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Today's Date: 26 May 2019

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
 10.18/+1.7Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton&DistrictPrague, CZE4 Jun
 10.29w/+2.2Theo Etienne (U23)HerculesWimbNewham6 May
 10.29w/+3.3Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbCardiff16 May
 10.33/+0.51h3Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbTampere, FIN10 Jul
 10.35/+1.6Rechmial Miller (U23)HerculesWimbLee Valley18 Jul
 10.36/+0.5Romell Glave (U20)Croydon HLoughborough20 May
 10.36/+1.6Theo Etienne (U23)Hercules WimbleLee Valley18 Jul
 10.42w/+3.3Dean HyltonBlkhth&BromLee Valley20 Jun
 10.42w/+3.3Luke Dorrell (U23)AldershotF&DLee Valley20 Jun
 10.45/+1.7Marvin PopoolaHerne Hill HBedford7 Jul
 10.55/+1.4Luke Dorrell (U23)AldershotF&DLee Valley6 Jun
 10.58w/+3.8Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondHartford CT, USA28 Apr
 10.60/+0.9Dean HyltonBlkhth&BromLee Valley20 Jun
 10.61wCameron Starr (U23)SouthamptonPortsmouth2 Jun
 10.62w/+2.91r1.3Brandon Murray (U23)Blkhth&BromLee Valley23 May
 10.65/+0.3Aidan SyersNewham&ExBMunich, GER19 May
 10.65/+1.8Zanson Plummer (U23)Shaft.BarnetLee Valley18 Jul
 10.65w/+3.2Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley19 Aug
 10.66w/+2.5Dylan Da Costa (U20)Croydon HManchester (SC)15 Aug
 10.66w/+2.3Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACLee Valley19 Aug
 10.67/+0.2Frederick Afrifa (U23)Crawley ACLee Valley20 Jun
 10.69/+0.5Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley19 Aug
 10.7Samir Williams (U20)Croydon HTonbridge14 Apr
 10.7Micah Francis-Dwyer (U20)Croydon HCambridge18 Aug
 10.72/+1.0Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACLoughborough25 Jul
 10.73/+1.8Tyrese Johnson-Fisher (U20)Croydon HNewham6 May
 10.73w/+2.7Jonathan GrantHerne Hill HBuffalo NY, USA11 May
 10.73w/+4.0Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U17)Blkhth&BromBedford25 Aug
 10.74/+1.0Cameron Starr (U23)SouthamptonEton5 May
 10.75w/+5.5Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACAbingdon18 Aug
 10.76w/+6.7Ryan Facey (U20)HerculesWimbManchester (SC)28 Jul
 10.79/0.0Greg CackettBelgrave HBattersea Park20 May
 10.8wTyler Panton (U17)Walton ACWalton14 Apr
 10.81w/+4.1Michael Miller (U20)Herne Hill HLee Valley23 May
 10.81w/+4.97r1.2Damien PowellKent ACLee Valley23 May
 10.84/+1.7Jonathan GrantHerne Hill HKnoxville TN, USA12 Apr
 10.84/+1.2Ryan Facey (U20)HerculesWimbBedford16 Jun
 10.85/+1.5Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondSan Diego CA, USA24 Mar
 10.86w/+2.51r2.3Gift McLarenKent ACLee Valley23 May
 10.87/+1.8Michael Miller (U20)Herne Hill HLee Valley18 Jul
 10.88/+1.0Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HEton5 May
 10.89/-0.22h8Brandon Murray (U23)Blkhth&BromClermont FL, USA28 Apr
 10.89/+0.7Elliot DraperCroydon HArgentan, FRA3 Jun
 10.89/-0.6Joseph Massimo (U20)Crawley ACCrawley1 Jul
 10.9James Hanson (U20)Woking ACPortsmouth29 Jul
 10.90w/+2.13h1Sam Ige (U23)Belgrave HBedford16 Jun
 10.91/-0.3Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaft.BarnetLee Valley4 Jul
 10.91w/+5.1Daryl ThomasHerne Hill HLee Valley15 Aug
 10.92/+1.0Dylan Da Costa (U20)Croydon HStevenage27 May
 10.93/-0.33Tremayne GillingBlkhth&BromKingston13 May
 10.93Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACHorspath23 Jun
 10.94/+1.2Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U17)Blkhth&BromCastellon, ESP15 Sep
 10.95/0.0Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HBudapest, HUN2 Jun
 10.95/+1.45r2Gift McLarenKent ACLee Valley6 Jun
 10.95w/+2.2Abdou NjieKingston & PolySt. Ives23 May
 10.96Derrick Kinlock (U17)Croydon HCroydon1 Jul
 10.98wElijah Lyle-VidalKingston & PolyPortsmouth2 Jun
 11.01nsTyvon Inniss (U17)Croydon HCambridge18 Aug
 11.01/+1.1Elijah Lyle-VidalKingston & PolyEton5 May
 11.01/-0.66s1Sam Ige (U23)Belgrave HBedford16 Jun
 11.01/+1.0Daryl ThomasHerne Hill HWillesden24 Jul
