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Today's Date: 28 February 2021

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 10.66/+0.5Romell Glave Croydon HAshford13 Aug
 10.73/+1.8Tyrese Johnson-Fisher Croydon HLee Valley22 Jun
 10.8Dylan Da CostaSouth LondonTwickenham9 Jul
 10.81/+1.0Joseph Massimo Crawley ACCardiff7 May
 11.01AEmmanuel ThomasCroydon HWoking26 Jun
 11.03/+1.5Jesse AgyemanHerne Hill HLee Valley20 Jul
 11.14/+0.5Samir WilliamsCroydon HAshford13 Aug
 11.15/+0.3Chad Miller HerculesWimbLee Valley27 Apr
 11.192Daniel Kale Herne Hill HBattersea Park11 Jun
 11.2Brandon FanchonnaSouth LondonGillingham20 Aug
 11.21/+1.4Eric Hammond-SarfoSutton&DistrictLee Valley17 Aug
 11.29w/+5.8Ralphael BuckleHerculesWimbLee Valley3 Aug
 11.3Tankoy GraySouth LondonTwickenham9 Jul
 11.3Adam Bator-Brown Guildford&GReading11 Sep
 11.324Adeyinka AdeniranBlkhth&BromBattersea Park11 Jun
 11.33/+0.7Rami Miller Herne Hill HLee Valley17 Aug
 11.4Michael MillerHerne Hill HEastbourne18 Jun
 11.4Ralphael Buckle HerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 Jun
 11.4Luke Morley Epsom & EwellTooting Bec20 Aug
 11.40w/+2.7Omari PeatHerne Hill HNewham5 Jun
 11.47/+0.61r4Dylan Baldock Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec3 Apr
 11.49/-1.3Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HCroydon9 Jul
 11.51/+0.8Harry GrindleBelgrave HGateshead8 Jul
 11.6Ayo Daniel Croydon HKingston29 May
 11.69/-1.3Verter Oppong KyeiCroydon HCroydon9 Jul
 11.7Callum Tod Guildford&GGuildford1 May
 11.7Song Higginson Guildford&GGuildford1 May
 11.7Peter ShodipeSouth LondonCoulsdon28 May
 11.70/+0.1James Blanchard Crawley ACStevenage29 May
 11.7Oscar BlanchardStMRichmondHendon11 Jun
 11.7Omari PeatHerne Hill HEastbourne18 Jun
 11.7Matthew de RossiBelgrave HWimbledon Park4 Sep
 11.72Alex HansonWoking ACWoking10 Aug
 11.8Will Stapleton Kingston & PolyAndover16 Apr
 11.8Euan Murray Camberley&DistBournemouth3 Jul
 11.8Keil AgbenuSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 11.9James VancliffHolland SportsTooting Bec9 Jul
 11.9Jamel Powell Herne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug
 11.9Isimeme ShawBelgrave HCarshalton21 Aug
 11.9Emmet MeehanGuildford&GReading11 Sep
 11.94/0.0Bernie Lumor Herne Hill HLee Valley22 Jun
 12.0George MearsGuildford&GGuildford5 Jun
 12.0Kehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul
 12.0Stephan FotsoWalton ACWalton24 Jul
 12.0Thomas DarcySutton&DistrictCarshalton21 Aug
 12.03/-0.2Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromCrawley29 Aug
 12.05/+0.7James HansonWoking ACWoking4 Sep
 12.15AMax ParkinsonKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun
 12.1Jack SmillieEpsom & EwellTwickenham9 Jul
 12.11/+2.06rGReuben Vaughan Croydon HTooting Bec2 May
 12.15/+0.7Edwin RutswaraWoking ACWoking4 Sep
 12.18/-0.4Harry HuntCamberley&DistCroydon24 Jul
 12.19Micah GoodeHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug
 12.2Jamie WestWalton ACKingston11 May
 12.2Vince DiligDorkingMVCoulsdon28 May
 12.2Matthew DyerEpsom & EwellCoulsdon28 May
