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Today's Date: 17 December 2018

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 12.30 )
 10.73w/+4.0Kyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBlkhth&BromBedford25 Aug
 10.8Tyler PantonWalton ACWalton14 Apr
 10.94/+1.2Kyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBlkhth&BromCastellon, ESP15 Sep
 10.96Derrick KinlockCroydon HCroydon1 Jul
 11.07/+1.21Jaleel RoperHerculesWimbKingston9 Jun
 11.17/+0.1Tyvon InnissCroydon HStevenage27 May
 11.2Thomas WhiteKingston & PolyTwickenham20 Jun
 11.29/-0.8Dominic Ariyo-FrancisWoking ACWoking2 Sep
 11.3Montell MarklandSouth LondonKingston20 May
 11.3Louis SmithenCroydon HWare23 Jun
 11.3Thomas HandleyCamberley&DistSwindon1 Jul
 11.32/+1.22Joseph FosterCamberley&DistKingston9 Jun
 11.37w/+3.5Ibrahim VatanseverHerne Hill HGillingham22 Apr
 11.38/-1.2Matthew HarrisGuildford&GCrawley1 Jul
 11.4Morgan LewisHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.4Junior EtukHerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun
 11.4Thomas HughesSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 11.44/-1.42h1Michael KaleHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 11.5Dontae ParkerHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.5Sean EdwardsCroydon HCroydon14 Jul
 11.51/0.0Owen HeardCamberley&DistBracknell31 Mar
 11.61/+1.5Ibrahim VatanseverHerne Hill HGillingham22 Apr
 11.66/+1.25Ange GbeyoCroydon HKingston9 Jun
 11.70/-1.8Joshua PearsonWindsorSE&HEton1 Jul
 11.73/+1.27Emmanuel BonneySutton&DistrictKingston9 Jun
 11.75/+1.28Adrian PantonCroydon HKingston9 Jun
 11.75/-0.1DPhilip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)4 Aug
 11.8Bentley SampsonSutton&DistrictCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.8Thomas LeacockWoking ACPortsmouth29 Jul
 11.90/+0.32r1Michael MasonCroydon HWimbledon8 Apr
 11.9Alpha BanguraLondon City ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.9Drew BurridgeReigate PrioryCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.9George AspreyAldershotF&DWoking10 Jun
 11.9Akinwale AkinwumHerne Hill HCoulsdon10 Jun
 11.9Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellTwickenham20 Jun
 11.9Ade AladeCroydon HCroydon14 Jul
 11.94/-2.3Oscar Heaney BrufalBlkhth&BromHendon29 Jul
 12.0George ReesKingston & PolyWoking29 Apr
 12.00/+0.9Nicholas HamiltonBelgrave HTooting Bec7 May
 12.0Ethan DrayWalton ACWalton20 May
 12.02Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HTooting Bec31 Mar
 12.03/+0.2Kenneth BallWoking ACHorspath23 Jun
 12.1Oliver CampbellStMRichmondWimbledon20 May
 12.1Toby DronfieldGuildford&GCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.1Callum HolderSutton&DistrictTooting Bec30 Jun
 12.1Patrick GubbayKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul
 12.14/-0.7Luke MannCamberley&DistKingston9 Jun
 12.14/-0.1DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)4 Aug
 12.15/-0.2Te-Sing BurleyHerne Hill HTooting Bec24 Mar
 12.2Tarun RamphulKingston & PolyKingston20 May
 12.2Sam RoweWalton ACWalton8 Jul
 12.22/-1.0Troy Lee-EdmundsHolland Sports Mont de Marsan, FRA6 May
 12.27-1.Edward ShiresReigate PrioryKingston9 Jun
 12.28/-3.35h2Thomas Gilsenan-BestHorshamBSHKingston13 May
