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Today's Date: 28 June 2017

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Under 15 Girls
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.80 )
 12.21AToni Bryan Croydon HTonbridge18 Jun
 12.21BCara Russell Herne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun
 12.35w/2.14h3Monae Winston Herne Hill HNewham7 May
 12.481Zipporah GoldingHerculesWimbKingston14 May
 12.62Michaella Pottinger Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Apr
 12.61BRachel Largie-PoleanCroydon HCroydon3 Jun
 12.71AVictoria Smith Woking ACBournemouth20 May
 12.752Karen Abiwu Sutton&DistrictKingston10 Jun
 12.87/-1.93s2Niyah Costley Herne Hill HKingston14 May
 12.91AAmelia FrancisWoking ACWinchester18 Jun
 12.95/-1.94s2Amelia Francis Woking ACKingston14 May
 12.98/1.71Zoe Dake Croydon HCarshalton9 Apr
 13.15BAlisha Reid Croydon HTonbridge18 Jun
 13.16mx/1.62Je'nae James Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr
 13.18/-1.95s2Natalia WebbHerne Hill HKingston14 May
 13.21Yasmin GrosvenorBracknell ACAldershot22 May
 13.22BJustine SmithSutton&DistrictCroydon3 Jun
 13.21ns5Ella PippimCroydon HCroydon3 Jun
 13.33BJaideen Alleyne-AdamsHerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun
 13.32ALucy AtkinsKingston & PolyCroydon3 Jun
 13.34/1.21Ada OnyejekweHerculesWimbCrawley10 Jun
 13.35/1.91Tianna Gayle HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
 13.357Tilly GoughGuildford&GKingston18 Jun
 13.395h2Shannon HutchinsonCroydon HKingston10 Jun
 13.43AEva WestWalton ACBournemouth20 May
 13.45/1.53Anna Gawander Kingston & PolyCarshalton9 Apr
 13.46/1.73Tara Bartlett HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
 13.54Chyna Stewart Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Apr
 13.53BDaisy LittleGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.55w/2.24Jana-Jae Wilson Sutton&DistrictCarshalton9 Apr
 13.6/0.82AAnastaysia Botvinyeva Guildford&GCrawley22 Apr
 13.62Reahnna Wilson-Jones Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec29 Apr
 13.61BCaitlin PaulWalton ACBournemouth20 May
 13.62BLucy Eaton-TribeWoking ACBournemouth20 May
 13.61ns6Tamira WebsterHerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun
 13.62ns5Misheel Suvd Sutton&DistrictCroydon3 Jun
 13.62ns1Louise VerdoornGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.62ns2Laila-Marie LatinGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.63ns1Tabitha HodgesGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.63/1.93Olivia Howlett Blkhth&BromCarshalton9 Apr
 13.75BFaith Price Herne Hill HReading22 Apr
 13.73ns1Serena Angoua Croydon HReading22 Apr
 13.73AElanor TriggDorkingMVCroydon3 Jun
 13.73/-0.57s1Victoria WilkesReigate PrioryKingston14 May
 13.75/1.23BKira Holt Kingston & PolyCrawley22 Apr
 13.81nsAAmelia DiazWoking ACBournemouth20 May
 13.84AEmily BurchGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun
 13.84BAlicia ChristieEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun
 13.83ns2Grace JolliffeGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.85ABryony BovellGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 13.83BFrancesca EvansHolland SportsHastings18 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 29.00 )
25.21BToni Bryan Croydon HTonbridge18 Jun 
25.32w/4.04Monae Winston Herne Hill HNewham7 May 
25.51ACara Russell Herne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun 
25.661Racheal Largie-Poleon Croydon HKingston10 Jun 