 12.2Jonty MitchellGuildford&GBournemouth26 Jun
 12.2Finn GrahamGuildford&GAldershot21 Aug
 12.26/+0.55r5Cliff Mitchell Belgrave HTooting Bec3 Apr
 12.3Shemar Ferguson Sutton&DistrictCarshalton17 Apr
 12.3George SimmondsCamberley&DistBournemouth3 Jul
 12.3Tyrelle HowellHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug
 12.3Thomas WestermanGuildford&GAldershot21 Aug
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
21.36/+1.6Joseph Massimo Crawley ACCardiff7 May 
21.50/+1.51Romell Glave Croydon HAshford14 Aug 
21.89/+1.25r2Chad Miller HerculesWimbNewham8 May 
22.2Dylan Da CostaSouth LondonGillingham20 Aug 
22.62ASamir WilliamsCroydon HStevenage20 Aug 
22.65/0.0Adeyinka AdeniranBlkhth&BromGateshead8 Jul 
22.70/-1.2Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HKingston11 Jun 
22.70/+0.44r6Daniel Kale Herne Hill HWatford15 Jun 
22.9Harry GrindleBelgrave HHendon11 Jun 
22.95/+0.71r3Dylan Baldock Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec3 Apr 
23.20/+1.3Rami Miller Herne Hill HNewham5 Jun 
23.29/+1.1Omari PeatHerne Hill HNewham5 Jun 
23.3Adam Bator-Brown Guildford&GGuildford5 Jun 
23.3Tankoy GraySouth LondonGillingham20 Aug 
23.4Will Stapleton Kingston & PolyWalton8 May 
23.4Alex Hanson Woking ACWoking20 Aug 
23.5Joseph O'ConnorWalton ACTwickenham8 Jul 
23.5Luke MorleyEpsom & EwellTooting Bec20 Aug 
23.52/+0.5Michael MillerHerne Hill HWimbledon Park8 Jun 
23.61BGeorge Mears Guildford&GEton9 Apr 
23.61/+0.73r3Anthony Steer Belgrave HTooting Bec3 Apr 
23.70James Blanchard Crawley ACStevenage29 May 
23.8Oscar BlanchardStMRichmondMile End29 May 
23.82/-0.9Ayo DanielCroydon HCroydon9 Jul 
23.84/+1.9Matthew De Rossi Belgrave HBattersea Park18 Jun 
23.9James Vancliff Holland SportsHastings20 Aug 
23.99/+1.3Jamel PowellHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug 
24.0Jamie West Walton ACWalton8 May 
24.0Ayo AmouzanCroydon HKingston29 May 
24.031Ezra Rodriques Croydon HWimbledon Park10 Apr 
24.1Josh HathawayWalton ACWalton8 May 
24.14AMax ParkinsonKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun 
24.21/-2.2James Hanson Woking ACCroydon24 Jul 
24.3Kehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jul 
24.3Keli AgbenuSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul 
24.35/-1.3Chris ChalderReigate PrioryKingston11 Jun 
24.5Shemar Ferguson Sutton&DistrictCarshalton17 Apr 
24.6Ralphael Buckle HerculesWimbHastings16 Apr 
24.63/+0.75r3Luke Morley Epsom & EwellTooting Bec3 Apr 
24.65/+1.3Bernie LumorBelgrave HLee Valley22 Jun 
24.7Song HigginsonGuildford&GGuildford5 Jun 
24.7Jonty Mitchell Guildford&GPortsmouth24 Jul 
24.7Jack SmillieEpsom & EwellTooting Bec20 Aug 
24.77/-0.51r3Rafe ScottGuildford&GCrawley22 Jun 
24.8George Simmonds Camberley&DistBournemouth3 Apr 
24.8Peter ShodipeSouth LondonCoulsdon28 May 
24.8Harry HuntCamberley&DistBournemouth3 Jul 
24.8Emmet MeehanGuildford&GAldershot21 Aug 
24.88/+0.76r3Cliff Mitchell Belgrave HTooting Bec3 Apr 
24.9Matthew Dyer Epsom & EwellWalton1 Jun 
24.94/+1.1Micah GoodeHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug 