 11.01w/+3.2Leroy Slue (M35)Harrow ACLee Valley20 Jun
 11.06w/+2.2Uyiosa Osawe (U23)Woking ACLee Valley25 Apr
 11.07/+1.21Jaleel Roper (U17)HerculesWimbKingston9 Jun
 11.07/+0.4Bill PorterSouth LondonGrobenzell, GER20 Jun
 11.08/+0.1Abdou NjieKingston & PolyLoughborough25 Aug
 11.10/-1.2Oliver NewportBlkhth&BromTempe AZ, USA16 Mar
 11.1George Sudderick (U15)Walton ACWinchester19 May
 11.1Luke Morley (U20)Sutton&DistrictTwickenham20 Jun
 11.1Matthew PepperCroydon HWare23 Jun
 11.1Cathan Marcell (U20)Herne Hill HTooting Bec30 Jun
 11.11/+1.1Damien PowellKent ACLee Valley18 Jul
 11.14/+1.0Leroy Slue (M35)Harrow ACLee Valley18 Jul
 11.18/+0.3Tshon CarnegieHerne Hill HNewham24 Jun
 11.18/+0.1Tyler Panton (U17)Walton ACBirmingham13 Jul
 11.19/-1.1Uyiosa Osawe (U23)Woking ACLoughborough23 May
 11.20/-0.6James Kasirye-SebaluBelgrave HClermont FL, USA28 Apr
 11.2Thomas White (U17)Kingston & PolyTwickenham20 Jun
 11.2Armani Thomas (U23)HerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun
 11.2/+1.1Alex Parkinson (U23)Kingston & PolyBirmingham Univ23 Jun
 11.2Tobi OgunbodeHerne Hill HTooting Bec30 Jun
 11.2Kaylen Francis (U23)Sutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 11.2Luke Laughton (U20)Epsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00 )
20.68w/+3.7Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbCardiff16 May 
20.85/+1.4Rechmial Miller (U23)HerculesWimbLee Valley1 Aug 
21.01/+0.6Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbOordegem, BEL2 Jun 
21.09/0.0Romell Glave (U20)Croydon HLoughborough20 May 
21.13/-1.6Marvin PopoolaHerne Hill HBedford7 May 
21.14/-0.2Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaft.BarnetBerne, SUI16 Jun 
21.16/+1.8Luke Dorrell (U23)AldershotF&DBirmingham1 Jul 
21.30/+1.5Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbSydney, AUS17 Mar 
21.31w/+2.2Dean HyltonBlkhth&BromLee Valley6 Jun 
21.39/-1.31ADylan Da Costa (U20)Croydon HCroydon1 Jul 
21.43/+1.0Martyn RooneyCroydon HBedford7 Jul 
21.46/+0.3Frederick Afrifa (U23)Crawley ACLee Valley20 Jun 
21.48w/+2.6Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACBedford7 Jul 
21.49/-0.1Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACLoughborough25 Jul 
21.52/+0.9Dean HyltonBlkhth&BromNewham24 Jun 
21.54/+1.6Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondSan Diego CA, USA24 Mar 
21.57/+0.7Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HLee Valley25 Apr 
21.61/-1.8Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton&DistrictNathan, AUS22 Mar 
21.61Cameron Starr (U23)SouthamptonPortsmouth2 Jun 
21.63w/+2.5Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley19 Aug 
21.65/-0.5Theo Etienne (U23)HerculesWimbLee Valley4 Jul 
21.8Joseph Massimo (U20)Crawley ACWoking29 Apr 
21.83/+0.91Derrick Kinlock (U17)Croydon HKingston9 Jun 
21.83/+0.5Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACBirmingham14 Jul 
21.89/+1.2Zanson Plummer (U23)Shaft.BarnetBrunel25 Jul 
21.93/-0.5Lee McLaughlinCroydon HLee Valley4 Jul 
21.95/+0.3Micah Francis-Dwyer (U20)Croydon HBedford9 Jun 
21.96/+0.34h3James Hanson (U20)Woking ACBedford9 Jun 
22.01r2Amir Sultan-Edwards (U15)Blkhth&BromTooting Bec30 Jun 
22.09/+0.7Elliot Draper (U23)Croydon HFougeres, FRA1 Jul 
22.12/+0.4Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HLee Valley25 Apr 
22.17/+0.1Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HBudapest, HUN2 Jun 
22.20Elijah Lyle-VidalKingston & PolyPortsmouth2 Jun 
22.21/+1.5Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U17)Blkhth&BromBedford9 Sep 
22.33/+0.92Oliver Preest (U17)Croydon HKingston9 Jun 
22.36/+0.6Dominic Ariyo-Francis (U17)Woking ACBirmingham14 Jul 
22.37w/+2.3Craig CoxCrawley ACBerkeley CA, USA28 Apr 
22.39/+0.4Abdou NjieKingston & PolyShe20 Jun 
22.39w/+2.4Samir Williams (U20)Croydon HLee Valley29 Aug 
22.4George Sudderick (U15)Walton ACWinchester19 May 
22.43/+1.7Craig CoxCrawley ACSan Mateo CA, USA23 Mar 
22.44w/+2.3Harry Grindle (U20)Belgrave HHendon25 Aug 