26.302BKaren Abiwu Sutton&DistrictBasingstoke17 Jun 
26.60/2.03Zipporah Golding HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr 
26.7/-0.11AVictoria Smith Woking ACBournemouth20 May 
26.71AZoe DakeCroydon HCroydon3 Jun 
26.81BAlisha Reid Croydon HCroydon3 Jun 
26.94Michaella Pottinger Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Apr 
27.22BJustine Smith Sutton&DistrictCroydon3 Jun 
27.21BLucy Atkins Kingston & PolyKingston18 Jun 
27.43AJaideen Alleyne-AdamsHerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun 
27.51BAmelia Francis Woking ACWinchester18 Jun 
27.54/-0.16Anna Gawander Kingston & PolyKingston13 May 
27.66/-0.93h1Natalia WebbHerne Hill HKingston13 May 
27.70/1.32Tara Bartlett HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr 
27.73AEmma HorseyWalton ACWinchester18 Jun 
27.835h1Jana-Jae Wilson Sutton&DistrictKingston10 Jun 
27.84w/3.81Misheel Suvd Sutton&DistrictCarshalton9 Apr 
28.03AEva West Walton ACPortsmouth22 Apr 
28.03BLucy BroderickReigate PrioryCroydon3 Jun 
28.04ALily GrantReigate PrioryCroydon3 Jun 
28.01/-1.46Amy Dove Camberley&DistBasingstoke1 Apr 
28.03/-1.93h3Victoria WilkesReigate PrioryKingston13 May 
28.16AShanice Daley Herne Hill HReading22 Apr 
28.14BTamira WebsterHerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun 
28.10mx/1.92Je'nae James Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
28.13/+0.53h4Tianna Gayle HerculesWimbKingston13 May 
28.17/1.34AAnastaysia Botvinyeva Guildford&GCrawley22 Apr 
28.24AOlivia James Camberley&DistAldershot20 May 
28.35ALily PearsonEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun 
28.35ADaisy LittleGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
28.43Tia McKay Epsom & EwellTooting Bec29 Apr 
28.44BLaila-Marie LatinGuildford&GKingston18 Jun 
28.53Tabitha Hodges Guildford&GEton9 Apr 
28.51BFaith PriceHerne Hill HCroydon3 Jun 
28.62ns4Tamia Meggie-Graham Croydon HCarshalton6 May 
28.61ns4Jennifer Chukwu Croydon HCarshalton6 May 
28.60/-0.24AXaerhea BennettBelgrave HBattersea Park18 Jun 
28.69/1.54Jasmine Hoad Sutton&DistrictCarshalton9 Apr 
28.76/-0.53h2Bryony BovellGuildford&GKingston13 May 
28.85BAlicia ChristieEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun 
28.82APoppy CampbellWaverley HWoking11 Jun 
28.96AElla Stoner Woking ACPortsmouth22 Apr 
28.93nsGrace JolliffeGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
28.916h2Jasmine KeeleyCamberley&DistKingston10 Jun 
28.94/+0.55h4Daisy BloxhamGuildford&GKingston13 May 
29.04ns4Emily Burch Guildford&GCarshalton6 May 
29.01ns3Isabel Bull Guildford&GCarshalton6 May 
 300 Metres (Standard: 47.00 )
 42.61AEmma Horsey Walton ACWinchester18 Jun
 42.71Zoe Dake Croydon HTonbridge18 Jun
 43.52AJessica TabrahamHerne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun
 43.942Zipporah Golding HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
 44.063Lily Grant Reigate PrioryCrawley25 Mar
 44.21AUrsula HallHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May
 44.22APoppy Walters Woking ACWinchester18 Jun
 44.314Ellie Slevin Guildford&GKingston14 May
 44.42AAmy Dove Camberley&DistBasingstoke23 Apr
 44.442h3Anna Gawander Kingston & PolyKingston14 May
 44.51ns1Susannah LecoutreGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 44.77mx5Amy Miller Blkhth&BromTonbridge17 Apr
 44.803h3Eva WestWalton ACKingston14 May
 44.84BTamia Meggie-GrahamCroydon HChelmsford20 May
 44.824h3Kyra Sethna-McIntosh Croydon HKingston14 May
 45.21BMartha Collings Woking ACWinchester18 Jun
 45.24ALaila-Marie LatinGuildford&GKingston18 Jun