25.002Daniel Thomas Walton ACWimbledon Park10 Apr 
25.2Aiden GraingerCamberley&DistBasingstoke21 Aug 
25.3Vince DiligDorkingMVCoulsdon28 May 
25.4Hallam Webb Camberley&DistBasingstoke17 Apr 
25.4Mark JacobyWalton ACTwickenham6 Jul 
25.44Edward MooreWoking ACWoking10 Aug 
25.64Jack PowellHerculesWimbTooting Bec29 Jun 
25.83Lucas NorfolkHerculesWimbWimbledon Park3 Aug 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 50.953r1Matthew de RossiBelgrave HTooting Bec27 Aug
 51.1Adam Bator-Brown Guildford&GCarshalton18 Jun
 51.271George Mears Guildford&GKingston15 May
 51.3Harry Boyd Guildford&GGuildford1 May
 52.253Aiden GraingerCamberley&DistKingston15 May
 52.48Song HigginsonGuildford&GKingston11 Jun
 52.5Will StapletonKingston & PolyKingston18 Jun
 52.514Shemar FergusonSutton&DistrictKingston15 May
 52.7Lucas NorfolkHerculesWimbHendon11 Jun
 52.8Rafe ScottGuildford&GLee Valley25 Jun
 53.6Thomas WestermanGuildford&GGuildford5 Jun
 53.86r2Hayden Young DorkingMVCrawley3 Apr
 53.8Charlie FeinsonWalton ACKingston20 Jul
 53.993h1Josh Hathaway Walton ACKingston15 May
 54.0Peter McNamara Woking ACKingston18 Jun
 54.015r1Lloyd SmithHerculesWimbTooting Bec27 Aug
 54.1Callum TodGuildford&GGuildford5 Jun
 54.13James McCormackGuildford&GKingston11 Jun
 54.2Matthew DyerEpsom & EwellCarshalton18 Jun
 54.283h2Harry Manning Guildford&GKingston15 May
 54.6Kehinde AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug
 54.69Adeyinka AdeniranBlkhth&BromTooting Bec2 May
 54.7Oscar BlanchardStMRichmondTwickenham9 Jul
 54.7Yasser QureshiSutton&DistrictTooting Bec20 Aug
 54.94Ben SteerWoking ACKingston11 Jun
 55.29Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromCrawley29 Aug
 55.433h1Hallam Webb Camberley&DistKingston11 Jun
 55.46Micah Francis-DwyerCroydon HCroydon24 Jul
 55.9Mark Jacoby Walton ACKingston11 May
 55.98Sol Harris-WoodfinKingston & PolyNewham3 Aug
 56.0Tiago BeltraoKingston & PolyKingston29 May
 56.03AJordan O'DongoCroydon HWoking26 Jun
 56.15Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyCroydon24 Jul
 56.24ASam ShawKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun
 56.2James VancliffHolland SportsHastings20 Aug
 56.37Nathan HoughStragglersKingston11 Jun
 56.70Thomas DarcySutton&DistrictKingston11 Jun
 57.3Lucas BoytSlough JuniorsAndover17 Jul
 57.57Beckett WhitingKingston & PolyCarshalton10 Sep
 57.6Aaron Enser Bracknell ACBracknell9 Apr
 57.7Henry BoldenCamberley&DistWoking12 Jun
 57.7George SimmondsCamberley&DistWoking12 Jun
 57.8Troy JonesCroydon HKingston29 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:52.942rGRicky Lutakome Sutton&DistrictWatford28 May 
1:57.29Harry Boyd Guildford&GAshford13 Aug 
1:58.4George Grassly DorkingMVWimbledon Park19 Jun 
2:00.093BAiden Grainger Camberley&DistBromley17 Jul 
2:02.193Jonathan Chen Herne Hill HKingston14 May 
2:02.40Max HeydenAldershotF&DWatford10 Aug 
2:02.63mxOllie PercivalAldershotF&DWatford10 Aug 
2:03.0Ewan Bate DorkingMVTooting Bec9 Jul 
2:03.33r1Sam ShawKingston & PolyHorsham7 Aug 
2:03.4mx2rFZak WortKingston & PolyEltham22 Jun 