 12.3Daniel LecoutreGuildford&GWoking29 Apr
 12.3Marcus AustinDorkingMVCoulsdon10 Jun
 12.3Marius BallKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul
 12.3Ka-Hunt ToSouth LondonCarshalton19 Aug
200 Metres (Standard: 26.00 )
21.83/+0.91Derrick KinlockCroydon HKingston9 Jun 
22.21/+1.5Kyle Reynolds-WarmingtonBlkhth&BromBedford9 Sep 
22.33/+0.92Oliver PreestCroydon HKingston9 Jun 
22.36/+0.6Dominic Ariyo-FrancisWoking ACBirmingham14 Jul 
22.49/+1.1Matthew HarrisGuildford&GCrawley1 Jul 
22.5Tyler PantonWalton ACEltham29 Apr 
22.55/+0.94Israel OspinaCroydon HKingston9 Jun 
22.63/-1.1Joshua PearsonWindsorSE&HEton25 Mar 
22.69/+1.11h2Tyvon InnissCroydon HKingston12 May 
22.69/+0.9Thomas HughesSutton&DistrictLee Valley8 Jul 
22.7Memphis AyoadeHerne HillTooting Bec30 Jun 
22.9Joseph FosterCamberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
22.9Thomas HandleyCamberley&DistReading2 Sep 
22.92Thomas WhiteKingston & PolyHendon9 Jun 
23.02/+0.4Jaleel RoperHerculesWimbCarshalton28 Apr 
23.1Owen HeardCamberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
23.28/+1.14h2Louis SmithenCroydon HKingston12 May 
23.4Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul 
23.5Sam BishopWalton ACEltham29 Apr 
23.5Morgan LewisHerne HillTooting Bec30 Jun 
23.60Michael KaleHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun 
23.7Junior EtukHerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun 
23.77/+0.3Thomas LeacockWoking ACCrawley1 Jul 
23.79/+0.22r1Michael MasonCroydon HWimbledon7 Apr 
24.0Oliver CampbellStMRichmondTwickenham23 Jun 
24.0George AspreyAldershotF&DBasingstoke1 Jul 
24.2Tom CursonsWalton ACWalton14 Apr 
24.31/+0.5Kenneth BallWoking ACKingston9 Jun 
24.34/-0.3Drew BurridgeReigate PrioryLee Valley4 Jul 
24.4Ethan DrayWalton ACWalton14 Apr 
24.4Daniel WestonAldershotF&DAldershot14 Jul 
24.4Reiss GuestAldershotF&DEton5 Aug 
24.5Bentley SampsonCroydon HCarshalton28 Apr 
24.57/+1.2Andrew SarpongHerculesWimbLee Valley1 Aug 
24.6Alpha BanguraLondon City ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
24.60/+0.3Patrick GubbayKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul 
24.65/-0.7Matthew Amanor-BoaduSutton&DistrictKingston21 Apr 
24.65Joshua TaylorWalton ACHorspath14 Jul 
24.8Reuben LeylandWalton ACWalton14 Apr 
24.80w/+2.3Dan HillierHerculesWimbLee Valley1 Aug 
24.86w/+2.6George FoxWalton ACEltham29 Apr 
24.9Ross JacksonCamberley&DistWinchester8 Apr 
24.97/+0.2Montell MarklandSouth LondonTooting Bec24 Mar 
25.05/+0.2Tarun RamphulKingston & PolyWimbledon8 Apr 
25.07/-0.4Te-Sing BurleyHerne HillTooting Bec24 Mar 
25.16/+1.3Marius BallKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul 
25.18/-0.6Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HTooting Bec25 Aug 
25.19/-0.35h1Dan HillierHerculesWimbKingston12 May 
25.20/+1.1Anold PeranaCrawley ACCrawley1 Jul 
25.2Ka-Hunt ToSouth LondonCarshalton19 Aug 
25.30/-0.5Niall ColesSutton&DistrictTooting Bec24 Mar 
25.3Benjamin KingCamberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
25.4Josh CowieWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
25.44/-0.9Kayden WilsonHerne Hill HKingston21 Apr 
25.45/+1.0Enivalde VenturaHerne Hill HLee Valley28 Apr 
25.5George FoxWalton ACWalton14 Apr 
25.5George HopkinsWoking ACWoking3 Jun 