22.47/+0.3Matthew PepperCroydon HNottingham4 Aug 
22.48Joshua Pearson (U17)WindsorSE&HEton23 Jun 
22.49/+1.26h2Sam Ige (U23)Belgrave HBedford17 Jun 
22.49/+1.1Matthew Harris (U17)Guildford&GCrawley1 Jul 
22.5Tyler Panton (U17)Walton ACEltham29 Apr 
22.51Tshon CarnegieHerne Hill HNewham24 Jun 
22.55/+0.94Israel Ospina (U17)Croydon HKingston9 Jun 
22.561nsTyvon Inniss (U17)Croydon HStevenage12 May 
22.62/+1.5Harry Grindle (U20)Belgrave HLee Valley1 Aug 
22.67/+0.5James Kasirye-SebaluBelgrave HClermont FL, USA28 Apr 
22.69/+0.9Thomas Hughes (U17)Sutton&DistrictLee Valley8 Jul 
22.7Memphis Ayoade (U17)Herne HillTooting Bec30 Jun 
22.73/+1.5Max Perez-Diaz (U23)Kingston & PolyLee Valley1 Aug 
22.73w/+2.2Josh Watson (U20)Blkhth&BromEton18 Aug 
22.74/+1.9Pierre WalkerBelgrave HLee Valley28 Apr 
22.78/-1.3Josh Watson (U20)Blkhth&BromBromley14 Apr 
22.8Armani Thomas (U23)HerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun 
22.8Luke Laughton (U20)Epsom & EwellWalton18 Jul 
22.85/-1.24h1Ross Whelan (U23)HerculesWimbKingston12 May 
22.88/+0.2Leroy Slue (M35)Harrow ACLee Valley4 Jul 
22.90/-0.7Uyiosa OsaweWoking ACBedford6 May 
22.90/-0.83h2Gift McLarenKent ACKingston12 May 
22.9Tom Westerman (U20)Guildford&GSwindon23 Jun 
22.9Joseph Foster (U17)Camberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
22.9Thomas Handley (U17)Camberley&DistReading2 Sep 
22.92Thomas White (U17)Kingston & PolyHendon9 Jun 
22.93Ezra Rodriques (U20)Croydon HCroydon20 May 
22.96/-1.05Harry Callanan (U20)South LondonKingston13 May 
22.96w/+2.3Cathan Marcell (U20)Herne Hill HLee Valley1 Aug 
23.01/-0.1George Mears (U20)Guildford&GBromley13 Aug 
23.02/+0.4Jaleel Roper (U17)HerculesWimbCarshalton28 Apr 
23.05/-1.06Luke Manzano (U20)Herne HillKingston13 May 
23.05Louis Smithen (U17)Croydon HCroydon20 May 
23.1Ryan Facey (U20)HerculesWimbWimbledon20 May 
23.1Owen Heard (U17)Camberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
 400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
 45.45Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbBerlin, GER8 Aug
 45.73Martyn RooneyCroydon HBerlin, GER8 Aug
 45.98A1r1Thomas Staines (U23)Colorado State Colorado Springs CO, USA4 May
 46.54Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaft.BarnetOlympic Park, London21 Jul
 47.051Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HBedford10 Jun
 47.401r1Chris McAlisterThamesValleyBirmingham Univ23 Jun
 47.40Samuel AdeyemiHerne Hill HNewham24 Jun
 48.24Zak CurranWindsorSE&HHendon25 Aug
 48.50Jacob PaulWindsorSE&HLiverpool4 Aug
 48.60Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HOordegem, BEL26 May
 48.88Joshua Pearson (U17)WindsorSE&HReading29 Apr
 49.20Ricky Lutakome (U20)Sutton&DistrictBromley13 Aug
 49.311Thomas Westerman (U20)Guildford&GKingston12 May
 49.52Lee McLaughlinCroydon HBedford7 Jul
 49.57Omar Parsons (U23)Shaft.BarnetHendon4 Aug
 49.89Max Perez-Diaz (U23)Kingston & PolyEton5 May
 49.98Harvey Stainthorpe (U23)Croydon HBedford6 May
 50.22Oscar Heaney Brufal (U17)Blkhth&BromBromley21 May
 50.246Memphis Ayoade (U17)Herne Hill HLee Valley12 Aug
 50.31Craig CoxCrawley ACBerkeley CA, USA28 Apr
 50.52*4rI1Amir Sultan-Edwards (U15)Blkhth&BromLee Valley28 Apr
 50.52Amir Sultan-Edwards (U15)Blkhth&BromLee Valley28 Apr
 50.61Caspar EliotBristol&WestLeigh5 May
 50.61Elliot DraperCroydon HSotteville les Rouen, FRA6 May
 50.68George Rees (U17)Kingston & PolyHendon9 Jun
 50.692h2Thomas Handley (U17)Camberley&DistKingston9 Jun
 50.70Elijah Lyle-VidalKingston & PolyKingston21 Apr
 50.75Ross Whelan (U23)HerculesWimbKingston21 Apr
 50.86Adam Coates (U17)Epsom & EwellBedford15 Sep
 50.87Hugo FlemingWalton ACHelsinki, FIN21 Aug
 50.9Will Stapleton (U20)Kingston & PolyWoking29 Apr
 50.95David AwdeWoking ACWoking2 Sep
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:45.571r1Thomas Staines (U23)Colorado State Nashville TN, USA2 Jun 
1:46.88Zak CurranWindsorSE&HOslo, NOR7 Jun 
1:50.06Ricky Lutakome (U20)Sutton&DistrictWatford26 May 
1:50.46Ben Brunswick (U23)DorkingMVTrafford12 Jun 