2:05.1Charlie Feinson Walton ACDartford1 May 
2:05.51Aaron Enser Bracknell ACEton24 Jul 
2:06.1Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyHendon11 Jun 
2:06.639r18Lewis ReidCamberley&DistWatford15 Jun 
2:06.7Harry ManningGuildford&GGuildford5 Jun 
2:06.79Peter McNamara Woking ACWoking4 Sep 
2:06.912Sam Cliff DorkingMVWimbledon Park10 Apr 
2:07.4James LewisStMRichmondHendon11 Jun 
2:07.44Josh HathawayWalton ACParliament Hill26 Jun 
2:07.9Eitan Orenstein HerculesWimbCoulsdon28 May 
2:08.08mx2rESol Harris-WoodfinKingston & PolyEltham20 Jul 
2:08.3Ollie Percival AldershotF&DBasingstoke16 Apr 
2:08.33mxWilliam BrockmanAldershotF&DWatford10 Aug 
2:08.735Sol Harris-Woodfin Kingston & PolyKingston11 Jun 
2:08.86r4Bradley Young DorkingMVCrawley3 Apr 
2:08.9Jordan O'Dongo Croydon HErith22 May 
2:09.0Marcus ShantryAldershotF&DHillingdon5 Jun 
2:09.2Sam Barker HerculesWimbCoulsdon28 May 
2:09.693r1Taiwo AdenugaHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug 
2:09.84mx7r18Ben TattersHerculesWimbWatford13 Jul 
2:10.22mx12r11James SpencerWoking ACWatford7 Sep 
2:10.3Zak WortKingston & PolyKingston29 May 
2:10.3Archie Carpenter Guildford&GGuildford5 Jun 
2:10.4Lloyd Smith HerculesWimbWimbledon Park22 May 
2:10.4mx4Tom Knight Holland SportsCrawley28 Apr 
2:10.7Ben TattersHerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 Jun 
2:10.9Owen Whiter Camberley&DistGuildford5 Jun 
2:11.185h1Tom KnightHolland SportsKingston14 May 
2:11.41Benjamin Rolfe Woking ACWoking4 Sep 
2:12.2William Brockman AldershotF&DBasingstoke16 Apr 
2:12.3Oliver TimmsHolland SportsCrawley22 May 
2:12.3Joseph JakubaitAldershotF&DHillingdon5 Jun 
2:12.714James SpencerWoking ACWoking4 Sep 
2:12.9Mark JacobyWalton ACKingston20 Jul 
2:13.09mxDario Kan Sutton&DistrictWimbledon Park27 Apr 
2:13.1Henry StiffSouth LondonCoulsdon7 Aug 
2:13.4Ben BishopWoking ACKingston18 Jun 
2:13.5Joe EdwardsDorkingMVWalton8 May 
2:13.5Ifetobi SalakoCroydon HCroydon18 Jun 
2:13.99mxLucas Jeffs HerculesWimbWimbledon Park27 Apr 
2:15.12Lucas BoytSlough JuniorsKingston11 Jun 
2:16.138r1Jack PowellHerculesWimbTooting Bec27 Aug 
2:16.39Tiago BeltraoKingston & PolyKingston11 Jun 
2:16.98mxRafe ScottGuildford&GCrawley22 Jun 
2:17.0mx1rIWilliam FellowsSouth LondonEltham22 Jun 
2:17.8Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbWimbledon Park22 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 3:58.051r18Harry Boyd Guildford&GWatford27 Jul
 3:58.214rARicky LutakomeSutton&DistrictEltham20 Jul
 4:03.17mxGeorge GrasslyDorkingMVWatford1 Jun
 4:03.263r13George Grassly DorkingMVWatford4 May
 4:05.65Max Heyden AldershotF&DWatford27 Jul
 4:10.3Ewan Bate DorkingMVWimbledon Park19 Jun
 4:11.658r16Aaron Enser Bracknell ACWatford27 Jul
 4:12.512r14Ollie PercivalAldershotF&DWatford24 Aug
 4:15.3Oscar Subuh-Symons DorkingMVHastings20 Aug
 4:16.41mx2r1Eitan OrensteinHerculesWimbTooting Bec27 Aug
 4:16.423Matthew KossatzStragglersKingston11 Jun
 4:17.712rEZak WortKingston & PolyMilton Keynes4 Jun
 4:19.54mx6r13Lewis ReidCamberley&DistWatford29 Jun
 4:19.64Lewis ReidCamberley&DistWatford1 Jun