 45.353h1Caitlin PaulWalton ACKingston14 May
 45.393h2Georgia RussellWalton ACKingston14 May
 45.43BLayla WilkinsonHerne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun
 45.493Tara Bartlett HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
 45.604Michaella Pottinger Herne Hill HCrawley25 Mar
 45.614Tamira Webster HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
 45.82BJennifer Chukwu Croydon HReading22 Apr
 45.96AAnna ThomasCamberley&DistAldershot20 May
 45.965h3Olivia Ab-IorwerthWaverley HKingston14 May
 45.992Holly Sutton Trott Blkhth&BromTooting Bec1 Apr
 46.064h1Francesca EveredReigate PrioryKingston14 May
 46.102Maisie Collis Herne Hill HCarshalton9 Apr
 46.24BIsabel Bull Guildford&GAldershot20 May
 46.295h2Daisy BloxhamGuildford&GKingston14 May
 46.32BOlivia JamesCamberley&DistKingston18 Jun
 46.45AShanice Daley Herne Hill HReading22 Apr
 46.55BSaskia Birt Herne Hill HReading22 Apr
 46.51nsRebekah RichesHerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun
 46.51nsBori Szegedi Woking ACSwindon4 Jun
 46.62BMaisie AbelGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 46.684Jasmine Hoad Sutton&DistrictCrawley25 Mar
 46.75BFreya JohnKingston & PolyAldershot20 May
 46.83BGrace Bowden Stone StMRichmondHarrow22 Apr
 46.912Francesca Pires Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 May
 46.936Tianna Gayle HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr
800 Metres (Standard: 2:40.00 )
2:15.255CAmy Miller Blkhth&BromMilton Keynes3 Jun 
2:15.41AMaisie Collis Herne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun 
2:17.502Lucy BroderickReigate PrioryBasingstoke17 Jun 
2:17.571Susannah Lecoutre Guildford&GKingston14 May 
2:18.412Layla Wilkinson Herne Hill HKingston14 May 
2:18.91AMartha Collings Woking ACWinchester18 Jun 
2:19.211Rebekah Riches HerculesWimbBattersea Park10 Jun 
2:19.72mx9Eva Holland Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 May 
2:20.22AMegan CoffeyWalton ACWinc18 Jun 
2:22.023Jessica TabrahamHerne Hill HBattersea Park10 Jun 
2:22.236Amy Dove Camberley&DistKingston14 May 
2:22.63AAnna ThomasCamberley&DistAldershot20 May 
2:23.265Kyra Sethna-McIntosh Croydon HBasingstoke17 Jun 
2:23.652Lily Pearson Epsom & EwellKingston10 Jun 
2:23.95AEllie Slevin Guildford&GAldershot20 May 
2:24.31BIsobel Pennicard Herne Hill HReading22 Apr 
2:24.3112Poppy Craig-McFeely Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
2:24.40mx4Emma Horsey Walton ACWatford17 May 
2:24.672BHolly LandonWindsorSE&HEton18 Jun 
2:24.79mx11Lily Grant Reigate PrioryBromley22 May 
2:25.65PSusannah Hirst Herne Hill HYeovil25 Jun 
2:25.84mx2BFrancesca Evered Reigate PrioryBrighton31 May 
2:25.981Tia Hansford AldershotF&DBasingstoke1 Apr 
2:26.111Emiko Salvi Reigate PrioryCarshalton9 Apr 
2:26.183h4Rosie Hammond Herne Hill HKingston13 May 
2:26.732Pippa Roessler Reigate PrioryCarshalton9 Apr 
2:27.01ns2Eliza Sutton Guildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
2:27.85Peggy Winterborn South LondonTooting Bec29 Apr 
2:28.304h1Imogen Burton Walton ACKingston10 Jun 
2:29.02BPhoebe MatraversGuildford&GKingston18 Jun 
2:29.166Della SakariaGuildford&GKingston10 Jun 
2:29.57AEvie WilkinsonKingston & PolyAldershot20 May 
2:29.81AJules Rabey Camberley&DistWoking11 Jun 
2:30.81BPoppy Walters Woking ACWinchester18 Jun 
2:30.92ALily Johnson Guildford&GCroydon3 Jun 
2:31.81nsSophie WilliamsHerne Hill HCroydon3 Jun 
2:31.826KHolly Sutton Trott Blkhth&BromMilton Keynes3 Jun 
2:32.394h1India AdamsHerne Hill HBattersea Park10 Jun 