25.5Sam RoweWalton ACWalton8 Jul 
25.63/-1.0Marcus AustinDorkingMVWoking2 Sep 
25.65/+0.2Yamin ChoudhurySutton&DistrictWimbledon8 Apr 
25.7Ben WickensWaverley HSwindon1 Jul 
25.8Jacob StadieWoking ACBournemouth8 Jul 
25.9Evan LeeWalton ACWalton14 Apr 
25.9Sean DeaneWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun 
 400 Metres (Standard: 58.00 )
 48.88Joshua PearsonWindsorSE&HReading29 Apr
 50.22Oscar Heaney BrufalBlkhth&BromBromley21 May
 50.246Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HLee Valley12 Aug
 50.68George ReesKingston & PolyHendon9 Jun
 50.692h2Thomas HandleyCamberley&DistKingston9 Jun
 50.86Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBedford15 Sep
 51.081h1Tom HandleyCamberley&DistKingston13 May
 51.331r6George Sudderick (U15)Walton ACWatford22 Aug
 51.424George AspreyAldershotF&DKingston9 Jun
 51.6Sam BishopWalton ACWalton20 May
 51.81Reuben LeylandWalton ACHorspath14 Jul
 52.1Israel OspinaCroydon HTonbridge14 Apr
 52.1Jack DicksonKingston & PolyKingston27 May
 52.103h1Rory PaynSutton&DistrictKingston9 Jun
 52.23Oliver PreestCroydon HWimbledon8 Apr
 52.3Tyler PantonWalton ACWalton2 May
 52.5Ethan DrayWalton ACWalton8 Jul
 52.74Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford15 Sep
 53.1Matthew Amanor-BoaduSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 53.8Oliver CampbellStMRichmondTwickenham23 Jun
 53.85Marvin TchangwaWindsorSE&HBromley27 May
 53.92Drew BurridgeReigate PrioryBrunel18 Jul
 54.01Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)4 Aug
 54.21Jack GoodmanDorkingMVKingston9 Jun
 54.3Tom CursonsWalton ACWalton14 Apr
 54.3Daniel WestonAldershotF&DAldershot14 Jul
 54.56Andrew SarpongHerculesWimbTooting Bec22 Aug
 54.83Jack StraceyKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul
 54.85Arnold PeranaCrawley ACCrawley25 Jul
 54.9Gon Declercq South LondonCoulsdon10 Jun
 55.515h2Enivalde VenturaHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 55.73Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HMile End29 Jul
 55.847h1Joshua SematimbaSDKingston13 May
 55.9Lewis ChoulsEpsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul
 55.91Robbie TamblingCroydon HCroydon23 May
 56.1Reiss GuestAldershotF&DEton5 Aug
 56.3Michael CottrillWalton ACTwickenham20 Jun
 56.52DGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)4 Aug
 56.55Joshua TaylorWalton ACHorspath14 Jul
 56.9George FoxWalton ACWalton14 Apr
 56.9Joshua CowieWalton ACErith27 May
 56.9Ethan KendallAldershotF&DAldershot24 Jun
 57.07Thomas HardmanGuildford&GCrawley1 Jul
 57.3Callum MorleyEpsom & EwellWalton2 May
 57.3Patrick GubbayKingston & PolyUxbridge23 Jun
 57.5Joseph FosterCamberley&DistWinchester8 Apr
 57.6Joseph McHughWoking ACSwindon24 Jun
 58.0Emilianos VlahosHerne Hill HTooting Bec30 Jun
800 Metres (Standard: 2:18.00 )
1:58.324r17Cameron EnserBracknell ACWatford13 Jun 
1:58.683rAJack DicksonKingston & PolyLee Valley8 Jul 
1:58.702Sam SheppardSouth LondonCoulsdon5 Sep 
1:59.5Oliver CoppellottiWalton ACWalton20 May 
2:00.3Ben MarksWalton ACWalton2 May 
2:00.69Daniel WestonAldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul 
2:01.1Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul 
2:01.33Marvin TchangwaWindsorSE&HWatford18 Apr 