 4:20.92mxJoseph JakubaitAldershotF&DWatford1 Jun
 4:21.6Eitan OrensteinHerculesWimbHendon11 Jun
 4:21.993r11Will BrockmanAldershotF&DWatford24 Aug
 4:22.485Joseph JakubaitAldershotF&DKingston15 May
 4:24.676Ben Bishop Woking ACKingston15 May
 4:25.04mxMarcus ShantryAldershotF&DWatford1 Jun
 4:25.90Mohamed MohamudHerne Hill HEltham22 May
 4:26.1Sam Barker HerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 Jun
 4:27.267Eitan Orenstein HerculesWimbKingston15 May
 4:28.63Marcus Shantry AldershotF&DWoking10 Aug
 4:29.385Nathan Janmohamed Guildford&GKingston11 Jun
 4:30.15Guy TuckerAldershotF&DWoking10 Aug
 4:31.7Ben TattersHerculesWimbWalton8 May
 4:32.42Lucas Jeffs HerculesWimbWimbledon Park10 Apr
 4:32.52mx1rCSam ShawKingston & PolyEltham20 Jul
 4:33.3Henry Silverstein HerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 Jun
 4:34.377Isaac MammenWalton ACKingston11 Jun
 4:34.51BSam Shaw Kingston & PolyKingston2 Apr
 4:36.25Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyHendon27 Aug
 4:36.3Fred Geen DorkingMVCrawley22 May
 4:36.7Daniel CookeCamberley&DistCroydon24 Jul
 4:37.46mx13r7Ryan Galvin Sutton&DistrictWatford6 Apr
 4:38.3Jordan O'Dongo Croydon HSouthampton1 May
 4:38.55Ryan GalvinSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park10 Apr
 4:38.93William DriscollReigate PrioryKingston11 Jun
 4:41.1911Jamie Krammer Herne Hill HKingston11 Jun
 4:43.1510Dario KanSutton&DistrictKingston15 May
 4:43.2James HoareCamberley&DistCroydon24 Jul
 4:43.78mx1r5Kieran DesmondStragglersWatford24 Aug
 4:44.5James SpencerWoking ACAldershot10 Jul
 4:44.7Benjamin Rolfe Woking ACSouthampton1 May
 4:44.85mx15r12Matthew ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HWatford27 Jul
 4:45.544Alex Galvin Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec3 Apr
 4:48.8Connor DeardenHorshamBSHBournemouth9 Jul
 4:51.2Oliver TimmsHolland SportsKingston16 Apr
 4:52.2Rafe ScottGuildford&GLee Valley26 Jun
 4:55.0Will StapletonKingston & PolyKingston18 Jun
1 Mile (Standard: 5:55.00 )
4:18.252Ricky LutakomeSutton&DistrictEltham22 Jun 
4:50.69mx7rAEitan OrensteinHerculesWimbTooting Bec2 May 
4:51.3mx1Zak WortKingston & PolyPar27 Aug 
4:55.80mx10rASam BarkerHerculesWimbTooting Bec2 May 
5:00.92mx4rBHenry SilversteinHerculesWimbTooting Bec2 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
 8:51.24mxMax HeydenAldershotF&DBasingstoke20 Jul
 8:53.731AHarry BoydGuildford&GBromley17 Jul
 9:02.691BOliver PercivalAldershotF&DBromley17 Jul
 9:06.18mx11r2Aaron Enser Bracknell ACWatford20 Apr
 9:18.861CEwan BateDorkingMVBromley17 Jul
 9:24.24mx3r1Zak WortKingston & PolyWatford27 Jul
 9:25.0Max HeydenAldershotF&DHorspath1 May
 9:25.796rBAaron EnserBracknell ACMilton Keynes4 Jun
 9:39.6Lewis Reid Camberley&DistSouthampton1 May
 9:44.914Sam BarkerHerculesWimbLee Valley12 Jun
 9:46.425Henry SilversteinHerculesWimbLee Valley12 Jun
 9:48.9Ben BishopWoking ACKingston29 May
 9:49.315Samuel ShawKingston & PolyKingston15 May
 9:54.8Gabriel LewisKingston & PolyKingston29 May
 9:55.216Marcus Shantry AldershotF&DKingston15 May