1:51.98Daniel Wallis (U23)Guildford&GElon NC, USA14 Apr 
1:52.46Nathan DittonWindsorSE&HBedford7 Jul 
1:52.52Martyn RooneyCroydon HLoughborough20 May 
1:53.279rBCaspar EliotBristol & WestWatford8 Aug 
1:53.446r24Hugo FlemingWalton ACWatford18 Apr 
1:53.69Jonathan HayAldershotF&DWatford2 May 
1:53.731r22Dominic NolanCroydon HWatford18 Apr 
1:54.01Lewis LloydHerne Hill HPortsmouth2 Jun 
1:54.604r22Patrick Lucas (U23)Croydon HWatford18 Apr 
1:54.911r20Charlie Wyllie (U23)DorkingMVWatford8 Aug 
1:55.08Kieron Connor (U23)Croydon HEltham23 May 
1:55.142r19George Grassly (U20)DorkingMVWatford16 May 
1:55.165r22Blake Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HWatford18 Apr 
1:55.31Gilbert GrundyGuildford&GWoodford21 Aug 
1:55.40Thomas Coe (U23)WindsorSE&HStretford15 May 
1:55.871rFHarry Boyd (U20)Guildford&GEltham15 Aug 
1:56.684r20Marcus Shantry (U20)AldershotF&DWatford13 Jun 
1:56.731Edward Olsen (U23)Herne Hill HCoulsdon5 Sep 
1:56.901rDAndrew ClarkeHerne Hill HEltham15 Aug 
1:57.3John SandersonGuildford&GSwindon23 Jun 
1:57.42Neville HarrisBelgrave HWatford16 May 
1:57.5George DollnerGuildford&GBrighton14 Apr 
1:57.526r21James Hancock (U23)Sutton&DistrictWatford8 Aug 
1:57.572r12Brogan McCawley (U23)Camberley&DistWatford11 Jul 
1:57.59Andrew FyfeBelgrave HBattersea Park20 May 
1:57.712r1Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Aug 
1:58.14James TiddWindsorSE&HLiverpool4 Aug 
1:58.232rDKojo Kyereme (M40)Shaft.BarnetEltham20 Jun 
1:58.284r1Nicholas AtwellHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Aug 
1:58.324r17Cameron Enser (U17)Bracknell ACWatford13 Jun 
1:58.407r13Omar Parsons (U23)Shaft.BarnetWatford5 Sep 
1:58.66Duncan Woolmer (M35)Walton ACHorspath14 Jul 
1:58.683rAJack Dickson (U17)Kingston & PolyLee Valley8 Jul 
1:58.702Sam Sheppard (U17)South LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
1:59.086rDJack Collins (U23)HerculesWimbEltham20 Jun 
1:59.403r15Zak Wort (U20)Kingston & PolyWatford16 May 
1:59.42Hugh BakerKingston & PolyBedford7 Jul 
1:59.483rFNick ThomasFulhamEltham15 Aug 
1:59.5Oliver Coppellotti (U17)Walton ACWalton20 May 
1:59.81mxEdward Henderson (U15)AldershotF&DWatford8 Aug 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
 3:42.014r3Jonathan HayAldershotF&DHeusden-Zolder, BEL21 Jul
 3:43.876rALewis LloydHerne Hill HWatford8 Aug
 3:44.93Jack Rowe (U23)AldershotF&DLos Angeles CA, USA14 Apr
 3:45.831rBJohn SandersonGuildford&GWatford13 Jun
 3:46.43Dominic NolanCroydon HLoughborough20 May
 3:47.3210rAJack Crabtree (U23)Shaft.BarnetWatford26 May
 3:47.65Daniel Wallis (U23)Guildford&GPalo Alto CA, USA3 May
 3:47.74Adam Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HBedford6 May
 3:47.86Luke CaldwellDorkingMVWatford13 Jun
 3:49.465rBRicky Lutakome (U20)Sutton&DistrictWatford8 Aug
 3:50.179rBJoshua GraceAldershotF&DWatford13 Jun
 3:52.818r6Thomas Staines (U23)Colorado State Boulder CO, USA7 Apr
 3:53.041rBLuke Van Oudtshoorn (U17)AldershotF&DWatford2 May
 3:53.74James CoxonKingston & PolyBedford5 May
 3:55.50Gus Cockle (U23)AldershotF&DEltham7 Jul
 3:55.9Blake Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HBedford5 May
 3:55.921rAAndrew FyfeBelgrave HEltham23 May
 3:56.10Max Heyden (U20)AldershotF&DWatford26 May
 3:56.195rEAlex RobinsonHerculesWimbWatford26 May
 3:56.576rEFrederick SlemeckHerculesWimbWatford26 May
 3:57.087rAGeorge Grassly (U20)DorkingMVBrighton30 May
 3:57.17Andrew ClarkeHerne Hill HStretford18 Aug
 3:57.771r12Charlie Wyllie (U23)DorkingMVWatford22 Aug
 3:58.8210rFMacgregor CoxAldershotF&DWatford26 May
 3:58.893h2George DollnerGuildford&GBedford9 Jun
 3:59.926r12Brogan McCawley (U23)Camberley&DistWatford22 Aug
 4:00.238r12Marcus Shantry (U20)AldershotF&DWatford22 Aug
 4:00.81Ben BradleyAldershotF&DWatford11 Jul
 4:01.4011r12James Hancock (U23)Sutton&DistrictWatford22 Aug
 4:01.8713r13Will Barnicoat (U17)AldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:02.443Patrick Lucas (U23)Croydon HKingston13 May
