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Todays Date: 28 May 2022
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2015 - 2016

Surrey County Road Relays, 5 September 2015, Wimbledon Park
Men over 50

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1South London Harriers 01:05:37David Ogden (2)16:35Neil Reissland (1)15:32Glenn Quarton (1)17:06Andy Tindall (1)16:24
2Ranelagh Harriers 'A' 01:10:34Richard Holme (4)17:24John Shaw (4)17:47Martin Harvey (2)17:34Trevor Maguire (2)17:49
3Collingwood AC 01:11:03Gordon Hennessy (3)16:56Antony Constantinou (3)17:32Toni Reid (4)19:06Mark Constantinou (3)17:29
4Dorking & Mole Valley AC 01:12:40Howard Jones (5)17:35Graeme Mackay (5)19:24Glenn Morris (5)19:09David Moore (4)16:32
5Hercules Wimbledon AC 'A' 01:12:53Peter Clarke (1)16:12Frank Wood (2)18:15Simon Bodle (3)18:43Tor-Vlar Guttustod (5)19:43
6Sutton Runners 01:22:11Tim McIntyre (7)18:58Humphrey Newer (7)20:56Lionel Gunn (7)20:49Darrin Ormston (6)21:28
7Wimbledon Windmilers 01:23:34Clive Scammell (8)19:18John Carter (9)22:46Nigel Punter (8)21:07Dave Sell (7)20:23
8Hercules Wimbledon AC 'B' 01:23:36Steve Haughton (6)18:28Simon Riley (6)20:28Dave North (6)20:09Mick Leigh (8)24:31
9Ranelagh Harriers 'B' 01:23:54Joh Ricketts (9)20:32Phil Roberts (8)20:36Peter Fordham (9)22:45Andy Bickerstaff (9)20:01

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Neil Reissland South London15:32
Peter Clarke HerculesWimb16:12
Andy Tindall South London16:24
David Moore DorkingMV16:32
David Ogden South London16:35
Gordon Hennessy Collingwood 16:56
Glenn Quarton South London17:06
Richard Holme Ranelagh H 17:24
Mark Constantinou Collingwood 17:29
Antony Constantinou Collingwood 17:32
Martin Harvey Ranelagh H 17:34
Howard Jones DorkingMV17:35
John Shaw Ranelagh H 17:47
Trevor Maguire Ranelagh H 17:49
Frank Wood HerculesWimb18:15
Steve Haughton HerculesWimb18:28
Simon Bodle HerculesWimb18:43
Tim McIntyre Sutton Runners18:58
Toni Reid Collingwood 19:06
Glenn Morris DorkingMV19:09
Clive Scammell Wimbledon W19:18
Graeme Mackay DorkingMV19:24
Tor-Vlar Guttustod HerculesWimb19:43
Andy Bickerstaff Ranelagh H 20:01
Dave North HerculesWimb20:09
Dave Sell Wimbledon W20:23
Simon Riley HerculesWimb20:28
Joh Ricketts Ranelagh H 20:32
Phil Roberts Ranelagh H 20:36
Lionel Gunn Sutton Runners20:49
Humphrey Newer Sutton Runners20:56
Nigel Punter Wimbledon W21:07
Darrin Ormston Sutton Runners21:28
Peter Fordham Ranelagh H 22:45
John Carter Wimbledon W22:46
Mick Leigh HerculesWimb24:31

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