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Today's Date: 18 June 2018

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Under 15 Boys
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 13.00 )
 11.1George SudderickWalton ACWinchester19 May
 11.7Kwame TomlinCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 11.82ANoah OjumuHerne Hill HEton21 Apr
 11.8Thomas VerrillsWoking ACWinchester19 May
 11.84/+0.21h3Russell DacostaCroydon HKingston12 May
 11.9Xander CollinsCroydon HEwell29 Apr
 11.9Kai BroadbentHerne Hill HEwell29 Apr
 11.9Ryan HendersonWoking ACWinchester19 May
 11.9Kayden Faria-BrownCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 12.0Jaami QureshiKingston & PolyEwell29 Apr
 12.00/+0.21h1Alessio Udoka AnahCrawley ACKingston12 May
 12.1Jon AwuahWalton ACWalton21 Apr
 12.1Ayo SalakoCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 12.1Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbDartford19 May
 12.12ALeo NeiroSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.21ns1Ethon PhillipsCroydon HEton21 Apr
 12.23AGabriel IdusohanSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.26/-0.5Nathan HugginsSouth LondonBromley21 May
 12.297William HardingWoking ACKingston12 May
 12.3Thewin Leo NeiroSouth LondonEwell29 Apr
 12.3O'Ryan West-AllwoodHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.3Hoisan ChanCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.4Finn Burns-HusseinSutton&DistrictEwell29 Apr
 12.42BMason Owusu-DellimoreSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.41AGabriel RobertsWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.5/+1.6Hiren SimmoniteKingston & PolyHorsham19 May
 12.522h2Jeffery OgbataCroydon HKingston12 May
 12.58Amari CharlesLondon ACTooting Bec31 Mar
 12.58/+0.23h3Liam MacDonaldKingston & PolyKingston12 May
 12.6William Leprince-DanielGuildford&GCrawley21 Apr
 12.63BMalachi ButtHerne Hill HEton21 Apr
 12.63BAli SesayHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.6Dorrell ArnoldCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.7Henry BoyleGuildford&GEwell29 Apr
 12.7Aaron HoultonHolland Sports Dartford19 May
 12.7Tyresse TaylorHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May
 12.7Amin CondohHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.73/+0.24h3Gregory MenkitiSlough JuniorsKingston12 May
 12.8Robbie ThomsonWoking ACWinchester8 Apr
 12.8Jake EtheringtonCamberley&DistWinchester19 May
 12.8Joshua Kay-HugginsHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May
 12.8Alex Berard South LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.84ATheo JacksonHolland SportsCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.84BStoil LlievSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.8Ryan KingsburyHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.85/0.0Ignatius AbebreseHerne Hill HWimbledon8 Apr
 12.99/-0.4Clayton MytilHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 May
 13.0Seyi Bello South LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
200 Metres (Standard: 27.00 )
22.4George SudderickWalton ACWinchester19 May 
23.3Noah OjumuHerne HillTooting Bec19 May 
23.3Francesco CalemmaCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
24.22ARussell DacostaCroydon HEton21 Apr 
24.65/+1.24Jon AwuahWalton ACKingston9 Jun 
24.8Ryan HendersonWoking ACWalton21 Apr 
25.0Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbDartford19 May 
25.01ANathan HugginsSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun 
25.20/-1.03Thewin Leo NeiroSouth LondonKingston13 May 
25.28/-1.44h1William HardingWoking ACKingston9 Jun 
25.3Jaami QureshiKingston & PolyEwell29 Apr 
25.4Thomas VerrillsWoking ACWinchester8 Apr 
25.4/-1.7William Leprince-DanielGuildford&GHorsham19 May 
25.44/-0.4Kai BroadbentHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Mar 
25.51BDorrell ArnoldCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
25.6Ed HendersonAldershotF&DWinchester19 May 
25.6Aaron HoultonHolland Sports Dartford19 May 
25.6Ryan KingsburyHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun 
25.62AJeffery OgbataCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
25.8Joshua Kay-HugginsHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May 