 9:59.82Matthew ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HMilton Keynes4 Jun
 10:05.46Kieran DesmondStragglersKingston11 Jun
 10:15.447Nathan Janmohamed Guildford&GKingston15 May
 10:18.9George ChaplinKingston & PolyTwickenham6 Jul
 10:20.7mx3Alex Galvin Sutton&DistrictCrawley20 Mar
 10:36.148Fred GeenDorkingMVKingston15 May
 10:36.52mx6Harry LawsonHolland SportsCrawley29 Aug
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
4:35.93Aaron EnserBracknell ACHendon26 Jun 
4:37.9William BrockmanAldershotF&DReading11 Jun 
5:06.51AMarcus ShantryAldershotF&DWormwood Scrubs24 Jul 
5:08.8Guy TuckerAldershotF&DAldershot29 May 
 100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
 13.87w/+2.3Ezra RodriquesCroydon HAshford14 Aug
 13.881Obi OnyejekweCroydon HKingston11 Jun
 14.0Dylan Da CostaSouth LondonCarshalton18 Jun
 14.012Ezra Rodriques Croydon HKingston11 Jun
 14.6Joshua LoachCrawley ACCrawley1 Jun
 14.72ABeckett WhitingKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun
 14.9Joe Hubbard Walton ACKingston29 May
 15.34/-0.7Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromHendon26 Jun
 15.36/+1.8Rafe ScottGuildford&GBedford21 Aug
 15.37Adam HawkinsHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug
 15.45/0.07Adeyinka Adeniran Blkhth&BromLee Valley9 Apr
 15.81Jamie ChapmanStMRichmondParliament Hill26 Jun
 16.2/+0.9Max BlissHerne Hill HLee Valley26 Jun
 16.5Reuben VaughanCroydon HCrawley1 Jun
400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
58.31Rafe Scott Guildford&GKingston11 Jun 
59.54Josh WatsonBlkhth&BromKingston11 Jun 
60.57Ezra RodriquesCroydon HCroydon24 Jul 
61.95Josh Hathaway Walton ACKingston11 Jun 
62.2Charlie Feinson Walton ACDartford1 May 
63.7Joe HubbardWalton ACParliament Hill26 Jun 
66.8Mark JacobyWalton ACKingston11 Jun 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
 1.93Michael Fieldus Guildford&GGuildford5 Jun
 1.85Rafe Scott Guildford&GCrawley22 Jun
 1.83Joe Hubbard Walton ACDartford1 May
 1.81James MadicoWoking ACKingston11 Jun
 1.80Harry WrightHerculesWimbHendon11 Jun
 1.801AJonathan Mackenzie Woking ACWoking26 Jun
 1.80Matthew De Rossi Belgrave HChelmsford9 Jul
 1.78Sam Cliff DorkingMVKingston16 Apr
 1.753Emmanuel ThomasCroydon HKingston15 May
 1.75Joshua LoachCrawley ACCrawley1 Jun
 1.67OReuben VaughanCroydon HCarshalton11 Sep
 1.65Sam WhiteheadCamberley&DistKingston29 May
 1.65Charlie TownendKingston & PolyKingston29 May
 1.61OBeckett WhitingKingston & PolyCarshalton11 Sep
 1.61OAdam Hawkins Herne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 1.603AHenry Bolden Camberley&DistEton9 Apr
 1.60Connor Dearden HorshamBSHAshford1 May
 1.60Max BlissHerne Hill HLee Valley26 Jun
 1.60Jamie ChapmanStMRichmondParliament Hill26 Jun
 1.60Charlie StewartSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jul
 1.55Ayo Daniel Croydon HSouthampton1 May
 1.551BHarry HuntCamberley&DistWoking26 Jun
 1.55James Trustram EveHerne Hill HTooting Bec9 Jul
Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
4.15Emmanuel Thomas Croydon HCrawley29 Aug 
