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Today's Date: 25 May 2022

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Track & Field Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County ranking lists and any County Records they have set. (NOTE. The Inter-County details are limited at present but are being added to progressively). The display now includes performances at Surrey Cross-Country Championships.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Allison Gaffney
Sarah Gailey
Carol Gair
Gina Galbraith
Holly Gale
Karen Gallivan
Clare Gambriel
Jodie Gambrill
Kelly Gambrill
Genevieve Gardener
Becky Gardner
Helena Garland
Abigail Garner
Madeleine Garner
Channelle Garnett
Anna Garnier
Tia Garrard
Kelly Garrett
Geraldine Garside
Geraldine Garside
Jessica Gates
Eleanor Gatrell
Anna Gawander
Preeti Gawander
Petagaye Gayle
Rhiannon Gayle
Tianna Gayle
Venetia Gayle
Yehnine Gayle
Naomi Gbadebo
Lucy Gee
Sophie Gee
Laura Gent
Sally Gentle
Natalie Gentry
Hannah George
Nicole George
Alice Germana
Evie Gerrish
Elizabeth Ghojefa
Nina Giambrone
Maisie Gibbins
Nina Gibbins
Bella Gibbon
Ella Gibbons
Molly-Jo Gibbons
Alice Gibbs
Charlotte Gibbs
Hannah Giblin
Bethany Gibson
Georgia Gibson
Tara Gilani
Clea Giles
Katie Gilkes
Georgia Gill
Kate Gillett
Rahannah Gillette-Vernon
Elizabeth Gilligan
Jess Gilliver
Zara Girling
Gabriella Girma
Saba Girma
Anna Given
Eileen Glazebrook
Hannah Gleed
Bernadette Glen
Sophie Glencross
Chrissie Glew
Sharon Glover
Isobel Glynn-Percy
Tess Glynne-Jones
Yasmin Goater
Suzanne Godfrey
Amy Godsell
Lizzie Goldie-Scot
Emily Golding
Zipporah Golding
Karen Gomes
Samantha Good
Chloe Goodall
Maureen Goode
Alex Goodwin
Jessica Goodwin
Olivia Goodwin
Vicki Goodwin
Chanice Gordon
Emily-Jayne Gordon
Hannah Gordon
Rachel Gordon
Sasheana Gordon
Lauren Myah Gordon-Campbell
Emelia Gorecka
Glenda Goscombe
Wendy Gotts
Tilly Gough
Georgina Gough-Willetts
Chloe Gould
Rebecca Gould
Jessica Goveia Slatter
Lara Gowen
Emily Gower
Samara Graham
Virginia Graham
Abby Graham-Maw
Rhianna Grainger
Charmaine Grant
Darcy Grant
Isabelle Grant
Lily Grant
Maisie Grant
Sophia Grant
Tracey Grant
Vanessa Grant
Caroline Grassie
Rebecca Gravell
Hannah Gray
Tiah Gray-Stewart
Dawn Grazette
Caitlin Grealy
Jacqueline Green
Michaela Green
Natalie Green
Phyllis Adime Green
Tate Green
Lesley Greenwood
Lois Greenwood
Katie Greer
Erin Gregory
Imogen Gregory
Abbie Grey
Georgie Grgec
Eimear Griffin
Hannah Griffin
Katie Griffin
Lily Griffin
Natasha Griffin
Linda Griffith
Linda Griffith
Maureen Griffith
Azana Griffith-Elliott
Eleanor Griffith-Jones
Angela Griffiths
Charlotte Griffiths
Natasha Griffiths
Secoura Grim
Claire Grima
Katie Grimshaw
Jenny Grimstone
Clara Grinyer
Josephine Grist
Sara Grosvenor
Tanya Grosvenor
Yasmin Grosvenor
Jennifer Grout
Eleanor Grove
Elizabeth Gualtieri
Yasmin Gubby
Amelia Gummer
Maddie Gunn
Muriel Gunn
Paddy Gunn
Charlotte Gurney
Kate Gurney
Eleanor Gurr
Jennifer Gutteridge
Debbie Guy

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Please note that results shown on this website are held in a database which has details of the performance. For those athletes where we show an "Athlete Profile" we also hold their name, date of birth and EA registration number which allows us to confirm their eligibility to compete and their age group at the time of achieving each performance and to link together all their performances. For athletes who are deceased we also hold the date of their death where known. We do not publish any dates of birth for living athletes. Any athlete who does not wish us to hold this information should contact Webmaster.