2:01.8111r16Charles KershawAldershotF&DWatford13 Jun 
2:02.641h1Jack StraceyKingston & PolyKingston12 May 
2:02.9George ReesKingston & PolyKingston20 May 
2:02.932h1Dylan SpencerAldershotF&DKingston12 May 
2:03.34Henry FisherBlkhth&BromWoking2 Sep 
2:03.534h3Ethan KendallAldershotF&DKingston12 May 
2:03.6Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellBournemouth18 Aug 
2:04.243h1Reuben LeylandWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:04.7Ben BlameyWaverley HSwindon1 Jul 
2:04.8Ben FitzpatrickWalton ACWalton2 May 
2:04.87Anold PeranaCrawley ACCrawley20 May 
2:04.9Luke MannCamberley&DistAldershot24 Jun 
2:05.264h1Oscar MillardHerne Hill HKingston12 May 
2:05.4Matthew Amanor-BoaduSutton&DistrictTooting Bec23 Jun 
2:05.9Will BarnicoatAldershotF&DAldershot24 Jun 
2:06.035h2Robbie TamblingCroydon HKingston9 Jun 
2:06.2Joshua TaylorWalton ACWalton2 May 
2:06.40Thomas HardmanGuildford&GBasingstoke18 Jul 
2:06.46Michael CottrillWalton ACWatford18 Apr 
2:06.61Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul 
2:07.545h1Edward DawsonWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:07.57mx2r7Frank TownleyWoking ACWatford11 Jul 
2:08.544h2Frank TownleyWoking ACKingston12 May 
2:09.2Callum MorleyEpsom & EwellWoking14 Apr 
2:10.15Charlie TurnerAldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul 
2:11.4Owen WaiteSouth LondonKingston20 May 
2:11.636h2George ManolisAldershotF&DKingston12 May 
2:11.83mx6r11Josh TattersHerculesWimbWatford13 Jun 
2:12.2Hector RevillHerculesWimbWimbledon Park2 Sep 
2:12.61Charlie KrammerHerne Hill HTooting Bec7 May 
2:12.77mxJack JohnsonAldershotF&DWatford8 Aug 
2:13.1Olly WilsonKingston & PolyKingston4 Jul 
2:13.29Max ChittyAldershotF&DWimbledon8 Apr 
2:13.45Rowan FussSouth LondonTooting Bec7 May 
2:13.75Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictTooting Bec25 Aug 
2:14.1Soul HallumsCroydon HWare23 Jun 
2:14.4Zachary BlairCroydon HCroydon14 Jul 
2:15.0Reiss GuestAldershotF&DAldershot24 Jun 
2:16.1Jacob StadieWoking ACWoking14 Jul 
2:16.43Theo LewisSutton&DistrictWoking2 Sep 
2:16.66Alexander GeeHerculesWimbKingston9 Jun 
2:17.487h3Ben PalmerWalton ACKingston12 May 
2:17.5Joseph McHughWoking ACSwindon24 Jun 
2:17.53Lewis ChoulsEpsom & EwellTooting Bec24 Mar 
2:17.6Jack MellorCamberley&DistWoking10 Jun 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:55.00 )
 4:11.351AHarley NormanSouth LondonLee Valley8 Jul
 3:53.041rBLuke Van OudtshoornAldershotF&DWatford2 May
 4:01.8713r13Will BarnicoatAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:02.4515r13Charlie KershawAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:02.69mxDylan SpencerAldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 4:06.8Dylan SpencerAldershotF&DAldershot14 Jul
 4:10.16mxJoe BlacknellAldershotF&DWatford2 May
 4:10.2Ben MarksWalton ACWalton20 May
 4:12.48mxCameron EnserBracknell ACWatford25 Jul
 4:12.703Ben FitzpatrickWalton ACKingston13 May
 4:12.724Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DKingston13 May
 4:13.2Cameron EnserBracknell ACPeterborough28 Apr
 4:13.525Henry FisherBlkhth&BromKingston13 May
 4:17.9Oliver CoppellottiWalton ACWalton1 Jul
 4:18.32mxJack JohnsonAldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 4:20.29Jack DicksonKingston & PolyKingston21 Apr
