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Todays Date: 20 Aug 2022
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2007 - 2008

Surrey County Road Relays, 7 September 2007, Wimbledon Park
Senior Women

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1South London Harriers 'A' 01:10:42Pippa Major (3)17:43Gemma Marrs (1)17:44Michelle Jenkins (2)18:17Georgie Bruinvels (1)16:58
2Ranelagh Harriers 'A' 01:11:03Anna Scally (1)17:13Mandy Westlake (3)19:00Marie Sinnott-Wells (1)17:22Estelle Damant (2)17:28
3Reigate Priory AC 'A' 01:18:03Meera Siva (5)19:06Natalie Wilson (5)20:00Ali Brown (4)19:25Sharon Brennan (3)19:32
4Wimbledon Windmilers 'A' 01:18:19Natash Buckley (2)17:34Anna Buckley (2)18:03Helen Furze (3)18:37Sarah Yates (4)24:05
5South London Harriers 'B' 01:18:46Clare Settle (6)19:21Sophie Cowper (4)18:57Alison Collins (5)21:02Beckie Woodland (5)19:26
6Hercules Wimbledon AC 01:19:57Jennifer Fernando (8)20:04Annmarie Seymour (7)20:22Michaela Knespl (6)19:44Rosemary Fernando (6)19:47
7Striders of Croydon 'A' 01:23:43Kerry Backshell (9)20:05Suzie Yates (8)21:51Steph Upton (9)21:12Faye Stammers (7)20:35
8Herne Hill Harriers 01:24:11Helen Hadjam (4)18:36Suzanne Swaine (6)21:39Rebecca Barrow (7)21:36Jessica Beattie (8)22:20
9Ranelagh Harriers 'B' 01:25:30Anna-Maria Plaza (11)20:59Evelyn Josline (9)21:18Carole Richie (8)20:32Louise Piears (9)22:41
10Reigate Priory AC 'B' 01:26:24Kerry Rollaston (7)19:56Annette Morris (10)23:30Meera Siva (10)19:44Julia Black (10)23:14
11Wimbledon Windmilers 'B' 01:30:12Pauline Farrow (13)23:32Caroline Ferrari (14)25:45Helen Keaton (14)20:16Chloe Fisher (11)20:39
12Dorking & Mole Valley AC 01:30:31Becky Gardner (10)20:25Tanya Boardman (12)26:28Sue George (12)22:00Zoe Shannon (12)21:38
13Striders of Croydon 'B' 01:32:18Michele Meech (14)25:01Amalia Da Silva Lima (13)23:33Karen Peake (13)20:33Serena Stracey (13)23:11
14South London Harriers 'C' 01:37:50Lynda Gale (12)22:36Marketa Martins (11)21:35Lorraine Hewett (11)23:10Jo Farrar (14)30:29

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Georgie Bruinvels South London16:58
Anna Scally Ranelagh H17:13
Marie Sinnott-Wells Ranelagh H17:22
Estelle Damant Ranelagh H17:28
Natash Buckley Wimbledon W17:34
Pippa Major South London17:43
Gemma Marrs South London17:44
Anna Buckley Wimbledon W18:03
Michelle Jenkins South London18:17
Helen Hadjam Herne Hill H18:36
Helen Furze Wimbledon W18:37
Sophie Cowper South London18:57
Mandy Westlake Ranelagh H19:00
Meera Siva Reigate Priory 19:06
Clare Settle South London19:21
Ali Brown Reigate Priory 19:25
Beckie Woodland South London19:26
Sharon Brennan Reigate Priory 19:32
Michaela Knespl HerculesWimb19:44
Meera Siva Reigate Priory 19:44
Rosemary Fernando HerculesWimb19:47
Kerry Rollaston Reigate Priory 19:56
Natalie Wilson Reigate Priory 20:00
Jennifer Fernando HerculesWimb20:04
Kerry Backshell StridersCroy20:05
Helen Keaton Wimbledon W20:16
Annmarie Seymour HerculesWimb20:22
Becky Gardner DorkingMV20:25
Carole Richie Ranelagh H20:32
Karen Peake StridersCroy20:33
Faye Stammers StridersCroy20:35
Chloe Fisher Wimbledon W20:39
Anna-Maria Plaza Ranelagh H20:59
Alison Collins South London21:02
Steph Upton StridersCroy21:12
Evelyn Josline Ranelagh H21:18
Marketa Martins South London21:35
Rebecca Barrow Herne Hill H21:36
Zoe Shannon DorkingMV21:38
Suzanne Swaine Herne Hill H21:39
Suzie Yates StridersCroy21:51
Sue George DorkingMV22:00
Jessica Beattie Herne Hill H22:20
Lynda Gale South London22:36
Louise Piears Ranelagh H22:41
Lorraine Hewett South London23:10
Serena Stracey StridersCroy23:11
Julia Black Reigate Priory 23:14
Annette Morris Reigate Priory 23:30
Pauline Farrow Wimbledon W23:32
Amalia Da Silva Lima StridersCroy23:33
Sarah Yates Wimbledon W24:05
Michele Meech StridersCroy25:01
Caroline Ferrari Wimbledon W25:45
Tanya Boardman DorkingMV26:28
Jo Farrar South London30:29

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