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Today's Date: 20 June 2019

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
 100 Metres (Standard: 11.20 )
 10.26/+0.2Harry Aikines-AryeeteySutton&DistrictGliwice, POL2 Jun
 10.37/+0.6Theo EtienneHerculesWimbNewham16 Jun
 10.41/+0.2Rechmial Miller (U23)HerculesWimbBedford1 Jun
 10.49w/+4.3Luke Dorrell (U23)AldershotF&DBedford4 May
 10.49w/+2.4Zanson Plummer (U23)Shaft.BarnetBedford1 Jun
 10.52/+0.9Luke Dorrell (U23)AldershotF&DBedford5 May
 10.52w/+2.3Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbNewham16 Jun
 10.55/+0.6Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbNewham16 Jun
 10.57/+1.0Zanson Plummer (U23)Shaft.BarnetBedford1 Jun
 10.57/+0.6Jordan Watson-Brown (U23)Shaft.BarnetBudapest, HUN8 Jun
 10.6Bill PorterSouth LondonStara Zagora, BUL15 Jun
 10.60w/+4.0Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondMiddlebury VT, USA27 Apr
 10.62/+0.3Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACBudapest, HUN8 Jun
 10.71w/+3.5James Hanson (U20)Woking ACNewham16 Jun
 10.76/+0.8Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondWilliamstown MA, USA3 May
 10.76/+0.2Sam IgeBelgrave HBedford1 Jun
 10.77/+1.8Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HMarsa, MLT4 May
 10.78/+0.21Ryan Facey (U23)HerculesWimbKingston12 May
 10.78/-1.7Marvin PopoolaHerne Hill HChelmsford9 Jun
 10.78/+0.9James Hanson (U20)Woking ACNewham16 Jun
 10.80w/+4.0Jesse AgyemangCroydon HNewham16 Jun
 10.84/+1.0Samir Williams (U20)Croydon HLee Valley5 Jun
 10.87/0.05Micah Francis-Dwyer (U20)Croydon HBedford2 Jun
 10.89w/+4.0Victor NzoleleHerne Hill HNewham16 Jun
 10.9Abdou NjieKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun
 10.91/+0.24Jesse AgyemangCroydon HKingston12 May
 10.93w/+2.1Michael Miller (U20)Croydon HLee Valley22 May
 10.96/1.2Michael Miller (U20)Croydon HCardiff15 May
 10.97/-0.11Tyler Panton (U17)Woking ACKingston12 May
 10.97/+0.25Cameron StarrSutton&DistrictKingston12 May
 10.97/+1.6Victor NzoleleHerne Hill HNewham16 Jun
 11.0Elijah Lyle-VidalKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun
 11.03/0.0Dylan Baldock (U20)Sutton&DistrictBromley13 Apr
 11.04/0.62AJoseph Massimo (U20)Crawley ACCrawley19 May
 11.04/-0.62h1Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACBedford2 Jun
 11.05/+0.26Damien PowellKent ACKingston12 May
 11.06w/+4.1Antonio DouglasHerculesWimbNewham16 Jun
 11.09Dylan Da Costa (U20)Croydon HStevenage28 Apr
 11.11/-0.12Tyvon Inniss (U17)Croydon HKingston12 May
 11.13/+2.0Antonio DouglasHerculesWimbNewham16 Jun
 11.16w/+3.8Alessio Anah (U17)Crawley ACReading5 May
 11.18/1.83AMatthew Harris (U20)Guildford&GPerivale26 May
 11.18/+0.2Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U20)Blkhth&BromBromley3 Jun
 11.20/+0.4Tobi OgunbodeHerne Hill HWimbledon Park1 May
 11.20/+0.4Armani ThomasHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00 )
20.65w/+5.5Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbClermont FL, USA20 Apr 
21.11/+1.8Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbOrlando FL, USA22 Mar 
21.29/+1.8Theo EtienneHerculesWimbLee Valley22 May 
