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Today's Date: 15 July 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1979 - 1980

Males, Witley Common, Milford - 5 January 1980


1H ButtleHercules Wimbledon AC10:48
2M JonesAldershot, Farnham & District AC11:02
3R RamosKent AC11:07
4A MooreSurrey AC11:10
5D MallesonRanelagh Harriers11:12
6S MaynardCollingwood AC11:13
7R MasseyCamberley & District AC11:17
8S PowellWoking AC11:19
9S JenkinsHerne Hill Harriers11:21
10P BrownCollingwood AC11:24
11A RyderHerne Hill Harriers11:26
12S AliHerne Hill Harriers11:27
13Chris PayneCamberley & District AC11:28
14C NewmanCamberley & District AC11:29
15A MundellAldershot, Farnham & District AC11:30
16S RuddWoking AC11:31
17C HarriotHercules Wimbledon AC11:32
18A MurrayReigate Priory AC11:36
19G MatlockAldershot, Farnham & District AC11:37
20T CrossWoking AC11:39
21R PamphlettCollingwood AC11:39
22J HemingsleyHercules Wimbledon AC11:39
23G WilsonCollingwood AC11:44
24N ThackerayAldershot, Farnham & District AC11:45
25G TingaySurrey Beagles AC11:47
26R VerdonGuildford & Godalming AC11:48
27Chris CarterCroydon Harriers11:49
28P HeronHercules Wimbledon AC11:50
29M WheelerHerne Hill Harriers11:50
30K WheelerRedstone S11:57
31G FirthGuildford & Godalming AC11:58
32G MathieWoking AC11:58
33A GooderhamBracknell AC11:59
34E JenningsCamberley & District AC12:00
35A StoreyCollingwood AC12:01
36K LoveHaslemere Border AC12:02
37G McIlroyEpsom & Ewell Harriers12:02
38R BorgersWoking AC12:03
39R LeylandSurrey Beagles AC12:03
40P JacksonSutton & Cheam Harriers12:03
41K SutherlandHerne Hill Harriers12:07
42G GrantAldershot, Farnham & District AC12:10
43A MayneDorking St Paul's AC12:11
44S BahchelliHerne Hill Harriers12:13
45D MastersMitcham AC12:14
46M ForresterSutton & Cheam Harriers12:16
47D ClitheroeSurrey AC12:16
48S NashDorking St Paul's AC12:21
49G BagnerMitcham AC12:21
50A SansomEpsom & Ewell Harriers12:23
51Nigel GosdenCroydon Harriers12:26
52P RoseDorking St Paul's AC12:27
53Gavin GloverCroydon Harriers12:27
54S DonnellySutton & Cheam Harriers12:31
55P CrankshawCollingwood AC12:34
56Steve DenhamCamberley & District AC12:36
57G HanscombRanelagh Harriers12:36
58C GerrardRedhill & Reigate AC12:39
59S TaylorDorking St Paul's AC12:40
60P HanscombeDorking St Paul's AC12:41
61R RussSurrey AC12:42
62Richard GooderhamBracknell AC12:43
63D HaizeldenSutton & Cheam Harriers12:45
64T DourellSutton & Cheam Harriers12:46
65G ShaughnessyHerne Hill Harriers12:47
66M DaySutton & Cheam Harriers12:48
67I CartwrightCollingwood AC12:49
68D TaylorWalton AC12:49
69Carl SayerCroydon Harriers12:49
70S DevonshireWalton AC12:49
71M ArcherGuildford & Godalming AC12:53
72M BexleyHercules Wimbledon AC12:54
73M ThomasMitcham AC12:54
74S MooreWoking AC12:57
75N HourhanWoking AC12:58
76M DiffleySt Ed S13:02
77S FarleyEpsom & Ewell Harriers13:02
78C BeardsallDorking St Paul's AC13:02
79G BadgeryHercules Wimbledon AC13:02
80G BurelMitcham AC13:04
81T JacobsEpsom & Ewell Harriers13:07
82C PoleSurrey AC13:09
83John BoothHercules Wimbledon AC13:14
84S FlynnDorking St Paul's AC13:14
85K WattsBracknell AC13:14
86P RussellSurrey AC13:17
87D McKenzieHerne Hill Harriers13:18
88P WilbyReigate Priory AC13:19
89R BryantCollingwood AC13:23
90P CaseyCamberley & District AC13:32
91D WaltersCamberley & District AC13;38
92I CracknellEpsom & Ewell Harriers13;43
93J HallifaxHercules Wimbledon AC13:44
94M RichardsonCamberley & District AC13:45
95M GoodsonHercules Wimbledon AC13:48
96R WoodEpsom & Ewell Harriers13:53
97S FroudWoking AC13:56
98W ThurstingCamberley & District AC13:58
99S ShadeHerne Hill Harriers13:59
100K SextonBelgrave Harriers14:01
101P CooperWalton AC14;02
102L JohnsonSurrey AC14:29
103K JamesGuildford & Godalming AC14:31
104K ChalcroftEpsom & Ewell Harriers14:44
105P LukacsSurrey AC15:02
106A WoodRedhill & Reigate AC15:02
107R OverySurrey AC15:17
108N MaltbySurrey AC15:28
109A KelshallMitcham AC15:40
110N JacksonCamberley & District ACnt

1Collingwood AC50(4-8-18-20)
2Herne Hill H51(7-9-10-25)
3Aldershot, Farnham &52(2-13-16-21)
4Camberley & District56(5-11-12-28)
5Hercules Wimbledon A59(1-15-19-24)
6Woking AC64(6-14-17-27)
7Surrey AC160(3-39-51-67)
8Dorking St Pauls AC168(35-40-44-49)
9Sutton & Cheam H168(32-38-46-52)
10Croydon H168(23-43-45-57)
11Guildford & Godalmin187(22-26-58-81)
12Mitcham AC204(37-41-60-66)
13Epsom & Ewell H209(30-42-63-74)

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