2:32.42ABori Szegedi Woking ACSwindon4 Jun 
2:32.95mx6Ellen Weir HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 May 
2:33.03ns2Maisy MinikinGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
2:33.73AKathryn Jefferson South LondonCarshalton6 May 
2:33.73BFreya John Kingston & PolyAldershot20 May 
2:33.71BGeorgina Clarke HerculesWimbCroydon3 Jun 
2:34.524Albane Fery HerculesWimbCarshalton9 Apr 
2:34.9910JKatie Clutterbuck WindsorSE&HMilton Keynes3 Jun 
2:35.61nsAMatilda Stevens-CoxHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May 
2:35.71nsAJess ButlandHerne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun 
2:35.74mx1Selma Hegvold HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 May 
2:36.71nsJe'nae JamesHerne Hill HCroydon3 Jun 
2:36.83nsFreya DainesAldershotF&DGuildford4 Jun 
2:37.43AEmelia ChittendenKingston & PolyCroydon3 Jun 
2:37.597h3Holly LandonWindsorSE&HKingston13 May 
2:38.68Amy Beattie South LondonTooting Bec29 Apr 
2:38.694Olivia James Camberley&DistBracknell25 Mar 
2:39.453Li-Norah Flynn South LondonCarshalton2 Apr 
2:39.653BJemma Hinds Guildford&GCrawley22 Apr 
2:39.82BAbby Graham-Maw Epsom & EwellCarshalton6 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:25.00 )
 4:38.801Maisie Collis Herne Hill HKingston10 Jun
 4:40.25mx8DEva Holland Herne Hill HBrighton31 May
 4:41.79mx9DAmy MillerBlkhth&BromBrighton31 May
 4:42.192Susannah Lecoutre Guildford&GKingston10 Jun
 4:43.893Kiara Valkenburg Epsom & EwellKingston10 Jun
 4:47.1mx13Pippa RoesslerReigate PrioryCrawley21 Jun
 4:47.41mx7ERosie HammondHerne Hill HBrighton31 May
 4:50.131ALucy Broderick Reigate PrioryBattersea Park22 Apr
 4:50.153Poppy Craig-McfeelyHerne Hill HKingston14 May
 4:50.43mx6Megan Coffey Walton ACWatford3 May
 4:54.81AMartha Collings Woking ACSwindon4 Jun
 4:57.91nsIsobel Pennicard Herne Hill HCarshalton6 May
 5:00.40mx15Tia HansfordAldershotF&DWatford31 May
 5:03.33mx7Rebekah Riches HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 Apr
 5:04.54Emma Wilson Camberley&DistPortsmouth10 Jun
 5:05.258Georgina ClarkeHerculesWimbKingston14 May
 5:05.31BLayla Wilkinson Herne Hill HCroydon3 Jun
 5:05.41AImogen BurtonWalton ACWinchester18 Jun
 5:07.20mx13Emma HorseyWalton ACWatford31 May
 5:07.639Della Sakaria Guildford&GKingston14 May
 5:08.58mx5Ellen Weir HerculesWimbTooting Bec1 Apr
 5:10.229Ellie Osmond South LondonBattersea Park10 Jun
 5:10.31AAmy Dove Camberley&DistCrawley22 Apr
 5:11.29mx3Jess Butland Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr
 5:13.343AEliza Sutton Guildford&GCrawley22 Apr
 5:13.43AKyra Sethna-McIntosh Croydon HCroydon3 Jun
 5:13.63APhoebe MatraversGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun
 5:13.72BEllie SlevinGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun
 5:13.83Anna Thomas Camberley&DistEton9 Apr
 5:14.124AEvie Wilkinson Kingston & PolyCrawley22 Apr
 5:14.202BMaisy Minikin Guildford&GCrawley22 Apr
 5:14.23AGrace Bowden Stone StMRichmondHarrow22 Apr
 5:16.558h1Phoebe Smith Guildford&GKingston13 May
 5:16.577h2Olivia Thompson South LondonKingston13 May
 5:16.725Francesca Evered Reigate PrioryTonbridge17 Apr
 5:16.95nsAmelia AttenboroughGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 5:16.948h2Katie ClutterbuckWindsorSE&HKingston13 May
 5:17.749h2Matilda Stevens-CoxHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 5:18.463Susannah Hirst Herne Hill HCarshalton2 Apr
 5:19.46mx8Poppy JensenStragglersWatford31 May
 5:19.85mx10Maisie GibbinsHolland SportsWatford31 May