3.70Connor Dearden HorshamBSHHorsham7 Aug 
3.41Lewis Herzog Camberley&DistBasingstoke20 Jul 
3.11Rafe Scott Guildford&GBedford21 Aug 
2.30Matthew DyerEpsom & EwellWalton20 Jul 
2.20Jamie Krammer Herne Hill HTooting Bec2 May 
 Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
 6.70Rami MillerHerne Hill HEltham22 May
 6.441Verter OppongCroydon HKingston11 Jun
 6.42Eric Hammond-SarfoSutton&DistrictCarshalton18 Jun
 6.09/+2.0Joshua LoachCrawley ACCrawley1 Jun
 5.95Michael FieldusGuildford&GPortsmouth24 Jul
 5.85Henry Bolden Camberley&DistWoking12 Jun
 5.84Euan Murray Camberley&DistBasingstoke17 Apr
 5.81w/+4.0Harry ManningGuildford&GPerivale29 May
 5.76/+0.33Harry Manning Guildford&GKingston15 May
 5.70Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug
 5.69w/+3.6OBeckett WhitingKingston & PolyCarshalton10 Sep
 5.66/+1.8OReuben Vaughan Croydon HCarshalton10 Sep
 5.64Matthew De Rossi Belgrave HBedford17 Apr
 5.59Rayan MoumnehHerne Hill HCoulsdon28 May
 5.52Emmanuel ThomasCroydon HWimbledon Park8 Jun
 5.464Jonathan Mackenzie Woking ACBasingstoke2 Apr
 5.43Will Stapleton Kingston & PolySouthampton1 May
 5.422ABeckett WhitingKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun
 5.41/+1.3Rafe ScottGuildford&GBedford20 Aug
 5.36Max BlissHerne Hill HLee Valley25 Jun
 5.35Alex HansonWoking ACCroydon24 Jul
 5.33Jamie BallardWoking ACWoking10 Aug
 5.33Jamel PowellHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug
 5.31Matthew ChanGuildford&GPortsmouth24 Jul
 5.23Marcus RomillySouth LondonWimbledon Park19 Jun
 5.20Callum Tod Guildford&GGuildford1 May
Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
13.32Keone PillayGuildford&GKingston11 Jun 
13.26Reuben CollinsDorkingMVKingston11 Jun 
12.73Verter Oppong KyeiCroydon HCroydon9 Jul 
12.66Joshua LoachCrawley ACNorwich24 Jul 
12.58Andrew Enchill Sutton&DistrictCarshalton17 Apr 
12.15w/+2.41Ugo Nkwocha Guildford&GKingston15 May 
11.98Ugo NkwochaGuildford&GGuildford1 May 
11.87Jamie ChapmanStMRichmondParliament Hill26 Jun 
11.791AHenry Bolden Camberley&DistEton9 Apr 
11.68Emmanuel ThomasCroydon HStevenage20 Aug 
11.41Jamel PowellHerne Hill HTooting Bec20 Aug 
11.32Max BlissHerne Hill HBattersea Park11 Jun 
 Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
 14.701Rayan Moumneh Herne Hill HKingston15 May
 14.00Dejean Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug
 13.13Sam Mace Walton ACWalton24 Jul
 12.903Philip Bartlett South LondonKingston15 May
 12.82Alexander Wiafe Croydon HTooting Bec27 Aug
 12.78Luke GreenBelgrave HHendon11 Jun
 12.191ABen Porter Camberley&DistEton9 Apr
 11.84Reuben Vaughan Croydon HTooting Bec24 Sep
 11.62Harrison WallWindsorSE&HAldershot21 Aug
 11.56Luke Green Belgrave HTooting Bec2 May
 11.43Adam MoonDorkingMVKingston11 Jun
 11.186Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HKingston15 May
 10.823ABeckett WhitingKingston & PolyWoking26 Jun
 10.22Max ParkinsonKingston & PolyCroydon24 Jul
 10.10Elliot Bayley HorshamBSHHorsham7 Aug
 9.85Oliver KellyWoking ACWoking4 Sep
 9.83Harry Gibbons Guildford&GPerivale29 May
Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
45.58Sam Mace Walton ACWalton24 Jul 
43.901Philip Bartlett South LondonKingston11 Jun 
41.90James LancasterBlkhth&BromBromley15 Aug 
41.83Reuben Vaughan Croydon HLee Valley25 Jun 
39.701Ben Porter Camberley&DistBasingstoke2 Apr 
36.45Rayan Moumneh Herne Hill HTooting Bec27 Aug 
36.015Dejean Marshall-Brown Herne Hill HKingston15 May 
34.53Jake WebbWoking ACWoking10 Aug 
32.64Finlay Barber Camberley&DistReading11 Sep 
30.08ORafe ScottGuildford&GExeter17 Sep 
29.33Harrison WallWindsorSE&HBromley23 May 
29.21Daniel Ingram Camberley&DistReading11 Sep 
27.686Samuel Ofei-Kwatia Sutton&DistrictKingston15 May 
26.95OAdam Hawkins Herne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep 
26.63Alexander WiafeCroydon HTooting Bec27 Aug 
26.26Oliver Kelly Woking ACWoking4 Sep 
26.22Joshua HeyCamberley&DistWoking12 Jun 
24.39Jamie WestWalton ACWalton24 Jul 
23.74Beckett WhitingKingston & PolyWoking10 Aug 
23.11Max BlissHerne Hill HLee Valley25 Jun 
 Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 60.64Sam Mace Walton ACLoughborough2 Sep
 60.14James Lancaster Blkhth&BromBromley17 Jul
 51.59Harrison WallWindsorSE&HHendon30 Jul
 28.39Jake WebbWoking ACCroydon24 Jul
 24.35Adam HawkinsHerne Hill HCoulsdon28 May
 23.83Joshua HeyCamberley&DistCroydon24 Jul
 23.40Oliver KellyWoking ACKingston29 May
Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
49.68Elliot Bayley HorshamBSHCarshalton18 Jun 
48.29Harry Gibbons Guildford&GGuildford5 Jun 
42.38Rhys TimmsSutton&DistrictCoulsdon7 Aug 
41.633Sam MaceWalton ACKingston15 May 
41.281AJoshua HeyCamberley&DistWoking26 Jun 
41.27Alex Tischler Herne Hill HCoulsdon28 May 
41.224Leon BlatchCroydon HKingston11 Jun 
40.871BFinlay Barber Camberley&DistWoking26 Jun 
39.90Jonty Mitchell Guildford&GReading11 Sep 
39.09Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HCoulsdon28 May 
38.43Michael MillerHerne Hill HBromley17 Jul 
35.461Marcus Romilly South LondonWimbledon Park10 Apr 
35.45Archie Carpenter Guildford&GEton9 Apr 
35.35Harrison WallWindsorSE&HAldershot21 Aug 
35.05OBeckett WhitingKingston & PolyCarshalton11 Sep 
34.82Matthew de RossiBelgrave HWimbledon Park4 Sep 
34.76Daniel Ingram Camberley&DistBasingstoke21 Aug 
34.51Charlie DugdaleKingston & PolyKingston29 May 
34.00Dejean Marshall-BrownHerne Hill HTooting Bec23 Jul 
33.76Rafe ScottGuildford&GReading11 Sep 
33.692Rayan Moumneh Herne Hill HWimbledon Park10 Apr 
33.60Edward Moore Woking ACWoking4 Sep 
31.91Matthew DyerEpsom & EwellCoulsdon28 May 
31.638Frederick TameGuildford&GKingston15 May 
30.85Ethan OgilvieGuildford&GPerivale29 May 
30.69Max BlissHerne Hill HLee Valley25 Jun 
30.14Ben Porter Camberley&DistSouthampton1 May 
28.68Connor DeardenHorshamBSHEltham29 May 
 Octathlon (Standard: 2000pts )
 4103ptsRafe Scott Guildford&GExeter18 Sep
 3642pts1Reuben Vaughan Croydon HCarshalton11 Sep
 3593pts2Beckett Whiting Kingston & PolyCarshalton11 Sep
 3546pts3Adam Hawkins Herne Hill HCarshalton11 Sep
 3345ptsMax Bliss Herne Hill HLee Valley26 Jun

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