25.9Ethan PhillipsCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
26.03BMalachi ButtHerne Hill HEton21 Apr 
26.0Robbie ThomsonWoking ACWinchester19 May 
26.01AJavarn Barrett-SmithLondon CityCoulsdon10 Jun 
26.1Hiren SimmoniteKingston & PolyCrawley21 Apr 
26.1Rory WhelanCamberley&DistWinchester19 May 
26.214h2Gregory MenkitiSlough JuniorsKingston13 May 
26.3Jake EtheringtonCamberley&DistWinchester19 May 
26.32BDevante WilliamsHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun 
26.544h1Joe HandleyCamberley&DistKingston13 May 
26.785h1Isaiah VidalHerne Hill HKingston13 May 
26.83AAmin CandehHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun 
 300 Metres (Standard: 44.00 )
 35.281George SudderickWalton ACKingston9 Jun
 39.1Edward HendersonAldershotF&DWalton21 Apr
 39.11AMax DicksonKingston & PolyCoulsdon10 Jun
 39.7Jeffery OgbataCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 40.0Joachim BamburyCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 41.0Jon AwuahWalton ACWinchester19 May
 41.3Aaron HoultonHolland SportsDartford19 May
 41.8Chukwuebuka DavidsCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 41.9Noah Ayivi-KnottCamberley&DistEton6 May
 41.9Luca SoaveWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 42.0Joe RobertsHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May
 42.2Sam HintonGuildford&GEton6 May
 42.2Jacob HarrisonHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May
 42.3Chukwuebuka NkamuoCroydon HKingston12 May
 42.4Rory WhelanCamberley&DistEton6 May
 42.6Oliver PickupAldershotF&DWalton21 Apr
 42.6Edward EnserBracknell ACEton6 May
 42.61BEbuka DavidsCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 42.8Jack GemmellWalton ACWalton21 Apr
 42.8Dillon QuiriciHolland Sports Battersea Park21 Apr
 42.83ABen WestWaverley HBournemouth3 Jun
 43.09Joel ManrowReigate PrioryBattersea Park21 Apr
 43.21AFinn PuntonWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 43.2Ebuka NkamouCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 43.3Alfie SpearAldershotF&DHorspath22 Apr
 43.4Jack WestermanGuildford&GHorsham19 May
 43.5Michael Webb-BourneKingston & PolyCrawley21 Apr
 43.6Adam RobinsonCamberley&DistWinchester8 Apr
 43.7Joe HandleyCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr
 43.71BJoseph Daws-TwilleyWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 43.92AOliver HardmanGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jun
 44.04h1Edward AndrewsStMRichmondKingston12 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:28.00 )
2:00.739r16Edward HendersonAldershotF&DWatford13 Jun 
2:06.3Alfie SpearAldershotF&DWinchester19 May 
2:08.4Theo CheshireGuildford&GHorsham19 May 
2:09.3Joachim BamburyCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
2:09.682Tom ArmstrongStMRichmondKingston13 May 
2:10.103Oliver PickupAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
2:10.294Ted EnserBracknell ACKingston13 May 
2:11.4Jacob HarrisonHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May 
2:11.6Max DicksonKingston & PolyHorsham19 May 
2:12.245Dillon QuiriciHolland SportsKingston13 May 
2:12.43mx2r11Jack GemmellWalton ACWatford16 May 
2:12.51mx8r16Michael GarAldershotF&DWatford18 Apr 
2:13.7Jack GemmellWalton ACWalton21 Apr 
2:14.12AJoe RobertsHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:14.9Chukwuebuka NkamuoCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
2:15.8Oliver SossickKingston & PolyCrawley21 Apr 
2:16.112h2Sam HintonGuildford&GKingston9 Jun 
2:16.3Ross HurstWalton ACWinchester19 May 
2:16.796Joshua CoffeyHerne Hill HKingston13 May 
2:17.7PHenry BoyleGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
2:17.86mx5r8Edward NewtonHerculesWimbWatford13 Jun 
2:17.954r2Edward NewtonHerculesWimbWimbledon8 Apr 
2:18.2Max DuckworthCamberley&DistWinchester19 May 
2:18.322h1Finn PuntonWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:18.41BEbuka NkamouCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:18.7Luca BaracBelgrave HDartford19 May 
2:19.05ABen HarrisonHerne Hill HEton21 Apr 
2:19.704h1Josh PuntonWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:20.21AJoseph Daws-TwilleyWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:21.1PJack WestermanGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