 4:02.4515r13Charlie Kershaw (U17)AldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:02.53Lewis Laylee (U23)Dulwich RBrighton30 May
 4:02.69mxDylan Spencer (U17)AldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 4:03.226h1Dane Blomquist (U23)AldershotF&DBedford9 Jun
 4:03.406r12Harley Norman (U17)South LondonWatford30 May
 4:04.18Conor Kissane-WoodThamesValleyLeigh5 May
 4:04.375rBKojo Kyereme (M40)Shaft.BarnetEltham20 Jun
 4:04.924Kieron Connor (U23)Croydon HKingston13 May
 4:05.07Daniel EckersleyKingston & PolyPortsmouth13 May
 4:05.34Paskar Owor (M35)Belgrave HBattersea Park14 Jul
 4:06.25Rian McCawley (U23)AldershotF&DBedford5 May
 4:06.66mx2r10Daniel Cooke (U20)AldershotF&DWatford22 Aug
 4:06.8Dylan Spencer (U17)AldershotF&DAldershot14 Jul
 4:06.98Aaron Enser (U20)Bracknell ACWatford25 Jul
 4:07.1Harry Boyd (U20)Guildford&GBrighton14 Apr
 4:07.151Felix Vaughan (U15)South LondonCoulsdon5 Sep
 4:07.465Callum GillettGuildford&GKingston13 May
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
4:13.65Jonny HayAldershotF&DOxford28 Jul 
4:25.89mxAndrew ClarkeHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 May 
4:26.4013r12Lewis Laylee (U23)Dulwich ROlympic Park, London27 Jul 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
 7:54.062r3Richard AllenAldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 7:58.309r3Jonathan HayAldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 8:09.84Ben BradleyAldershotF&DEltham7 Jul
 8:13.122r7John SandersonGuildford&GWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:13.553r7Andrew PenneyHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:16.78mx1r2Lewis LloydHerne Hill HWatford25 Jul
 8:18.384Gus Cockle (U23)AldershotF&DBirmingham Univ23 Jun
 8:19.05Gilbert GrundyGuildford&GVancouver, CAN26 Jun
 8:22.781Luke van Oudtshoorn (U17)AldershotF&DKingston13 May
 8:23.11Dane Blomquist (U23)AldershotF&DEltham7 Jul
 8:25.2613r7Frederick SlemeckHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:26.31George Gathercole (U23)AldershotF&DEltham7 Jul
 8:26.55Max Heyden (U20)AldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul
 8:30.24Kojo Kyereme (M40)Shaft.BarnetEltham7 Jul
 8:31.32Adam Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HStretford24 Apr
 8:32.651r3Dominic NolanCroydon HWatford4 Apr
 8:35.81mx2Ben ToomerHerculesWimbTooting Bec22 Aug
 8:37.4416r2Will Barnicoat (U17)AldershotF&DWatford2 May
 8:38.2Kevin Quinn (M35)South LondonWalton18 Jul
 8:46.473r5Daniel Gaffney (M35)South LondonWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:46.69MacGregor CoxAldershotF&DWatford27 Jun
 8:47.9Paskar Owor (M35)Belgrave HWimbledon Park6 Jun
 8:48.26George DollnerGuildford&GWatford27 Jun
 8:48.284r5Joe CroftSouth LondonWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:48.7414r6Conor Kissane-WoodThamesValleyWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:48.765r5Lewis Laylee (U23)Dulwich RWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:50.53Dylan Spencer (U17)AldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul
 8:50.8816r6Sam EglenAldershotF&DWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:52.31rAJim AllchinThames H&HCatford14 Jun
 8:53.0920r2Samuel Cheesman (U20)Guildford&GWatford30 May
 8:53.38mx2r4Simon GoldsworthyGuildford&GWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:53.43Guy Tucker (U20)AldershotF&DStreet5 May
 8:53.55Matt Atkins (M40)Kingston & PolyBedford7 Jul
 8:53.629r5Jonny EarlHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 Aug
 8:53.8Tom Higgs (U23)South LondonWimbledon Park6 Jun
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00 )
13:58.04Jack Rowe (U23)AldershotF&DPalo Alto CA, USA20 Apr 
13:59.537Richard AllenAldershotF&DBirmingham30 Jun 
14:03.68Luke CaldwellDorkingMVBirmingham30 Jun 
14:05.119rAJoshua GraceAldershotF&DLoughborough23 Jun 
14:12.717rADominic NolanCroydon HWatford26 May 
14:13.9013rABen BradleyAldershotF&DLoughborough23 Jun 
14:20.05Gilbert GrundyGuildford&GSan Francisco, CA30 Mar 