 4:22.3Jack JohnsonAldershotF&DEton6 Jun
 4:24.35mx9r8Michael CottrillWalton ACWatford27 Jun
 4:24.4Charlie KrammerHerne Hill HWimbledon20 May
 4:25.017Joe SealSouth LondonKingston9 Jun
 4:25.48Jack BurtonSouth LondonKingston9 Jun
 4:26.687Pavit KullarWindsorSE&HKingston13 May
 4:27.8Tom BlameyWaverley HSwindon1 Jul
 4:28.2Hector RevillHerculesWimbWimbledon20 May
 4:28.9Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul
 4:28.95Frank TownleyWoking ACHorspath23 Jun
 4:29.83mx7r1Owen WaiteSouth LondonCrawley20 Jun
 4:30.2Tom JonesWalton ACWalton1 Jul
 4:30.74nsMichael CottrillWalton ACWalton20 May
 4:31.306r2Nicholas David SmithSouth LondonCoulsdon5 Sep
 4:31.35Robbie TamblingCroydon HCroydon1 Jul
 4:31.409Owen WaiteSouth LondonKingston13 May
 4:31.9Joshua TaylorWalton ACWalton14 Apr
 4:32.1Soul HallumsCroydon HWare23 Jun
 4:32.73mx9r9George ManolisAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:32.8Adam CoatesCamberley&DistAshford24 Jun
 4:33.08Alex FriendDorkingMVChelmsford9 Jun
 4:34.28Daniel IllisHerculesWimbTooting Bec24 Mar
 4:34.3Anold PeranaCrawley ACWoking29 Apr
 4:35.9Marvin TchangwaWindsorSE&HReading2 Sep
 4:37.0Edward DawsonWalton ACErith27 May
 4:37.5Thomas HardmanGuildford&GEton6 May
 4:38.0Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictTooting Bec18 Aug
 4:38.1Henry SmithEpsom & EwellWalton8 Jul
 4:39.29mx9r8Reiss GuestAldershotF&DWatford30 May
 4:39.53mx4r2Isaac FlanaganCroydon HBromley11 Jun
 4:39.61mx10r6Charlie TurnerAldershotF&DWatford22 Aug
 4:40.36George ManolisAldershotF&DWatford2 May
 4:41.1Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HAshford24 Jun
 4:41.57Isaac FlanaganCroydon HCroydon23 May
 4:42.86Olly WilsonKingston & PolyWimbledon8 Apr
 4:42.88mx3r5Nathan HolmesAldershotF&DWatford22 Aug
 4:46.5Ben PalmerWalton ACWalton8 Jul
 4:46.6Angus CaruthWoking ACWoking14 Apr
 4:46.8Theo LewisSutton&DistrictTonbridge2 Apr
 4:47.96mxDaniel WestonAldershotF&DWatford25 Jul
 4:49.17Shaun WatersWoking ACCrawley1 Jul
 4:50.53Joshua BellamyKingston & PolyKingston9 Jun
 4:51.0Adam KirbyGuildford&GAldershot24 Jun
 4:53.0Fred JimackHerculesWimbTwickenham23 Jun
 4:54.98mx6r6Jack MellorCamberley&DistWatford30 May
1 Mile (Standard: 5:55.00 )
4:55.62mxHector RevillHerculesWimbTooting Bec7 May 
4:58.83mxJack BurtonSouth LondonTooting Bec7 May 
5:03.06mxDaniel IllisHerculesWimbTooting Bec7 May 
5:24.37mxFred JimackHerculesWimbTooting Bec7 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 10:40.00 )
 8:22.781Luke van OudtshoornAldershotF&DKingston13 May
 8:37.4416r2Will BarnicoatAldershotF&DWatford2 May
 8:50.53Dylan SpencerAldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul
 8:57.033Ben MarksWalton ACKingston13 May
 9:09.2722r3Joe BlacknellAldershotF&DWatford5 Sep
 9:11.32Sam MartinGuildford&GBasingstoke18 Jul
 9:22.41mxJack JohnsonAldershotF&DBasingstoke18 Jul
 9:33.176Charlie KrammerHerne Hill HBedford10 Jun
 9:35.39Pavit KullarWindsorSE&HReading29 Apr
 9:36.75mx4r1Tom JonesWalton ACWatford25 Jul
 9:45.444Frank TownleyWoking ACKingston13 May
 9:45.71mx2r2Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictWimbledon Park1 Aug
 9:52.326Jack BurtonSouth LondonKingston13 May
 9:53.9Bilal BentchakalSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 9:54.1Henry SmithEpsom & EwellAldershot14 Jul