2:21.32AOliver HardmanGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:23.2Joel ManrowReigate PrioryDartford19 May 
2:23.33AJustyn MooreDorkingMVCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:23.615h1Edward AndrewsStMRichmondKingston12 May 
2:23.96Brandan MorrellSouth LondonTooting Bec7 May 
2:24.05Killian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May 
2:25.25BJacob TaylorHerne HillEton21 Apr 
2:25.2Finn CanningAldershotF&DWoking10 Jun 
2.25.6Chizoba NkamouCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:25.7Liam StoneAldershotF&DHorspath22 Apr 
2:26.5Jacob GelonaWalton ACWinchester19 May 
2:26.62BAlistair PlattGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jun 
2.26.8Jack FernandesWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
2:26.9Joshua WilliamsWoking ACWinchester19 May 
2:27.26Eugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 5:10.00 )
 4:14.125r11Edward HendersonAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:16.4710r11Felix VaughanSouth LondonWatford30 May
 4:18.5713r11Alfie SpearAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:19.513Theo CheshireGuildford&GKingston13 May
 4:20.304Thomas JamesCrawley ACKingston13 May
 4:21.63mx7r10Michael GarAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:23.6Jack GemmellWalton ACWinchester19 May
 4:23.89mx2r9Charlie WagstaffAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:24.20mx4r9Sam BodoanoAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:24.375Charlie WagstaffAldershotF&DKingston13 May
 4:25.9Matty SmithHorshamBSHHorsham19 May
 4:26.146Toby PerrymanAldershotF&DKingston13 May
 4:26.316Michael GarAldershotF&DKingston9 Jun
 4:26.507Jacob HarrisonHerne HillKingston13 May
 4:28.219Adam HudsonSutton&DistrictKingston13 May
 4:29.1610James WinshipBracknell ACKingston13 May
 4:30.78Joe RobertsHerne HillTooting Bec31 Mar
 4:30.9Sam BodoanoAldershotF&DEton6 May
 4:31.17Jaden KennedyHerne HillTooting Bec31 Mar
 4:32.63mx2r8Edward EnserBracknell ACWatford2 May
 4:35.55mx6r8Max DuckworthCamberley&DistWatford30 May
 4:35.83mx13r9Rudi MorrellAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:36.296h2Max DuckworthCamberley&DistKingston12 May
 4:36.7611Ethan ScottAldershotF&DKingston9 Jun
 4:36.98mx3r9Liam StoneAldershotF&DWatford2 May
 4:37.1Ross HurstWalton ACWalton21 Apr
 4:37.3912Rudi MorrellAldershotF&DKingston9 Jun
 4:37.77Barney JackmanAldershotF&DWatford4 Apr
 4:38.3Liam StoneAldershotF&DEton6 May
 4:39.32Edward EnserBracknell ACBracknell21 Apr
 4:40.4Blaine RobinsonBelgrave HDartford19 May
 4:41.9Benjamin HarrisonHerne HillTooting Bec19 May
 4:44.578h2Martin SunderlandWoking ACKingston12 May
 4:44.6Oliver EmmentWalton ACWinchester19 May
 4:45.9Raphael Rivero-StevenetGuildford&GHorsham19 May
 4:46.299h2Morgan RennieHerculesWimbKingston12 May
 4:51.34Jacob TaylorHerne HillTooting Bec31 Mar
 4:51.4Josef Daws-TwilleyWalton ACWalton21 Apr
 4:52.0Oliver HardmanGuildford&GHorsham19 May
 4:53.7Max DicksonKingston & PolyEwell29 Apr
 4:54.24Edward NewtonHerculesWimbBattersea Park21 Apr
 4:54.53Brandan MorrellSouth LondonTooting Bec24 Mar
 4:55.0Alastair RushforthCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr
 4:56.21BAlex DunnSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 4:56.6810h2Finn CanningAldershotF&DKingston12 May
 4:56.8Miles BrownHolland Sports Tonbridge2 Apr
 4.57.3Harvey KandeHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 5:00.1Miles BrooksCamberley&DistWinchester8 Apr
 5:00.51mx3r5Tom HendersonAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 5:01.047h1Michael Webb-BourneKingston & PolyKingston12 May
 5:03.1Noah YoungReigate PrioryDartford19 May
 5:03.23ABen WestWaverley HBasingstoke22 Apr
 5:06.138h1Ben OkuefunaStMRichmondKingston12 May
 5:06.24AMartin van DomselaarSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 5:07.499h1William BeltonHerculesWimbKingston12 May
 5:08.15mx5r6Isaac WongAldershotF&DWatford2 May
3000 Metres (Standard: 11:30.00 )
9:22.933Charlie WagstaffAldershotF&DBedford10 Jun 
9:36.551Matty SmithHorshamBSHKingston13 May 
9:38.002Sam BodoanoAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