14:20.14John SandersonGuildford&GLee Valley9 May 
14:25.72James HoadThames H&HLoughborough23 Jun 
14:31.902rCAndrew PenneyHerculesWimbLoughborough23 Jun 
14:32.38Jamie ParkinsonThames H&HBedford7 May 
14:34.11Gus Cockle (U23)AldershotF&DBedford7 May 
14:36.3620rBDane Blomquist (U23)AldershotF&DLoughborough23 Jun 
14:36.4711r7Frederick SlemeckHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
14:37.5412r7Ben ToomerHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
14:40.093George Gathercole (U23)AldershotF&DBedford10 Jun 
14:46.18Kojo Kyereme (M40)Shaft.BarnetLee Valley9 May 
14:53.937Ben SavillCroydonBedford10 Jun 
14:57.28Alex RobinsonHerculesWimbParliament Hill4 Apr 
14:58.19George Grassly (U20)DorkingMVLee Valley9 May 
15:02.0mx2r1Chris BusailehHerne Hill HCatford13 Sep 
15:10.611r5Richard McDowell (M35)HerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:11.442r3Tom Higgs (U23)South LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
15:14.502r5Simon GoldsworthyGuildford&GWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:15.183r5Ryan EvansSouth LondonWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:17.9Ollie GarrodEpsom & EwellUxbridge23 Jun 
15:18.845r5Tom Griffiths (M35)Guildford&GWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:19.276r5Daniel Gaffney (M35)South LondonWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:20.607rAMatt WelshBelgrave HEltham20 Jun 
15:20.751h2Sam EglenAldershotF&DBedford9 Jun 
15:23.4414r6George DollnerGuildford&GWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:25.2515r6Conor Kissane-WoodThamesValleyWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:26.912Neil Wellard (U23)Kingston & PolyKingston12 May 
15:27.1711r5Jonny EarlHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:29.82Matt Atkins (M40)Kingston & PolyPortsmouth2 Jun 
15:30.4Paskar Owor (M35)Belgrave HPeterborough28 Apr 
15:32.02mx1r4Finn JohnsonHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:32.74Chris BusailehHerne Hill HPortsmouth2 Jun 
15:36.0318r6Andrius Jaksevicius (M35)Belgrave HWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:36.386r3Paul Prothero (M35)South LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
15:37.76mx9r2Timothy BowenDulwich RParliament Hill12 Sep 
15:42.0Paul Rodgers (M35)AldershotF&DCrawley3 Oct 
15:42.45Fraser LoganBelgrave HAberdeen10 Jun 
15:42.92mx2r4Ben Paviour (M45)Herne Hill HWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:43.7717r5Will RussellHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:46.51mx13MacGregor CoxAldershotF&DEltham18 Jul 
15:46.91ANicholas Torry (M40)Serpentine RBattersea Park18 Aug 
15:47.08mx5r4Robbie HynesHerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:47.498r3Robert DrakeSouth LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
15:47.9211rDBrogan McCawley (U23)Camberley&DistMilton Keynes11 Aug 
15:49.7Jack BrotchieHerne Hill HCatford13 Sep 
15:50.4018r5Matt McDanielGuildford&GWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:52.80mx13r2Martin Shore (M40)Thames H&HParliament Hill12 Sep 
15:52.84mx8r4Kieran White (M40)HerculesWimbWimbledon Park15 Aug 
15:53.661AJoe CroftSouth LondonHorspath23 Jun 
15:54.1410r3Jamie HintonThames H&HCoulsdon5 Sep 
15:54.44Callum GillettGuildford&GParliament Hill4 Apr 
15:57.80mx16r2Joe ClarkHerculesWimbParliament Hill12 Sep 
15:57.83Simon Baines (M45)Thames H&HBirmingham26 Aug 
15:58.8611r3Alix RamsierSouth LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
16:00.365Alex HobleyHerne Hill HKingston12 May 
16:01.746Kieran White (M40)HerculesWimbKingston12 May 
16:01.857Martin Shore (M40)Thames H&HKingston12 May 
16:04.52Robbie HynesHerculesWimbFinsbury Park5 Jul 
16:07.84James Marshall (M35)DroitwichTipton14 Aug 
16:08.7Ted MockettRanelagh HTwickenham23 Jun 
16:09.89Josh Carter (U23)Guildford&GMilton Keynes11 Aug 
16:11.0Zachary Purnell (U20)HerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun 
