSutton11 May 
28.52BMillie ThorpeWalton ACSutton22 Jun 
28.52AVictoria RobinsonGuildford&GWalton29 Jun 
28.68/0.34r3Catrin MurphyBlkhth&BromBromley6 Jul 
28.74ARuby HardingSutton&DistrictWalton29 Jun 
28.74Katie HaycraftGuildford&GHorsham4 Aug 
28.81ARebecca LoomesDorkingMVErith18 May 
28.8nsEvie HigtonAldershotF&DGuildford19 May 
28.81BAimee EarlamGuildford&GWoking22 Jun 
28.83AAmelia SteansKingston & PolyGuildford6 Jul 
29.03BHelena GarlandWalton ACSutton4 May 
29.0nsCharlotte CockerillGuildford&GGuildford19 May 
29.04BCatherine LedesmaHolland SportsSutton1 Jun 
29.06AHolly BlackburnCamberley&DistBracknell1 Jun 
 300 Metres (Standard: 47.00 )
 42.67Katy-Ann McDonaldHerne Hill HStevenage6 May
 43.3Saskia MillardHerne Hill HCrystal Palace7 Jul
 43.4Millie JonesSutton&DistrictHorsham4 Aug
 43.67Clara GrinyerReigate PrioryCrawley17 Jul
 44.75Eleanor GroveGuildford&GBirmingham2 Jul
 44.93Francesca ForbesSutton&DistrictLee Valley13 Jan
 45.55Catrin MurphyBlkhth&BromBromley6 Jul
 45.8Julia DoukrouBelgrave HCrystal Palace7 Jul
 46.2Amber RuddleWoking ACWinchester16 Jun
 46.5Katie HaycraftGuildford&GHorsham4 Aug
 46.6Daisy SetyabuleHerne Hill HCrystal Palace7 Jul
 47Joanna BoxallCrawley ACHorsham19 Jul
800 Metres (Standard: 2:40.00 )
2:10.993AKaty-Ann McDonaldHerne Hill HMilton Keynes18 May 
2:12.445r2Saskia MillardHerne Hill HHendon29 Jun 
2:16.882h4Clara GrinyerReigate PrioryBirmingham5 Jul 
2:20.471h3Mollie O'SullivanKingston & PolyKingston26 May 
2:21.062h3Maddie ShawHerne Hill HKingston25 May 
2:22.051r10Kate BrownHerne Hill HBasingstoke17 Jul 
2:22.81AAimee EarlamGuildford&GEton20 Jul 
2:23.41AVictoria RobinsonGuildford&GWalton29 Jun 
2:23.985Evie HigtonAldershotF&DKingston26 May 
2:24.62ABea AllanDorkingMVWalton29 Jun 
2:25.422r1Niamh BrownReigate PrioryCrystal Palace7 Apr 
2:25.707r10Charlotte DannattCamberley&DistWatford10 Jul 
2:26.21ALaura SmithSutton&DistrictWalton13 Jul 
2:26.583r10Peony MyallAldershotF&DBasingstoke17 Jul 
2:26.91AEugenie CockleAldershotF&DKingston4 May 
2:27.07PBreagha CampbellHerne Hill HExeter23 Jun 
2:27.693r2Jessica RobinsonGuildford&GBirmingham2 Jul 
2:27.75AAmelia StiffSouth LondonEton20 Jul 
2:28.0nsHannah TompkinsHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun 
2:28.21AGeorgia BellSutton&DistrictSutton1 Jun 
2:28.61h1Flo AndersonHerne Hill HMile End18 Jun 
2:28.658Lucille FletcherKingston & PolyKingston26 May 
2:30.01ATabitha BowdenAldershotF&DHorsham1 Jun 
2:30.02ALucy WithersWalton ACWalton29 Jun 
2:30.11h2Catrin MurphyBlkhth&BromBattersea8 Jun 
2:30.151r4Isabella PadtHerculesWimbCrystal Palace7 Apr 
2:30.73ANicola ToftHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun 
2:31.01BDaisy SetyabuleHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun 
2:31.84ALucy BrettDorkingMVSutton1 Jun 
2:31.8nsAmy MorphyGuildford&GGuildford6 Jul 
2:32.173Anousha WardleyReigate PrioryCrawley17 Jul 
2:32.442r3Nancy ScottAldershotF&DWatford12 Jun 
2:32.5nsGeorgia LangfieldDorkingMVWalton29 Jun 
2:32.682h4Charlotte CockerillGuildford&GKingston25 May 
2:32.984Emma JardineEpsom&EwellCrawley17 Jul 
2:33.073h3Joanna BoxallCrawley ACKingston25 May 