21.31/-0.9Rechmial Miller (U23)HerculesWimbLoughborough19 May 
21.39/-0.2Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaft.BarnetOordegem-Lede, BEL25 May 
21.39/+0.62James Hanson (U20)Woking ACBedford1 Jun 
21.43/+0.63Derek Kinlock (U20)Croydon HBedford1 Jun 
21.45/+1.8Marvin PopoolaHerne Hill HBedford2 Jun 
21.55w/+2.3Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACLee Valley5 Jun 
21.64/-1.5Chad Miller (U20)HerculesWimbKingston, JAM3 May 
21.65/+0.8Martyn RooneyCroydon HLoughborough29 May 
21.67/+1.5Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACLee Valley5 Jun 
21.701AJoseph Massimo (U20)Crawley ACCrawley19 May 
21.71/+1.5Jordan Watson-Brown (U23)Shaft.BarnetBudapest, HUN8 Jun 
21.71w/+4.4Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondMiddlebury VT, USA27 Apr 
21.73/+0.5Dylan Da Costa (U20)Croydon HBedford1 Jun 
21.81Jonathan Browne (M35)Kent ACBedford2 Jun 
21.9w/+5.11Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACPortsmouth8 Jun 
21.92/+1.9Byron RobinsonHerne Hill HMarsa, MLT4 May 
22.0/-0.1Sam IgeBelgrave HSwansea12 May 
22.01/+1.9Nicholas Hendrix (U23)StMRichmondAmherst MA, USA6 Apr 
22.05/-2.32Ryan Facey (U23)HerculesWimbKingston11 May 
22.13/+0.4Alex Hanson (U20)Woking ACBedford1 Jun 
22.19/-0.4Dylan Baldock (U20)Sutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar 
22.2Bill PorterSouth LondonStara Zagora, BUL15 Jun 
22.3Elijah VidalKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun 
22.33/+0.1Dominic Ariyo-Francis (U17)Woking ACEton7 Apr 
22.35/+0.1Tyler Panton (U17)Woking ACEton7 Apr 
22.36w/+2.7Victor NzoleleHerne Hill HLee Valley5 Jun 
22.57/-1.91Memphis Ayoade (U17)Herne Hill HKingston11 May 
22.6Micah Francis-Dwyer (U20)Croydon HKingston15 Jun 
22.6Abdou NjieKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun 
22.63/-1.93Oliver Preest (U17)Croydon HKingston11 May 
22.72/+1.1Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HLee Valley24 Apr 
22.83/+0.9Tyvon Inniss (U17)Croydon HPerivale26 May 
22.85/-2.34Jevonni McFarlane (U23)Croydon HKingston11 May 
22.92James Vancliff (U20)Holland SportsWimbledon5 Jun 
22.9Sean Edwards (U20)Croydon HKingston15 Jun 
22.9Matthew PepperCroydon HKingston15 Jun 
22.9Sean Edwards (U20)Croydon HKingston15 Jun 
22.95/-2.9Thomas Leacock (U17)Woking ACKingston8 Jun 
22.98/-1.6Michael Miller (U20)Croydon HBedford1 Jun 
22.99/-0.4Victor NzoleleHerne Hill HChelmsford9 Jun 
23.03/-0.33Israel Ospina (U20)Croydon HKingston12 May 
 400 Metres (Standard: 51.00 )
 45.91Dwayne CowanHerculesWimbPrague, CZE2 Jun
 46.79Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaft.BarnetLee Valley20 Apr
 47.57Thomas Staines (U23)BasingstkeMHAzusa CA, USA19 Apr
 47.69Martyn RooneyCroydon HSollentuna, SWE18 Jun
 48.41Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACChelmsford9 Jun
 49.25Peter PhillipsHerne Hill HHendon16 Jun
 49.69Harvey StainthorpeCroydon HBedford5 May
 49.691Joshua Pearson (U20)WindsorSE&HKingston11 May
 49.744Will Stapleton (U20)Kingston & PolySportcity1 Jun
 49.82Romell Glave (U23)Croydon HWaco TX, USA19 Apr
