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Today's Date: 9 August 2020
Surrey County Outdoor Championships - 1968
Senior Women 100 Yards FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Madeleine Cobb (Selsonia LAC) 11.2
2 N Murray (Woking AC) 11.5
3 Julie Shepherd (Croydon H) 11.6
4 Maureen Barton (Surrey AC) 11.7
5 L Hagen (LOlympiades) 11.8
6 P Legg (Selsonia LAC) 11.8
Senior Women 220 Yards FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Madeleine Cobb (Selsonia LAC) 25.2
2 Janette Towl (Mitcham AC) 25.9
3 N Murray (Woking AC) 26.1
4 L Hagen (LOlympiades) 26.7
5 P Legg (Selsonia LAC) 26.9
6 P Bewes (Surrey AC) 26.9
Senior Women 440 Yards HEATS
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
Liz Sissons (Epsom & Ewell) 59.9
Senior Women 440 Yards FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Anne Smith (Mitcham AC) 56.1 CBP
2 Marion Vinall (Woking AC) 58.1
3 Janet Eynon (Croydon H) 59.5
Senior Women 880 Yards FINAL
(Tooting Bec, 14 July)
1 Marion Vinall (Woking AC) 2:19.3
2 Janet Eynon (Croydon H) 2:19.4
3 R Jukes (Mitcham AC) 2:21.1
4 Judy Fleet (Croydon H) 2:29.4
5 S Glen-Bott (Epsom & Ewell) 2:31.1
6 Sue Fidler (Redhill&Reig) 2:33.2
Senior Women 1 Mile FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Pam Davies (Selsonia LAC) 5:18.9
2 Sue Fidler (Redhill&Reig) 5:43.3
Senior Women 80 Metres Hurdles (84.0cm) FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Linda Griffith (Mitcham AC) 11.8
2 Sharon Smyth (Rose GS) 12.2
3 Linda Chenery (Surrey AC) 12.4
4 M Devereaux (Mitcham AC) 12.6
5 Janet Oldall (Woking AC) 13.0
6 Vandelyn Nairne (unattached) 13.0
Senior Women 4x110Yards Relay FINAL
(Ewell Court, 30 June)
1 Mitcham AC 'A'  48.9
2 Woking AC 'A'  49.4
3 Mitcham AC 'B'  50.7
4 Surrey AC  50.8
5 Epsom & Ewell Harriers  50.8
6 Woking AC 'B'  53.6
Senior Women High Jump FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Barbara Inkpen (AldershotF&D) 5ft 4in (1.62m)
2 Christine Clegg (HerculesWimb) 4ft 11in (1.49m)
3 Janet Oldall (Woking AC) 1ft 11in (0.58m)
4 Eleanor Rowe (Mitcham AC) 4ft 11in (1.49m)
5 Maureen Barton (Surrey AC) 4ft 7in (1.39m)
6 Jeanine Jacobs (Selsonia LAC) 4ft 7in (1.39m)
Senior Women Long Jump FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Maureen Barton (Surrey AC) 20ft 2in (6.14m) CBP
2 Barbara Inkpen (AldershotF&D) 19ft 10in (6.04m)
3 Janette Towl (Mitcham AC) 18ft 5¼in (5.61m)
4 P Edwards (Woking AC) 16ft 10¼in (5.13m)
5 G Stark (Surrey Beagles) 15ft 10¼in (4.83m)
6 Jenny Davey (Croydon H) 15ft 10¼in (4.83m)
Senior Women Discus (1kg) FINAL
(Wimbledon, 25 May)
1 Brenda Bedford (Mitcham AC) 148ft 6in (45.26m)
2 Barbara James (Mitcham AC) 129ft 8in (39.52m)
3 Sue Barrett (Croydon H) 123ft 4in (37.59m)
4 Linda Enever (Mitcham AC) 119ft 4in (36.37m)
5 Beverley Harding (Croydon H) 119ft 4in (36.37m)
6 Janis Quick (Mitcham AC) 118ft 7in (36.14m)

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