2:33.176r1Georgia HoldenSouth LondonCrystal Palace7 Apr 
2:34.13Crystal ArchibaldBelgrave HSutton25 Aug 
2:34.92AAlice SetyabuleHerne Hill HGuildford6 Jul 
2:35.22BAmy HancockSutton&DistrictWalton29 Jun 
2:35.425h2Megan WinsladeDorkingMVKingston25 May 
2:35.626r2Hannah MorrisDorkingMVBasingstoke6 Apr 
2:37.513r5Ella NewtonHerne Hill HBromley8 Jul 
2:38.332AEllie McCormackCroydon HCroydon4 May 
2:39.12BLily ChapmanSutton&DistrictSutton11 May 
2:39.5PMillie ThorpeWalton ACCrawley23 Jun 
2:39.505Caitlin WilliamsSutton&DistrictCrawley17 Jul 
2:39.726h2Amber RuddleWoking ACKingston8 Jun 
2:39.74PPippa MonkGuildford&GSutton7 Sep 
2:39.896h4Olivia LamontHerne Hill HKingston25 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
 4:37.762h1Saskia MillardHerne Hill HBirmingham5 Jul
 4:41.154h2Niamh BrownAldershotF&DBirmingham5 Jul
 4:47.282Eugenie CockleAldershotF&DKingston26 May
 4:53.462Victoria RobinsonGuildford&GKingston8 Jun
 4:53.81ABea AllanDorkingMVWalton13 Jul
 4:55.567r7Peony MyallAldershotF&DWatford24 Jul
 4:55.8711r7Kate BrownHerne Hill HWatford24 Jul
 4:59.571Alice SetyabuleHerne Hill HWoking7 Aug
 4:59.645r5Evie HigtonAldershotF&DWatford29 May
 5:00.339r6Charlotte DannattCamberley&DistWatford24 Jul
 5:01.7414r6Sammy BonnyAldershotF&DWatford24 Jul
 5:02.31AAmaya JonesEpsom&EwellWalton29 Jun
 5:03.71AAimee EarlamGuildford&GBasingstoke4 Aug
 5:04.71Pippa MonkGuildford&GEwell31 Aug
 5:05.003Georgia HoldenSouth LondonCrawley17 Jul
 5:05.538Tabitha BowdenAldershotF&DKingston8 Jun
 5:05.639Tara de KlerkAldershotF&DKingston8 Jun
 5:06.874Daisy SetyabuleHerne Hill HWoking7 Aug
 5:07.43AMaddie ShawHerne Hill HWinchester1 Jun
 5:08.41AJessica RobinsonGuildford&GGuildford18 May
 5:09.237Lucy WithersWalton ACKingston26 May
 5:09.74ALucille FletcherKingston & PolyWoking22 Jun
 5:10.1910r3Lucy SturtonCamberley&DistWatford21 Aug
 5:10.7811r4Amy RatcliffeAldershotF&DWatfor24 Jul
 5:12.802r2Hannah MorrisDorkingMVCrawley14 Apr
 5:12.81AGeorgia BellSutton&DistrictWalton29 Jun
 5:13.302Sarah HeddleCamberley&DistBasingstoke6 Apr
 5:14.76Ella NewtonHerne Hill HMile End18 Jun
 5:15.77Tatiana CookeHerne Hill HMile End18 Jun
 5:16.706h1Emma KlugmanHerculesWimbKingston25 May
 5:16.84ACaitlin WilliamsSutton&DistrictWalton13 Jul
 5:17.62BLili CollinsSouth LondonWalton13 Jul
 5:18.53AAmelia StiffSouth LondonGuildford15 Jun
 5:19.3nsZoe TompkinsHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun
 5:20.617r3Nancy ScottAldershotF&DWatford29 May
 5:22.19Olivia LamontHerne Hill HBattersea8 Jun
 5:24.53BClaudia PattisonWalton ACWalton13 Jul
 5:24.82BAmy MorphyGuildford&GGuildford18 May
75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
11.24/1.71Sophie EllissReigate PrioryHendon11 Aug 
11.51AMillie ThorpeWalton ACWalton29 Jun 
11.80/1.02Megan HildrewGuildford&GKingston8 Jun 
11.82ALohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonSutton22 Jun 
11.83/1.03Lois DrummieE GrinsteadKingston8 Jun 
11.91ASonyce ArcherCroydon HGuildford6 Jul 
12.06/1.7PBreagha CampbellHerne Hill HExeter23 Jun 
12.422ANia KellyWoking ACOxford21 Jul 
12.62ARachel WoodsWoking ACWorthing13 Jul 