 50.02Tom Westerman (U20)Guildford&GLoughborough12 Jun
 50.06Max Perez-Diaz (U23)Kingston & PolyChelmsford9 Jun
 50.16Jack Dickson (U17)Kingston & PolyYeovil13 Apr
 50.262Thomas Handley (U20)Camberley&DistKingston11 May
 50.271Memphis Ayoade (U17)Herne Hill HKingston12 May
 50.35David Awde (M35)Woking ACBedford9 Jun
 50.473Adam Coates (U20)Epsom & EwellKingston11 May
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00 )
1:45.67Thomas Staines (U23)BasingstkeMHNashville TN, USA31 May 
1:49.53Zak CurranWindsorSE&HLoughborough15 Jun 
1:52.94Harry Boyd (U20)Guildford&GWatford15 May 
1:53.31Thomas CoeWindsorSE&HHouston TX, USA3 May 
1:53.49Ben Brunswick (U23)DorkingMVManchester (SC)25 May 
1:53.64Adam Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HBrighton29 May 
1:53.65Daniel WallisGuildford&GHickory NC, USA20 Apr 
1:54.10Charlie Wyllie (U23)DorkingMVBrighton29 May 
1:54.45Nathan MapperleyCamberley&DistBirmingham Univ.8 May 
1:54.49Patrick LucasCroydon HWatford15 May 
1:54.81Lascelles Hussey (U23)Herne Hill HNashville TN, USA23 Mar 
1:55.30Jack Dickson (U17)Kingston & PolyBromley29 May 
1:56.00Ben Marks (U20)Walton ACWatford12 Jun 
1:56.10Cameron Enser (U17)Bracknell ACWatford12 Jun 
1:56.952Hugo FlemingWalton ACKingston11 May 
1:57.0George Grassly (U20)DorkingMVChester le Street17 Jun 
1:57.133George DollnerGuildford&GKingston11 May 
1:57.16Ross FranksHerculesWimbWatford12 Jun 
1:57.48Dylan Spencer (U17)WindsorSE&HReading15 Jun 
1:57.84Oliver Coppellotti (U20)Walton ACWatford15 May 
1:58.06Ben Fitzpatrick (U20)Walton ACWatford12 Jun 
1:58.17Neville HarrisBelgrave HWatford15 May 
1:58.2Sean HallHerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 May 
1:58.442Tim Aina (U20)Croydon HKingston12 May 
1:58.70Aaron Enser (U20)Bracknell ACWatford15 May 
1:59.3Aaron Gill (U17)AldershotF&DTooting Bec13 Apr 
1:59.55Joshua Taylor (U20)Walton ACWatford12 Jun 
2:00.0Jonathan DarbyKingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun 
 1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00 )
 3:43.28Adam Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HWatford12 Jun
 3:43.81Daniel WallisGuildford&GLewisburg PA, USA13 Apr
 3:47.10Jack RoweAldershotF&DDavis CA, USA13 Apr
 3:48.46Blake Moore (U23)WindsorSE&HWatford12 Jun
 3:51.71Ben BradleyAldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun
 3:53.74George DollnerGuildford&GWatford12 Jun
 3:54.15Thomas CoeWindsorSE&HHattiesburg MS, USA27 Apr
 3:55.32George Grassly (U20)DorkingMVLeeds6 Jun
 3:55.96Jonathan HayAldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun
 3:56.23Ben Brunswick (U23)DorkingMVBedford5 May
 3:57.29Frederick SlemeckHerculesWimbLoughborough15 Jun
 3:57.71Will Barnicoat (U17)WindsorSE&HWatford29 May
 3:58.351Max Heyden (U20)AldershotF&DKingston11 May
 3:58.48James SharePoole RunnersLoughborough15 Jun
 3:58.57Andrew FyfeBelgrave HManchester (SC)25 May
 3:58.63Dylan Spencer (U17)WindsorSE&HWatford29 May
 3:59.71AThomas Staines (U23)BasingstkeMHBoulder CO, USA6 Apr
 4:00.773Ross FranksHerculesWimbKingston12 May
 4:01.37Lewis Laylee (U23)Herne Hill HTipton21 May
 4:01.69Marcus Shantry (U20)WindsorSE&HWatford29 May