 5:22.2010h2India AdamsHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 5:22.62nsJessica Tabraham Herne Hill HCarshalton6 May
 5:23.32Lily Johnson Guildford&GEton9 Apr
 5:23.3912Emiko Salvi Reigate PrioryTonbridge17 Apr
 5:24.5210h1Selma HegvoldHerculesWimbKingston13 May
75 Metres Hurdles (76.2cm) (Standard: 14.00 )
11.72ARacheal Largie-Poleon Croydon HReading22 Apr 
11.97/-2.51h1Yasmin GrosvenorBracknell ACKingston13 May 
11.99/-1.31h2Anastasiya Botvinyeva Guildford&GKingston13 May 
12.21AMaisie AbelGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun 
12.32ALily Grant Reigate PrioryCroydon3 Jun 
12.31BJennifer Chukwu Croydon HCroydon3 Jun 
12.31/0.23AEmma FidgettAldershotF&DCrawley22 Apr 
12.42ANatalia WebbHerne Hill HCroydon3 Jun 
12.51Ella Barker Woking ACAldershot22 May 
12.71nsFrancesca Rye BlakeyGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
12.85/-1.17Violet Street Guildford&GKingston13 May 
12.95AKira Holt Kingston & PolyAldershot20 May 
13.04AKatie HollowayGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
13.01/-1.18Bryony Bovell Guildford&GKingston13 May 
13.11nsOlivia Howlett Blkhth&BromDartford4 Jun 
13.14/1.54Katie Mackison Reigate PrioryTonbridge17 Apr 
13.31nsLorraine Bonsu Croydon HCroydon3 Jun 
13.43Isabel Bull Guildford&GEton9 Apr 
13.43AEllie Taylor Epsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun 
13.61Naomi Townend Guildford&GEton9 Apr 
13.65Ellie HeadAldershotF&DAldershot22 May 
13.73nsMarlene LangeGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
13.86AEmily Callaghan Herne Hill HReading22 Apr 
13.9/0.54BEvie Wilkinson Kingston & PolyCrawley22 Apr 
13.96/-0.35Caitlin Paul Walton ACLee Valley8 Apr 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.35m )
 1.591AIsobel LeikisWoking ACBournemouth20 May
 1.53PMaisie AbelGuildford&GCrawley31 May
 1.532AYasmin Grosvenor Bracknell ACEton18 Jun
 1.501ASophie Williams Herne Hill HCarshalton6 May
 1.452Tyla John Camberley&DistBasingstoke1 Apr
 1.454Imogen Kingston Guildford&GKingston14 May
 1.454AOrnella OrfenovCrawley ACHorsham2 Jun
 1.455Isabel FletcherHolland SportsAshford10 Jun
 1.452APoppy CampbellWaverley HWoking11 Jun
 1.405AKira Holt Kingston & PolyCrawley22 Apr
 1.401ns1Daisy Bloxham Guildford&GCarshalton6 May
 1.401BAllie Collins Herne Hill HCarshalton6 May
 1.404AChloe HextallGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun
 1.401ASophie CoxEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun
 1.402AReahnna Wilson-JonesSutton&DistrictCroydon3 Jun
 1.401nsFrancesca Rye BlakeyGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 1.401BCharlotte WhitefordWaverley HWoking11 Jun
 1.403BEmilia ChittendenKingston & PolyKingston18 Jun
 1.353Zoe Shepherd Kingston & PolyCarshalton9 Apr
 1.355ACassandra Howard Croydon HReading22 Apr
 1.353BJess ButlandHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May
 1.354AUrsula HallHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May
 1.351BAbigal Valentine-RuggSutton&DistrictCroydon3 Jun
 1.351BAmy DoveCamberley&DistHillingdon4 Jun
 1.354AJoanna HayCamberley&DistHillingdon4 Jun
 1.351AJosephine LouisBelgrave HBattersea Park18 Jun
Pole Vault (Standard: 1.80m )
1.951AEmily BurchGuildford&GCroydon3 Jun 
1.902ns=Naomi TownendGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
1.804nsLily JohnsonGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
 Long Jump (Standard: 4.25m )
 5.251Yasmin Grosvenor Bracknell ACAldershot22 May
 5.171Racheal Largie-Poleon Croydon HCarshalton9 Apr