 9:54.627Tom JonesWalton ACKingston13 May
 10:06.47Soul HallumsCroydon HCroydon23 May
 10:08.10Sam CamenzuliHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 10:11.3Isaac FlanaganCroydonCroydon20 May
 10:13.4Hector RevillHerculesWimbTooting Bec30 Jun
 10:21.2Angus CaruthWoking ACWoking29 Apr
 10:26.2Owen WaiteSouth LondonCrawley1 Apr
 10:29.5Olly WilsonKingston & PolyWoking29 Apr
 10:39.21Matthew MaginnCroydon HCroydon1 Jul
1500 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 5:30.00 )
4:35.52Ben MarksWalton ACCrawley16 Jun 
4:41.21Henry FisherBlkhth&BromAshford9 Jun 
4:43.06Cameron EnserBracknell ACYeovil21 Apr 
5:07.32Pavit KullarWindsorSE&HLee Valley11 Aug 
5:26.20Olly WilsonKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul 
 100 Metres Hurdles (Standard: 17.00 )
 13.4Owen HeardCamberley&DistEton5 Aug
 13.87/-0.2Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford16 Sep
 14.02/+0.2Finn BlakeneyHerculesWimbKingston9 Jun
 14.29/+1.5Oscar Heaney BrufalBlkhth&BromBromley27 May
 14.57/-0.1Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBedford16 Sep
 14.64/+0.23Gideon JansenWoking ACKingston9 Jun
 14.76/+0.2Sam WebbWoking ACKingston9 Jun
 14.84/-0.6Zack DarlingtonBelgrave HTooting Bec24 Mar
 15.01/-0.6Callum HolderSutton&DistrictTooting Bec24 Mar
 15.12/-1.5Emilianos VlahosHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 15.58/0.06Sam RoweWalton ACKingston12 May
 15.6Tom CursonsWalton ACErith27 May
 15.62w/+2.5OGeorge AspreyAldershotF&DCarshalton8 Sep
 15.65/+0.9DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)5 Aug
 15.8Ross JacksonCamberley&DistWinchester8 Apr
 15.8w/+2.2George HopkinsWoking ACAshford24 Jun
 15.81DGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)5 Aug
 16.30Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HLee Valley23 May
 16.44/+1.1George AspreyAldershotF&DBracknell31 Mar
400 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) (Standard: 68.00 )
54.11Oscar Heaney BrufalBlackheath & BrBromley27 May 
57.01Tom CursonsWalton ACCrawley16 Jun 
57.7Sam BishopWalton ACErith27 May 
58.264Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellLee Valley12 Aug 
61.6Ross JacksonCamberley&DistReading2 Sep 
63.07Thomas WhiteKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.50m )
 2.071Jack EnnisCroydon HKingston13 May
 1.902Luke MannCamberley&DistKingston13 May
 1.872Olly JointBracknell ACKingston9 Jun
 1.86Benjamin KingCamberley&DistSwindon1 Jul
 1.86Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford16 Sep
 1.855Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 1.85Adjima Patrick AmonHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 1.85George HopkinsWoking ACCrawley1 Jul
 1.84Rawle AllicockCroydon HCroydon20 May
 1.83DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)4 Aug
 1.80Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBournemouth18 Aug
 1.75Tom ForemanGuildford&GPortsmouth29 Jul
 1.70Gideon JansenWoking ACWoking14 Apr
 1.70George AspreyAldershotF&DBasingstoke14 Apr
 1.70William ColeGuildford&GKingston9 Jun
 1.70Evan LeeWalton ACCoulsdon10 Jun
 1.65Zack DarlingtonBelgrave HBattersea Park20 May
 1.65Freddy CrosbyKingston & PolyKingston20 May