12.72w/3.3PRhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolySutton7 Sep 
12.81AMaisie ChamberlainReigate PrioryGuildford6 Jul 
12.81BChanice GordonCroydon HEwell31 Aug 
12.84/0.9PCatrin MurphyBlkhth&BromSutton7 Sep 
12.908Chloe LordHerculesWimbKingston25 May 
12.9PRhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyCrawley23 Jun 
13.03AKristen SpoursSutton&DistrictSutton22 Jun 
13.01w/3.3PLucy BrettDorkingMVSutton7 Sep 
13.11BFrancesca TurnerWalton ACWalton13 Jul 
13.14w/2.1PKyah EllisWoking ACHendon20 Jul 
13.19/1.08Rebecca LoomesDorkingMVKingston8 Jun 
13.24BAgatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun 
13.23ACharlotte KilpatrickEpsom&EwellGuildford6 Jul 
13.21BMaya MagnayKingston & PolyGuildford6 Jul 
13.32h2Nancy PowellHerne Hill HMile End18 Jun 
13.33AKristal AwuahHerne Hill HWalton29 Jun 
13.3nsMaeve ShawKingston & PolyGuildford6 Jul 
13.32BLucy BrettDorkingMVGuildford6 Jul 
13.393BKyah EllisWoking ACOxford21 Jul 
13.52AHolly BeightonKingston & PolySutton11 May 
13.5PTyana-Renee BaileyCroydon HLee Valley22 May 
13.55AAnna HarveyKingston & PolyGuildford13 Jul 
13.51/-0.6PMollie O'SullivanKingston & PolySutton7 Sep 
13.61BHetty TaylorWalton ACSutton1 Jun 
13.71BAnousha WardleyReigate PrioryWalton29 Jun 
13.83AAmy DobsonHolland SportsSutton11 May 
13.84AJennifer NicholsonSutton&DistrictSutton1 Jun 
13.82BErin-Maia PatelCroydon HWalton29 Jun 
13.84Kate PurserBlkhth&BromBromley28 Aug 
13.894AKristen RocheCamberley&DistOxford30 Jun 
13.9PRosa CollierHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 
13.9PIzzie Lamport-WentHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 
13.95BEleanor FrameGuildford&GHorsham1 Jun 
13.94AHollie Weston-JonesWalton ACGuildford6 Jul 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.35m )
 1.571Rhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyCrawley26 Aug
 1.542Ellen SteinbachWoking ACKingston8 Jun
 1.541AFrancesca ForbesSutton RWalton13 Jul
 1.531AGodgift NnadozieCambridge HBromley14 Apr
 1.51PBreagha Campbell Herne Hill HExeter24 May
 1.512ALucy BrettDorkingMVWalton13 Jul
 1.501Lois DrummieE GrinsteadCrawley14 Apr
 1.501ALauryn John-GreenwoodCroydon HWalton29 Jun
 1.48PRosa CollierHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May
 1.481Imani ReidHerne Hill HBattersea8 Jun
 1.481AJemma WoodGuildford&GEton20 Jul
 1.456Rachel WoodsWoking ACKingston26 May
 1.451BKristen SpoursSutton&DistrictSutton22 Jun
 1.45PRebecca LoomesDorkingMVCrawley23 Jun
 1.45PMillie ThorpeWalton ACCrawley23 Jun
 1.451AAnya BeriEpsom&EwellWalton29 Jun
 1.451AHolly BlackburnCamberley&DistOxford21 Jul
 1.452AMegan HildrewGuildford&GOxford10 Aug
 1.452Milla McKenzieBelgrave HSutton25 Aug
 1.45i3Sonyce ArcherCroydon HSutton17 Feb
 1.403AMaisie BywaterEpsom&EwellSutton11 May
 1.40nsEllery WooffGuildford&GGuildford19 May
 1.404A=Laura DaviesGuildford&GGuildford19 May
 1.407Kyah EllisWoking ACKingston26 May
 1.403ACatherine LedesmaHolland SportsSutton1 Jun
 1.401BCharly EarnshawReigate PriorySutton1 Jun
 1.405ASaskia MillardHerne Hill HWinchester1 Jun
 1.404=Anna HarveyKingston & PolyKingston8 Jun
 1.404=Josephine HughesReigate PrioryKingston8 Jun
