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Todays Date: 24 Apr 2024
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2019 - 2020

Surrey Road Relays, Wimbledon - 14 September 2019

Senior Women 4 x 3 miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1Thames Hare & Hounds A 01:10:32Victoria Barthelmess (5)17:44Natalie Seymour (1)16:14Amy Aronson (1)18:25Claire Altmann (1)18:09
2Guildford & Godalming AC 01:11:36Megan Bannister (11)19:15Charlotte Griffiths (3)17:02Ellie Sakaria (2)17:45Chloe Crossman (2)17:34
3Epsom & Ewell Harriers 01:14:10Isabel Brinsden (2)16:28Chloe Sinclair (2)19:07Lauren Flack (3)19:55Alice Germana (3)18:40
4Woking AC 01:15:06Georgina Furze (8)18:19Aimee Billington (6)18:49Kay Trinder (4)19:24Jaydee Peters (4)18:34
5South London Harriers A 01:18:09Adele Boesinger (17)20:50Rachel Coe-O'Brien (14)19:42Katie Falconer-Wills (11)19:54Amy Billups (5)17:43
6The Stragglers Running Club 01:18:27Eliza Hawthorn (12)19:17Alexis Prince (9)19:46Liz Fraser (8)19:56Rebecca Gravell (6)19:28
-Thames Hare & Hounds B *01:19:06Lauren Major *(4)16:48Jo Davies *(5)20:07Jess Davies (5)20:08Natalie Seymour *(7)22:03
-Wimbledon Windmilers *01:20:37Tila Lomba (7)17:57Ella Waddingham (10)21:14Miriam Oliver (10)19:55Claire Boynton *(8)21:31
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC *01:20:45Hannah Morris *(14)19:53Sharon Walker *(11)19:26Hannah Morris *(12)21:27Sharon Walker *(9)19:59
7Herne Hill Harriers 01:22:58Julia Wedmore (6)17:52Shannon Sinclair (7)19:55Laura Miles (13)23:02Katie Crawford (10)22:09
8Thames Hare & Hounds C 01:23:27Anri Cohen (13)19:41Heather Statham (8)18:29Joanna Shillington (9)20:52Laura Hall (11)24:25
9South London Harriers B 01:24:07Gina Coulson (18)22:14Flic Carr (17)21:46Mellissa Oliver (15)22:02Mary James (12)18:05
-Croydon Harriers A *01:27:05Anna Corby (15)20:23Laura Marshall (15)20:43Madeleine Armstrong-Pleith (14)22:50Sandie Sarker Bell *(13)23:09
10Kingston AC And Polytechnic Harriers 01:28:27Phoebe Law (1)16:00Harriet Lester (12)23:50Caroline Jeffcote (17)28:43Rachel Brookes (14)19:54
-Croydon Harriers B *01:28:45Jules Williams (19)23:38Sandie Sarker Bell (18)22:10Anna Corby *(16)21:33Laura Marshall *(15)21:24
11Collingwood AC 01:37:52Tamsyn Down (20)25:32Sarah Byrne (20)26:08Karen Chart (19)26:15Lisa Rooney (16)19:57
12Sutton Runners 01:38:25Lauren Murray (9)18:48Angela Hussey (19)29:43Amber Brough-Nuesink (18)21:52Lynne Hickey (17)28:02
-Hercules Wimbledon AC DNFClaire Grima (3)16:47Estle Viljoen (4)19:59Emily Chew (6)21:31
-Ranelagh Harriers DNFMarie Synnott-Wells (16)20:47Wiebke Kortum (16)20:23Megan De Silva (7)17:36
-Clapham Chasers DNFAdele Potts (10)18:50Kim Scofield (13)21:29

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Phoebe Law Kingston & Poly16:00
Natalie Seymour Thames H&H16:14
Isabel Brinsden Epsom & Ewell16:28
Claire Grima HerculesWimb16:47
Lauren Major *Thames H&H16:48
Charlotte Griffiths Guildford&G17:02
Chloe Crossman Guildford&G17:34
Megan De Silva Ranelagh H17:36
Amy Billups South London17:43
Victoria Barthelmess Thames H&H17:44
Ellie Sakaria Guildford&G17:45
Julia Wedmore Herne Hill H17:52
Tila Lomba Wimbledon W17:57
Mary James South London18:05
Claire Altmann Thames H&H18:09
Georgina Furze Woking AC18:19
Amy Aronson Thames H&H18:25
Heather Statham Thames H&H18:29
Jaydee Peters Woking AC18:34
Alice Germana Epsom & Ewell18:40
Lauren Murray Sutton Runners18:48
Aimee Billington Woking AC18:49
Adele Potts Clapham Chasers18:50
Chloe Sinclair Epsom & Ewell19:07
Megan Bannister Guildford&G19:15
Eliza Hawthorn Stragglers19:17
Kay Trinder Woking AC19:24
Sharon Walker *DorkingMV19:26
Rebecca Gravell Stragglers19:28
Anri Cohen Thames H&H19:41
Rachel Coe-O'Brien South London19:42
Alexis Prince Stragglers19:46
Hannah Morris *DorkingMV19:53
Katie Falconer-Wills South London19:54
Rachel Brookes Kingston & Poly19:54
Shannon Sinclair Herne Hill H19:55
Lauren Flack Epsom & Ewell19:55
Miriam Oliver Wimbledon W19:55
Liz Fraser Stragglers19:56
Lisa Rooney Collingwood 19:57
Estle Viljoen HerculesWimb19:59
Sharon Walker *DorkingMV19:59
Jo Davies *Thames H&H20:07
Jess Davies Thames H&H20:08
Anna Corby Croydon H20:23
Wiebke Kortum Ranelagh H20:23
Laura Marshall Croydon H20:43
Marie Synnott-Wells Ranelagh H20:47
Adele Boesinger South London20:50
Joanna Shillington Thames H&H20:52
Ella Waddingham Wimbledon W21:14
Laura Marshall *Croydon H21:24
Hannah Morris *DorkingMV21:27
Kim Scofield Clapham Chasers21:29
Emily Chew HerculesWimb21:31
Claire Boynton *Wimbledon W21:31
Anna Corby *Croydon H21:33
Flic Carr South London21:46
Amber Brough-Nuesink Sutton Runners21:52
Mellissa Oliver South London22:02
Natalie Seymour *Thames H&H22:03
Katie Crawford Herne Hill H22:09
Sandie Sarker Bell Croydon H22:10
Gina Coulson South London22:14
Madeleine Armstrong-Pleith Croydon H22:50
Laura Miles Herne Hill H23:02
Sandie Sarker Bell *Croydon H23:09
Jules Williams Croydon H23:38
Harriet Lester Kingston & Poly23:50
Laura Hall Thames H&H24:25
Tamsyn Down Collingwood 25:32
Sarah Byrne Collingwood 26:08
Karen Chart Collingwood 26:15
Lynne Hickey Sutton Runners28:02
Caroline Jeffcote Kingston & Poly28:43
Angela Hussey Sutton Runners29:43

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