 1.60Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HMile End29 Jul
 1.60Sam WebbWoking ACWoking2 Sep
 1.58Valentin NajorkaCroydon HCroydon20 May
 1.55Alexander BuhlerGuildford&GPoole20 May
 1.53Cole BishopHolland Sports Wimbledon20 May
 1.50Te-Sing BurleyHerne HillTooting Bec24 Mar
 1.50Ben WickensWaverley HSwindon1 Jul
Pole Vault (Standard: 2.20m )
4.45Owen HeardCamberley&DistEton1 Jul 
3.95George HopkinsWoking ACLee Valley8 Jul 
3.90Jack WestleyKingston & PolyWoking29 Apr 
3.603Tolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistKingston12 May 
2.97DPhilip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 
2.87DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)5 Aug 
 Long Jump (Standard: 5.20m )
 6.71/+1.8Philip KastnerWalton ACBedford15 Sep
 6.22/-0.22Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellKingston13 May
 6.15Daniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellWoking14 Apr
 6.12Owen HeardCamberley&DistEton5 Aug
 6.10Jack EnnisCroydon HStevenage27 May
 6.05Callum HolderSutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 5.95w/+2.2George HopkinsWoking ACAshford23 Jun
 5.94/+0.23Zack DarlingtonBelgraveKingston13 May
 5.83/+1.8Morgan LewisHerne Hill HLiverpool4 Aug
 5.79Charlie KentHolland SportsKingston9 Jun
 5.78Sam WebbWoking ACWoking2 Sep
 5.77w/+2.6OGeorge AspreyAldershotF&DCarshalton8 Sep
 5.76/-1.1Troy Lee-EdmundsHolland Sports Mont de Marsan, FRA6 May
 5.68George HopkinsWoking ACCrawley1 Jul
 5.68Luke MannCamberley&DistSwindon16 Sep
 5.64/+0.44Thomas Gilsenan-BestHorshamBSHKingston13 May
 5.61Emmanuel BonneySutton&DistrictCarshalton14 Jul
 5.58Adjima Patrick AmonHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 5.55Adrian PantonCroydon HStevenage27 May
 5.54Tolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistBracknell31 Mar
 5.54Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HGrays28 Apr
 5.54/-0.45Max AndrewWaltonKingston13 May
 5.51Benjamin KingCamberley&DistAldershot24 Jun
 5.45Sam CliftonGuildford&GWoking29 Apr
 5.41w/+3.1Andrew SarpongHerculesWimbLee Valley11 Aug
 5.40Jack WestleyKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul
 5.38George AspreyAldershotF&DEton25 Mar
 5.38/+0.9Andrew SarpongHerculesWimbLee Valley11 Aug
 5.31Ross JacksonCamberley&DistReading2 Sep
 5.29Anton JosephGuildford&GAldershot24 Jun
Triple Jump (Standard: 11.25m )
12.66w/+3.1Israel OspinaCroydon HNottingham4 Aug 
11.943Tolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistKingston9 Jun 
11.92w/+3.98Toby DronfieldGuildford&GLee Valley12 Aug 
11.91Israel OspinaCroydon HCroydon1 Jul 
11.87Toby DronfieldGuildford&GReading2 Sep 
11.802Luke MannCamberley&DistKingston13 May 
11.793Samuel CliftonGuildford&GKingston13 May 
11.48Max AndrewWalton ACErith27 May 
 Shot Put (5kg) (Standard: 9.50m )
 14.14Tiarnan MatthewsHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 13.61OPhilip KastnerWalton ACCarshalton8 Sep
 13.52William HobsonKingston & PolyPortsmouth29 Jul
 13.37Andre ParkerHerne Hill HBattersea Park9 Jun
 13.243AMalachi OparaCroydon HLee Valley8 Jul
 11.67OGeorge AspreyAldershotF&DCarshalton8 Sep
 11.453Aaron MarlowKingston & PolyKingston13 May
 11.07Luca Di LiberoKingston & PolyWoking2 Sep
 11.014Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HKingston13 May