 1.40nsMollie O'SullivanWalton ACWalton29 Jun
 1.401BSonyce ArcherCroydon HGuildford6 Jul
 1.404ALucy SturtonCamberley&DistBasingstoke4 Aug
 1.40nsPippa MonkGuildford&GEwell31 Aug
 1.36PAnousha WardleyReigate PriorySutton7 Sep
 1.352BGaby JamesKingston & PolyKingston4 May
 1.352BAnya VlassakWoking ACPortsmouth4 May
 1.355AAmelia SteansKingston & PolySutton11 May
 1.353BChloe EdwardsGuildford&GGuildford19 May
 1.352Julia DoukrouBelgrave HTooting Bec8 Sep
Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
2.601AShaye EmmettSutton&DistrictSutton22 Jun 
2.502Maryanne EveWoking ACWoking1 Sep 
2.451AMadeleine SketchleySutton&DistrictEwell31 Aug 
2.101ASophie DimblebyKingston & PolyWoking22 Jun 
2.002AHannah GleedHerne Hill HSutton13 Jul 
1.802Freddie Targett ParkerHerne Hill HKingston26 May 
1.801BRhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyWoking22 Jun 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.25m )
 5.28w/3.71Jemma WoodGuildford&GAshford17 Aug
 5.271AJemma WoodGuildford&GEton20 Jul
 4.99w/2.2PBreagha CampbellHerne Hill HExeter23 Jun
 4.981Breagha CampbellHerne Hill HBattersea28 Jul
 4.88w/3.32Rhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyKingston25 May
 4.88w/4.26Megan HildrewGuildford&GAshford17 Aug
 4.851BMegan HildrewGuildford&GWoking22 Jun
 4.822Emily HornungDorkingMVWoking1 Sep
 4.79/1.6-Rhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyKingston25 May
 4.7921Holly BlackburnCamberley&DistOxford21 Jul
 4.751BAgatha Farlow-HoareGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun
 4.72/-1.0PLois DrummieE GrinsteadSutton7 Sep
 4.692ASonyce ArcherCroydon HSutton13 Jul
 4.671AGodgift NnadozieCambridge HCanterbury12 May
 4.662AChloe RoddyWoking ACSouthampton21 Apr
 4.651BRebecca LoomesDorkingMVWalton13 Jul
 4.575ASophie WickensCamberley&DistWoking9 Jun
 4.543Kristen RocheCamberley&DistPortsmouth8 Jun
 4.52/1.0PMollie O'SullivanKingston & PolySutton7 Sep
 4.504Kyah EllisWoking ACKingston25 May
 4.472BLauryn John-GreenwoodCroydon HSutton13 Jul
 4.451AEllen SteinbachWoking ACWoking1 Jun
 4.452Izzie Lamport-WentHerne Hill HMile End18 Jun
 4.43PRachel WoodsWoking ACCrawley23 Jun
 4.432AHolly Weston-JonesWalton ACWalton29 Jun
 4.41/-0.35Maisie ChamberlainReigate PrioryKingston8 Jun
 4.403Joya KapoorBelgrave HMile End18 Jun
 4.403ACharmont Webster-TapeHerculesWimbSutton22 Jun
 4.401ACatrin MurphyBlkhth&BromAshford21 Jul
 4.362ACatherine LedesmaHolland SportsSutton4 May
 4.362Carla DoukrouBelgrave HBattersea28 Jul
 4.354AHolly BeightonKingston & PolyWoking22 Jun
 4.352ACasey TurnerSutton RWalton13 Jul
 4.341ALucy HoadReigate PriorySutton11 May
 4.343AHelena GarlandWalton ACWalton13 Jul
 4.31nsIsabelle SadlerGuildford&GEwell31 Aug
 4.301Alice SetyabuleHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Jul
 4.30PMilla McKenzieBelgrave HSutton7 Sep
 4.27/1.0PMillie ThorpeWalton ACSutton7 Sep
 4.251BSophia HerouvinDorkingMVSutton4 May
 4.2511Lohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonBattersea8 Jun
Shot Put (3.25kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
12.551ASophie MaceWalton ACWalton29 Jun 
11.061Denisha Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HMile End5 Aug 