 4:02.442Harry Boyd (U20)Guildford&GKingston11 May
 4:02.61AAaron Enser (U20)Bracknell ACChelmsford19 May
 4:02.883Joe Blacknell (U20)AldershotF&DKingston11 May
 4:03.17Lascelles Hussey (U23)Herne Hill HNashville TN, USA22 Mar
 4:03.91ADane BlomquistAldershotF&DBoulder CO, USA6 Apr
 4:05.154Ben Fitzpatrick (U20)Walton ACKingston11 May
 4:05.30Cameron Enser (U17)Bracknell ACWatford29 May
 4:07.05Harley Norman (U17)South LondonCoulsdon24 Apr
 4:07.91Alfie Spear (U17)WindsorSE&HWatford29 May
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.00 )
4:06.64Daniel WallisGuildford&GAllendale MI, USA8 Feb 
4:20.703r4Ross FranksHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May 
4:27.037r4Jack Dickson (U17)Kingston & PolyWimbledon Park1 May 
4:28.27mx3r1Patrick LucasCroydon HTooting Bec6 May 
4:29.288r4Finn JohnsonHerculesWimbWimbledon Park1 May 
4:29.299r4James MeiklejohnThames H&HWimbledon Park1 May 
 3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00 )
 8:12.08Dane BlomquistAldershotF&DBrighton29 May
 8:14.97Max Heyden (U20)AldershotF&DBrighton29 May
 8:19.64Ben BradleyAldershotF&DLoughborough19 May
 8:25.79Luke van Oudtshoorn (U20)AldershotF&DWatford1 May
 8:29.28Will Barnicoat (U17)WindsorSE&HMilton Keynes1 Jun
 8:39.16Joe Blacknell (U20)AldershotF&DBrighton29 May
 8:41.54James SharePoole RunnersWatford1 May
 8:44.58Lewis Laylee (U23)Herne Hill HBirmingham Uni5 Jun
 8:48.65Paskar Owor (M35)Belgrave HSwansea12 May
 8:49.20Macgregor CoxAldershotF&DWatford1 May
 8:54.0Finn JohnsonHerculesWimbWimbledon Park19 May
 8:54.32Conor Kissane-WoodThamesValleySwansea12 May
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00 )
13:54.99Jack RoweAldershotF&DAzusa CA, USA18 Apr 
13:58.84Ben BradleyAldershotF&DOordegem-Lede, BEL25 May 
14:12.51Daniel WallisGuildford&GRaleigh NC, USA29 Mar 
14:17.31John SandersonGuildford&GDublin, IRL18 May 
14:17.74Dane BlomquistAldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun 
14:41.98Max Heyden (U20)AldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun 
14:48.09Joshua GraceAldershotF&DLoughborough15 Jun 
14:53.05Andrew FyfeBelgrave HParliament Hill10 Apr 
14:53.1Luke van Oudtshoorn (U20)AldershotF&DTooting Bec13 Apr 
14:56.54Tom HiggsSouth LondonManchester (SC)25 May 
15:11.74Sam EglenAldershotF&DBedford2 Jun 
15:11.972Frederick SlemeckHerculesWimbKingston11 May 
15:12.84Jonny Earl (M35)HerculesWimbEltham22 May 
15:15.073James HoadThames H&HKingston11 May 
15:27.2Alex HobleyHerne Hill HWimbledon Park29 Mar 
15:28.355Charlie Wyllie (U23)DorkingMVKingston11 May 
15:29.476Edward ChuckDulwich RKingston11 May 
15:30.797Matthew Sharp (M40)HerculesWimbKingston11 May 
15:33.14Matt WelshBelgrave HEltham22 May 
15:36.7Ryan EvansSouth LondonTooting Bec13 Apr 
15:37.448James SharePoole RunnersKingston11 May 
15:47.07Marcus Shantry (U20)WindsorSE&HReading15 Jun 
15:47.1Paul Prothero (M35)South LondonUxbridge15 Jun 
15:47.4James Hancock (U23)Sutton&DistrictExeter13 Mar 
15:49.909Martin Shore (M40)Thames H&HKingston11 May 
15:52.91Jack BrotchieHerne Hill HBromley13 Apr 
15:55.2James GambleWoking ACEton13 Apr 