 10.945Anton JosephGuildford&GKingston13 May
 10.86Alexander BuhlerGuildford&GAldershot24 Jun
 10.71Luke FrenchGuildford&GKingston9 Jun
 10.14Luke RobertsEpsom & EwellKingston9 Jun
 9.75Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBedford16 Sep
 9.65DGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)4 Aug
 9.63DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)4 Aug
 9.57Aposiolos GkimpiritisEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jun
 9.53Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HAshford24 Jun
Discus (1.5kg) (Standard: 23.00m )
42.44DPhilip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 
36.472Aaron MarlowKingston & PolyKingston13 May 
34.743Malachi OparaCroydon HKingston13 May 
32.471Luca Di LiberoKingston & PolyKingston9 Jun 
32.294George AspreyAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
31.49Adam CoatesEpsom & EwellBedford15 Sep 
31.08Jack Bingham (U15)Waverley HHorspath1 Sep 
30.29Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HAshford23 Jun 
30.20DGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 
30.125Zack DarlingtonBelgKingston13 May 
29.45Anton JosephGuildford&GEton6 May 
27.94Harrison BrownGuildford&GKingston9 Jun 
27.93Joshua CowieWalton ACDartford29 Jul 
27.10Henry DownesWaverley HSwindon1 Jul 
25.81Aidan JohnsonCamberley&DistPortsmouth29 Jul 
24.71Tolu Ayo-OjoCamberley&DistBracknell31 Mar 
24.16Aposiolos GkimpiritisEpsom & EwellCoulsdon10 Jun 
23.44Memphis AyoadeHerne Hill HGrays28 Apr 
 Hammer (5kg) (Standard: 17.00m )
 50.901Anton JosephGuildford&GKingston9 Jun
 46.86Mackenzie LabanHerne Hill HMile End27 May
 34.05Joshua CowieWalton ACCrawley16 Jun
 28.54Sean LancasterBlkhth&BromBromley11 Jun
 27.13Luke NewellKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul
 21.72Alexander BuhlerGuildford&GKingston27 May
 20.64Aidan JohnsonCamberley&DistWoking29 Apr
Javelin (700g) (Standard: 28.00m )
51.211Alexander BuhlerGuildford&GKingston9 Jun 
46.981George HopkinsWoking ACKingston13 May 
43.44Luke NewellKingston & PolyCrawley1 Jul 
43.21DPhilip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 
42.753Harvey MaceyAldershotF&DKingston13 May 
41.495AAaron MarlowKingston & PolyLee Valley8 Jul 
36.60Owen HeardCamberley&DistEton6 May 
35.47OGeorge AspreyAldershotF&DCarshalton9 Sep 
35.23Dan RocheCamberley&DistEton6 May 
35.20Thomas HawkinsHerne Hill HWimbledon8 Apr 
34.19DDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)5 Aug 
32.19Toby DronfieldGuildford&GEton6 May 
31.75Ryan CrockettCroydon HCroydon1 Jul 
30.56Benjamin KingCamberley&DistSwindon1 Jul 
 Octathlon (Standard: 2000pts )
 4993pts2Philip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)5 Aug
 4510ptsAdam CoatesEpsom & EwellBedford16 Sep
 4265ptsDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)5 Aug
 4234pts1George AspreyAldershotF&DCarshalton9 Sep
 4085ptsGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)5 Aug
 3792ptsMemphis AyoadeHerne Hill HAshford23 Jun
Decathlon (U17 events)
6044pts2Philip KastnerWalton ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 
5215ptsDaniel RoffeyEpsom & EwellManchester (SC)5 Aug 
5076ptsGeorge HopkinsWoking ACManchester (SC)5 Aug 

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