10.281BHetty TaylorWalton ACSutton22 Jun 
9.443ACoralie MidoCroydon HWinchester1 Jun 
9.391ABreagha Campbell Herne Hill HGuildford6 Jul 
8.874Sinead KayGuildford&GKingston8 Jun 
8.723AChloe GoddallAldershotF&DAldershot21 Jul 
8.702Jody EdwardsKingston & PolyKingston6 Apr 
8.624Anya VlassakWoking ACWoking1 Sep 
8.552ACiara BonnerGuildford&GGuildford13 Jul 
8.492Lohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonSutton25 Aug 
8.432Millie CaveWoking ACWoking7 Aug 
8.271Godgift NnadozieCambridge HBromley14 Apr 
8.23PMillie ThorpeWalton ACSutton7 Sep 
8.192ASophie O'NeillGuildford&GEwell31 Aug 
8.022AEmily ThompsonHolland SportsSutton1 Jun 
7.968Lizzy GartlandCamberley&DistKingston8 Jun 
7.923AEmma BrownDorkingMVSutton1 Jun 
7.912AJennifer NicholsonSutton&DistrictWalton13 Jul 
7.905AAdicqua EllisHerne Hill HSutton13 Jul 
7.892ANia KellyWoking ACOxford21 Jul 
7.601BPoppy HodgeWalton ACEwell31 Aug 
7.52PTyana-Renee BaileyCroydon HLee Valley22 May 
7.523ARebecca LoomesDorkingMVWalton13 Jul 
7.514ATallulah AtkinHerculesWimbEton20 Jul 
7.472Julia DoukrouBelgrave HBattersea28 Jul 
7.47PLois DrummieE GrinsteadSutton7 Sep 
7.415Kyah EllisWoking ACKingston25 May 
7.39PSaskia MillardHerne Hill HCrawley23 Jun 
7.341BEleanor FrameGuildford&GGuildford6 Jul 
7.346Phoebe WrightWoking ACWoking1 Sep 
7.223AIsabella PadtHerculesWimbSutton11 May 
7.043BCatrin MurphyBlkhth&BromBromley4 May 
7.01PKristal AwuahHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 42.061Sophie MaceWalton ACWoking7 Aug
 27.492Tait Jones (U13)Walton ACHendon24 Aug
 26.402Anya VlassakWoking ACKingston8 Jun
 24.362ADenisha Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HSouthampton22 Jun
 23.832ACiara BonnerGuildford&GWoking22 Jun
 23.452ABelinda WilloughbyCamberley&DistOxford30 Jun
 21.532ACharlotte CockerillGuildford&GGuildford13 Jul
 21.361BMegan RabyCamberley&DistCrawley13 Jul
 21.191AJennifer NicholsonSutton&DistrictEwell31 Aug
 20.412BMegan MawerCamberley&DistBasingstoke21 Apr
 20.283AMarie AgyareCroydon HWinchester1 Jun
 20.103Saskia MillardHerne Hill HKingston26 May
 19.711AXanthe HewitsonSutton&DistrictWalton29 Jun
 19.422BLois DrummieE GrinsteadHorsham2 Aug
 19.394Emma BrownDorkingMVKingston26 May
 19.234AEleanor FrameGuildford&GOxford10 Aug
 19.195ASinead KayGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun
 18.952AGeorgie BluntDorkingMVWalton29 Jun
 18.901BAlice SmithWoking ACPortsmouth22 Jun
 18.714ALohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonEton20 Jul
 18.301BPoppy HodgeWalton ACSutton4 May
 18.191BGracie HowellsGuildford&GGuildford19 May
 18.125AVictoria RobinsonGuildford&GEton20 Jul
 17.975ASophie DimblebyKingston & PolyKingston4 May
 17.971BRhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolyHorsham1 Jun
 17.452ANicole OkologumeSutton&DistrictSutton1 Jun
 17.161BFiona McintoshHerne Hill HSutton13 Jul
Hammer (3kg) (Standard: 14.00m )
47.941Sophie MaceWalton ACHendon11 Aug 
30.252AEleanor FrameGuildford&GWalton29 Jun 
29.781Jody EdwardsKingston & PolyKingston6 Apr 
24.931AAnya VlassakWoking ACWoking1 Jun 
23.962AGracie HowellsGuildford&GWoking22 Jun 