 5.101ANiyah Costley Herne Hill HCroydon3 Jun
 5.021Natalia Webb Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 May
 5.023Ornella Orfenov Crawley ACCrawley10 Jun
 5.011Lucy Eaton-TribeWoking ACKingston10 Jun
 5.001nsYasmin AvraamidesEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun
 4.95PMaisie AbelGuildford&GCrawley31 May
 4.891Bryony Bovell Guildford&GEton9 Apr
 4.86/+0.64Daisy Little Guildford&GKingston13 May
 4.822Aesha Ayimba-GoldingDorkingMVKingston10 Jun
 4.793Amy LauderReigate PrioryKingston10 Jun
 4.75/-0.85Tamia Meggie-Graham Croydon HKingston13 May
 4.731BOlivia Howlett Blkhth&BromSouthampton20 May
 4.694Poppy CampbellWaverley HKingston10 Jun
 4.68PLily Grant Reigate PrioryCrawley31 May
 4.521Reahnna Wilson-Jones Sutton&DistrictCarshalton2 Apr
 4.528Poppy Walters Woking ACKingston10 Jun
 4.50/+1.87Michaella Pottinger Herne Hill HKingston13 May
 4.479Molly MarshallEpsom & EwellKingston10 Jun
 4.392ANeve Bradley Woking ACPortsmouth22 Apr
 4.394AJoanna HayCamberley&DistHillingdon4 Jun
 4.363Phoebe NicollsHerne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr
 4.363Tyla John Camberley&DistBasingstoke1 Apr
 4.363AXaerhea BennettBelgrave HBattersea Park18 Jun
 4.345ALucy AtkinsKingston & PolyCroydon3 Jun
 4.343AEllie TaylorEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun
 4.322ACharlotte Whiteford Waverley HBasingstoke23 Apr
 4.321nsFrancesca Rye BlakeyGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 4.30/+1.810Olivia Ab-IorwerthWaverley HKingston13 May
 4.303BOlivia JamesCamberley&DistKingston18 Jun
 4.271BGabriella BeckmanBelgrave HBattersea Park22 Apr
 4.274Ellie HeadAldershotF&DAldershot22 May
 4.262ASerena Angoua Croydon HCarshalton6 May
 4.254AEmilie Pierce Camberley&DistEton9 Apr
Shot Put (3kg) (Standard: 7.00m )
11.371Jasmine de la ToucheWalton ACKingston10 Jun 
10.731Je'nae James Herne Hill HTooting Bec1 Apr 
10.591Yasmin Grosvenor Bracknell ACBracknell25 Mar 
10.411Destinie ReynoldsHerne Hill HMile End13 Jun 
9.902Aya MageeSurrey SchsKingston10 Jun 
9.821Zoe Shepherd Kingston & PolyCarshalton9 Apr 
9.345Georgia Russell Walton ACKingston13 May 
9.271AJennifer Chukwu Croydon HCroydon3 Jun 
9.123Marlene LangeGuildford&GKingston10 Jun 
8.912BCarlota Azagra TojarBelgrave HHorspath14 May 
8.873AIsabella Janssens Woking ACBournemouth20 May 
8.831AOrla Manchester Camberley&DistBasingstoke23 Apr 
8.752ASkye SerwahCroydon HCroydon3 Jun 
8.66PCassandra Howard Croydon HLee Valley24 May 
8.402Alicia Kapotwe Woking ACSouthampton9 Apr 
8.408Isabel Bull Guildford&GKingston13 May 
8.332BAvery TidyHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May 
8.184Lily Grant Reigate PrioryEton1 Apr 
8.09PMaisie AbelGuildford&GCrawley31 May 
8.043AFreya KellyWoking ACSwindon4 Jun 
7.945Ella RansleyHerne Hill HMile End13 Jun 
7.749Maya JamesCamberley&DistKingston13 May 
7.661Sophie Funnell Camberley&DistEton9 Apr 
7.5510Daisy Bloxham Guildford&GKingston13 May 
7.442AClaire Chappell Holland SportsBrighton22 Apr 
7.381nsBryony BovellGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
7.304ALara AndersonWaverley HWoking11 Jun 
7.262AEsme Dann Sutton&DistrictCarshalton6 May 
7.267AMartha HillKingston & PolyAldershot20 May 
7.264BTamia Meggie-GrahamCroydon HChelmsford20 May 
7.153BSacha BarrassWaverley HWoking11 Jun 
 Discus (1kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 29.132Orla Manchester Camberley&DistBasingstoke17 Jun
 27.481AAlicia Kapotwe Woking ACWinchester18 Jun
 25.111AIsabella Janssens Woking ACBournemouth20 May
