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Surrey County Road Relay Championships 1970 - 1971

Mens Road Relays, Woking - 12 September 1970

Senior Men 6 x 2.94 miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
1Mitcham AC 01:23:51Dennis Manning (3)13:54Michael Murray (3)14:15David Smallbone (3)14:13Geoff Biscoe (1)13:48Keith Wallis (2)13:58Steve Badgery (1)13:43
2Belgrave Harriers 01:24:09Tony Fairclough (5)14:05John Thresher (2)13:52Adrian Major (4)14:32W Kerr (4)14:11Gerry North (3)13:37John Bicourt (2)13:52
3Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 01:24:37Mark Dennison (7)14:22Peter Adams (4)13:49Ian Hicks (2)14:04Jerry Fletcher (3)14:24Bernie Ford (1)13:19Chris Jones (3)14:39
4Hercules Wimbledon AC 01:24:47Pete Mulholland (6)14:10Mick Fuller (6)14:32Ferdie Gilson (5)14:47Barry Collins (6)14:23Dave Holt (5)13:36Bob Holt (4)13:19
5Ranelagh Harriers 01:25:26L Duke (1)13:50J McNamara (1)13:53D Locke (1)14:27J McGuire (2)14:26P Fowler (4)14:18A Horne (5)14:32
6South London Harriers 01:28:36C Wilson (11)14:37R O'Mahoney (5)13:51K Carlsson (7)15:06John Roberts (5)13:56P Driver (6)15:03W Clark (6)16:03
-Belgrave Harriers B *01:30:15T Hart (14)14:46R James (12)15:04J Kelly (11)15:08C Dabbs (10)15:03Bill Laws (11)15:59P O'Connor (7)14:15
-Mitcham AC B *01:30:48Malcolm Burton (12)14:38Tony Pinfield (11)14:47J Haigh (12)15:38M Coventry (12)15:17A Pawsey (8)14:55Geoffrey Wood (8)15:33
-Hercules Wimbledon AC B *01:30:55C Bricher (16)15:05Maurice Sharp (13)14:52D Beard (10)14:53C Robinson (11)15:18J Garber (9)15:31R Raymen (9)15:16
7Epsom & Ewell Harriers 01:31:15G McEntire (15)14:54C Slocombe (14)15:14M Hindle (9)14:36J Cock (9)15:05G Watts (10)16:04D Goode (10)15:22
8Walton AC 01:32:21Will Hughes (10)14:31K Bromley (7)14:33Malcolm Connelly (6)14:28Keith Browning (7)15:52Geoff Winchester (7)15:43D Cameron (11)17:14
-Ranelagh Harriers 'B' *01:33:05J Forrest (8)14:28D Lankey (8)14:41N Sullivan (13)15:58Steve Rowland (13)15:52I Milne (13)15:46Bill Bird (12)16:20
9Herne Hill Harriers 01:33:11M Hanahoe (4)13:58James Gowan (10)15:21Stan Allen (8)15:12Ray O'Donoghue (8)15:14P Nolan (12)16:55T Maloney (13)16:31
10Croydon Harriers 01:35:09Dave Betts (21)15:48Peter Honiball (17)14:53John Page (14)15:19Mike Caudwell (14)15:59Brian Proctor (14)16:00M Lavine (14)17:10
-South London Harriers 'B' *01:36:12A Brown (20)15:39D Sudbury (19)16:03Laurie Reed (18)16:09I Cotton (16)14:44Anthony Greatrex (16)16:42Francis Upcott (15)16:55
-Belgrave Harriers C *01:37:40Colin Pearson (17)15:13Charlie Walker (15)15:08B Gorman (17)16:07C Keavey (17)16:32R Beaumont (17)17:34D McLean (16)17:06
-Epsom & Ewell Harriers B *01:42:30D Bywater (24)16:24P Prior (21)15:50R Wheate (19)16:48K Humphries (18)18:14D French (18)17:14B Head (17)18:00
-Guildford & Godalming DNFEric Bradbrook (13)14:42R Tiner (16)15:40G McIvor (15)15:56Stephen Warzee (15)15:48Bob Belmore (15)16:09
-Mitcham AC C *DNFR Meloy (19)15:35E Evans (24)18:11S Turner (21)16:36M Dawes (19)18:32
-Croydon Harriers B *DNFRon Williams (2)13:52Robin Dickson (9)15:25Dave Walter (16)17:09
-Herne Hill Harriers B *DNFA Davies (9)14:30P Gobey (18)17:02Brian Shave (20)17:37
-South London Harriers 'C' *DNFM Jenkine (26)16:32B Tobitt (23)16:25A Goodwin (22)18:00
-Hercules Wimbledon AC C *DNFJ Davies (23)16:14J Day (20)15:36
-Guildford & Godalming 'B' *DNFS Smith (22)16:00E Holley (22)16:50
-Ranelagh Harriers 'C' *DNFM Cother (27)17:26A Hedger (25)16:36
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'B' *DNFChristopher Whitty (18)15:29
-Belgrave Harriers 'D' *DNFC Henn (25)16:27