22.632BPoppy HodgeWalton ACWalton29 Jun 
22.022AIsabelle DoddKingston & PolyEwell31 Aug 
20.861AElla NormanKingston & PolyWalton29 Jun 
19.803AAdicqua EllisHerne Hill HWinchester1 Jun 
19.762BElesha EdmanKingston & PolyEwell31 Aug 
19.602ACasey TurnerSutton&DistrictSutton11 May 
19.303AChloe GoodallAldershotF&DHorsham1 Jun 
18.583ADaisy SetyabuleHerne Hill HEwell31 Aug 
18.083AKirstin SutherlandAldershotF&DWoking22 Jun 
16.491BAlice SetyabuleHerne Hill HSutton11 May 
16.452BJessie WaltersSutton&DistrictWalton13 Jul 
16.144ARhianna ReynoldsKingston & PolySutton11 May 
15.664AJosie KavanaghCroydon HEwell31 Aug 
15.143BEllie-Marie HowellSutton&DistrictSutton11 May 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 17.00m )
 29.622ARachel WoodsWoking ACWoking7 Jul
 28.903Sophie DimblebyKingston & PolyCrawley26 Aug
 27.821ACiara BonnerGuildford&GWoking22 Jun
 27.452AAlexandra WoodsGuildford&GEton20 Jul
 27.261AEmma BrownDorkingMVCrawley20 Jul
 27.211Jennifer NicholsonSutton&DistrictKingston8 Jun
 27.092Sophie MaceWalton ACWalton15 May
 26.681AOlivia RobbHerne Hill HCroydon4 May
 24.49HBreagha CampbellHerne Hill HStoke3 Aug
 23.392BGracie HowellsGuildford&GBasingstoke4 Aug
 22.471AJenny HuntReigate PrioryWalton29 Jun
 22.173Phoebe WrightWoking ACWoking1 Sep
 22.023Millie CaveWoking ACCrawley26 Jun
 21.644Nia KellyWoking ACWoking1 Sep
 20.854AJasmin AlamoCamberley&DistCrawley13 Jul
 20.391Flori CraddockHerne Hill HBattersea28 Jul
 20.295Kyah EllisWoking ACWoking1 Sep
 19.982AChloe TurnerSutton&DistrictWalton29 Jun
 19.282AJessica RobinsonGuildford&GGuildford15 Jun
 19.243Denisha Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Jul
 19.183AAdicqua EllisHerne Hill HSouthampton22 Jun
 17.761BCharlotte CockerillGuildford&GGuildford6 Jul
 17.673AFrancesca TurnerWalton ACSutton1 Jun
Pentathlon (Standard: 1500pts )
2993pts1Breagha Campbell Herne Hill HExeter23 Jun 
2546pts/-0.82Lois Drummie E GrinsteadCarshalton8 Sep 
2495pts12Millie Thorpe Walton ACCrawley23 Jun 
2467pts14Saskia MillardHerne Hill HCrawley23 Jun 
2379pts17Rhianna Reynolds Kingston & PolyCrawley23 Jun 
2366pts/+0.35Rebecca Loomes DorkingMVCarshalton8 Sep 
2351pts/+0.26Mollie O'Sullivan Kingston & PolyCarshalton8 Sep 
2289pts/+1.27Lucy Brett DorkingMVCarshalton8 Sep 
2269pts/+0.88Megan Hildrew Guildford&GCarshalton8 Sep 
2249pts16Kyah EllisWoking ACHendon20 Jul 
2235pts25Rachel Woods Woking ACCrawley23 Jun 
2184pts/+1.29Holly Blackburn Camberley&DistCarshalton8 Sep 
2134pts/+1.010Catrin Murphy Blkhth&BromCarshalton8 Sep 
2100pts6Rosa CollierHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 
1967pts/0.012Emily Horning DorkingMVCarshalton8 Sep 
1949pts10Izzie Lamport-WentHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 
1948pts/+0.213Anousha Wardley Reigate PrioryCarshalton8 Sep 
1922pts/+2.214Pippa Monk Guildford&GCarshalton8 Sep 
1900pts/-0.815Nia Kelly Woking ACCarshalton8 Sep 
1809pts15Lohita Allen-AigbodionSouth LondonLee Valley22 May 
1751pts/+1.016Holly Beighton Kingston & PolyCarshalton8 Sep 
1507pts23Nancy PowellHerne Hill HLee Valley22 May 

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