9:38.443Benjamin HarrisonHerne Hill HKingston13 May 
9:39.65mx1Felix VaughanSouth LondonCrawley1 Apr 
9:41.754Jack GemmellWalton ACKingston13 May 
9:41.765Oliver EmmentWalton ACKingston13 May 
9:43.126Ross HurstWalton ACKingston13 May 
9:43.207Rudi MorrellAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
9:56.428Ethan ScottAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
10:06.489Liam StoneAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
10:21.5314Raphael Rivero-StevenetGuildford&GBedford10 Jun 
10:56.3410Alistair PlattGuildford&GKingston13 May 
11:29.0511David Aisa MillerHerne Hill HKingston13 May 
 80 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 15.50 )
 11.83/-1.11Alessio Udoka AnahCrawley ACKingston12 May
 11.85/-1.51Henry BoyleGuildford&GKingston9 Jun
 12.13AClayton MytilHerne HillEton21 Apr
 12.17/-1.12Liam MacDonaldKingston & PolyKingston12 May
 12.22/-1.13Rory WhelanCamberley&DistKingston12 May
 13.02AEthon PhillipsCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun
 13.05/+0.43h2Lawrence PritchardGuildford&GKingston9 Jun
 13.16/-1.56William ConwayCamberley&DistKingston9 Jun
 13.4Kayden Faria-BrownCroydon HEwell29 Apr
 13.4Samuel Marmon-HalmCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 13.43ABenjamin TookaySouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 13.5Tom SimpsonHolland SportsEwell29 Apr
 13.7Ashton McKayEpsom & EwellEwell29 Apr
 13.7Ignatius AbebreseHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May
 13.8/+0.2Hiren SimmoniteKingston & PolyHorsham19 May
 13.87Eugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May
 14.29Killian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May
 15.04BFrancesco CalemmaCroydon HEton21 Apr
 15.12AAlistair PlattGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jun
High Jump (Standard: 1.37m )
1.751Israel BakareCroydon HKingston13 May 
1.652Ovie WhiskeyCroydon HKingston13 May 
1.63Lawrence PritchardGuildford&GCrawley21 Apr 
1.63Dan StathamReigate PrioryKingston9 Jun 
1.61Samuel HillmanCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr 
1.61George WallaceWoking ACWalton21 Apr 
1.60Jack NormanWoking ACChelmsford9 Jun 
1.56PHenry BoyleGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
1.55Kwame TomlinCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
1.55George RobertsonWoking ACWoking3 Jun 
1.50Jon AwuahWalton ACWalton21 Apr 
1.50Clayton MytilHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 May 
1.50Toby MannCamberley&DistWinchester19 May 
1.45Naail Khan-BrownHerne Hill HEwell29 Apr 
1.456Christian CairnsBracknell ACKingston13 May 
1.45Finn PuntonWalton ACWinchester19 May 
1.45PEugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May 
1.45PKillian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May 
1.451ABenjamin TookaySouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun 
1.405AZachory CroweHerne HillEton21 Apr 
1.40Dhruv SimmoniteKingston & PolyHorsham19 May 
1.40Archie PaduaWoking ACWinchester19 May 
1.40Jack WestermanGuildford&GHorsham19 May 
1.404ASeb WaldronHolland SportsCoulsdon10 Jun 
1.403AAyo SalakoCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
 Pole Vault (Standard: 2.00m )
 3.301Dan Dearden HorshamBSHKingston12 May
Long Jump (Standard: 4.60m )
5.71/-0.21Ignatius AbebreseHerne HillKingston13 May 
5.68/+0.62Thewin Leo NeiroSouth LondonKingston13 May 
5.58/+1.73Jaami QureshiKingston & PolyKingston13 May 
5.56Ryan HendersonWoking ACWalton21 Apr 
5.542ALeo NeiroSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun 
5.53Xander CollinsCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
5.40Freddie ArkellHerculesWimbDartford19 May 
5.334ARussell DacostaCroydon HEton21 Apr 
5.311AGabriel RobertsWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
5.20PHenry BoyleGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
5.12/+0.75Alexander BerardSouth LondonKingston13 May 
5.10Stoil Lliev Sutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun 
5.07Finn Burns-HusseinSutton&DistrictEwell29 Apr 
5.04Noah Ayivi-KnottCamberley&DistEton6 May 
5.03PEugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May 
5.026Samuel SherlockGuildford&GKingston9 Jun 