15:55.2Alex PenfoldCroydon HWalton13 Apr 
15:55.3Mark FinbowSouth LondonTooting Bec13 Apr 
15:59.71Callum WilsonSouth LondonLoughborough15 Jun 
16:00.8Joe ToomeyHerculesWimbWimbledon Park29 Mar 
16:02.2David GrimaHerculesWimbWimbledon Park29 Mar 
16:04.1Joel WilesSouth LondonUxbridge15 Jun 
16:04.7James Lyne (U23)South LondonTooting Bec13 Apr 
16:08.8412Bruce Harrold (M40)DorkingMVKingston11 May 
16:09.50Mohammed IsmailHerne Hill HBromley13 Apr 
16:10.4James MeiklejohnHerculesWimbWimbledon Park29 Mar 
16:10.4613Bryn ReynoldsHerne Hill HKingston11 May 
16:11.03Andrew GriggHerne Hill HEltham22 May 
16:11.2714Robert TuerHerculesWimbKingston11 May 
16:12.0315Ben GoddardWoking ACKingston11 May 
16:14.21David LewinHerculesWimbBromley13 Apr 
 10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00 )
 28:50.22Jack Rowe DacorumTringPalo Alto CA, USA29 Mar
 31:16.68Dane BlomquistAldershotF&DAzusa CA, USA17 Apr
 32:03.75Simon GoldsworthyGuildford&GWalthamstow7 Jun
 33:10.54Andrew GriggHerne Hill HWalthamstow7 Jun
 33:56.6Bryn ReynoldsHerne Hill HBury15 May
 34:07.79Ben GoddardWoking ACWalthamstow7 Jun
 34:12.1Joel Wiles (M35)South LondonWalthamstow7 Jun
 34:14.70Robert TuerHerculesWimbWalthamstow7 Jun
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00 )
9:13.80Richard OllingtonThames H&HLeigh9 Jun 
9:49.81Marcus Shantry (U20)WindsorSE&HSwansea12 May 
9:52.23Frederick SlemeckHerculesWimbBedford1 Jun 
 110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00 )
 14.25/-1.0Rushane ThomasHerne Hill HBedford2 Jun
 14.49/-0.6Sam Talbot (U23)Sheffield&DearnDerby16 Jun
 14.55/0.0Reece YoungBlkhth&BromBedford2 Jun
 14.58/-0.72Robert Sakala (U23)Croydon HKingston11 May
 15.1Alex Parkinson (U23)Kingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00 )
49.92Chris McAlisterThamesValleyGeneva, SUI15 Jun 
51.21Jacob PaulWindsorSE&HSwansea12 May 
51.40Tyri Donovan (U23)WindsorSE&HGeneva, SUI15 Jun 
53.441Alex O'Callaghan-Brown (U20)Blkhth&BromBedford2 Jun 
55.61Richard MorrisSouth LondonHendon9 Jun 
56.20Isaac OgunladeHerne Hill HChelmsford9 Jun 
56.35David Awde (M35)Woking ACHarrow19 May 
56.981BJosh Watson (U20)Blkhth&BromCrawley26 May 
 High Jump (Standard: 1.90m )
 2.05Tom NicholsHarrow ACSwansea12 May
 2.03Jack Ennis (U20)Croydon HCarshalton30 Mar
 2.00Mityrae Francis Brooks (U23)Croydon HBedford6 May
 1.961Oliver Joint (U20)Bracknell ACKingston12 May
 1.93Philip Kastner (U20)Walton ACBedford25 May
 1.921Israel Bakare (U17)Croydon HKingston8 Jun
 1.91George Hopkins (U17)Woking ACHarrow19 May
 1.90Jamie Horne (U23)PeterboroughPeterborough26 May
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.70m )
5.02Jack PhippsBirchfield HHendon9 Jun 
4.501BOwen Heard (U20)Harrow ACHarrow19 May 
4.50Emmanuel Thomas (U23)Croydon HKingston15 Jun 
4.321George Hopkins (U17)Woking ACKingston11 May 
4.202BTolu Ayo-Ojo (U20)Shaft.BarnetHendon9 Jun 
3.95Sam Talbot (U23)Exeter HBedford5 May 
3.95Dan Dearden (U17)HorshamBSHCrawley5 Jun 
3.90David Awde (M35)Woking ACEton13 Apr 
3.90Justin TarrantCrawley ACStreet28 Apr 
3.722Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACKingston11 May 
 Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m )
 7.55w/+2.6Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HMemphis TN, USA26 Apr
 7.28/+1.2Ezekiel EwuloWoodGrn+ExLClermont FL, USA5 May
 7.24/+1.3Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HWichita KS, USA11 May
 7.21/+0.5Paul OgunCroydon HBedford1 Jun
 6.98/+1.0Philip Kastner (U20)Walton ACBedford25 May
 6.98/+1.1Seb Wilson Dyer GoughHerne Hill HBedford1 Jun
 6.79/+0.3Jack PhippsBirchfield HHendon9 Jun
 6.74nsIgnatius Abebrese (U17)Herne Hill HarrEwell2 Jun
 6.53/+0.66BOwen Heard (U20)Harrow ACHendon9 Jun
 6.51Morgan Lewis (U17)Herne Hill HBattersea Park8 Jun
Triple Jump (Standard: 13.00m )
15.17/+2.0Stefan AmokwandohBlkhth&BromWest Point NY, USA9 May 
15.03w/+2.4Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HWichita KS, USA12 May 
15.02/-0.1Olushola OlojoHerne Hill HWichita KS, USA12 May 
14.151Michael Anderson (U17)Kingston & PolyKingston8 Jun 
13.51Jacob Veerapen (U23)Sutton&DistrictCarshalton30 Mar 
13.342Toby Dronfield (U17)Guildford&GKingston8 Jun 
13.31Jordan Aki-SawyerrKingston & PolyBattersea Park25 May 
13.06/-0.81Jamie Chapman (U20)StMRichmondKingston12 May 
 Shot Put (7.26kg) (Standard: 13.00m )
 15.39Michael WheelerHerne Hill HChelmsford9 Jun
 14.18Nick Owen (M35)Kingston & PolyChelmsford9 Jun
 13.96Nathan Fergus (U23)South LondonTooting Bec13 Apr
 13.73Kyle StevensKingston & PolyCroydon19 May
 13.38Thomas BullenSouth LondonAndover19 May
 13.32Erasmus DwemohSouth LondonBromley29 Apr
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m )
42.95Chris Dack (M35)Kingston & PolyCarshalton1 May 
42.19Thomas BullenSouth LondonUxbridge15 Jun 
41.34Justin TarrantCrawley ACBedford4 May 
40.94Abi Ekoku (M50)Belgrave HHarrow19 May 
39.96Nathan Fergus (U23)South LondonTooting Bec13 Apr 
39.70Nile CookSutton&DistrictCarshalton1 May 
39.55Reuben Vaughan (U20)Croydon HCroydon19 May 
38.73Sam Mace (U20)Walton ACSwansea12 May 
37.78Nick Owen (M35)Kingston & PolyChelmsford9 Jun 
36.47Gareth Cook (M50)Kingston & PolyCroydon19 May 
36.31Paul Derrien (M45)StMRichmondBedford9 Jun 
36.27Kaspars KazemaksWoking ACJacksonville FL, USA22 Mar 
35.90Ben McLaren Porter (U20)Camberley&DistEton13 Apr 
35.10Sam Talbot (U23)Sheffield&DearnDerby16 Jun 
 Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 40.00m )
 59.50Peter Cassidy (U23)Guildford&GLoughborough19 May
 56.27Sam Mace (U20)Walton ACWalton13 Apr
 54.87James Lancaster (U20)Shaft.BarnetHendon9 Jun
 52.70Gareth Cook (M50)Kingston & PolySt. Albans15 Jun
 47.853Kyle StevensKingston & PolyKingston11 May
 41.90Sam HitchingsHerculesWimbGuildford15 Jun
 41.35Paul Derrien (M45)StMRichmondBedford9 Jun
 41.305Rob SmithWalton ACKingston11 May
 40.78Ian Frankish (M35)Epsom & EwellWalton19 May
Javelin (800g) (Standard: 50.00m )
68.30Gavin Johnson-Assoon (M35)ThamesValleyLeigh9 Jun 
58.71William TrimbleKingston & PolyChelmsford9 Jun 
51.92Roy ChambersWoking ACBedford9 Jun 
51.892Ryder AndersonWoking ACKingston12 May 
 Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts )
 5476ptsJustin TarrantCrawley ACBedford26 May

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