 24.371Jasmine de la Touche Walton ACTooting Bec29 Apr
 24.321AFreya BakerCrawley ACHorsham2 Jun
 24.183AJe'nae JamesHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May
 23.574Cassandra Howard Croydon HKingston14 May
 23.071BSophie Funnell Camberley&DistKingston18 Jun
 22.871BBeatrice DohertyHerne Hill HBattersea Park10 Jun
 22.543AGeorgia RussellWalton ACWinchester18 Jun
 22.375Maya JamesCamberley&DistKingston14 May
 21.731AAnnabelle KnutsonSouth LondonCroydon3 Jun
 20.941BFreya KellyWoking ACWinchester18 Jun
 20.713ALily Johnson Guildford&GAldershot20 May
 20.652nsMartha HillKingston & PolyCarshalton6 May
 20.402BLouise VerdoornGuildford&GKingston18 Jun
 19.951Lara Anderson Waverley HTooting Bec1 Apr
 19.921BSkye SerwahCroydon HCroydon3 Jun
 19.762Adriana Porteros-Rubio Herne Hill HTooting Bec29 Apr
 19.474AFunmilola Ajayi Herne Hill HReading22 Apr
 18.861nsMillie CantGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 18.121nsOlivia Jarvis Camberley&DistBasingstoke23 Apr
 17.993nsSasha PreeceGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
 17.652AClare Chappell Holland SportsBrighton22 Apr
 17.5110Olivia HammondSurrey SchsKingston10 Jun
Hammer (3kg) (Standard: 14.00m )
37.261AOrla Manchester Camberley&DistHillingdon4 Jun 
32.991Jasmine de la Touche Walton ACKingston14 May 
31.351BLily Kendall Camberley&DistHillingdon4 Jun 
29.784BFreya KellyWoking ACWinchester18 Jun 
28.052AGeorgia RussellWalton ACBournemouth20 May 
25.504Sophie Funnell Camberley&DistKingston14 May 
24.043AIsabella JanssensWoking ACBournemouth20 May 
21.716Olivia JarvisCamberley&DistKingston14 May 
20.411BEva WestWalton ACPortsmouth22 Apr 
20.233ADaisy BloxhamGuildford&GKingston18 Jun 
20.111BFreya BakerCrawley ACHorsham2 Jun 
19.805AAvery TidyHerne Hill HChelmsford20 May 
19.413ALily JohnsonGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
19.052BAlicia KapotweWoking ACPortsmouth22 Apr 
18.822AClare ChappellHolland SportsHastings18 Jun 
18.565AEllie Catterall Croydon HReading22 Apr 
18.082AEsme DannSutton&DistrictCarshalton6 May 
17.101nsMarlene LangeGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun 
15.921ACymayung Adebakin Croydon HCarshalton6 May 
15.446AAdriana Porteros-Rubio Herne Hill HReading22 Apr 
15.155ALorraine BonsuCroydon HTonbridge18 Jun 
14.711ALily WatsonEpsom & EwellCroydon3 Jun 
 Javelin (500g) (Standard: 17.00m )
 39.221Katie Mackison Reigate PrioryKingston14 May
 33.771Eliza Sutton Guildford&GEton9 Apr
 33.002AMaya James Camberley&DistWoking11 Jun
 31.421Emily Callaghan Herne Hill HMile End13 Jun
 30.122Hannah Bodoano Woking ACKingston14 May
 29.754AMaisie AbelGuildford&GKingston18 Jun
 29.562Freya BakerCrawley ACWoodford13 Jun
 28.791Jasmine de la Touche Walton ACTooting Bec29 Apr
 25.903ALily Cain-Jones Reigate PrioryCarshalton6 May
 25.521BEva Holland Herne Hill HTonbridge18 Jun
 24.314ASacha Barrass Waverley HWoking11 Jun
 23.661BPoppy Walters Woking ACPortsmouth22 Apr
 23.393ACassandra Howard Croydon HCarshalton6 May
 23.114ASaskia Barton South LondonCarshalton6 May
 20.871nsElla Gallagher Epsom & EwellCarshalton6 May
 20.522AOrla Manchester Camberley&DistBasingstoke23 Apr
 20.341BEmily BurchGuildford&GCarshalton6 May
 19.281nsAmelia Attenborough Guildford&GCarshalton6 May
 19.012nsEmma WrightGuildford&GCarshalton6 May
 17.493nsLouise VerdoornGuildford&GGuildford4 Jun
Pentathlon (Standard: 1500pts )
22526Cassandra HowardCroydon HLee Valley24 May 
177913Honey WatsonSouth LondonLee Valley24 May 

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