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Bernie Ford AldershotF&D13:19
Bob Holt HerculesWimb13:19
Dave Holt HerculesWimb13:36
Gerry North Belgrave H13:37
Steve Badgery Mitcham AC13:43
Geoff Biscoe Mitcham AC13:48
Peter Adams AldershotF&D13:49
L Duke Ranelagh H13:50
R O'Mahoney South London13:51
Ron Williams Croydon H13:52
John Thresher Belgrave H13:52
John Bicourt Belgrave H13:52
J McNamara Ranelagh H13:53
Dennis Manning Mitcham AC13:54
John Roberts South London13:56
M Hanahoe Herne Hill H13:58
Keith Wallis Mitcham AC13:58
Ian Hicks AldershotF&D14:04
Tony Fairclough Belgrave H14:05
Pete Mulholland HerculesWimb14:10
W Kerr Belgrave H14:11
David Smallbone Mitcham AC14:13
Michael Murray Mitcham AC14:15
P O'Connor Belgrave H14:15
P Fowler Ranelagh H14:18
Mark Dennison AldershotF&D14:22
Barry Collins HerculesWimb14:23
Jerry Fletcher AldershotF&D14:24
J McGuire Ranelagh H14:26
D Locke Ranelagh H14:27
J Forrest Ranelagh H14:28
Malcolm Connelly Walton AC14:28
A Davies Herne Hill H14:30
Will Hughes Walton AC14:31
Mick Fuller HerculesWimb14:32
Adrian Major Belgrave H14:32
A Horne Ranelagh H14:32
K Bromley Walton AC14:33
M Hindle Epsom & Ewell14:36
C Wilson South London14:37
Malcolm Burton Mitcham AC14:38
Chris Jones AldershotF&D14:39
D Lankey Ranelagh H14:41
Eric Bradbrook Guildford&G14:42
I Cotton South London14:44
T Hart Belgrave H14:46
Tony Pinfield Mitcham AC14:47
Ferdie Gilson HerculesWimb14:47
Maurice Sharp HerculesWimb14:52
Peter Honiball Croydon H14:53
D Beard HerculesWimb14:53
G McEntire Epsom & Ewell14:54
A Pawsey Mitcham AC14:55
C Dabbs Belgrave H15:03
P Driver South London15:03
R James Belgrave H15:04
C Bricher HerculesWimb15:05
J Cock Epsom & Ewell15:05
K Carlsson South London15:06
Charlie Walker Belgrave H15:08
J Kelly Belgrave H15:08
Stan Allen Herne Hill H15:12
Colin Pearson Belgrave H15:13
C Slocombe Epsom & Ewell15:14
Ray O'Donoghue Herne Hill H15:14
R Raymen HerculesWimb15:16
M Coventry Mitcham AC15:17
C Robinson HerculesWimb15:18
John Page Croydon H15:19
James Gowan Herne Hill H15:21
D Goode Epsom & Ewell15:22
Robin Dickson Croydon H15:25
Christopher Whitty AldershotF&D15:29
J Garber HerculesWimb15:31
Geoffrey Wood Mitcham AC15:33
R Meloy Mitcham AC15:35
J Day HerculesWimb15:36
J Haigh Mitcham AC15:38
A Brown South London15:39
R Tiner Guildford&G15:40
Geoff Winchester Walton AC15:43
I Milne Ranelagh H15:46
Dave Betts Croydon H15:48
Stephen Warzee Guildford&G15:48
P Prior Epsom & Ewell15:50
Steve Rowland Ranelagh H15:52
Keith Browning Walton AC15:52
G McIvor Guildford&G15:56
N Sullivan Ranelagh H15:58
Mike Caudwell Croydon H15:59
Bill Laws Belgrave H15:59
S Smith Guildford&G16:00
Brian Proctor Croydon H16:00
D Sudbury South London16:03
W Clark South London16:03
G Watts Epsom & Ewell16:04
B Gorman Belgrave H16:07
Laurie Reed South London16:09
Bob Belmore Guildford&G16:09
J Davies HerculesWimb16:14
Bill Bird Ranelagh H16:20
D Bywater Epsom & Ewell16:24
B Tobitt South London16:25
C Henn Belgrave H16:27
T Maloney Herne Hill H16:31
M Jenkine South London16:32
C Keavey Belgrave H16:32
A Hedger Ranelagh H16:36
S Turner Mitcham AC16:36
Anthony Greatrex South London16:42
R Wheate Epsom & Ewell16:48
E Holley Guildford&G16:50
P Nolan Herne Hill H16:55
Francis Upcott South London16:55
P Gobey Herne Hill H17:02
D McLean Belgrave H17:06
Dave Walter Croydon H17:09
M Lavine Croydon H17:10
D French Epsom & Ewell17:14
D Cameron Walton AC17:14
M Cother Ranelagh H17:26
R Beaumont Belgrave H17:34
Brian Shave Herne Hill H17:37
A Goodwin South London18:00
B Head Epsom & Ewell18:00
E Evans Mitcham AC18:11
K Humphries Epsom & Ewell18:14
M Dawes Mitcham AC18:32

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