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Today's Date: 15 July 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1981 - 1982

Males, Wimbledon Common - 2 January 1982


1M JonesAldershot, Farnham & District AC15:37
2S PowellWoking AC15:40
3P RoseDorking St Paul's AC15:52
4A MoffattAldershot, Farnham & District AC15:53
5T CrossWoking AC16:04
6Steve DenhamCamberley & District AC16:08
7G MatlockAldershot, Farnham & District AC16:15
8K WheelerReigate Priory AC16:16
9S MaynardMitcham AC16:27
10G AdamsMitcham AC16:31
11J HemmingsleyHercules Wimbledon AC16:32
12Andrew BateHerne Hill Harriers16:33
13A MooreSurrey AC16:46
14N ThackerayAldershot, Farnham & District AC16:48
15H ButtleHercules Wimbledon AC16:48
16K BilalHercules Wimbledon AC16:53
17J RabbettsSurrey AC16:57
18A BrennanMitcham AC17:03
19S BeaumontBelgrave Harriers17:10
20J HernandezGuildford & Godalming AC17:18
21R AddisonBelgrave Harriers17:19
22R CollinsonEpsom & Ewell Harriers17:19
23S HolmesEpsom & Ewell Harriers17:20
24M ForesterSutton & Cheam Harriers17:26
25G TingaySurrey Beagles AC17:29
26Chris PayneCamberley & District AC17:35
27C GrantAldershot, Farnham & District AC17:37
28John BoothHercules Wimbledon AC17:43
29G WilsonWalton AC17:43
30S BroomfieldHercules Wimbledon AC17:49
31P LibermanReigate Priory AC17:51
32C NewmanCamberley & District AC17:52
33R LeylandSurrey Beagles AC17:53
34J BiestyBelgrave Harriers17:55
35J ClahesseyMitcham AC17:56
36R WoodEpsom & Ewell Harriers17:59
37K LoveHaslemere Border AC18:00
38D ElgarHerne Hill Harriers18:03
39S ArgentCamberley & District AC18:05
40Alan LeeCroydon Harriers18:09
41M HorwoodGuildford & Godalming AC18:10
42K ConlonHerne Hill Harriers18:10
43David HaizeldenSutton & Cheam Harriers18:11
44G BagnallHercules Wimbledon AC18:14
45C BeardsallDorking St Paul's AC18:15
46A WrightWaverley Harriers18:18
47M DaySutton & Cheam Harriers18:20
48R MasseyCamberley & District AC18:25
49V ScammellRanelagh Harriers18:29
50R VerdenGuildford & Godalming AC18:42
51J EllisonSurrey Beagles AC18:43
52M DiffleReigate Priory AC18:46
53C AndrewsMitcham AC18:48
54D CorcoranHerne Hill Harriers18:54
55Gavin GloverCroydon Harriers18:59
56G McIlroyEpsom & Ewell Harriers19:13
57Christopher PleonCroydon Harriers19;15
58E JenningsCamberley & District AC19:15
59Gordon BowermanCroydon Harriers19:18
60S ParishCamberley & District AC19:24
61J NeillisBelgrave Harriers19:26
62J SkinnerSurrey Beagles AC19:26
63Antony ShoneCroydon Harriers19:33
64A AndrewsWoking AC19:37
65P BaptisteRanelagh Harriers19:38
66S GrovesHerne Hill Harriers19:40
67R PamphlettMitcham AC19:41
68S TaylorDorking St Paul's AC19:42
69M HardyCamberley & District AC19:53
70P HuntSutton & Cheam Harriers19:54
71J LiffordGuildford & Godalming AC20:01
72M PriceSouth London Harriers20:03
73R MannBelgrave Harriers20:09
74D BaughSurrey Beagles AC20:10
75A StoreyMitcham AC20:23
76Jason HallifaxHercules Wimbledon AC20:30
77Chris CarterCroydon Harriers20:56
78S UmplebyHercules Wimbledon AC20:57
79M VaughanEpsom & Ewell Harriers21:13
80N ClitheroeSurrey AC21:43
81S FroudWoking AC22:20
82R OverySurrey AC22:37
83J DavisMitcham AC23:46
84S RingrowHercules Wimbledon AC24:18

1Aldershot, Farnham &17(1-2-4-10)
2Hercules Wimbledon A53(7-11-12-23)
3Mitcham AC63(5-6-14-38)
4Camberley & District77(3-21-24-29)
5Epsom & Ewell H103(17-18-27-41)
6Belgrave H103(15-16-26-46)
7Herne Hill H106(8-28-31-39)
8Surrey Beagles AC129(20-25-37-47)
9Sutton & Cheam H138(19-32-35-52)
10Surrey AC143(9-13-60-61)
11Croydon H156(30-40-42-44)

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