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Today's Date: 30 May 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2023 - 2024

Cross-Country Championships, Denbies, Dorking - 7 January 2024


1Edward CunniffeHerne Hill Harriers00:09:43
2Theo CreedHercules Wimbledon AC00:09:56
3Fynn JenkinSouth London Harriers00:09:59
4Hugo WilsonGuildford & Godalming AC00:10:05
5James FraserHercules Wimbledon AC00:10:07
6Samuel FosterAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:10:11
7Caleb RushtonSutton & District AC00:10:14
8Edward BridgesSouth London Harriers00:10:18
9Euan RobertsKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers00:10:18
10Wilfred HughesSouth London Harriers00:10:22
11George BoneGuildford & Godalming AC00:10:25
12Ethan RushtonSutton & District AC00:10:27
13Luca BoultonHerne Hill Harriers00:10:31
14Daniel BakerGuildford & Godalming AC00:10:33
15Andrew RobertsKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers00:10:33
16Anton ThomasHerne Hill Harriers00:10:35
17William LambertOptima Racing Team00:10:45
18Cyrus SheikhHercules Wimbledon AC00:10:47
19Edward SmytheReigate Priory AC00:10:48
20Joseph ThorneloeDorking Mole Valley AC00:10:50
21Oliver ShieldBelgrave Harriers00:10:52
22Matthew Van ZylEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:10:52
23Leighton DekasEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:10:52
24Etienne VictorImpact AC00:10:54
25Thomas HenniganHercules Wimbledon AC00:10:55
26Henry KucerovHerne Hill Harriers00:10:57
27Sebastian SmithEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:10:58
28Arnold DuanHerne Hill Harriers00:10:58
29Noah CliffordCamberley & District AC00:11:01
30Fredric BoltonHercules Wimbledon AC00:11:04
31Alex HughesHercules Wimbledon AC00:11:04
32Joseph SutherlandHercules Wimbledon AC00:11:05
33Torsten WakenshawCamberley & District AC00:11:06
34Harry FreemanWoking AC00:11:07
35Tom StreetEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:08
36Elijah LovedayAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:11:08
37Edward EnglefieldSouth London Harriers00:11:09
38James BeatyReigate Priory AC00:11:11
39Isaac MiddletonGuildford & Godalming AC00:11:11
40Ben EsdaileDorking Mole Valley AC00:11:15
41George GillOptima Racing Team00:11:16
42Tommaso CrosaraHercules Wimbledon AC00:11:20
43Rory WoutersOptima Racing Team00:11:27
44Martin Du ToitSutton & District AC00:11:31
45Daniel MarshallEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:32
46Leo OgungbemiKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers00:11:34
47Ewan McFarlaneEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:35
48Charlie LonghurstDorking Mole Valley AC00:11:35
49Ralph ScarbroughEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:36
50Jacob CoenEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:37
51Matthew HickmanCamberley & District AC00:11:39
52Leo WatsonSouth London Harriers00:11:40
53Thomas WeyhamSouth London Harriers00:11:45
54Finn CollinsDorking Mole Valley AC00:11:45
55Shiv PatelEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:11:50
56James PraineCamberley & District AC00:11:51
57Rufus WilcoxHolland Sports AC00:11:51
58Joseph O'connorHolland Sports AC00:11:54
59Owen MaxwellCamberley & District AC00:11:56
60Ismael JepsonSouth London Harriers00:11:59
61Milo InmanImpact AC00:12:01
62Tobias Frost PedersenImpact AC00:12:04
63Charles BatchelorAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:12:05
64Evan CotterHercules Wimbledon AC00:12:06
65Senan SmithHercules Wimbledon AC00:12:07
66Huxley Calder BrownDorking Mole Valley AC00:12:18
67Ioan HowellHolland Sports AC00:12:27
68Roddy BaileyDorking Mole Valley AC00:12:35
69Joshua DrakeDorking Mole Valley AC00:12:38
70Aiden ZurrinHolland Sports AC00:12:45
71Albie DormerCroydon Harriers00:12:48
72Owen CookDorking Mole Valley AC00:12:55
73Daniel ThompsonDorking Mole Valley AC00:12:58
74Joshua OmarSouth London Harriers00:13:01
75Tohma OkomatoCroydon Harriers00:13:03
76Dan PeacockCamberley & District AC00:13:04
77Caeden MulimbaHerne Hill Harriers00:13:16
78Tom BarrHerne Hill Harriers00:13:19
79Oliver CampionSouth London Harriers00:13:22
80Jacques DormerCroydon Harriers00:13:26
81James ArcherSouth London Harriers00:13:38
82Ciaran WatkinsEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:14:04
83Alfie DayEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:14:21
84William JohnsonEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:14:27
85Noel FodorEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:14:42

1Hercules Wimbledon AC50(2, 5, 18, 28)
2Herne Hill Harriers56(1, 13, 16, 26)
3South London Harriers58(3, 8, 10, 37)
4Guildford & Godalming AC68(4, 11, 14, 39)
5Epsom & Ewell Harriers107(22, 23, 27, 35)
6Dorking & Mole Valley AC162(20, 40, 48, 54)
7Camberley & District AC169(29, 33, 51, 56)
8Holland Sports AC252(57, 58, 67, 70)

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