16:11.2Robert TuerHerculesWimbCarshalton28 Apr 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00 )
 28:54.957rBRichard AllenAldershotF&DParliament Hill19 May
 29:10.33Jack Rowe (U23)AldershotF&DPalo Alto CA, USA30 Mar
 29:18.1727rALuke CaldwellDorkingMVParliament Hill19 May
 30:22.115rCKojo Kyereme (M40)Shaft.BarnetParliament Hill19 May
 30:28.881rDJoe MorwoodAldershotF&DParliament Hill19 May
 31:12.86James HoadThames H&HKilmarnock26 Aug
 31:26.253rEBen SavillCroydon HParliament Hill19 May
 31:30.4215rDBen ToomerHerculesWimbParliament Hill19 May
 31:40.065r7Nicholas Torry (M40)Serpentine RCambridge2 Sep
 31:47.57mxEdward ChuckDulwich RTooting Bec25 Aug
 31:50.1622rDAlex RobinsonHerculesWimbParliament Hill19 May
 31:54.741r1Richard McDowell (M35)HerculesWimbBattersea Park19 Sep
 31:55.078r7Finn JohnsonHerculesWimbCatford2 Sep
 31:57.3724rDTom Higgs (U23)South LondonParliament Hill19 May
 32:08.1211rEJim AllchinThames H&HParliament Hill19 May
 32:12.2713rEAndrius Jaksevicius (M35)Belgrave HParliament Hill19 May
 32:16.58mxTom Griffiths (M35)Guildford&GTooting Bec25 Aug
 32:16.6126rDFrederick SlemeckHerculesWimbParliament Hill19 May
 32:27.0114r7Timothy BowenDulwich RCatford2 Sep
 32:29.7620rETom GriffithsGuildford&GParliament Hill19 May
 32:33.3410rFMatt WelshBelgrave HParliament Hill19 May
 32:35.311r6Richard OllingtonThames H&HCatford2 Sep
 32:57.854r6Paul Prothero (M35)South LondonCatford2 Sep
 32:58.9324rEDaniel Gaffney (M35)South LondonParliament Hill19 May
 33:22.4Ben GoddardWoking ACWalthamstow29 Jun
 33:23.52mxMichael AlwinDorkingMVTooting Bec25 Aug
 33:37.662r1Ben Paviour (M45)Herne Hill HBattersea Park19 Sep
 33:43.0511r6Jamie HintonThames H&HCatford2 Sep
 33:52.7417r6Luke Davis (M35)HerculesWimbCatford2 Sep
 33:53.2318r6Shane O'NeillDulwich RCatford2 Sep
 34:00.28mx1r5Christopher Peck (M35)Waverley HCatford2 Sep
 34:09.14mx2r5Raj Paranandi (M40)Herne Hill HCatford2 Sep
 34:19.4Kieran White (M40)HerculesWimbWalthamstow29 Jun
 34:21.57mxGeorge Howard (M40)Ranelagh HTooting Bec25 Aug
 34:25.12mxRobert Lloyd Smith (M45)Tooting Bec25 Aug
 34:35.48mxAlex PenfoldCroydon HTooting Bec25 Aug
 34:53.47mxSimon MessengerHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Aug
 34:54.0Robert TuerHerculesWimbWalthamstow29 Jun
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
9:28.63Richard OllingtonThames H&HOxford30 Jun 
 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00 )
 14.40wRushane ThomasHerne Hill HPortsmouth2 Jun
 14.46Rushane ThomasHerne Hill HBedford7 Jul
 14.87/+0.4Reece YoungBlkhth&BromBromley23 Jun
 15.17/0.3Tom NicholsHarrow ACMile End20 May
 15.49Sam ShoreBelgrave HBedford7 Jul
 15.69/+1.9Justin Tarrant (U23)Crawley ACHorspath8 Jul
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
49.90Jacob PaulWindsorSE&HBarcelona, ESP11 Jul 
50.36Chris McAlisterThamesValleyManchester (SC)15 Aug 
51.36Tyri Donovan (U23)WindsorSE&HCork, IRL16 Jul 
53.97Andrew Clements (M35)WindsorSE&HLee Valley19 Aug 
54.12Sam ShoreBelgrave HBournemouth4 Aug 
55.69Oscar Heaney Brufal (U17)Blkhth&BromBromley14 Apr 
56.6Richard MorrisSouth LondonAndover14 Jul 
56.74David AwdeWoking ACBedford7 Jul 
56.84Josh Watson (U20)Blkhth&BromBedford9 Sep 
57.19Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACPortsmouth2 Jun 
57.831Joe Hubbard (U20)Walton ACKingston13 May 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.90m )
 2.071Jack Ennis (U17)Croydon HKingston13 May
 2.05Tom NicholsHarrow ACEton5 May
 1.97Mityrae Francis Brooks (U23)Croydon HBedford5 May
 1.95Jamie Horne (U23)PeterboroughLuton17 Jun
 1.92Sid Walters (U23)Sutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 1.91Tayo Andrews (U23)Herne Hill HBedford5 May
 1.902Luke Mann (U17)Camberley&DistKingston13 May
 1.90Oliver NewportBlkhth&BromColchester14 Jul
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.70m )
5.10Jack PhippsBirchfield HBedford7 Jul 
4.76Emmanuel Thomas (U20)Croydon HYeovil5 May 
4.45Owen Heard (U17)Camberley&DistEton1 Jul 
4.15Greg Conlon (M40)Walton ACWalton14 Apr 