5.01PKillian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May 
5.013AGabriel IdusohanSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun 
4.88/+1.37Samuel HillmanCamberley&DistKingston13 May 
4.863BClayton MytilHerne HillEton21 Apr 
4.784AJoachim BamburyCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
4.77George WallaceWoking ACWalton21 Apr 
4.75/+0.98Rory StratfordKingston & PolyKingston13 May 
4.71Ben WestWaverley HTooting Bec24 Mar 
4.71Luca SoaveWalton ACWalton21 Apr 
4.69Kai MasonKingston & PolyCrawley21 Apr 
4.61Barton CarterReigate PrioryBattersea Park21 Apr 
4.61/+0.99Seyi BelloSouth LondonKingston13 May 
 Triple Jump (Standard: 9.50m )
Shot Put (4kg) (Standard: 8.00m )
12.241Kai BroadbentHerne HillKingston13 May 
11.602Enrique Villa-AbrilleWalton ACKingston13 May 
10.09George SudderickWalton ACWalton21 Apr 
10.07PHenry BoyleGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
9.81Kayden Faria-BrownCroydon HTooting Bec19 May 
9.733ACameron WoodhouseCroydon HEton21 Apr 
9.66PEugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May 
9.222AAndrei ChernolesskiySutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun 
9.211BEthon PhillipsCroydon HCoulsdon10 Jun 
8.56Jacob ShkeirBelgrave HDartford19 May 
8.423AAlie SeseyHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun 
8.274AMason Owusu-DellimoreSouth LondonCoulsdon10 Jun 
8.264Thomas SimpsonHolland SportsKingston13 May 
8.04PKillian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May 
8.00Lawrence PritchardGuildford&GCrawley21 Apr 
 Discus (1.25kg) (Standard: 20.00m )
 29.102Toby WebbWoking ACKingston9 Jun
 27.66Jacob ShkeirBelgrave HDartford19 May
 27.57Kai BroadbentHerne HillEwell29 Apr
 27.051ASzymon KomudaSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 26.921Joe HandleyCamberley&DistKingston13 May
 26.27Denzell MassiahCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 24.623Anthony Robins-KentWindsorSE&HKingston13 May
 24.07Israel BakareCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 23.602AHussain ZadranHerne HillEton21 Apr
 23.59Jack BinghamWaverley HBasingstoke22 Apr
 23.45Andrei Chernoslesskiy Sutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 23.141BJoel IdusohanSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 22.692AAlie SeseyHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 21.65Luca SoaveWalton ACWinchester19 May
 21.051AEnrique Villa-AbrilleWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 20.755Edward AndrewsStMRichmondKingston13 May
 20.716Joshua BrownEpsom & EwellKingston13 May
 20.27Lawrence PritchardGuildford&GEwell29 Apr
Hammer (4kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
33.041Luca SoaveWalton ACKingston9 Jun 
27.35Jakob HoweWalton ACBracknell31 Mar 
25.77Enrique Villa-AbrilleWalton ACEton25 Mar 
24.482AHussain ZadranHerne HillEton21 Apr 
23.952Jack NormanWoking ACKingston12 May 
23.79Max DicksonKingston & PolyHorsham19 May 
21.182Joshua BrownEpsom & EwellKingston9 Jun 
21.123Sheyi ShoyebiCroydon HKingston9 Jun 
18.60William ConwayCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr 
18.45Toby WebbWoking ACWalton21 Apr 
17.33Kai BroadbentHerne Hill HTooting Bec19 May 
 Javelin (600g) (Standard: 22.00m )
 39.23Hussain ZadranHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 May
 37.70Enrique Villa-AbrilleWalton ACBracknell31 Mar
 35.582Edward EnserBracknell ACKingston12 May
 35.153Jack BinghamWaverley HKingston9 Jun
 30.93William Leprince-DanielGuildford&GCrawley21 Apr
 29.55Lawrence PritchardGuildford&GHorsham19 May
 28.50Israel BakareCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
 28.48Jacob ShkeirBelgrave HDartford19 May
 27.574Sebastian ChangKingston & PolyKingston12 May
 27.03Naail-Khan-BrownHerne Hill HEwell29 Apr
 26.64Jakob HoweWalton ACWalton21 Apr
 24.67William ConwayCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr
 24.21Noah Ayivi-KnottCamberley&DistWalton21 Apr
 24.10Liam TablingCroydon HTooting Bec19 May
Pentathlon (Standard: 1200pts )
2514pts1Henry BoyleGuildford&GCrawley30 May 
2053ptsEugene ReggioKingston & PolyLee Valley23 May 
1958ptsKillian MooreWimbledon WLee Valley23 May 
1709pts2Jack WestermanGuildford&GCrawley30 May 

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