4.00DThomas RadySouthamptonCarshalton9 Sep 
3.95George Hopkins (U17)Woking ACLee Valley8 Jul 
3.95David AwdeWoking ACWoking14 Jul 
3.91Dan Dearden (U15)HorshamBSHTwickenham30 Sep 
3.90Jack Westley (U17)Kingston & PolyWoking29 Apr 
3.86Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACHorspath23 Jun 
3.82Justin Tarrant (U23)CrawleyBedford27 May 
 Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m )
 7.70w/+2.4Oliver NewportBlkhth&BromLouisville KY, USA13 Apr
 7.59/-0.8Ezekiel EwuloWoodGrn+ExLClermont FL, USA28 Apr
 7.54/+1.3Oliver NewportBlkhth&BromLouisville KY, USA13 Apr
 7.41/0.0Paul OgunCroydon HWare23 Jun
 7.23w/+2.9Jonathan GrantHerne Hill HKnoxville TN, USA12 Apr
 7.13/-2.7Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HMemphis TN, USA27 Apr
 7.07/+1.12Jonathan IloriBlkhth&BromBedford9 Jun
 7.05/+0.5Seb Wilson Dyer GoughHerne Hill HPortsmouth2 Jun
 6.91/+1.1Jonathan GrantHerne Hill HDes Moines IA, USA28 Apr
 6.86Jeremiah NampumaSutton&DistrictSouthampton11 Apr
 6.73/+0.6Humphrey WaddingtonKingston & PolyPortsmouth2 Jun
 6.71/+1.8Philip Kastner (U17)Walton ACBedford15 Sep
 6.65Chris HallKingston & PolyKingston21 Apr
 6.59/+1.7Daniel OgunSutton&DistrictBedford9 Jun
Triple Jump (Standard: 13.00m )
16.28/+1.62Jonathan IloriBlkhth&BromBedford10 Jun 
15.54/+0.7Stefan Amokwandoh (U23)Blkhth&BromPhiladelphia PA, USA6 May 
15.33/-1.9Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HMemphis TN, USA29 Apr 
14.86/+0.5Paul OgunCroydon HPortsmouth2 Jun 
13.44/+0.6Humphrey WaddingtonKingston & PolyPortsmouth2 Jun 
13.33/+1.6Alex Williams-Baffoe (U23)Kingston & PolyBedford7 Jul 
13.131Jacob Veerapen (U23)Sutton&DistrictKingston13 May 
 Shot Put (7.26kg) (Standard: 13.00m )
 14.88Nick Owen (M35)Kingston & PolyBedford7 Jul
 14.52Kyle StevensKingston & PolyWoking14 Jul
 14.41Thomas BullenSouth LondonKingston20 May
 13.62Chris Dack (M35)Kingston & PolyWoking14 Jul
 13.18William Hobson (U17)Kingston & PolyWoking14 Jul
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m )
45.11Abi Ekoku (M50)Belgrave HDartford18 Aug 
45.01Thomas BullenSouth LondonKingston20 May 
42.88Reuben Vaughan (U20)Croydon HTooting Bec18 Jul 
41.49Chris Dack (M35)Kingston & PolyKingston18 Aug 
40.51Justin Tarrant (U23)Crawley ACBromley14 Apr 
40.05Gareth Cook (M45)Kingston & PolyEton5 May 
39.56Nile Cook (U23)Sutton&DistrictTooting Bec29 Sep 
38.63Andy WhebleKingston & PolyKingston21 Apr 
38.333Nathan Fergus (U23)South LondonKingston12 May 
37.60Philip Bartlett (U20)South LondonAndover14 Jul 
37.55Darren Dods (M40)Guildford&GLee Valley19 Aug 
37.36Paul Derrien (M45)StMRichmondBedford7 Jul 
36.95Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACClermont FL, USA28 Apr 
36.47Gavin Johnson-Assoon (M35)ThamesValleyBedford18 Aug 
 Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 40.00m )
 57.92Peter Cassidy (U23)Guildford&GSwindon14 Jul
 54.48Sam Mace (U20)Walton ACPortsmouth23 Jun
 53.842Gareth Cook (M45)Kingston & PolyKingston12 May
 51.16James Lancaster (U20)Blkhth&BromPortsmouth2 Jun
 49.85Kyle StevensKingston & PolyUxbridge23 Jun
 47.43Joseph Quigley (M45)Epsom & EwellAshford30 Sep
 44.60Reiss Senior (U23)Herne Hill HParliament Hill15 Apr
 44.28Paul Derrien (M45)StMRichmondErith14 Jul
 42.71Robert SmithWalton ACKingston7 Apr
 42.39Sam HitchingsHerculesWimbWimbledon20 May
Javelin (800g) (Standard: 50.00m )
68.69Gavin Johnson-Assoon (M35)ThamesValleyDublin, IRL19 Jul 
62.222William TrimbleKingston & PolyKingston13 May 
54.321Elliot Bayley (U20)HorshamBSHKingston13 May 
52.70Roy ChambersWoking ACNottingham4 Aug 
52.48Peter HoeGuildford&GBrighton18 Aug 
52.45Ryder AndersonWoking ACIpswich7 Apr 
52.03Chris Dack (M35)Kingston & PolyBedford7 Jul 
 Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts )
 6041pts1Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACCarshalton9 Sep
 5906pts4Justin Tarrant (U23)Crawley ACHorspath8 Jul
 5076ptsDavid AwdeWoking ACBasingstoke29 Sep

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